Her Flaws

Her flaws episode 15

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Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh

Episode 15

I already know how to play the game smartly” I said.

“So what are you going to give us has a reward for that” they asked.

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“I owe you alot bodyguards” I said and they smile.


Brandon company the next day.

Brandon POV

I walked into the company and call my PA to gather all the staff in the company.

Within some minute they have all gather in the meeting hall.

I walked in with Everett.

I sat down and she sat beside me.

I cleared my throat. “Goodmorning everyone” I greeted.

“Morning sir” they replied.

“I called this meeting for some reason well Known to must of you but I will still have to say it” i said.

And I could see how they carry a worried look except this girl call Ronnie.

our eyes meet and she glare at me seductively.

Did she think am here for her nons£nse this morning. I took my face away.

“Like I was saying. I called for some reason.

Firstly, is about what happened yesterday.

I am really disappointed in you guys.

this a company not a stadium or some battleground that you can fight anyway you like.

like everyone knows the penalty for breaking the rules.

I only reconsider the two who broke the rule yesterday because if some certain reason knowing to me.

But that will never stop me from deducting their salary.

Anyone that try this again and think he might be forgiven.

maybe the person should stop now because I won’t take shit for anyone of you again so t¡ght you belt t¡ghtly..

Secondly I will be bringing in some new staff.

because to my thinking this company needs enough staff.

This a big company and every department need to be pres£nt everyday.

Each department will have two staff. Atleast if one is sick the other will be okay.

But that didn’t reduce you salary and if you wanna make your salary bigger than the one you are receiving currently.

work h-rder for it so you can be promoted.

Thirdly I want to invite my sister to you all. Has you all know that the MD of this company will soon be leaving this company because his relocating.

So before that time would reach. I want to use this medium to announced to you all that my sister here will be the New MD immediately after the MD leave.

please I want you to help her out her through so she can grap something before you leave” I said and face the MD.

“okay sir no problem” The MD said.

“Introduce yourself to everyone” I said to Everett.

“Hi guys am Everett Ernest. nice meeting you and I really think working with you guys will be fun” she said with a smile.

“You are actually welcome we are very sure you will like it been amidst us” they said in union.

“Am happy to hear that from everyone. I will like us to introduce ourselves one after the other” she said.

“Our pleasure young president” Ainsley said with a smile.

“President has how?” Everett asked.

“Hmmm. I wonder when this girl will behave like a mature lady” I thought you myself.

“Yes you are young president since you are the sister of Mr CEO sir” Ainsley said with a smile.

“I think I get you. Are you Ainsley?” she asked.

I guess Darrell has told her more about her that’s why she could figure her out easily.

“Yes my Lady no one shares that name with me. Ainsley the superhero” she said.

And I shook my head in a negatively way.

Everyone burst out laughing.

“Superhero indeed. nice meeting you” Everett said smiling.

“Didn’t you need an handshake?” Ainsley asked.

“Hey stop that did you forget this a meeting. stop being nasty” I blurted angrily and hit the table.

“Sorry sir” she apologized and sit down.

I took a glare at her and our eyes met. she was looking at me eyeball to eyeball loss in her own world.

I threw my face away. why is she staring at me in such way. Is nothing to worry about it do happen something.

The necessary introduction was did and the meeting come to an end.

Ainsley POV

“Hey stop that did you forget this a meeting, stop being nasty” he yelled angrily.

That words really cut my cheek off. it hurt..

Is like this the first time someone will be calling me nasty.

it’s not actually the first time but why did I feel sad about it.

“I am sorry” I said and sit down.

he took a glare at me. but my eyes meet his and I was loss looking at his eyeball.

I couldn’t see a single love for me. Maybe am bound to stay in this one sided love.

The necessary introduction was did and I try to put in my best behaviour to avoid more insult.

After the meeting..

“Ainsley” I heard someone call and I look back just to see is Ronnie.

“Yes. hope all his well” I asked.

“Yeah. I came to say sorry for what happened yesterday am really sorry I want us to be friends” she said.

“Did I just heard you mention being friend with me” I asked to be sure.

Has she changed overnight because I don’t really understand what’s going on.

Or is she trying to make me a fool in her game.

let me hear what she has to say first.

“Yes I have seen you are such a sweetheart and you are very friendly. so I want to be your friend but am not sure if you will accept me has your friend” she said with a sad look.

Did she mean what she’s saying or it part of her game.

I think I know understand why my bodyguards said I should act like a queen of the game and that’s what am gonna do.

“I have no problem with you being my friend. am very happy you’ve realize your mistake. it’s cool” I said with a fake smile.

“Thanks an happy that am finally your friend. we will talk later let me attend to the work on my table” she said and leave.

“okay girl” I replied.

I am sure this lady is up to something and I have to keep my eyes on her..

she thinks she’s smart but I am smarter.

Ronnie POV

I walked happily to my sit knowing fully well that fool that call herself Ainsley thinks I actually want to be her friend.

No capital letter N, O. I can never make friends with a low class girl like her.

little did she know how dangerous I could be.

Thanks for my friend who gave me that advice.

I didn’t come for you but you she seem like a wave to me so I will have to clear you out of my way.

So get ready for you sack letter soon because you will never expect what I will do to you.

Ainsley or whatever you name is. Watch your back. My phone beep it was a message from my friend.

“how does it goes” I read her messaged. “well girl plan A successful. will soon carry out plan B” I replied.

“Relax is too early for plan B. make her trust you first so she won’t suspent you” she messaged.

“Okay thanks girl. I love you” I messaged.

I smiled evily to myself.

to be continued…..

I can’t wait to know the queen of the game

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