Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 6

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 6

© Goddy Francis



I don’t know but this may sound silly but it’s been two weeks since I was wearing that bracelet and the only thing I can hear at night is whispers. Ghostly whispers from God knows who.

I don’t know but I think I hear things like someone calling my name at night. It was really weird.

One evening I was at the dinning room table eating with Danni and mom. She’s been staring at the bracelet like forever.

” Where did you get that from ?” Mom ask.

” Mom this is the seventh time you’ve been asking me about this bracelet. I told you Rayne gave it to me.”

” Your criminal boyfriend must have stolen it again.” Danni cut in.

I picked the fork and angrily slice it on her face.

” Danielle ?” Mom fired.

” Don’t even dare else I will use the knife instead , swine.” I said and got up smacking her on her face.

I went to my room and raced down stairs , I was meeting with Harmony. I board a cab and left.

” Hey babe..” Harmony called on seeing me.

” Hi.”

” You’re okay ?” She asked and I slumped on her chair reluctantly.

” I’m just tired, my family is pissing me off.”

” Sorry love what happened ?” Harmony asked and I scoff.

” Nothing I’m good I’m just stressed out.”

Harmony sighed and got up to give me a glass of water.

” Do you believe in ghosts ?” I asked collecting the water from Harmony.

” Ghosts..” Harmony said and Chuckle.

” Are you seeing ghosts ?” She asked.

” Not really but I think I’m seeing things.”

” Things ? Visions ?”

” No , just forget about it. I’m just being impossible.” I said and slurp the water.

” Hmm , ghost no way !”





I hate myself and I hate my sister, where on Earth can Rayne afford such bracelet ? He’s a born criminal and a stupid thug.

I wanted that bracelet and I’m definitely gonna get it. I took my bath and left the house. Tomorrow was class project and I’m yet to do my own assignment. I was teaming with a book freak , she’s was a nerd and really ugly but I care less all I wanted was to pass.

I murmur and strolled on the road leading to the book freak’s house.




” Why are you dumb ?” Toni quaried one day.

” I don’t get it , is she your girlfriend ? Why can’t you take your mouth out of my business ? Look i love her and I’m willing to prove it to her.”

” Really ? That’s a wh0le million hanging on Danielle’s wrist all in the name of love. Only a dumb ass nigga will throw away such amount of millions for a stupid hoe.” Toni yelled.

I got angry and punched his nose.

” Get the **** outta here.” I shouted pointing a gun at him.

” Alright if that’s what you want.” Toni said and stormed out. I angrily threw the gun away and sat down to smoke.




Next day at school was horrible , I could barely think. I thought about my nightmare I was having. Who was I gonna talk to ? My mom’s not even a mom as long as I’m concerned.

” Elle ” Harmony called snapping from my thoughts.

” What are you thinking ?”

” Nothing I’m good.” I lied.

” Hugo wants to speak with you , over there.” Harmony said and I turned to look at his direction.

He smiled and walk out.

” Oh **** I’m not in the mood for silly talks now , I’m sick and I need to go home.” I said and got up carrying my bag.

” Should I accompany you ?”

” Harmony I’m good , I just need to be alone. Thanks you’re a good friend.” I said and hug her.

” I’ll be fine.” I whispered and off I went.

Mom was preparing to go out. I greeted her and left for my room.

” Elle I’m going out.” Mom shouted and i ignored her.

I lay on my bed and thought about the mysterious dreams I’ve been having. I couldn’t sleep , something was wrong with me and I can barely understand what’s going on with me.

” Danielle…” A ghostly whisper calls my name.

” What ? Who’s there ?” I asked frightened.

A voice chuckled and I heard feets run down the stairs.

” Harmony..” I called and rushed downstairs. There was no Harmony.

” Harmony !” I called again and look around.

I saw a dark shadow run through. I just hope I was dreaming or maybe I’ve started seeing things.

” Danielle..”

I gasped in fear and turn around.

” Danni.”

” What’s up with you ?” She asked curious.

I sighed and looked around , I think I saw something.

” I’m good , I’ll just go to my room.” I said proceeding to leave when Danni stopped me.

” Before you leave , was wondering if you’re ready to trade your bracelet for something priceless.”

” No.” I frowned at her and left for my room.

I knew Danni will definitely want it some day. I just despise her , her attitude is so annoying. I closed my door and slump on my bed.



” Something is chasing me.. what’s that ?” I asked no one in particular.

I saw myself in this dark place , I saw a girl she was caged to the dark. She looks like the girl who died in September 12. She opened her eyes and look at me , she has gone through hell and it’s written all over her face.

” This place smells like hell.”

” This is hell.” The girl who died in September 12 said.

” That bracelet will bring you nothing but pain , misery, death and every bad thing you never wished for. Take it off , just take it away..” she cried.

She scre-m in pain as she was electrocuted. I turned around and saw a man , he was smiling mischievously at me. I scre-m and run away. I heard loud feets chasing after me , I hasten my feet and got to a dead end.

” Your end is here.” He said and pushed me in,side a lake of fire.

I scre-m and fell from my bed.

” Danielle..” Harmony’s voice Called knocking my door.

I got up and quickly open it.

” Are you okay ?” She asked at once.

” Yeah , I had a bad dream.” I said.

” What did you dream ?”

” Nothing, I’m fine thanks Harmony.”

” Maybe you’ll make use of a night gathering.” Harmony said and sat down.

” What ?”

” Brandi invited us for a night out at her mother’s farm , says it’s gonna be fun. A lot of boys and booze.”

” I don’t drink alcohol.”

” Yeah i know. But you’re coming with me.”

” Alright thanks.” I said and smiled half way.

That night I followed Harmony to Brandi’s night out at her mother’s farm. It was… Well not bad. There was fire lighting up towards the sky and there was drinks.

” Hi Elle..” Brandi greeted and I smiled at her.

I greeted the others and we sat down.

” What’s the purpose of this gathering ?” I asked no one in particular.

” Well it’s for friends and we are gonna talk about our issues to burn the night.”

****, a waste of night. I yawned and listen to their boring boys discussion. I wasn’t paying attention , the birds were chirping and crickets were busy disturbing.

I look around the farm and saw a hand , I blink my eyes just to make sure i wasn’t seeing things again. It was gone , this time the man I saw in my dreams was standing a bit far from me and he was smiling at me.

I quickly look at the others but I can’t find them , I only saw dead people smiling and laughing at me. I exhale and shouted.

” Danielle..”

I opened my eyes and saw Harmony including Brandi’s friends looking at me weirdly.

” Are you okay ?” They asked.

I blink my eyes severally and look around , this ghost people were all gone. I think I’m seeing things now.

” I’m fine, I just wanna go home.” I said walking away.

” Elle..” Harmony shouted.

I stopped and saw Brandi and Harmony chasing after me.

” What happened ? You scre-m like you saw something.”

” I’m good.” I said.

” Elle a minute..” Brandi said and took my hands to a corner.

” I know you saw something like a ghost.” Brandi whispered.

” What ?”

” I wanna help , come over to my house tomorrow night , and I wanna show you something. I believe what ever thing you saw is trying to pass a message to you . Just come to my house tomorrow and lemme help you.”

” Alright, but…” Brandi cut me short at once.

” No but just come.”

” Thanks..” I said and left.

Harmony held me tight and walk away.

To be continued

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