Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 6

Hell’s Nest – Episode 6

A story by Goddy Francis


Jordan was supposed to be downstairs few minutes ago but she wasn’t coming downstairs. I went to her room and opened her door it was unlocked.

” Jordan.” I called but didn’t get a reply.

” Where could she be ?”

I opened her bathroom door gently, she wasn’t there. I opened it broadly and watched Jordan attacked me. Her eyes were pure blood and her claws were like that of an old witch.

She wanted to grab me when I stop her. She gave me a knock that send me flying to her wall.

” Your blood is what I seek.” Jordan said picking a pocket knife from her bed side.

She rushed at me and wanted to stab me , I quickly pointed a cross at her and she scre-med and flung herself to her closet. Her teeth’s were occupied by dark particles that looks like blood.

She continued to scre-m and touched her head . Poor Jordan was truly going through a lot. She held her throat like someone who wanted to choke, she gasped and collapse.

” Jordan.” I called and rushed at her.

Her temperature was hot, she opened her eyes gently and turned to look at me. Her eyes were normal more like before.

” Did I hurt you ?” She asked and I cried slowly.

” You didn’t.”

She sat up and cried.

” I’m sorry. I want to take my life. I have hurt enough people already. I don’t want to end up like my mom.” She cried on my shoulders.

” It’s okay. You won’t end up like my aunt okay. You’ll be fine. Maybe we should see the priest this weekend what do you think ?”

She nodded and cried.

” You’ll be fine. I’m here for you.” I said and tap her slowly.

The door bell rang and I got up.

” You need to shower a bit and come downstairs. I will be waiting for you.”

” Thanks .” Jordan said and I walked out.

She was getting better just like I thought, but I’m confused. We’ve conducted a deliverance for her, it seems to leave her but it comes back rebranding.

I went downstairs and opened the living room door. I was surprised to see Christian, doctor Smith’s son.

” What are you doing here ?” I asked baffled.

” Sorry, wanted to talk toJordan.”

” What ? Christan , have you been digging on my sister ?”

” No we are just friends. Just wanted to talk to her. She promised me something.”

” You need to leave..” I said trying to drive him away.

” Can I at least speak with her ?” He asked and I refused. It might be dangerous for him. Christian should be the last person to know my sister is possessed.

Unfortunately Jordan walks in , she was dressed on casuals.

” Hey.” She greeted Christian who was lost in checking her out.

” Hi ” He managed to say.

” You’re ready ?” He asked.

” Ready ? Where are you taking her to ?”

” It’s not what you think.” Christian cut in.

” Christan you can’t take her out. It’s a bit late.” I said at once.

” Thanks sis , I’ll be fine . He’s a good boy.” Jordan said and smiled.

” You wanna go with him ?”

” Yeah.” She nodded and hugged me.

” It’s just a night out.” Jordan said and walked out.

I watched them through the window as she entered Christian’s car. I just wished nothing bad happens to Christian. Boys will never listen.



Jordan was quiet through out the night ride. She was quiet and looks sick.

” You’re okay ?” I asked and she nodded.

” Alright. You can talk to me if you’re not fine that much.” I said and she sighed.

” Thanks Chris I’m good. I’m just a bit tired. Today’s a bit stressful for me.” She said and I smiled at her.

” Alright. Your health is all I care for . You should smile a bit.”

” You barely know me Christian.” She cut in and I shrugged.

” You don’t wanna give me a chance.” I said without staring at her.

” I was trying to get away from you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

” What do you mean by hurt ? I don’t get it.”

” You won’t understand.” She said and looked out of the window.

” That bracelet , who gave it to you ?”

” My mom.” She said a bit sober.

” Alright.” I said and focused on the


” It’s really expensive and looks magical.” I said and she look at the bracelet hanging on her wrist.

” How did you know my house ?”

” Giselle is my friend. You know she’s Melissa’s bestie, then she normally accompany Melissa to check on my brother that’s when the friendsh¡p stuff started.” I said and she smiled.

” So you’ve a older brother ?”

” Yeah. He’s in London , God knows why. ” I emphasize.

” You don’t have a sister ?”

” Nope , just the two of us .” I said and focused on the road.

” Nice.” That was her last speech till we got there.

I packed the car at the packing lot and we came down. The park was filled as usual. We stood a bit far and stare at the park.

” The amusement park ?” Jordan asked.

” You don’t like it ?” I asked her and smiled.

” I didn’t say that.”

” Why did you brought me here ?” She asked smiling at me.

” Well it’s for couples, you know…” She interrupted me at once.

” Christian we are not couples.” She said and looked away.

” Really ?” I asked and she refused to reply.

” Woah , it’s that a ferry’s wheel ?”

I nodded and she smiled deeply.

” You wanna ride ?”

” Nah I’m gonna puke. I’m allergic to strong air.” She said and I laugh.

” You want something ? Like ice cream? I asked and she nodded reluctantly.

” I’ll be back.” I said about leaving her when she pulled my arm.

” You can’t leave me here. I’m coming along.”

” Cool.” I said and hold her hands.

I bought two cups of ice cream and gave her one. Jeez I hate ice cream I just had to buy one for myself because of her.

We walked to the beach and stare at the water. Jordan wasn’t smiling that much. She sighed and looked at me.

” You wanna step on the water ?” I asked her and she shake her head.

” Cool.”

” Is there something you wanna share ?” I asked her and she smirked.

” I’m awesome.” She said and giggles.

We were silent for a while staring at the riff , I always felt her eyes staring at me like someone who wanted to talk to me about something. I turned to look at her and hold her hands.

” You wanna go home ?” I asked.

” We’ve stayed for long. I can take you to a restaurant to eat if you want .” I said and she smiled.

” You’re truly caring and I appreciate. Just take me home.”

I nodded and take her hands , we walked to my car and I helped her get in. We drove to her house and I packed outside. She turned to look at me and her eyes sparkle.

I felt a urge to k-ss her. She sighed and continued staring into my eyes .

” Thanks.” She said and I nodded.

She opened the car door and I got down too. She stopped at the door and turned to look at me sed-ctively.

” What are you still waiting for ? You should be leaving ” she said softly and bit her lower lip.

I went closer to her and hold her by her wa-ist , our l-ips were not far from each other. I looked at her eyes and smiled at her l-ips.

” What do you want ?” Jordan’s voice was just too innocent.

” You.” I cooed and she blushed.

I held her chin and k-ssed her slightly. She didn’t make a move or stop me. I guess that makes it clear she was into me too.

I smiled and k-ssed her deeply , she wrapped her hands around my neck and returned the k-ss. I slide my hands down her spine and she mo-n softly.

We k-ssed continually till I felt a strong teeth bit my l-ips. I pulled her away from me and watch my blood drop from my l-ips. She scre-m and hold her head. I was bleeding and she was acting strange .

” Are you okay ?” I asked her and hold my l-ips.

She refused to say a word and scre-m loudly I became scared and afraid , she was acting weird. Giselle was forced to ran outside and she dragged Jordan in,side.

” ****.” I said and hit on my car hærdly.

I wish the mood didn’t end , her l-ips was something else , her warm body cooed against mine. What made her bit my l-ips so hærd , it was really bleeding. I cleaned it endlessly and it was still bleeding. I entered my car and drove off.

To be continued

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