Her Flaws

Her flaws prologue

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Written and composed by Authoress Toyin Jimoh


Genre: Romance and Fantasy




When you hear the word “FLAW” what is the first thing that comes to your mind?


A flaw in someone means an undesirable character or quality they have within them.


Meet Ainsley Addie, a very smart but creepy and a short tempered lady. She is not beautiful.


Many Men look down on her because she don’t have what they want in a lady which means she’s not beautiful but she’s very brilliant and can solve any problems on her own.


She lives with her poor parent and her two siblings, A girl and a boy.


She’s a graduate so she works as a clerk in a company.


Ainsley has always had a dream of becoming a model when she was young but due to the fact that her parent where poor, she had to buried the dream…


Ainsley only dresses cooperate when she’s going to work but she always dresses like a psycho when at home which makes guys hate her more.


Some will say she’s not beautiful and she doesn’t even dresses properly.


Meet Brandon Ernest, a very Jovial but h-rdworking guy. He jokes with everyone but doesn’t take shit.


He’s very good at picking his choice when it comes to Ladies always going for The beautiful and more exposed ladies.


Once Brandon notices a beautiful Lady that matches his taste,he gets intimate to the extent that he becomes friendly with One just to get in between their legs.


He is The CEO of the company where Ainsley works but didn’t pick interest in her because she’s not the kind of lady he always wants.


Find out what happens when Ainsley starts to develop feelings for the guy that didn’t even know if she exist.


How will she cope being in the same company with her one sided love???


What will make him feel her pres£nce in the company???


A story filled with One sided love,Betrayals, Comedy, Suffering, and Drama…


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