Her flaws episode 31



Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh

Episode 31

Authores POV

“How dare you” Brandon want to charge at her but Darrell hold him.

“Well well well. let the story begin” Ronnie said with an evils grin and walked up to Brandon.

“You are the wicked person here” She said and point a figure at Brandon. Well I am Eva Kenneth the daughter of Mr and Mrs Kenneth. The only sister of Leo Kenneth. Do you remember him Leo your classmates the psycho guy.

I missed them so much you cause their Death. you are responsible for my family Death.

“You are the one that cause my brother and parent sudden death ” Ronnie shouted with tears in her eyes.

“I never killed anyone so stop saying rubbish” Brandon yelled Angrily.

“You did, what are gonna do. you wanna hit me common hit me, kill me you can like you killed my family. You evil man” Ronnie barked and hit Brandon continuously on his chest.

“Stop it. what’s f*cking wrong with you. why are you accusing me of the crime I never committed.I don’t even know how to hold gun not to talk of killing a fellow human like me” Brandon said and hold her hand tightly. he pushed her away.

“You think you can’t kill with a gun but you words are more than a bullet. Those words really hurt him.

You are a psycho, you knows nothing, you are a pig, you are useless, you can’t contribute anything good to the society that are the words you always say to my elder brother.

And that are the words that ruin him. he became so naughty. he lost interest in his book, he never play non talk to neither me nor our parent. he cries everyday he felt useless.

And within some period of time he develop a mental illness” she paused and cry bitterly like never before. she then continue.

“Do you see him in school again noooo. that was because he drop out of school. He was admitted into a hospital. his condition keep getting worst instead of getting better.

They decide to fly him out for proper treatment but what happened. My parent and brother die in plane crash.

I didn’t go with them. I was with my mother’s friend then. after my family demise I saw the other part of life because the person claiming to be a good friend to my mother became the biggest enemy after her death.

I leave in pain and agony everyday since then I have determined to ruin you because you cause everything that happened.

You killed my family, you killed my family, you killed them” Ronnie shouted repeatedly holding her head crying bitterly with a running nose.

“Gosh this so bad” Everett said and cover her mouth with her left hand crying feeling pity for Ronnie.

“And the worsted thing is that I came back and you are still the same. the Same guy that always bully people.

You keeps conderming ugly girls like they don’t have a life of their own. you keep sleeping with different girls.

what you don’t know is that being cute or beautiful is not by face even the most cutest person can become ugly without money while the most ugliest person can look more beautiful if she see money to take care of herself.

I only did that trash with you just to get intimate with you. so you won’t suspect me till I destroy you.

You should thank your star that you have those who love you around or else you will have face my wrath.

I will have drain your and make you feel the pain I felt. I know that’s the only thing that can pain you seeing everything you worked for taking away from you like you took my family from me.

You made the most horrible girl I never want to be, because the the words REVENGE always rang in my head every single day.

You are so lucky, I will leave you to live with your guilty conscience” Ronnie said and cry uncontrollable.

Brandon couldn’t digest everything he just heard. Darrell move closer to Ronnie and try to calm her down.

some minute later she stop crying.

“Please tell me where Ainsley is” Darrell asked.

“I don’t know. all I know is she was chasing after me before my friend came to picked me up from there. I even thought she will come to work today” Ronnie said In a weak tone.

“So where could she have gone to” Everett asked.

“I will go to the police custody myself” Brandon said.

“They won’t do anything not untill it up to 48hours. so no need in trying” Darrell said.

“I think I can help. we used the exit at the back of your house so we could check that street maybe she missed her way” Ronnie said trying to help.

“Yes let yo and check the street” Everett said. They leave in search of Ainsley..


The city hospital

“Mr Taylor her case is not has we think. it’s getting out of hand. she is coma and can also have a brain demage. if we are slow with her moves” The doctor said.

“So what’s the next thing. she try to save me and get herself into this. just tell me what we can do for her quick recovery?”Taylor asked.

“I think we need to fly her to India for her proper treatment” The doctor said.

“Do that immediately” Taylor replied.

“Okay I will prepare the trip and fly her out tommorow” the doctor replied.

“Am going with her. just tell them I will used my private jet” Taylor said.

“No we can’t used yours. we are using a medical plane. nurses and doctors needs to be present in the plane incase of any emmengeny on the way.

“Anyhow just make it snappy. I might be there before or after you” Taylor said and walked out of the hospital.

Brandon and the rest tried their very best to find Ainsley but couldn’t.

They drove to her house.

Ainsley family were sitting outside still in the same cloth they worn yesterday.

They all look unhappy. The twin run to meet Darrell.

“Do you find our hero” they said in chorused.

“No” Darrell nodded his head negatively.

“Where’s my daughter!” Mrs Addie asked with tears in her eyes.

“Aunt am sorry. we didn’t find her” Darrell ass.

“Ma’am. you should relax I promised to bring her back to you. please you should need to be strong” Brandon said.

“Who are you and why are you assuring us you will bring her back?” Mr Addie asked

“He’s the CEO of the company where hero works” Jemima Replied her father.

“How do you know that?” Brandon asked.

“Hero told us alot about you and also show us your pictures” Jemmy replied.

“Maam, sir consider me has your son I promised to bring her back” Brandon said with a bow.

“Are you sure of this?” Mrs Addie asked still not convince.

Brandon succeeded in convincing Ainsley parent. He makes them pack into his house and start taking full responsibility of their needs.

Ronnie go back to her home and to keep her company in other.

Livia and Everett became very close.

Ainsley was under treatment in India.

Chad moved completely to America because of Everett. Darrell and Damima relationship was going smoothly.

THE END of season one.

Watched out for seasons two because it gonna be a blast

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