Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 2

Hell’s Nest – Episode 2

A story by Goddy Francis


‘Welcome to cape town , south Africa. Hope you have a nice ride here.’ a voice said in the radio.

I sighed and looked out of the window in,side the bus I boarded. I was visiting my estranged sister , and I guess I’ll be living with her. After that dreadful incident that almost ruined my life, the parish priest decide I stay with Giselle , she’s my estranged sister.

The bus trolled and stopped. I looked through the window and jump down .

” Wow.” I said to myself.

I held my box and rolled it gently. Giselle was supposed to wait at the park. I looked around but I didn’t see her.

I strolled around and later found myself in an alley. I don’t even know where she stays. I was really tired and it was getting dark.

‘ this is Giselle , please leave a message..’ her voicemail keep repeating each time I call .

I stood at the alley and pace around , I was really tired.

” Hey you’re lost ?” A guy asked.

” Not really , I’m waiting for my sister.” I replied.

” Really or you need some help ?” He asked walking to my direction.

I became really nervous , cause he was acting weird. Another guy jumped out of hiding and snatched my bag. He ran away and I chase at him.

” Hey..” I called out as I continue running.

My speed was extraordinary , I got hold of the guy who took my bag and pin him to the wall. I left a blow on his nose and he fell to the ground.

The first guy who talked to me earlier tried to defend his colleague , I held his arm and threw him away , unluckily he fell on a tower and landed on the floor with a broken arm and bleeding head.

” Oh my God.” I herd a voice.

I turned around and saw someone. He was so good looking and innocent.

” How did you do that ?” He asked and I ignored him.

” I’m sorry to bother you , I’m Christian.” He said stretching his hands out.

I looked down at his palm , I picked my bag and walked away.

” That was rude.” He shouted.

I didn’t bother to look back but continued walking. Giselle called.

” Hey Jordan.” She said on the phone.

” Hi , I was worried.” I said looking around.

I was standing on the road opposite a radio station.

” I’m sorry , work got me pissed off. Where are you ?”

” I don’t even know. I’m standing opposite a radio station not too far from the park. I just came out of an alley.” I said.

” Alright , stay there I’m coming.” She said and ended the call.

I sighed and looked for a seat around , I saw a bench and sat down.




” Good morning Mrs Smith, I’m sorry I’m late.” I said sitting down opposite her.

” Melissa you’re one of the best educated nurses we have here , it would be nice if you could be a little dedicated.”

” I’m sorry Mrs Smith. I’m really sorry.” I said.

” It’s fine. A patient’s in emergency , you need to see to that , he has a broken arm and his head is bruised.”

” Alright. Lemme check on him.” I said standing up.

God I hate my job , and the same time I love my job. The stress was too much. If you think you’re going through hell and your life’s a mess , you gotta pay a visit to a hospital. Thousands of lives who are begging to live.

It’s horrible to watch some die, most times I cried when I think about myself. Patients who would do anything to leave again. Then if you feel like committing suicide then you need to pay a visit to the mortuary first , that place is forsaken. Lives who wished they could breathe out loud even if it’s for the last time.

I walked into the ward and saw him. It was a boy and his arm was really bruised including his head.

” Issh. What’s your name ?” I asked him holding a file up.

” Sammy.” He replied in a rather tensed manner.

” What happened to you ?”

” A strange girl did this to me. I don’t know but I saw myself fly so high and hit a tower , the next thing I was on the floor with a broken arm.”

He was f****** bleeding.

” Becky.” I called.

” I’m coming.” She replied running through.

” You need to clean this up immediately.” I said bringing out the syringe and a wiper.

Becky assisted in cleaning while i get a bandage for his arm. I went back to meet him but was surprised he was jerking , I tried to hold him still but he was too stubborn.

” Becky hold tight , get me the injection.” I yelled.

She rushed to get it but it was too late , he died.

” My God. That was sudden.” I said to myself.

” How can he die like that ?” Becky asked too.

” Wrap him off.” I said and walked out.

All saints was cape Town best hospital. It has acquired nurses and experience doctors . Mrs Smith was the doctor in charge. Her rules was most times annoying especially when we loose a patient. I sighed and took a deep breath as I sat down.




I watched Jordan eat as she ate in silence. I was really bothered about her illness. Before she came I talked to the parish priest about her but he said Jordan needs to be close to God .

” How was your journey ?” I asked.

” It was great.” She replied.

” I hope you like it here ?”

” Giselle I don’t have a choice. I don’t have a family , you’re the last.” She said.

” It’s okay. Everything will be fine.” I said touching her hair.

” I guess you’re through with high school ?” I asked.

” Yes.”

” So you wanna go to college ?” I asked.

” No. I want to be a nurse. It’s my dream.”

” Wow. I have a friend who works as a nurse in all saints. I will talk to her maybe she will be your mentor and your training will commence soon.” I said and she smiled.

” Thanks.” She said and hugged me.

” It’s okay. I just hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.” I said to her and she smiled.

I helped her with the plates and took them to the kitchen. I walk her to her room and helped her with her door.

” You should pray before you sleep.”

” Thanks.” Jordan’s voice cooed.

” Goodnight.” She whispered.

” Goodnight.” I said and jammed her door.




Giselle works in a fast food restaurant as a sales rep. She was nice , I pray I don’t hurt her. I took a deep breath and pulled the blanket over my head. I thought about the boy I saw earlier. There was something about him , something that got me glued to him.

He was good looking with a perfect black man skin. He looks more like a mixed race. I smiled and wished all my nightmares could just go away in one night.

I took my phone and looked at the time it was past nine. The bracelet I wore sparkle. That bracelet was strange , mom gave it to me before she died , she used to wear it before all that possessed attitude surface.

I sighed and mutter to myself , I wished my parents were here. I tried to sleep but I saw something lying close to me. It was staring into my eyes and it was under my blanket. I switched on my phone and pointed at it , I scre-med to the being I saw.

It was a man , a man with red horns and evil eyes. He was black all through without no body parts. I jumped off my bed and tried to run , I felt a strong hand pulled me back and threw me against the wall.

It was him I saw in my dreams , I’ve seen him in real life.

To be continued

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