Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Final episode

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 12

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So we are here , the final of everything. My life’s ****ed up , I don’t have a boyfriend anymore and I don’t have a family. My best friend Harmony is in the hospital attending to treatments due to the fatal accident she had.

My mom’s here and I so much dislike her . The fact that I’m well doesn’t change anything at all , my mom will always remain a ****. I thought about Hugo , poor thing. The boy I was supposed to make my second boyfriend since Rayne is gone too. He hates me now I guess , I tried to kill him through drowning.

I sighed and sit down at my front yard , my life’s ****ed up.

” Hey..”

” What ? Hugo what are you doing here ?” I asked standing up.

He smiled and hug me.

” You’re good ?”

I smiled a bit and nodded.

” I’m truly sorry..” I said.

” You don’t have to , I’m glad you’re okay.”

I smiled and sighed deeply.

” You wanna hang out tonight ? ”

” I don’t have a choice.” I said and he Chuckled.

” Let’s go for a walk.” He said and took my hand.

We walked out with our hands intertwined.




It was too hærd to believe that Jordan’s gone . I cried all through. I’ve always wanted her to be happy, since her parents died a mysterious death.

I wished it was all a dream but it wasn’t. The priest planned to bury her body the following day , which was tomorrow. I just wish I didn’t have to wake up. This was worse than a nightmare.

” You look forsaken.” A voice said.

I turn around and saw her , I kept quiet and stare at her , she was smiling at me.

” Am I dreaming ?” I asked.

” No you’re not.” She said and giggles.

I smiled and embraced her. I thought she was truly gone.

” What happened ?”

” Nothing happened. I’m here now.”

” Jordan I thought I’ve lost you. ” I said and she sob a bit.

” Did you wake up ?”

” Maybe .. you just gotta ask God when you die.” She said and giggles.

I stare at her for a while and k-ssed her. She held me tight and k-ssed me too.

” I love you..”

” I love you more.” She replied and i smiled.

” You wanna take a walk ?”

” Sure.”

I held her hands and we walk out.




Jeez finally all this s*** ended. My life’s back to normal but not a bit not normal.

” Good morning Mel.”

” God , work again.” I said and sighed.

I forget to mention , Becky actually went back to normal and it happens as if she never went dumb. Like she didn’t remember a thing , God is good.

” Where’s Jordan ?” Becky asked.

” Break , she is resting.” I replied and signed.

” There’s an emergency, some one just had an accident.” A nurse said and walk out of my office.

God I hate my job.



I stopped working as a sales rep because I sold the bracelet , yeah and I planned a family trip for me , Jordan , Melissa and her dream boyfriend Jason including Christian.

I smiled at my new house I bought and thought about Jordan. She is back to normal and everything is great now. I stood outside watering the plants in my front yard.

” Hey ..” a guy greeted.

” Hi.” I said and smiled a bit.

He walk over to where I was and smiled at me.

” Hi..”

I smiled and blushed.

” I’m good.” I replied.

” I was wondering if you can have dinner with me , I will be honored ” he said and I smiled.

” Alright.. time ?”

” 8: pm sharp.” He said and I chuckled.

” See you there..” He said and walk out.

That is Romeo , the next door neighbor. Of course he’s the hot bachelor and I’m so into him , maybe because he’s hot. I chuckled and scre-m.

” Yes..”

I’ve been waiting like forever for him to say hi. Of course he did. Am I not lucky ?




Life isn’t the why it is planned . It revolves and most times it always turn around for our good.

Most times God has a plan for everyone of us , and it takes time to see it.

My name’s Jordan and I’ve always thought I was definitely gonna end like my mom. I missed her alot , i wished she was here. Giselle bought a new house and i moved in with her as usual.

Few months after jason traveled back abroad but he eventually gave her a ring Melissa couldn’t help but scre-m her ass out, and her wedding bells will be ringing in few months time.

Giselle , well Giselle , she’s busy with her new hot neighbor who is a hot bachelor. And I’m really glad she moved on since Andrew ****ed up.

Um Elle , I guess she’s still having fights with her mom it was a pity her mom still misses her little princess Danni. I really feel pity for her mom , it hurts to loose one of your twin.

And me I’m sitting next to Christian in a cinema and we are watching a rom-nce movie. They are his favourite. He smiled at me and k-ssed me on my forehead. It was pleasing to be back again , maybe i guess.

” I will always love you..” he whispered.

I chuckled and smiled.

” You’re busy tonight ?” I asked and he Chuckled.

” Hope it’s not what I’m thinking ?” He asked not staring at me.

I chuckled and pinched his hands.

” Maybe..”

He turned to look at me and smiled.

” Alright…”

I chuckled as he pulled me out of the cinema.

( I’m out..)

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THE END (thanks for reading, please comment)

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