Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 3

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 3

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I left Harmony’s house that evening and went home. Mom was braiding Danni’s hair.

” What a stupid bond.” I said to my self.

I pretend to not see them and proceed to my room.

” Elle.” Mom called.

I sighed and turned to look at them.

” What is wrong with you lately ?” Mom asked.

” Nothing is wrong with me .”

” Did you have to fight with Danni ? She’s your sister for crying out loud.”

” Yeah I get it and she’s your favourite daughter. I’m trying to discipline her since you can’t.” I said.

Mom got up and gave me a slap.

” Get out of my sight.” Mom said.

Danni smiled and grin. I touched my cheek and walk out. I hate my mom , most times I doubt if I’m really Danni’s twin. What kind of a mother will treat her daughters separately all in the name of choices.

The following morning I took my bath and hurried to school. I didn’t bother to eat breakfast cause it’s not important. Harmony was outside my house waiting for me.

I smiled and she embraced me.

” I can’t wait to graduate and possibly get a job and move out .” I said on our way to school.

” Me too. I wanna travel out , to Mexico maybe or Seattle.” Harmony said and i chuckle.

” I guess your mom had to scold you after having a fight with Danni.”

” Yeah. She slapped me.” I said remembering last night incident.

” Sorry about that. I think her reasons for being hærd on you it’s because you’re not willing to be amongst them.”

” No I’m not sure and same time I don’t care.” I said.

We already arrived school , we made a turn to our class . Danni was standing on top of a desk and talking to the other students.

” I’m throwing a party tonight at my house and I want you all to come. There will food , drinks and especially girls and cute boys .” Danni said and class cheered her.

” My home , I remember the last time I decide to throw a party, my mom grounded me for a week and now she’s helping Danni gain popularity in school.” I said.

” Oops bummer. Danni is planning to contest for Miss Princeton, your enemy vane is her competition. Vane is among the most popular girls in school , you might wanna check that out.” Harmony said turning to look at a direction.

I followed her gaze and saw Hugo coming to our s₱0t.

” Hey pretty.” He said and we smiled.

” Hi..” I said.

He’s one of the best student in statistics. Handsome and team leader of raquet ball. He’s crazy and shy , most times I wished he was Rayne. No matter the offence Rayne committed towards me, I just can’t let him go.

Hugo is Danni’s big time crush , she can kill to be his side chic , including Vane. Vane is the girlfriend of popular school’s basketball player, he is so horrible. His attitude stinks just like his stupid girlfriend vane.

” She’s not better than you ” Hugo whispered referring to Danni who was already staring at us.

I chuckled and smiled.

” Thanks.” I managed to say.

” You might wanna hang out tonight.” He said.

” At where ?”

” THE s₱0t will be okay. I’ll come pick you up , party by 7.” He said and pricked my wa-ist before walking out.

” That was fab.” Harmony said and Chuckle.

She actually excused us before walking back.

” You’re going out with Hugo ?”

” I don’t know. I think that’s a great idea to let run out of my head.”

” You can flirt but please don’t date him alright. Rayne has a good spirit.”

” Same with Hugo.”

” You can’t do that.” Harmony said and we sat down.

” He has a car and a future.”

” You’re just saying this to hurt yourself. Rayne took away your V-rginity and i think that’s the crazy bond stuff reasons you can’t just let him go.” Harmony said and i sighed.

” Lord have mercy.” I said bringing out my textbook.

” You can’t have Hugo. His girlfriend is Matilda , a girl out of your class. She school’s abroad and i believe every social media freak must have come across her on Instagram.” Danni said frowning at me.

Harmony look at me and we mock her in unison.

” I believe you just made that up.” Harmony said and we laugh again.

Danni was silent for a minute.

” You’re stoked Danni. Look mom’s not here to protect you , take your shameful ass and get out of here.” I said laughing.

” I get it. You know , no matter how hærd you try to get recognize you can’t. You’ll always be a looser from birth.” Danni said and grin.

” I believe nose surgery is way too expensive now. I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear you except you want your nose to be fixed.” I said preparing to punch her hærd.

” Am I supposed to run away ?”

” You don’t have to.” I said.

I proceed to give her a blow when Harmony held me back.

” Get outta here.” Harmony shouted.

” Losers.” Danni said and left.

” I just hate her.”

” You shouldn’t get paranoid. You should be prepared about tonight.” Harmony said and i smiled.

” I guess.”

I said and sighed. A night out with Hugo could possibly save my ass out of Rayne.




” I’m tired , where on Earth I’m gonna start my search from ? Who took it , who ****in stole it ?” I lamented.

Melissa got discharged that morning and I was in her house trying to help her out. She was in her bathroom bathing when someone knocked on her door.

” Hold on I’m coming.” I said running downstairs.

I open her door and saw Mrs Smith with a guy.

” For real ?” I said in my thoughts.

” Hi G.” He greeted.

” Is Melissa in ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” Yeah , do come in.” I said and turned to look at the guy again.

” She’s taking her bath, I’ll go get her.” I said and rushed out.

I entered Melissa’s room and she was getting dressed.

” Mrs Smith is here to see you.” I said and smiled

” Why are you smiling ?” She asked surprised.

” Jason is here too.” I whispered.

” What ?” She gasped.

” Yeah , and he’s really looking cute.”

” That’s a lie.”

” You might wanna check it out.” I said.

” Alright.. I’m nervous. I just came out of a dreadful accident and my ex is here to see me. I feel like puking.”

” You don’t have to .” I said and pulled her out.

” Take it easy on me , I’m not that fine.”

” I know. Don’t forget I have just one hand.” I said as we climbed down the stairs.

Jason was sitting a bit close to his mom and he was busy going through his phone.

” Welcome Mrs Smith.” She said weakly and turned to look at Jason who was lost in checking her out.

Alright this part two stuff has to do with Jordan and some more rom-nce stuff just joined in the game. Melissa smiled at Jason and finally sat down.

” Hi Mel. You’re not looking bad.” He said.

” You too , you’re not looking bad either.” Melissa said and twist her hand like a high school girl. I was forced to smack her hand.

” How are you ? Hope you’re feeling better? I was really glad when I heard you have been discharged. Thank God you’re okay.” Mrs Smith said and Melissa nodded smiling.

” Thanks ma.”

” So how did all this happened ?” Jason asked.

” I barely can tell. ” I said.

” I heard you have a kid sister ? And my brother had to fall in love with her ?” Jason asked and i nodded.

” This is weird. I was really scared and I had to rush down to Africa. We need to do something about all this.” Jason said.

” Yeah , the exorcist said we need to look for the bracelet Jordan once wear. It holds the life of each of it’s victim and it’s missing.”

” So what’s the name of this demon ?” Jason asked.

” Alaster , a demon of nemesis. He’s the second son of Lucifer.” I said and a strong wind blew.

We looked around and saw a shadow that traveled pass .

” This is second edition , only the wise will survive. We need to be extra careful and mindful. We all are devout Catholic and we believe in one faith , we could make use of a holy water and a cross to chase away every Invaders.” I said and they nodded.

” This is so crazy. I barely believe in things like this , till my brother falls a victim. Your sister must be pretty , and love is really crazy.”

” I guess..” I said.

” We should take our leave .” Mrs Smith said.

” Mom you can go , I will join you soon.” Jason said and smiled at his mom.

” Alright..” Mrs Smith said and walk out.

” Can I have a word with Melissa ?”

” Yeah sure.” I said and smiled at Melissa before I left.

There’s no time for rom-nce stuff. It seems Jason still feels a thing for Melissa.




I smiled at Jason and I chuckled to nothing in particular.

” You’re looking pretty.” He said and sits close to me.

” Thanks, it’s nice you’re back. How’s your white girlie ?” I asked.

” She’s fine. Let’s talk about you.”

” Me , I’m here where you left me. I’m still trying to move on.” I said.

He held my hand and smiled into my eyes.

” That’s cool. I’m happy you’re alive and healthy , that’s all I care about.” He said and gave me a k-ss on my cheek.

I blushed and look away.

To be continued

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