Her Flaws

Her flaws episode 10

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Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh

Episode 10

I have no choice than to laugh at his naughty attitude.

Such a sweet guy he seems to understand me more than anybody.

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Am happy to have him has a friend.


Darrell POV

I don’t know why Ainsley is such a stubborn girl and she seems h-rd to understand. if you aren’t very strong to move on with her will be tough and difficult.

but she’s such a sweet and funny girl.

I am not even sure but I knew all her behavior so let me just calm so I will get to Know her more.

I drove off and head out to my house.

I pick up my phone just to meet missed calls both from Brandon and my mum.

I know my mom won’t say something more important other than asking me to bring my girlfriend.

I was thinking of introducing Danima my ex girlfriend to her before I found out who she really is.

And am not f-cking ready for any relationship so soon.

I will rather be alone even if possible be a reverends father. I don’t what my mum trouble I will call her later.

I dial Brandon number. “Hi guy where did you drop your phone since.

That you refused to pick my calls” he said in an husky voice from the other end.

“I am sure you aren’t gonna beat me with the way you sound” I said.

“I am really angry at you how could you do that to me” he said with an imaginary cry.

“I was busy buddy sorry I don’t like you crying please it hurt me when I see your tears” I said in a serious but joking manner.

“Do you believe I can cry over such thing” he said am quite such he thought am serious about it.

“Just teasing you buddy. how is work going” I asked.

“Not that fine everywhere is so cold I feel like having a girl to c*ddle right now” he replied.

“I don’t know when you gonna change you are getting worst day by day. so gist me about your catch yesterday you know we aren’t together” I said.

“Guy you won’t believe a girl turn me down yesterday I was like am I not handsome again.

Is so bad that’s the first time of being rejected” he said with so much agitation full in his voice.

“Wow wow wow!!!!!! I love that she’s such a sweetheart.

How I wish I was there to see that” i said laughing.

” So you will just make jest of me like that. Aren’t you suppose to be petting me not to be angry” he said.

“Wow!!!! so you expect me to be petting you. you really deserve an award for that” I said.

“Really did I deserve an award oh am blushing” he said.

“Yes you deserve to be giving the beating of your f*cking life” I said.

“Anyway are you in the office?” he asked.

“Nope resting at home” I replied.

“why?” he asked.

“Nothing much just feel like staying indoor today the weather is very cold” I said using that has an excuse.

“Okay. got something to do see you tonight” he said.

“okay bye for now” I said and hang the call.


Next day at Brandon company

Ainsley POV

The CEO walk into the company. “see me in my office” he said in an unfriendly tone. why did I say an unfriendly tone he has not for one be friendly to me.b

“Why did he want me in his office this unusual.

He invited me to his office Mee!!!. Hope all is well.

I quickly get up to go and meet him.

My eyes caught this newcomer of a girl I don’t even know her name.

She smiled evily. why is she smiling evily at me.

I think she’s up to something bad but I will figure it out soon. I walked towards his office.

I Knocked at the door.

He let me in.

“Ainsley do you know your work here” he asked and rest his back on the chair.

“Yes sir. I am the clerk of this company” I replied.

“So you know you are the clerk?” he asked.

“Yes” I replied nodding my head positively.

“Now tell me the work of a clerk in a company” he said.

That get me more confused why his he like this.

He’s seems angry I don’t know where all this is coming from because this has not happened before.

“Can you answer my question or you want to stand there daydreaming like an idiot you are” he said angrily.

To be sincere is words is pissing me off. I know on a norms normal person can’t say does things to my face without him getting his reward.

I clear my throat.

“A clerk is a person who takes the record in a company” I said putting my hand at the back of my head.

“So tell me do you worth that position you are?” he asked.

“Yes that’s why am here” I replied marching my shoes with the other leg.

he stand up from his sit and hit the table.

That got me a bit scared.

“why did you abs£nt in my work without passing a call to anyone not even me” he said in an husky voice.

To be sincere joke apart if not for the situation I am now.

I should have said the voice his not good on him.

He should have maintain his usual voice. I stare at him and see the way he’s looking at me like he wanna devour me alive.

Hmmm there’s nothing we won’t see in this life.

“I I I passsssed a call to the office” I managed to regain my lost voice.

“why are you stammering you can’t even answer me properly which means you aren’t confident in yourself” he said.

“No I passed a call to the office I am not lieing believe me” I said and my eyes meet his eyeball.

I see nothing other than hatred in his eyes. the hatred was very obvious.

“Why staring at me in such manner. you know what if you try this with me again I promised you are gone because I can’t take this impromptu behaviour in my company.

I know how I get my wealth and I won’t allow anyone to use his or her bad character to ruin what I gather.

Understood now get lost and if I complain about you again you are are gone” he said angrily giving me a desperate look.

I feel like the ground should open and devour me alive.

I felt really ashamed and hurt deep down only if he could see how I am really hurt maybe he will have try to minimized the words he said to me.

I stand there shaking. “I said get you freaking a** out of here” he yelled like an angry Lion.

I quickly get out with a speed pace to avoid more insult.

I walked patiently to my seat feeling devastated.

“Hi newcomer. I slub you back” the foolish New comer walk to my table in a mimicking tone.

“How do you see that. you expect me to help you tell him you call. maybe your creator is do unlucky that I was the one who picked the foolish call of yours” she said smiling evily.

“Ronnie come and see this” my colleague which is her friend called.

So she’s Ronnie.

I didn’t give her a reply which get her angry.

little did she know that the evil in me is getting out of hand.

I will blast out if she’s not careful.

Are you now deaf” she said and use one of her f-nger to raise my jaw.

I spat on her face.

“what!!!, how dare you” she boiled out.

she landed a slap in my face.

“Damnit what the f*ck, are you crazy” I yelled and give her three resounding slap.

to be continued..

what do you think gonna happen next. Ainsley hope you won’t get sack.

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