Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 5

Hell’s Nest – Episode 5

A story by Goddy Francis



I resumed work fully even if it’s not comfortable for me. The sights of dead bodies and bruised patients makes me wanna eat dead people. I see their bloods as wine. I guess he’s in my head and he’s trying to use me. I sighed and listen to every word Melissa is saying , she was truly nice.



I was at home that Friday after class. As usual I was helping Jones with his maths assignment , I was really getting bored with this friendsh¡p stuff. Always doing his assignments, actually maths though.

The day I suggested he get used to it was the day I understand people can’t know everything. It makes the world balance. I hate sociology and Jones likes it, he’s a bit good at it. But I barely care cause it stands more like a borrowed course. I stopped writing and thought about her.

It hurts me that I know little or less about her. She was pretty and perfect. I smiled to nothing in particular and thought about the scenario. She smacked my arm and I bleed, she gave me a handkerchief and it stopped bleeding. She was weird. I remembered the masculine voice she used in talking to me the day we managed to talk.

It kept ringing in my head ‘ if you’re wise you’ll stay away from me ‘ I wish I could listen , she was just too tempting. Her smile was something different and extraordinary. She was beautiful to the call , she was mysterious. But I like them mystery.

I closed Jones text books and hurried off to the bathroom to shower I remembered my mom wants me to see her in the hospital. I’m so allergic to hospitals , the smell was horrible always wanna make me puke.

I rushed and shower and left the house in my little ride. I once planned to gift a car to Jade, she was my first or maybe second girlfriend. We dated when we were in high school , she was good and nice. She got admitted in an institution which is a bit different from mine and her attitude changed. She started dressing to wow the crowds.

Always showing off skin and I hated it. She barely visits or pick my calls , always spending most of her times in social media and showing skin as usual. Until that faithful day she visited , she was so dumb to have left her phone to shower.

A guy texted her that day sending his trash , I was hurt and upset. I had to go through their chats and I saw the nudes she sent him. Her complete nudes , I was hurt cause I planned to buy her a car for her birthday two days from the day I saw the text and also take her for a summer vacation down the beach.

I was hurt, Jade made me realize every man was worth loving, but she wanted more. Especially since she started hanging out with her cousin sister who returned from New Jersey. She was often regarded as a model , mean and really proud.

I trolled my car and came down , hospital again. I walked in and got to my mom’s office. She managed all saints, it was a government hospital and she was in charge. I left her office and proceed to leave for home when I saw her. She was wearing a nurse uniform smiling endlessly at a file.

She raised her head up and smirked at me. She always act like she hated me, so weird. She looked down to whatever thing she was doing and continued. It seems she was writing. I walked into the office and waved at her. She refused to look at me.

” Hey.”

” What do you want ?” She asked and refused to look at me.

” Are your eyes scared of mine ?” I asked.

She scoffs and continued writing.

” You’re shy to look at me now ?” I ask again.

” I’m not. Just give me space.” She replied still pinning her focus down.

” I get it. You’re shy to look at my eyes?” I asked.

I was beginning to piss her off and that’s what I wanted.

” I’m not.” She replied and looked at me.

Her eyes were beautiful. I giggled and chuckled.

” Bummer, that’s what I wanted, to stare into your pretty eyes.”

” You don’t flirt with any single lady you see Christian.”

” Wow , you remember my name , please say it again.”

” What?” She asked.

It was a bit ridiculous I know.

” Please..” I cooed and pouted my face.

” Christian leave me alone , you’re distracting me.” She said and closed the file.

” You didn’t mention you work here , as a nurse .”

” Now you know.” She said and raised her eye brow.

” You look pretty in that.” I said.

It was obvious she blushed, cause she looked down on nothing in particular.

” What do you want ?” She asked softly, really calm.

” Your name.”

” I don’t have a name.”

” Jordan..” Melissa called.

I turned to look at her and smiled.

” Christian , this is a hospital and not a rom-nce area. You should do this s*** next time outside the hospital , people are looking at you guys.” Melissa said and I chuckled.

” Sorry. I missed her and it’s been long we talked.” I said and winked at her.

She shook her head slightly and rolled her eyes.

” Jordan make it quick, we got a patient to attend to.” Melissa said proceeding to leave.

” Bye chris.” She said and closed the office door.

” Jordan huh ?”

” I gotta go ..” she said proceeding to leave , I held her hand and sighed.

” Can you do me a favour before you leave ?”

” What do you want ? I was serious about what I said. It’s a bit hærd I know but you need to try and forget about me.” She said and I nodded.

” I will , let’s hang out tonight.”

” What ! Did you even listen to me ?”

I grin and nodded.

” Just for tonight, trust me you won’t regret it.” I said.

” You’re a bag of s***.” She said and i chuckled.

” That wasn’t meant to be funny.” She said and picked a pen.

” Is that a yes ?”

” Cool , I hope nothing bad happens to you ” she said in whisper and walked out.

” Something bad, hmm.” I said deeply and walked out.




I sighed and stood close to Melissa who was giving treatment to a patient. I was always nervous. I didn’t forget to pray with the cross Jordan gave to me , though it might not stop whatever thing that was trying to end my life but it made it stay far a bit. Most times he talks to me but not often anymore.

We walked out of the ward and I followed Melissa to her office.

” Will he be okay ?” I ask and she nodded smiling.

” You know Christian ?” She asked and I frowned a bit.

” Yeah. How did you get to know him too ? His he that popular ?”

” I guess. He’s mom is doctor Smith. And he’s my little friend , his big brother was my you know, ex. We kinda have flings.” Melissa said and sighed. She sat down and returned her gaze to me.

” Sorry. It’s a bit obvious you still love him and miss him.” I said and she laugh silently.

” I don’t know. He was cute and nice. You like him? Christian ?”

” No , I mean I can’t. No way I don’t want him.” I said and stammer.

I wasn’t even sure.

” He’s cool. Smart, cute and intelligent. You don’t wanna mess with his heart. And they are caring , his big brother included.” Melissa emphasized.

” Nice I’m not interested.” I said and dropped a file.

” I’ve been watching your wrist for a while. Your bracelet , it’s extraordinary and it’s really weird and beautiful. Pearls are rare gems. Who gave it to you ?”

” My mom. She gifted it to me on my birthday.”

” It’s pretty. And it’s worth it’s more than millions. ” Melissa said and I chuckled.

” I need to leave , I’m a bit tired.” I said and she nodded.

I left to my stand and sat down. I found myself thinking about him. He was just too innocent and cute to be hurt. I cried when I remembered my mom , she was my best friend. She understands me better than any one. I left for home that evening. Giselle already arrived , she was preparing dinner.

” Welcome home honey.” She said and hugged me.

” Thanks.” I said and hurried to my room to shower.

I stood under my shower to bathe , the water was cold and chilled. It properly fit the temperature. I stood there and thoughts of him filled my mind. My water turn to blood as it fall on top of me. I looked down on the floor and gasped.

I rushed out of the shower and looked at the top , where the water was rushing from , it was pure blood. A cold hand tap me and I turned to look at me.

His rotten odour filled the bathroom. I was abnormal, he grabbed my neck and blew his bad breath into my face.

” I will haunt him, his soul his mine.” I heard his voice whisper in a ghostly voice, he was gone. I held my throat and my stomach was hot , I fell to the floor and puke on my water system. I was shocked to what I saw.

Black bloods and tiny little snakes. I held my throat and began to choke. My eyes closed gently and I blacked out.

To be continued

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