Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 8

Hell’s Nest – Episode 8

A story by Goddy Francis



That same day, I sighed and stood at the door post. Giselle got up and hold me dragging me to the dinning table. I sat down and I was so down.

” Sorry about that .” Giselle said and I smiled faintly.

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” You like him ? Or you have feelings for him ? ”

” No , I mean no way ” I said picking up my spoon to eat.

” You’re sure about that ?” Giselle asked and winked smiling.

” You’re funny G. He’s a nice person but love issues I’m not in love , I guess I lacked being cared for.” I said and frowned at my plate.

” Oh babe , you’ll be fine okay. There’s nothing wrong in falling in love, that was the least you could do. You’re really nice to have pushed him away.”

” He hates me.”

” He doesn’t. Chris has a very nice heart . He’ll understand.” Giselle said and held my hand.

” Thanks.” I said and smiled.

” Let’s eat.” Giselle said and I couldn’t eat properly.

I thought about our first k-ss , Jeez that felt so good. I wish he was mine , it can’t happen I’m doomed.




It was another boring Monday morning and I was at the hospital. Giselle promised Jordan was supposed to be at work that morning. I was in my office going through the series of patients I was supposed to attend to.

God the number of youths being admitted was enough to form a market. I hissed and write my attendance. Someone knocked and I asked the person in. It was Jordan , she was a bit pale and sad. She forced a smile on her innocent face. I got up and hugged her.

” I missed you.” I said releasing her.

” Thanks Mel.” She said and smiled.

” What happened ?”

” Fever.” She said and smirked.

” Oops , hope you’re good now ?”

She nodded and I handed a file to her.

” Works start now.” I said and she giggles.

Work with Jordan that day was really fun , that afternoon I was giving an injection to a patient when I was stoked to something. Jordan was weird , she stare at a patient weirdly and picked a syringe.

” Jordan you can’t do that.” I said to her.

She looked at me and looked away.

She was holding an injection and the fluid inside the syringe was GHB . It paralyzes the wh0le body at a twinkle of an eye . I rushed at her and she pushed me aside. Her eyes were red , she hold the injection and move towards me in rage. I picked an injection and injected her.

She fell to the ground and fell asleep.

” God , what was that ?” I asked myself.

Becky rushed in , she was the gossip type.

” What happened to her ?” She asked pointing to Jordan who was lying on the floor.

” Nothing , just help me get her up. We need to lay on the sick bed.” I said.

Becky assisted and we lay on her the bed.

” Mel what happened to her ?”

” Becky not now, just go back to duty.”

I ordered.

” Alright.” She frowned and walked out .

God I need to talk to Giselle , today’s display wasn’t normal. Why will a normal person want to inject a patient with GHB.

‘ this is Giselle please leave a message..’

” God where did you leave your phone”

I called again and her voicemail repeated.

” Hi Giselle it’s me Melissa , we need to talk , as soon as you see this please call me.”

I said and turned to look at Jordan, she was fast asleep.



I saw Melissa’s message and called back and there was no reply. What must have happened to Jordan ? I stood outside the house and saw Melissa’s car driving into my yard . She opened the door and glanced at me worried.

I looked inside her car and saw Jordan fast asleep.

” What happened to her ?” Giselle asked walking me down the stairs.

” G what is wrong with your sister ?”

” What do you mean ?”

” Jordan almost killed a patient with a paralytic drug. I don’t get it.” I said and sat down.

” What do you mean, I don’t get it.”

” She attacked me and decide to drug me instead, I injected her with hypnotic.” She said.

I sighed and sat down including Melissa.

” You need to talk to me , what is wrong with her ? Is she a psycho ?”

” Mel chill out , Jordan is not a psycho. She is not suffering from mental problems. you won’t understand.” I said and touched my forehead.

” G you can talk to me , we can find help together. We’ve been best friends since high school and we barely hide things from each other . Talk to me what’s up with Jordan ?”

” Nothing is wrong with her. She’s sick that’s all.” I protested.

” A mental illness ?”

” Mel let it go alright. She’s fine.” I yelled a bit.

” Are you being serious ? Giselle she almost killed my patients , she’s a threat to everyone even you. You need to be open and let’s find out help together. What is wrong with her ? My instincts is telling me she’s having brain issues. I could recommend a psychiatrist for her.” Giselle yelled.

They will never understand. I scoff and stood up.

” Let her be okay , she will be fine.” I said without looking at Melissa.

” Cool , I should take my leave.”

And that was it she was gone. I turned to look at my glass wall , Melissa was just driving out of my compound. I sighed and sat down , I was really scared now. The priest said I should bring her to church this weekend , it was really a horrible event to watch her being delivered. I hated the moment , I end up having nightmares and sleepless nights.

I got up and left for my room.




I was in my room that evening going through my computer. Most times it’s horrible to stay alone. My brother and I actually shared the house before he travelled to London, he’s not even thinking about coming home.

I was really worried about Jordan’s mysterious attitude. I have this feeling she was possessed or maybe something stronger was controlling her .

I read the eBook about demonology , types of possession and how they operate. They are always blood thirsty , always wanting souls.

” Poor Jordan.” I said in my thoughts.

I scoff at the image I saw on the internet , a girl who’s possessed by the devil.

” So how on Earth I’m I suppose to tell the stage Jordan is ?” I asked and sighed.

I continue scrolling down my computer when I heard a noise in the kitchen , it’s like a mug fell down. I got up and rushed to the kitchen , I saw my mug on the floor broken.

” What , how did it happened ?” I asked looking around.

My curtains started rumpling , it felt like it wanted to rain , I looked out of the window and I saw the strike of lightening. I struggled to close my window when I saw a reflection of a man with horns behind me, I saw it’s reflection on my window.

I turned around and I saw no one. Guess I was just seeing things , that’s the huge disadvantage of reading anything pertaining to demonology. I looked at my phone and it was a bit late.

I rushed to my room and fell on my bed. I saw a shadow ran through my wall.

” Hello , is anybody there ?” I asked looking around.

My door creak open on its own and I saw a foot , it was then I noticed my light has gone out . I took my phone and switch my flashlight..

” **** , for real ?” I asked and he laugh.

” What is it ? You look terrified.” Jones said and sat down.

” Did you have to scare me like that ? ”

” Scare you ? I don’t understand..” he objected.

” You switched my light off right ?” I asked and he shake his head.

” No ” Jones said and shrugged.

Oh cool.. I got up and and proceed to switch my light on.

” You should please open your window, it’s hot in here.”

” I thought it wanted to rain.” I said looking outside the window , it was normal as hell.

Jeez , I was really seeing things..

” You’ve been thinking too much Chris.”

I sighed and opened my window , what ever thing I saw in my kitchen , was standing outside my house. It’s face wasn’t clear , it frowned and walked away into the air.

” What was that ?” I asked myself.

” Chris , you’re studying demonology now ? Who’s the lecturer of this course ?” Jones asked and I sighed.

I went back to my bed and cancel it.

” What ever..” he said and rolled his eyes.

” Jones..” a feminine voice called out in the living room.

” What’s that ?” I asked him.

” Oops sorry. I brought a girl we just wanna pass the night.”

” Honey I’m coming..” Jones shouted.

” For real ? You wanna have s€× with her in my house ?”

” Chill , you’ve said it already..”

” That voice is not familiar at all. Is she a side chic ?” I asked.

” I guess.. it’s just for one night, I can’t take her to my house. You know I have like two brothers and a sister sharing the same house with me.”

” What ? What about a hotel ? 10 rands you’ll be banging her there.” I protested.

” Yeah, I guess your house was still calling my name , I heard it in my head. Come on you are my best friend you can’t just turn me down and make me look like a high school teenager..”

I nodded and smirked.

” Thanks , I wanna borrow like two c-ndoms. ”

” What ?” I exclaimed.

” Are you being serious ? You’re borrowing my house and even a room , you still need protection from me ? Jones you’re abusing begging.” I said and sat down.

” Come on..”

” Nigga I don’t have it. I don’t s€× anymore and there’s no way a c-ndom will be living in my house.”

” You’re on a strike doesn’t mean you don’t bleep.”

” b**** get out.” I yelled out jokingly.

He chuckled and head to the door.

” And please tell her to lower her mo-ns tonight , I have headache.”

” Cool , so you won’t get ar-used. ” Jones said and opened my door.

” What !”

He scoff and jammed my door.

” That wasn’t funny.” I said softly.

I thought about what I saw in the kitchen, that wasn’t just my imagination. I switched off my bedside lamp and console my self to bed. If whatever thing I saw it’s true then I believe it has something to do with Jordan.

I got up and opened my drawer to get a bible , I prayed gently and continued praying for minutes , I was about rounding up when I heard this familiar noise.

Oh God Jones , I thought I warned him about that. I finished praying and lay down pulling my blanket above my head.


I was in a lonely path that leads to no where , a giant hand showed up and pulled me away. I saw him standing in my front.

” If you’re wise you’ll leave her alone , I will take away everything that you love and cherish, including your mother.”

I looked down at myself , I was tied with big chains. I saw Jordan standing close to him. He gave her a sword and ask her to stab me to death.

She took it and walk slowly to where I was , I struggled to break free but it was too tight.

” Jordan please , I love you..” I cried out looking into her eyes.

She stood opposite me for a while staring at me. The man was quiet too.

” I hate love .” She said and stabbed me.

I opened my eyes and I was dreaming. I tried to catch my breath , I quickly opened my blanket and looked at my stomach, there was a mark.

It was midnight already , I lamented to myself when someone knocked on my door.

Who the **** is that ?

To be continued

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