Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 16

Hell’s Nest – Episode 16

A story by Goddy Francis



” What do you mean ? Jordan did this to you ?” Mom asked.

I sniffed and shiver more.

” Christian open your mouth and talk.” Mom yelled.

” Jones what’s up with your friend and Jordan ?” Mom asked turning to look at him.

” Nothing, I mean they are just friends I never knew they’ve been digging on each other.” Jones said.

” Christian you need to explain things to me. What happened between you and Jordan ?” Mom asked

” We only had s€× and nothing more. That’s our first and I don’t even know what I was doing. It look as if I was charmed.” I said.

” Charmed ? Like a spell ?” Mom asked and I nodded.

” Oh God don’t tell me Jordan’s a witch.”

” She’s not a witch , she’s just…” I ended and sighed. I can’t talk further because of some self reasons.

” Call Giselle now , tell her to come to my house with her sister.” Mom ordered picking up my phone.

” I can’t call her.” I protested.

” Alright I will.” Mom said and dialed giselle’s number.

Not too long Giselle picked up the call and my mom put it on loud speaker.

” Christian !” She said on the phone.

” This isn’t Christian , it’s his mom.”

” Oh Mrs Smith , good morning.” Giselle greeted.

” Where’s Jordan, you need to bring her to my house. She has inflicted something on my son, my son is dying. You need to come with your sister.”

” What , I don’t get it.” Giselle said on the phone.

Her voice sounded like who knew something will definitely come up.

” Giselle !”

” Alright ma, I’m coming with her.” Giselle said and mom ended the call.

” Why didn’t you tell me you’re having a silly relationsh¡p with Jordan ?” Mom fired.

” It’s not what you think. I truly like her but she care less about me . We are not dating.”

” But you made love to her..”

God she won’t understand. I sighed and refused to say a word. I was feeling a severe cold. And a terrible heat. Few minutes later Giselle walk in with Melissa.

” So where’s Jordan ?” Mom asked.

” She’s not here. Mrs Smith you need to calm down it’s not what you think.” Giselle said and sighed.

” Alright, so explain what ever thing your sister did to my son.”

” Christian you slept with her ?” Giselle asked and i nodded like a child , I was getting pissed with the question.

” Oh God.” Giselle said and sat down.

” Melissa you should be at the hospital.” Mom said.

” Yeah , I had to accompany Giselle because of what she told me about Jordan and Christian.”

” Will i even survive ?” I asked.

” I don’t know.” Giselle replied.

” What do you mean you don’t know, it’s an infection right ?”

” No doc I’m not sure , this is not an infection. It looks…. I don’t know.” Melissa cut in.

” It’s not an infection. This is something spiritual. Why would you think of sleeping with her even after all my warning. You know what’s wrong with Jordan and you insist to have your way with her.” Giselle said.

” I didn’t , she used a spell , I couldn’t stop her.” I said and cried.

” What are you guys talking about ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” Yeah I’m confused too.” Melissa added.

” Can Jones excuse us ?” Giselle asked.

” Sure , lemme retire to my room.” Jones said and walk out.

Giselle sighed deeply and finally cleared her throat.

” Jordan is possessed but we are yet to find out what’s behind this possession stuff. Her mother also suffered the same fate before she died a very painful death along with Jordan’s father and now it has passed unto Jordan.” Giselle said.

” What are you talking about ?” Melissa ask.

” Yeah, cause I’m about to get frightened.” Mrs Smith said.

” Yeah mom it’s true. She’s possessed by a demon.”

” Demon ? This s*** is crazy.”

” I’m sorry, I warned your son but he didn’t care , I was not willing to tell anyone because she might end up hurting you. I’m sorry. I can’t tell Christian’s fate , her blood is in him. Christian possess half of her and he might end up loosing his life.” Giselle said and I gasped.

Yeah i wasn’t surprised cause I was expecting that.

” What are talking about ?” Melissa ask baffled.

” She’s a V-rgin , Jordan hasn’t lay with a man before. The priest said it, he told me that she should avoid any s€×ual relationsh¡p with anyone because a demon lives in,side of her. I can’t explain further.”

Mom cried and placed her hand on her forehead with her ankle resting on her laps. I just pray she doesn’t faint or something worse.

” The day she visited the hospital , patients went missing and Becky went dumb and deaf. So is she responsible ?” Melissa ask.

The last thing I could do is making Jordan look like a killer in the presence of others.

” No , she don’t kill. She would never kill anyone even if she’s held captive by the devil.” I defended.

” Yeah Christian is right.” Giselle said and turned to look at me.

I’m completely going insane.

” Where’s Jordan ?” Mom asked.

” I don’t know. You can’t come closer to her.” Giselle said.

” What do you mean ? You want my son to die ? If anything happens to my son I will lay on a curse on your generation.” Mom said, she was bitter.

” Mom.”

” Shut up.” She yelled and walk out.

” Alright , what’s the plan ?”

” I don’t know. We conducted a deliverance and nothing happened. She turned worse.” Giselle said.

” But Giselle why did you lie to me ? You told me she was fine , you lied to me.”

” I have my reasons , I don’t want you to get hurt because of Jordan.”

” We should get an exorcist , she’s going to kill everyone. Look at Christian he’s dying.” Melissa said and she was right.

My breath was fast fading.

My mom walk in really sober , she was making a phone call.

” You need to come my son’s dying please hurry.” Mom said and the call.

” We should take our leave , I need to look for Jordan.” Giselle said standing up with Melissa.

” I’ll come back doc .” Melissa said and left with Giselle.




” You contributed to Jordan’s recent behavior.” Melissa yelled on our way driving.

” What do you mean ? I was trying to help.” I defended.

” **** help, now take a look at her she has turned into a murderer. I know she’s behind that mysterious misfortune upon Becky. Becky is about to run mad.” Melissa yelled.

” That stuff is powerful.”

” Have you thought about the bracelet on her wrist ? It’s not ordinary.”

” Her mom gave it to her. She used to wear it before she pass it unto Jordan.”

” And all that stuff started when Jordan put it on.” Melissa said and I sighed.

” I don’t know. The mysterious part is you can’t take it off , that’s so weird.”

” How did you know ?”

” I’ve tried , I suspected the bracelet too ” I said.

” You need to stop calling that priest for help , she’s not improving.”

” I guess , but he’s a nice man maybe not strong enough. He said he’s going to recommend an exorcist for Jordan this weekend.” I said.

” Poor Christian , I never knew true love exist like this , I just wished nothing happens to him. His brother is an a****le.” Melissa said and sighed.

Oh yeah the Smith. Her voice still sound like she missed Jason, Christian’s older brother. Old times fly.

” Sorry honey , I think you still love him. It’s so bad he has to leave.”

” Most times I w-t my pillow at night. Each time I see his uploads on social media I just cry my eyes out. It’s so painful, hanging out with a white b****.”

” You should stop this crazy attitude , stop hanging around his social media handle. I have this feeling he is going to return , his brother his ill , his mom will definitely call him to come Immediately. You guys can still tackle issues.” I said.

” No I’m not sure. He doesn’t love me anymore , I sent him a message, he said he has found a new one. He sent me a picture of her in my dm, the white c*ck.” Melissa said and consoled herself.

” Sorry , you need to let go then.”

” Yeah , sorry about yours too . Andrew, it was painful.” Melissa said and tears ran out of my eyes.

” You don’t have to remind me.” I said trying to concentrate on my steering.

” I understand , I think Jordan killed him…”

” Mel chill out.” I growled.

” Alright , wait look out…” Melissa yelled pointing to a car at our direction.

I loose balance and brake , I tried to stop my fast moving car but I lost it.

” Giselle please stop this car , don’t kill us.” Melissa shouted and fasten her seatbelt.

” I’m trying..” I yelled and tried to stop my car.

The car at my front hit ours and the next thing I saw was my car flying and it landed upside down , I hit my head on my windshield and blacked out.

To be continued

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