Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 3

Hell’s Nest – Episode 3

A story by Goddy Francis


He raised me from the ground and lift me up wards.

” What are you ?” I cried in pain.

” I’m the Lord.” He replied.

His voice was thick and evil. Just like the voice that speak through my mom the day she killed my father.

He blew his air that followed with his horrible saliva in my face. I wanted to choke , he left me and I trembled on the ground. I hold my throat and looked around , he was gone.

An evil rotten odour filled my room. I watched my eyes closed as I heard footsteps.



I saw my sister lying on the floor. I quickly switched on the light , the room was filled with a very horrible odour. It smells like a rotten dead body.

” Jordan.” I called her name but didn’t get a reply.

” Oh my God. Jordan.” I called shaking her side to side.

It was too late to take her to a hospital. I quickly called the father but his number wasn’t going through.

I rushed to my room and picked up the holy water. I ran to where Jordan was and sprinkled a little on her. She gasped and open her eyes.

” Are you okay ?” I asked her.

She didn’t reply but looked around her room. She was afraid.

” You’ll be fine okay.” I said to her and hold her.

” I saw him.” She cried.

” Who ?” I whispered still embracing her.

” I don’t know.” She said.

” You sure ?” I asked.

She remained quiet for a while before she speak up.

” He’s the Lord.” She said in a man’s voice.

I released her at once and looked into her eyes. It was different. She forced her hands into my stomach as I gro-n in pain.

” Jordan please don’t do this.” I pleaded.

She grabbed my neck and raised me upwards. She bend her neck downwards like a chicken , she looked around my face as I struggled for breath . I heard a noise at the living room.

” Mom.” Jordan called and threw me on her bed.

” Mom is that you ?” She asked walking slowly to her door.

I watched her as she opened the door and walked out. I have never seen Jordan like this before , I only heard rumours and news from the priest. That was the way her mom behaved before she died.

I rushed downstairs to look for Jordan but I couldn’t find her , the living room door was flung open , I looked outside but I didn’t see Jordan. It was late and I was scared. I cried and sat down . I called the father again and he managed to pick.

” Hello father .” I sobbed.

” Giselle calm down , what happened to Jordan ?”

” I don’t know. What ever thing that happened to her mom is happening to her. She almost strangled me but released me when she heard a noise. She called out her mom’s name and walk out of her room.” I sob as I explained.

” Everything will be fine.” Father said.

” You need to pray. Jordan is possessed by the demon that killed her mom and dad. It will haunt her till she is useless.” The priest added.

” Why don’t you conduct a deliverance for her ?” I asked.

” I have , it left and returned in a very power state.”

” Oh my God. He will kill her. I can’t even find her, she’s no where to be found.” I cried more.

” Giselle calm down , Jordan will return home , calm down and pray.” The father said.

I angrily ended the call and looked outside.

” Jordan.” I called out and it echoed back. It was really late.

I cried and closed the door. I sat down and refused to go to bed.




” I saw a girl , about two days ago.” I said to Jones. He was my very good friend since high school.

Presently we attend the same college . I was at his house that day helping him out with his assignments , Jones a freak at maths. He’s so horrible at math.

” What girl ?” He asked.

” I don’t even know her name. She is weird and pretty , you know.” I said and smiled to nothing in particular.

” So what about Jade ?” He asked.

Jade was my girlfriend , we kinda broke up over some relationsh¡p issues. She flirt too much and I hate it, she even have to send her nudes to an Indian man on the net.

” Jade is a wh-re.” I said.

” I get it, she still likes you and she is willing to make amends.” Jones said.

” No Jade don’t make amends, she’s a crazy black b****.” I said picking up my pen.

” So what does she looks like ? Your new lady?” Jones ask and giggles

” She’s pretty and she seems new. Cause the first day i saw her she was with her luggage, she just entered the states.” I said.

” Oh, I get it.” Jones said and chuckled.

” You need to concentrate on my assignment, I really need an A on that course.” He said leaning close to me.

” I think you should learn it. Most times I think my maths assistance is behind the bond of our friendsh¡p.” I said and winked.

” Seriously , I will pretend like i didn’t hear that.” He said and stormed out of his room carrying a box.

I exhaled loudly and thought about her , she was really pretty.



I opened my eyes and yawned. I sat up and was baffled to were I was . I was supposed to be in my bedroom but I was surprised to find myself in a garbage. I jumped up in surprised, I looked around and I saw kids laughing at me.

I got really irritated. I twisted my neck in a slow motion looking at this kids , they looked at me and became hypnotized. I watched them walk into a moving van as they were crushed to death.

I smiled and looked around , I was smelling really bad. I find my way home and knocked. Giselle opened up , she was smiling endlessly and I hated it.

” Jordan.” She called out and hugged me .

She jammed the door behind me and smiled into my eyes.

” Are you okay ?” I asked.

” Yeah. Where were you at ?” She asked.

” I don’t know. I found myself In the garbage.” I replied walking out her.

” Jordan.” She called out.

” I wanna be alone.” I said and ran to my room.

I remember last night , the picture was clear. The demon in my room , how I almost strangled Giselle and the kids I killed that morning. I sobbed and lamented. He was using me , I felt like committing suicide to at least put a stop to all this mess.

” Jordan.” I heard Giselle’s voice outside my room.

I quickly wiped my tears and hurried to open the door.

” May I ?” She asked and I nodded leading the way.

” I’ve talked to Melissa. She is the nurse I told you about. She will be your mentor. I took the necessary files needed , and all you need to do is bathe yourself and I’ll take you to her. Training starts tomorrow.” Giselle said smiling.

” Why are you acting like that ? I guess I almost strangled you to death ?” I asked and sobbed silently.

” It’s okay, you’ll be fine. You can keep this.” Giselle said placing a cross on my hand.

” A cross ?”

” Yes. It’s yours now. It will help you in times of worries and sorrow. Just believe.” Giselle said and cover my hands against the cross.

I smiled and hugged her. The hugged didn’t last , it seems she was still scared about last night.

” I’m sorry.” I whispered.

She smiled and nodded.

” It’s okay. Go and bathe lemme take you to Lissa , she will be happy to see you. And I’m.. late for work too you gotta hurry.” Giselle said standing up.

She tucked my hair and left . I sighed and looked at the cross , I thought about my dream profession.

Sooner or later I’ll be referred to as a Nurse …

To be continued

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