Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 8

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 8

© Goddy Francis


I was always looking at Christian where he was , he hasn’t make a move since I was held captive. He look like someone who’s sleeping , his head was facing down and every single minute his blood drop on the floor.

I look at my feet and saw the blood I lost from being electrocuted. Someone else already own the bracelet , she’s been possessed , reasons Alaster barely come to torment me. I struggled to break free but I can’t. I cried and pleaded in my mind, I was giving up.




I can’t believe Brandi’s gone. The news of her death sent cold to everyone. Dannielle has been behaving strangely and i can barely tell what’s wrong with her.

School held a ceremonial gathering in other to mourn her death. She was buried by her mom and sister that same week.




Danielle barely attend class and she don’t care anymore. It was like a dream and she has changed. Who cares , I just wanted her bracelet and nothing more.

One evening I was at the dinning room table eating including Danielle. She was always acting strange but who cares , she is one horrible human and I just dislike her.

” It would be nice if you stop gossiping about me.” She said to me.

Someone else spoke out of her and it was a man’s voice.

” Excuse me ?”

” Watch your steps , your days are numbered..” The voice said and again and she smiled fiercely and left.

I was baffled , what on Earth is that ? Maybe she’s learning to talk like a man. But there was something about her eyes , it wasn’t Normal. She’s just crazy.

I ignored her and take the plates to the kitchen. I was planning to steal her bracelet. I was really sure her stupid boyfriend Rayne stole it.




Danielle visited and she was acting really abnormal. She smiled and k-ssed me on the l-ips. I hold her and she smiled looking into my eyes.

” Let’s make love..” she whispered.

” You’re sure ? You always hate it when I ask for s€×.”

She chuckle and aggressively k-ssed me. Something is not right about her.

” Please stop.” I said.

” Why ?” She asked and frowned.

” I can’t.”

” Ray why ? You don’t love me ?”

” I do , something in me is refusing it.”

” You hate me..” she cried.

” Babe I don’t hate you alright.”

” Cool.” She said and angrily punch me on the face.

” For real ?”

” Your soul is mine.” She said in a man’s voice.

” What ?”

” Nothing just kidding..” she said and chuckle.

” I was scared.”

” Why ? You’re Rayne , you don’t get scared.” She said and k-ssed me.

I reluctantly k-ssed her back and car-ss her wa-ist. I removed her blouse and of course we made love.




My eyes was on my sister. I needed blood and hers will be nice for a start. I was at the basketball court waiting for Harmony.

I don’t like her and I wondered what made me call her my bestie. Damn she’s horrible.

” Elle..”

” Hey..” I said and forced a smile.

” You’re okay ?”

” Sure..” I said and Chuckle.

” Hugo said he wants to speak to you.”

” Crazy dude. ” I said out loud.

” What ? Thought you like him ?”

” Yeah. Where’s he ?”

” Classroom..”

” Be right back.” I said and got up walking out.

Hugo was my big target. He’s only dirty Casanova. His smile is irritating just like Danni. I walk to the school’s library and saw vane .

My worst nightmare.

” Hey b****.” She said.

And who’s she calling a b**** ? I am sure it’s this girl’s soul that is fast asleep.

” What do you want ?”

” What will I want from a snob like you ? You stink.” She said and scoff.

” You’ll die by accident.”

” What ?” Vane questioned.

” Tonight , your soul will be mine.”



I wasn’t feeling any hurt again. I cried and thought about Giselle, Christian and every single person I love. I wish God can give me a second chance , I need to help the one I love.

” Jordan..” some called.

I raised my head and saw a bright light shining above me.

” What are you ?”

” It doesn’t matter. I feel your pain and I would like to help.”

” I want to save my family and the one i love.”

” Poor thing. The one you love ? What should I do then ?”

” Please let me go , I want to be set loosed.”

” So shall it be then.”

The light disappeared and I gasped. I look down at my feet and it was set free including my hands. I turned to look at Christian and he was still lying unconcious with his blood dripping every single minute. I proceed to get up and I saw myself transformed into stardust and disappeared.




” Dinners serve girls .” Mom called.

I sighed and went downstairs to eat. Danielle was already present eating like an animal she is. I sat opposite her and resume eating including mom.

” I want you girls to stop fighting, I hate it. I want my twin girls back.” Mom said and Danielle seems not to pay attention.

” I’m not the enemy but Elle. She’s too bossy and mean.” I said and Elle raised her head to look at me.

” What ? You wanna fight me ?” I asked.

Danielle kept quiet and continued to eat.

” It’s time to make peace.”

” I don’t want to make peace with her. She has everything and let her continue to live a barren life.” I said and scoff.

Danielle quietly ate her food and walk out.

” That was unusual.” Mom said and i Chuckle.

” Let her be. She has this crazy attitude. Always want people to fall on her feet. Most times I doubt if she’s my twin.”

” Danni , Elle is your twin.”

” I hope so.” I said and grin.


* VANE *


After class i went home and slurp on a juice humming to the music popping out of my Bluetooth device.

Danielle’s threat ran into my mind.

” What does she think she is ?”

My phone rang and it was Ayanda calling. I totally forgot I was clubbing with them that night.

” Hey girl.”

” Vane you’re not coming ?”

” Of course I will . I’m eating I’ll be there soon.”

” Cool. There are a lot of boys.” Ayanda said and Chuckle on the phone.

” Yeah and I need a body m-ssage..”

” Crazy black b****. I’ll be waiting.” Ayanda end the call and I chuckled to God knows what.

I quickly eat up and hurried to my bathroom to shower. I put on my favourite throngs and a mini top with a denim jacket and my black stilettos. I was looking wow , I will definitely get the crowds to talk about me.

I took a cab and and glance at my phone endlessly I was running late. Few minutes later the cab stopped and I came down , I paid the cab and walk majestically into the pub.




Danielle slide on her bed and smiled to her thoughts , she was getting what she wanted. The demon speaks through her and she Chuckled. When the time stroke 10 , she eventually falls asleep. Danni who was waiting impatiently for her sister to fall asleep sneak Into Danielle’s room.

She was fast asleep and snoring gently.

” Dirty pig.” Danni said and gently closed her door.

She lean towards the edge of Danielle’s bed and hold her wrist. She quietly pull it out but it refused to fall off.

” Weird.” She thought.

She hold the bracelet tight and aggressively pull it , it refused to pull out. Danielle opened her eyes and grabbed her sister’s neck. She stood up from her bed and continued to strangle her sister.

Her eyes were red and Danni could feel the fright in her eyes. She tried to scre-m and Danni Chuckled.

” She won’t hear you , your mom will be next.” Danielle said in his voice.

” What are you ?”

” I’m the Lord , your soul is mine.” She said and opened her mouth.

Danni’s soul gradually left her body In the form of dust.

” Please don’t kill me.” She pleaded but it all fell on daft ears.

Her soul gradually left her and she was left with nothing , she gasp and fell to the ground disappearing into the ground.

” See you in hell.”


Vane was partying her ass out. She laughed to nothing in particular and it was obvious she was drunk.

She came out of the club with a boy holding her wa-ist including her friend Ayanda. The boy hold her against a car and k-ssed her deeply.

” You’re a naughty fellow.” She teased and smiled.

Her drunk friend laugh insanely including her partner.

” Lemme dance for you.” Vane said and laughs.

She moved her body and staggered to the road side. It was empty and quiet except the loud music coming out from the club.

She laughs and twist her wa-ist to the music.

” Vane..” Her friends shouted.

” Wha…”

A Jeep from an unknown sources hit her and she fell to the ground with her brain smashed open.

She was dead !

To be continued

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