Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 14

Hell’s Nest – Episode 14

A story by Goddy Francis



I’ve changed totally and i don’t need someone to tell me he has taken over. The end is finally near and only the one who lives above us can tell what my end will look like.

It’s a bit obvious Giselle is scared of me more. I hated her and I wished to end her life, something is preventing me. Her boyfriend is an a****le , a female wh-re. I was alone that day eating when someone knocked. I wasn’t expecting anyone and Giselle isn’t around.

I got up to open and saw Andrew standing in front of me flashing his irritating smile.

” Hey Jordan..”

” What do you want ?”

” That’s a bit mean.” He said.

” Giselle is not around you should come back later.” I said and proceed to close the door when he stopped me.

” Calm down.” He said paving his way through.

He smiled and closed the door behind him.

” What do you want ?” I ask.

” You’re beautiful Jordan.” He said touching my hair slowly.

I look down at it and gently pushed his hands aside.

” Are you here to **** me ?” I asked looking at his eyes.

He Chuckled and cleaned his lower lip with his finger.

” Andrew get out.” I said politely.

” Come on Jordan, I’m not here to hurt you I just wanna hang out.” He said touching my hands.

” On my bed.” I said and nodded smiling.

He smiled and move his hands down to my throngs , he wanted to slide his hands further and i grabbed his hands.

” You’re a mother****a.” I said and hold his throat.

” You need to leave, rot in hell ” I said and penetrated my hands through his chest and pulled out his heart.

He spat out blood and fell to the ground dead. I exhale gently and looked at his heart in my hands and ate it.

” b******.” I watched his body as it disappeared.




I came home rather early that day. I have this bad omen. Jordan was lying on the couch she was fast asleep I guess. Her attitude changed after the deliverance , her smile disappeared and she barely greet me.

She don’t talk to me as usual and I dare not bother her because I know he has taken over. I called Andrew and he’s not picking up , I had this bad dream that he fell in,side a pit. I sighed and pace around dialing his number endlessly.

‘ this is Andrew please leave a message…’

” Oh my God , hope you’re okay ” I lamented.

” Hey love , this is Giselle. I have this bad feelings hope you’re okay ? Please call me as soon as you get this.” I said on the phone and threw it on my bed.

” Why are you worried about your lover ? Men are sc-mbags.” Jordan said walking into my room.

” Andrew is an a****le.” She said and picked up the mug on my table.

” Sc-mbags..” she added and slam my door.

I pick up my bag and ran out to my garage. I drove straight to Andrew’s and his door was locked. I saw his neighbor outside washing his car.

” Hey good evening..” I greeted

” Hi , I remember you, G…”

” Giselle..” I said at once.

” Yeah Giselle , how are you ?”

” I’m fine thanks. I’m here to see Andrew.”

” His house is locked. He left few hours ago he has not returned.” He said.

” Oh my God. Where could he be ?” I asked myself.

” You’re okay ?”

” Yes thanks, I’ll take my leave.” I said and went back to my car sad and worried.

Melissa called immediately and I picked up.

” Hey Lissa.”

” Giselle where are you ?”

” What’s happening ?”

” You haven’t heard ?”

” Heard what ?”

” Andrew is dead.” Melissa burst out.

” What are you saying ?”

” It’s in the news , we need to talk immediately.”

” Where are you ?” I asked.

” My house , I’ll be waiting.” Melissa said and ended the call.

I held my self together, I wasn’t ready to believe the news. Andrew can’t be dead, it’s too heavy to believe. I entered my car and drive straight to Melissa’s.

She was standing outside waiting for me. I tried to console myself but I couldn’t , tears ran down my cheek.

” It’s okay.”

” You’ll be fine.” She said leading me in,side.

” Is it true ?” I ask and Melissa gently clean my tears.

” It’s true, it’s in the news.” He said switching on her TV.

It was a live news , I saw a body lying on the road with blood all over it.

” That can’t be Andrew, I need to see for myself.” I said and ran outside.

” Giselle wait up.”

I ran outside and entered my car.

” Giselle calm down alright .” Melissa said and entered the car.

” Giselle calm down.” She said repeatedly and i started driving.

I drove to the s₱0t and cops crowded everywhere. I saw the body I saw on TV lying on the floor lifeless.

” Andrew..”

I cried really hærd. His heart was missing and the cops said it must be a criminal case , but something was telling me Jordan have a hand on it.

Andrew can’t die with a heart missing. Melissa took me home and I cried my eyes out. We where getting married soon , we where supposed to fix the date for our wedding that weekend. I hated myself and everything else.

Two days later I still haven’t regain myself back. Melissa was always visiting but it still doesn’t change anything.

” Sorry about your loss.” Jordan said that day standing beside my door with arms crossed.

” It hurts to loose the ones you love , I know that feeling. You should wipe your tears and move on. He’s an a****le.” Jordan said and walked out.

She killed him and i knew it.

But how sure am I ? My phone rang and I look at it, it was the priest.

” Father..” I cried on the phone.

” Giselle , how are you ?”

” I’m not fine father, I lost Andrew.”

” Holy Christ , take heart my child.”

” I can’t, we where getting married.” I cried and sniff endlessly.

” It’s okay daughter , someone better is coming, some one who is ordained to be with you.” He said and I shake my head crying.

I totally forgot the father went missing after Jordan’s last deliverance.

” I thought you were dead, I thought she killed you ”

” She tried to but God was merciful. Everything will be fine soon. I have hope.” The father said and I sighed.

” Forget about everything and watch her closely even if you think she killed him . Be nice to her and take care of her. She will still be your blood.”

” Thanks father…” I said and clean my eyes.

” You’re welcome child be careful.” The priest said and ended the call.

I threw my phone on my bed and cried more. It took me a week before I recovered. I resumed work the following week and everything went back to normal but most times I wish Andrew was here.




That morning I got ready and prepared for work. I changed my uniform to something sed-ctive and ran downstairs. Giselle was also getting prepared too, she turned to look at me it was obvious she was surprised.

” You’re going to work ?” She asked.

” Yes , you got any problems with that ?” I asked throwing few necessary items in,side my bag.

” No, I mean you’re not fit to resume work.”

” Thanks I don’t have to do everything you say as if I’m a teenager. I’m going to work you need to deal with that.” I said and walk out.

The hospital look a bit different , I walk down the hall and flash a pretty smile to any one who care. I saw Melissa talking to becky , I smiled and walk in.

” Hi guys.” I greeted.

” Jordan.” Becky called.

” I wasn’t expecting you.” Melissa said and I smiled.

” Exactly, I was missing my job.” I said and look around.

” Alright , I’m only surprised to see you. We missed you.” She said and hug me.

” You’re tagging along as soon as possible.” Melissa said and handed me a file.

I took it and signed my attendance. I followed Melissa and we left to attend to patients. I needed a blood festival that day, that’s one of the reasons I went to work.

It was reacess and Melissa was out for lunch. I walked to a ward filled with different sick patients , they were all asleep. I smiled and approach a sick little girl who was smiling at me. I smiled at her and laugh wickedly.

” Hi.” She greeted.

I smiled and refused to reply.

” Are you here to save me ?”

” Maybe , you need a fast rest.” I said and made her sleep.

My hands transformed to his sharp evil claws and I pierced the little girls heart and zip it down to her abdomen. She was asleep but I heard her scre-m in my head.

” Blood.” I said to myself and lick it off my hands.

” I love blood.” I said and begin to remove her parts from in,side her open body.

” What are you doing ?” A patient asked.

He was two bed far from hers. I angrily threw a scissors at him and it landed on his eyes. He died instantly.

” Jordan.” A voice called from behind me.

I turned around and it was Becky , I’ve always hated that nurse. I pointed my finger at her mouth and she turned dumb , I made sure she was deaf too.

To be continued

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