Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 5

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 5

© Goddy Francis


I was weak as hell at the same time I was stoked. Where on Earth can Rayne afford such bracelet. I took it and kept it in,side my bag.

I took my bath and rushed downstairs to eat something. Danni was with mom , it seems mom was consoling her over her failed party. The embarrassment will be too much at school. I laugh at my thought and focused on my food.

” Elle are you aware Danni’s friends failed her ?”

Like I care ? I sighed and chuckle at the end.

” Yeah I know. Sorry about your loss babe.” I said and continued to eat.

” You are behind everything , you hated me because I’m better than you and I’m also better than your forsaken ass , go sort your s*** out.” Danni said and cleaned her tears.

I burst out laughing and continued so loud. I stopped and continued eating. The best revenge you can give your enemies is silence. I rounded up and left the dinning room table for the kitchen , I kept the plate and proceed to leave when mom stopped me.

” You know I hate it when you make your sister angry.” Mom said.

” Oh really ? Look mom just forget about it. Danni is your precious little darling, just try to make her happy I’m so tired. Good night Mom.” I said and walk out.

I entered my room and lock my door , I called Rayne and he’s not picking up. I brought out the bracelet and it was sparkling.

” Wow this isn’t just a bracelet but a very expensive one. Why will I fall In love with a criminal ?” I thought.

I kept it back and slept.




It’s not like I hate my sister I don’t, she’s just too annoying and bossy. Always wanna make me see reasons she’s my older sister. Last night was the worst night of my life , I regretted ever standing on top of a desk at school announcing my failure.

Vane was just like Danielle so irritating and annoying. I took my bath and shamelessly left for class. Things like this always remind me of high school. I sit at the basketball court waiting for our team leader Cheryl , she was in charge of basketball training.

I always avoid eye sight with anyone, I wasn’t willing to be disgraced. Vane walks in , she always acts like she’s rich but I know she’s just one crazy college influence.

She laughs at me mockingly just like Danielle.

” You’re a looser just like your pitbull sister.” Vane said and laughs again.

” I don’t have your time , you’re one crazy abnormal b****.” I said.

” For real ? Say that again ?” She ordered.

I dare not , I wasn’t as powerful as Elle , and we are not like every other twin who fight for each other. Elle walks in , she stood at the entrance and watch the fight.

I kept quiet and tried to act bossy.

” a****le , just stay out of my way you can’t outshine me . I’m ****in bigger than your household including your sister.” Vane said.

I turned to look at Danielle who was just staring at us. It seems she heard vane’s blabbing. I knew she would fight for me since vane insulted her too. I got up and gave her a slap. Vane in turn slapped me back and Punched me on my nose.

I turned to look at Elle who turned to look at her stupid bestie Harmony. They laugh hærdly in unison and i felt so forsaken.

” On my God , what an embarrassment.” I said to myself and weeped in,side of me.

” I’m not a coward but I’m gonna walk away.” I said and picked my bag and stormed out shamefully. Field was already crowded. God I’m so doom.

Maybe Danielle was really better than me , she has the attention of Hugo , it’s not like this is high school but everyone girl wants Hugo. I barely can get him to look at me , it’s so ****in impossible. I’m pretty yeah I’m , I think I’m far pretty than Danielle. She is just one crazy thug with a haircut and criminal boyfriend.

I stormed to my class and saw Hugo, he smiled at me and stop.

” You’re okay ?” He asked.

Oh my God , for real ?

” I am , just had a few fight with my sister.” I lied.

I just want him to hate Elle and just give me a chance. He’s among my reasons for contesting for miss Princeton.

” Sorry , you fought with Elle ? I mean why ?”

” She hates me , she said I’ll never be better than her ” I cried.

” It’s okay , you’ll be fine , maybe I’ll talk to her.” Hugo said.

” Thanks you’re a good boy I just wish you could see that.” I said and he Chuckled.

” Thanks. You’re pretty too.”

” More than Elle ?” I asked and he shrugged.

I chuckled and sighed.

” I’ll leave you to rest , take care of yourself while I talk to your sister.” Hugo said and smiled and definitely walk out.

Oh my stoner. I just hope he hates Elle , she is my worst competition ,it’s not like I care. What I care about is my mom and I get her to like me more. It’s only painful no one showed up at my party. I sat down and place my ear buds in,side my ears to avoid several gossips.




I walk out of the basketball court with Harmony and head to the library, we were working on our department project.

” I can’t believe Danni can be so crazy.” I said.

” You know most times it hurts me you guys don’t behave like twins.”

” I care less..”

” I know but I think you guys should stop this fighting and try to be twins.”

” Scratch that , let’s talk something else. Rayne bought me something extraordinary.”

” Bought ?”

” Yeah , well i haven’t confirmed that yet. He gave it to me . A pearl bracelet.” I said.

” Lemme take a look.”

” You will. Let’s go to library first I’ll show you.” I said and Harmony nodded and we continued walking.

I saw Hugo coming to our direction. He smiled and greeted Harmony and I.

” Sorry about last night , I haven’t got to talk to you.”

” It’s cool , I almost forget you’re dating and not single.” He said and i Chuckled.

” Thanks.”

” You wanna hang out sometime soon ?” He asked and winked.

” Sure , of course.” He said and k-ssed me gently on the cheek and walk out.

” I don’t like where this is going.” Harmony said on our way out.

” Yeah me neither.”

” You can piss me off sometimes.”

I chuckled and smiled.

” It’s nice you’re used to that.”

She smirked and we head to the library.




Jason visited , he was always visiting since he returned. Giselle and I drove around town the previous days looking for Jordan’s lost bracelet but it wasn’t successful.

We stayed in my living room, Jason was flirting endlessly. Jason smiled and touched my cheek.

” I think you’re going too far . Jason you have a girlfriend.” I said.

” What if I want old memories back ?” He asked and winked.

” I can’t allow that , you said you can’t love me anymore.”

” I didn’t say that , I was scared of long distance relationsh¡p.”

I smiled and look at the floor like I lost a pin.

” I missed you a lot , I can’t hope but to see all this end.” Jason said and i smiled.

He sits close to me and took my hands , I look at his eyes and I could feel old memories again.

He k-ssed me and I didn’t hesitate to k-ss back. He held me and car-ss me , of course I did same too. There was nothing like a first true love.




We got to the library and I opened my bag and brought it out.

” A pearl ?” Harmony exclaimed.

I sighed and nodded.

” This is ****in expensive. I’m sure this wasn’t bought.”

” I don’t know..” I said confused.

” You’ve seen him ?”

” No he’s not picking my calls but after class I’m going over to his house , we got a lot to talk.” I said.

” It looks so magical.” Harmony said taking a look at it.

” Yeah it does and it’s pretty.” I said and she smiled.

” Someone might kill you just to be in possession.”

” **** like i care ? Of course I care.” I said and we laugh.

Later that evening I went over to Rayne. He was busy smoking with Toni. Bad influence.

” Hey.” I said and he ignored me.

” I’m sorry.” I said and he look away inhaling on his stupid cigarette.

” Nigga I said I’m sorry.” I said pulling the cigarette from his mouth .

He got up angry and pissed. I hug him tightly and k-ssed him.

” I’m sorry okay.” I whispered.

” Did you s€× ?”

” No way , I’m not cheap.” I said releasing him.

” I missed you a lot.” I said and k-ssed him again.

My boyfriend might be a criminal but he’s so cute.

” Say that again, the I missed you part.” He said holding my wa-ist.

” I missed you.”

” I love you.”

We hug and he carried me on his wa-ist and finally dropped me on the ground.

” Hey Toni.” I greeted.

” Hi.” He said.

” What’s up with that bracelet ?” I ask sitting on his laps.

” You don’t like it ?”

” I do , I’m just curious it’s pretty.” I said and smiled at him.

” I bought it don’t get me wrong. It was a life savings.”

” Alright.. I like it a lot.”

” It’s not in your wrist why ?”

” Maybe I want you to help put it on .” I and opened my bag.

I gave it to him and he smiled.

” Your wrist..”

I stretched it out and he put it on.

” Perfect.” He said and I giggled.

” It’s so pretty.”

To be continued

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