Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 4

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 4

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You know that crazy feeling you feel each time your parents choose one of your siblings over you , it’s the worst feeling any human should feel.

I just hate my life , i walk home and thought about Rayne then Hugo and also Danni’s party tonight.

” Horrible creature.” I lamented and opened my house door.

Mom and Danni was decorating our house. Jeez so this s*** is definitely true. A popularity party just for Danni in the name of miss Princeton. I hate my life.

I ignored them and closed the door, I proceed to enter my room when mom stopped me.

” Elle , I think this silliness should stop. Danni’s party is tonight. You need to act like a family by helping your sister , stop being an enemy.” Mom said and I chuckled.

” Really ? I remembered last year I wanted to throw a party for my friends and you decline my offer. And now it’s Danni you’re even helping her out. With decorations because your daughter wants to be on top. She’s even bringing boys , you chase Rayne away because he wanted to see me, don’t even forget that.”

” Seriously , my case is different from yours , Rayne is a mistake , I’m bringing in college cute boys just to celebrate my yet to come success.”

” I don’t wanna get angry at you , I might end up killing you or maybe arrange some bottles on your head.” I said and proceed to leave.

Danni laughs in a mocking manner and hissed.

” Looser.” She uttered.

I picked the knife from the table and point it at her.

” I’ll give you a tattoo on your face if you dare talk to me like that ever again.” I said still pointing the knife at her.

” Elle drop that knife and go to your room.” Mom said.

I mimicked and turned to look at Danni who was already whimpering.

” Stupid cake.” I said pushing the cake to the floor.

I threw the knife on the floor and walk out. I can’t wait till evening. I dropped my bag pack and entered the bathroom to shower. After my bath I got a text from Rayne.

‘ let’s meet , I’m sorry and I have a surprise for you…’ it reads.

” b******.” I said and deleted the message.

Truly it was hærd to forget the one you first dated , we might fight or quarrel but I barely can get him out of my head.

I sighed and thought about Hugo.

” A night out with hugo.” I thought.

” Will that even change my situation ?” I sighed and flung myself on my bed.

. That night I got dressed and came downstairs. Danni was already dressed anticipating for her awaited guests.

” They’ve changed their mind ?” I asked and Chuckle.

” Only a crazy person will ever give you a chance for arguements and discussions.” Danni said looking at our wall clock.

” Aww mom’s pet. Stop fooling yourself, return those borrowed drinks and go to bed. Vane threw a party too for tonight because she knows you’re a failure.” I said and laugh.

” That can’t be true.”

” Call on Mom she will help you return your credit goods you took just to impress vane’s fans. I’m out.” I said and walk out.

It’s just too good to see her in such state. I don’t mean to act that way but I think she needs a Tuitor. Harmony sent me the message and the video of vane’s party , jeez it was lit . I laugh and wait at the park beaming at my wrist watch. There was no sight of Hugo.

God I hope today’s not disappointment day for us. I can’t imagine myself in Danni’s shoes. She’s a s-cker. I sighed and look at my time again , it was running late. I gro-n and called Harmony if she was around , I just need to spend the night to hide my frustration.

She wasn’t picking up , I sighed and hissed.

” You’re looking for something ?” A voice asked from behind.

I turned around and saw Hugo smiling at me.

” Sorry I’m late.” He said and I smiled.

” I was worried.”

” I guess..” he said and checked me out.

” You’re looking beautiful..”

” Thanks..”

I was expecting that , boys and usual phrase. He took my hand and led me to his car. I entered and he began driving.

Rayne sent me a message again reminding me of wanting to see me.

” Never, I can’t let rayne spoil my night.” I thought.

We arrived at the s₱0t and Hugo hold my hands as we walked side to side. Wow it’s lit. We sat down and we drank and also eat.

” You seem shy , this is my first night out with you.” I said and I force a smile.

” I’m not shy, I’m just being normal.” I said and he Chuckled.

” I guess. Let’s go somewhere else , the music is disturbing.” He said and I obeyed.

We walked outside and he grabbed my wa-ist. I’ve always known him as a shy person , girls wasn’t part of his life. I was a bit baffled cause I wasn’t expecting it.

” I barely can resist your charms. I want you Elle , you caught my attention and i barely can let go.” He said and smiled into my eyes.

Okay I have a boyfriend and I’m forgetting so soon. Hugo was just too perfect. He touched my chin and gave me a k-ss , I didn’t resist but k-ss back.

” What the ****.” Someone yelled.

God Rayne. He held Hugo and pushed him aside.

” Danielle , just 3 days of misunderstanding and you are already k-ssing a boy in a club ? Elle why ? Why you looking down on me ?” He yelled.

Hugo was still standing there and staring at us.

” Get out.” He yelled pushing him away.

” Harmony told you I was here right ?” I asked.

” I’m so disappointed at you ? You s-ck but I won’t hate you. You refused to pick my calls because of your stupid college weirdo. I’m out , I just wanted to give you this. ” He said and gave me a box.

I took it and Rayne angrily walk out. Oh God I’m so screwed. I refused to open it. Who told him I was at THE s₱0t ? Harmony ? I felt so embarrassed and angry at my decision,

I called her smartphone but her voicemail reply back.

‘ this is Harmony , you got any dope s*** to say kindly leave a message.’

” Harmony I’m so angry at you and we need to talk. Once you get this please call back.” I said and sighed.

I look at my phone and it was a bit late. I can’t go in there and talk to Hugo again , I kept the box in my bag and board a cab and went home.




” So we are supposed to look for a possessed pearl bracelet ? How can we find the new owner ?” Jason asked

” I’m still wondering how it got off , it’s enchanted it can never be removed.” I said.

” Then how did it walk out of her wrist ? Did it disappear ?” Melissa asked.

” I barely can figure that stuff out. The London museum is thinking that bracelet is a myth. They’ve read an article about that bracelet, an article written by one Bruce Wayne. He’s an African from Egypt. Bruce wrote about it but didn’t write the effect of the bracelet. It was later heard it was seen in Soweto and now cape Town .” I said.

” It’s a pearl and it’s really rare. I think the reason the London museum is Willing to pay such amounts it’s because that Gem’ s rare and according to folklore it’s found beneath the sea in the bossom of a mermaid.” MELISSA said.

” I get it , and now it’s missing. The day Jordan was involved in an accident , was she wearing it ?” Jason asked.

” I don’t know, I was in the hospital but father Adam mentioned it was not there if he could remember vividly. I guess that’s how it fell off.” I said.

” Seriously ? It’s enchanted , how could it fell off ?”

” That’s it, I think once this evil is done with you , it will manipulate you to commit suicide in any form. And then look for another vessel to carry on with. Remember he was cast out of hell because he was despise by his father Lucifer. Someone else is in possession of it and he or she will end up like Jordan too.” Melissa said and we sighed.

” We’ve got one clue , it’s still around. It mustn’t have gone far. Have hope we will find it.” Jason said and I touched my head.

I was damn tired of this wh0le drama. Where can we find such bracelet , this world is not a small world , where will we start from ?


I went home that night and find Danni sleeping in our living room. It seems she refused to remove her clothes and make over.

” Pity.” I said and walk out.

I entered my room and closed my room door. I remembered Rayne , I really need to apologise. I open my bag and brought out the box , I opened it and saw the most beautiful gift I have ever seen since I was born.

” A pearl bracelet ? Where on Earth did Rayne get this from ?”

To be continued

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