Her flaws episode 20



Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh

Episode 20

she leave my office angrily.

“Buddy that word is to harsh” Darrell said.

“I don’t know what has gotten over me” I said.


Ainsley POV

I saw Everett coming out from Brandon office. I walked up to her.

“Please listen to me. I promised I didn’t do that is a misunderstanding” I said trying to get her attention.

“Hey please I don’t have a ear to hearken the trash you what to say” she said and raise her in the air.

she went out of the company.

Hmmm how I wish you are able to see the true.

I look at Ronnie direction and see her smirks.

I will surely reveal the truth about who you truly are.

I said and go back to my table.

Darrell come out.

“Hi baby girl” Darrell called with a smile.

I managed to smile back at him.

“Your boss want to see you. I am leaving for now. don’t feel bad about what you didn’t do” he said and touch my cheek.

“Thanks alot for trusting me this much” I said. ”

What are friends for. I trusted you because you have never give me any chance to have a doubt about you. common smile I want to see the smile you always wear on your face” Darrell said.

“Thanks alot” I said with a smile.

he wink at me and said goodbye.

l leave for the CEO office.

I knock at the door.

“come in” he said from inside.

I opened the door and enter.

I gently close the door with my head down.

I don’t know if I will get sack or not.

“Ainsley” he called and my heart skip.

“Yes sir” I replied with a head bow.

“Raise you head and talk firmly to me.

Afterall am not some kind of masquerade” he said and I was just thinking where all this soft side of him towards me this days coming from.

“Okay sir” I replied and try to stand firmly.

“Move closer and sit, we get alot to discuss” he said.

My heart beat became so frequent and it pounding over and over.

“Okay sir” that’s the only words that escape my lips.

“Well for what happened between you and Everett.

I know you can’t do such things that’s because I trusted you.

You’ve remain loyal and honest to this company since you are here and you didn’t mess with any of my things despite having the full record of this company.

So am apologising on her behave for her behavior, forgive her.

well am sure two of you will patch things up later and be careful because anybody can trap you” he said.

did he know about Ronnie or why did he think anybody can trap me.

“Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate it so much I didn’t believe you will trust me this much.

I so much appreciate” I said.

“The two of you should solve that out among yourself. let’s go to bussiness I have go through the work I gave you and it was indeed incredible.

You will be the one going with me to the LX company to submit the contract.

like I said to you guys before that new staff will be coming in.

a new clerk will be resuming tommorow so you will need to show her how to keep everything in order so she can handle everything very well when you we are away” he said and rest his back on the chair.

“Okay sir am really happy for giving me the privilege to go with you on this trip and thanks for also trusting me” I said with a smile on my face.

“You can leave now” he said.

I was really happy. i walk out of the office. when I got out I dance and wallow around.

I could see how sad she became seeing me happy.

“Hi Ronnie” I called.

“Yes” she answered with a fake smile.

“can you guess why am happy” I asked.

“I have no idea. but I know it something to be happy about” she answered.

“Exactly. am glowing right now. I can’t believe this. I didn’t get sack” I said dancing.

“Really you must have had a good record with the boss.

so happy for you” she said carrying a worried face.

“Yes oh, even me myself didn’t believe the CEO could believe me so much, is so sad that my enemy won’t have some peace of mind” I said and pull out my tongue.

“Meaning what?” she asked.

“Are you my enemy?” I asked.

“Not at all. am your friend” she replied.

“Good job so let my enemy suffers for that. you are my friend so we are good” I said and walk to my sit dancing and shaking my head at the same time.

Ronnie POV

why is she so happy.

And who is that prayer for.

oh gosh so all my effort was to no avail.

how could he has trust her so much.

I promised what am going to do next will make him lost the trust he had in her.

I only have one month left to leave this place and I haven’t do anything to this guy.

I will have to be snappy with whatever I want to do.

Or should I leave Ainsley out of this and deal with the person I came for.

No she’s a the biggest threat I have because I could see how she always do her job like she own the company or did she have some feeling for him.

No it can’t be possible. she’s not even his taste.

At night city hotel

Unknown POV

I just get to this town and I have trying to get to my friend who help me get the new job I will resume tomorrow..

Thank goodness I have the full details of the company and I will surely go there tomorrow morning.

“Hi girl” A guy said has I walked to the receptionist.

“Hello, how can I help you” I asked.

“Well nice meeting you am Brandon. should I say a full time playboy or flirty guy.

I won’t mind if we have a night stand and you gonna enjoy it because am gonna make you feel the good needs” he said.

That got me amazed. do I look like some silly girl or a sl*t to him.

“Mr Man get lost did I look like some girls to you. so f-ck off before I disgrace you” I said.

“wow you have a stand. I see how bold and courageous you are but you might regret it if you refused because I will do you well and pay you well” he said

I was so angry that I feel like slapping him right now. he should thanks his head that I have a good parent who brought me up properly.

“Hi guy why wasting you time on someone like this.

she’s not a professional I think she’s just a beginner so mingle with the professionals” she said and drag him.

he takes his hand from her.

“what this lady. I have taste and you are nothing compared to my taste.

can’t you see the different between you and this girl.

it’s so obvious so get lost” he said eyeing the lady badly.

“Yeah pretty let go back to our discussion before the cockroach interfere.

you know I don’t get angry easily so I will just count that has girl threat.

so let’s go to the main business” he said and wink at me.

“I think only brokes guys keep chasing after a man.

well am beautiful so that’s not
a big deal if you wanna have me.

but probably you get disappointed” I hissed and pay the receptionist for a night.

he gave me the key and i head to the room I was given.

to be continued…..

Ronnie e shock you or you choke. to me I choke. But Brandon you no go see heaven which one is full time playboy or flirty guy. you matter tired person 😉.


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