Her flaws season 2 ep 1



Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh


Episode 1

Authores POV

A year and some months later.

The press rushed towards Taylor has he come out of his car.

“Taylor where have you been you didn’t show up in London since a year now” people were pushing themselves just to see him. his guards block them.

“Taylor we love you” they keeps shouting. A lady came out of the car.

“Wow she’s beautiful” that’s was the words that escape people’s mouth.

“Taylor who is this new girl. she look smart and beautiful. is she a new model or she’s is one of you trainee” The press keeps throwing different questions at him.

“She’s Caily a new partner. she’s also my trainee and she’s the best among them and she’s also my favorite” Taylor said.

Taylor Alfred was a celebrity and a model who has win many endorsement and also awards in big companies.

he had shoot in many countries and right now he’s in London to receive the endorsement that given to him. he’s damn cute and his face looks younger than his age. he smart, steady, kind but arrogant. Bouncers are always around him.

“Caily hi” people shouted her name. she replied them with a smile and wave at them.

they wanted to touch her but couldn’t due to the fully arm bouncers.

“Hi Caily the Press asked as she walked to where Taylor was standing.

“Hello everyone. I love you all” she said with a smile and blew them a kiss. “we love you Taylor and Caily You both of you looks good together” people scream.

They walked majestically into the company that call them for an endorsement. It was a flower company.

“Hi Taylor you are really welcome we appreciate you for replying to our invitation earlier” The manager of the flowers company said.

“You can come inside let discuss bussiness”The CEO said.

They all went to the CEO office. Taylor sit on the chair and relax his back.

Caily also sit with her leg across each other.

“So let discuss about the price” Taylor said.

The CEO does some thinking with the MD

“Mr Taylor I think we have a change of mind” the CEO said.

“Why? Did you heard people complain about me?” Taylor asked surprised wondering why they could have a change of partnering with a celebrity like himself.

“Yes we’ve have change of mind” The MD said.

“maybe you are joking. how could you. change you mind so easily. I have to cancel some of my schemes and fly here fry Morocco just to honor your invitation” Taylor said a little angry.

“Nope, is not like we aren’t working with you I just think that we can use her. she’s a lady and can make the beauty of flowers more attractive” The CEO said.

A smile escape Taylor lips. “Wow bravo. I think that’s a better idea. am so really happy a company like you could actually give Caily this this Chance.this a great news” he said overwhelmed.

“Do you accept the offer sir” the CEO asked.

“Yes. I accept so let talk on the price” Taylor said.

They discuss the price. “So when are you advertising our product” the CEO asked.

“Tomorrow will be okay. we need to Leave for another place to shoot a shot.” Taylor said.

“Okay sir” the CEO replied.

“Send half of the money when we are done with your job tomorrow. you will complete the rest” Taylor said.

“Give me you bank details” The CEO said.

“Caily drop your bank details with will them and join me outside soon”Taylor said.

“You mean my bank details” Caily asked surprised.

“Yes be quick with that. we got alot of things to do” Taylor said and stood up. He went outside.

Caily smile to herself and drop her bank details happily. she quickly go to join him outside.



“Uncle Brandon” The twins shouted Brandon name from inside their room.

Brandon, Everett and their parent rushed in to check what the problem is.

They met them dancing and jumping around the room in excitement.

“What’s up guys” Brandon asked.

“We finally made it. we made it” they said in union glowing.

“Tell me why are you so happy” Brandon asked.

“Take this, check it out” Jemima said and hand over her phone to Brandon.

“Wow you got admitted to the best university” Brandon said with his mouth agape.

“Graduation to you both” Everett said with a smile.

“You two are naughty. is that why you wanted to give us heartattack. am happy for my babies ” Mrs Addie said with a smile and open her hand for a hug. The twins rushed to hug her.

“They are just like Ainsley she’s always like this whenever something good happened” Mr Addie said.

Everyone mood change on hearing Ainsley name.

“I really missed my daughter. why will she leave us just like that” Mrs Addie said unhappy.

“Aunt you don’t need to worry. I am optimistic that Ainsley will come back to us she belong here so she will come back no matter what” Brandon said and manage to give her a smile.

“It’s past a year now and no traces of her. And you are still giving me hope while I am ahopeless” Mrs Addie said.

“Because that what a son will always do. but am very sure Ainsley with be back. I have that feeling” Brandon try to pacify Mrs Addie.

“Mum why are you behaving like this. You know we missed her than you do. so if you are behaving like this, what do you expect us to do” Jemmy said.

“Mum don’t worry I trust brother in-law he will surely bring our hero back” Jemima said.

“Alvin you need to be strong for everyone sake. our protection will always be with her everywhere she’s” Mr Addie said to his wife.

“Brother in-law so where are you taking us to. I think we deserve some reward for our success” Jemima said playfully holding her waist.

“I will take you guys to the beach and many other places. like I promised before I will get you new laptop each” Brandon said.

“Wow!!!. we love you” they exclaimed and hug him tightly.

“I am happy you came into our lives. You’ve been taking full responsibility of all our needs since all this month” Mr Addie said.

“Atleast my laptop will be free now’ Everett said.

“Sister in-law. you can have your laptop to yourself now we don’t need it again” Jemima tease her.

“Brother what are you buying for me” Everett said playfully with a pout.

“I will give you my br*ast to suck. you can suck my br*ast till you are satisfied” Brandon said and pull his cloth.

“Bravo, that’s good for you” the twins pulled out their tongues.


Taylor POV

I was in the hotel pool refreshing my brain. Caily comes with a wine.

“Will you like to take wine” she asked.

“Sure” I replied. she pour the wine into two glass cups and bring it closer to the pool.

I took a glass while she took the other.

“Let’s toss” I said. we tossed and I empty the cup just in a sip.

“You need more” she asked.

“Nope am okay” I replied with a smile.

“hmmm, I know you don’t really like taking wine you prefer beer instead” Caily said.

“Sure but the wine is also cool. will you like to swim with me?” I asked.

“Common. you know am not a good swimmer” she said.

“come you have to keep learning. you are model what if you were asked to advertise inside a pool or large body of water. will you tell them you can’t swim properly” I said and drag her into the water.

19 July 2020

After 2month of treatment.

“she’s finally come out of comma” the doctor said. I rushed into the ward to check.

“where I am and who are you?” she asked holding her head.

“Am the guy you saved” I replied with so much excitement.

“I don’t know you, I don’t know who I am” she said.

that got me confused. “come with me Mr Taylor” the doctor said.

“She has lost all of her memory. she will have to start afresh. You have a lot of work to do and if luckily she might regain it in the future” the doctor said.

“Oh my goodness how do I know where she belong” muttered.

“You just need to be strong because you will have to start teaching her like a baby” the doctor said and touch my shoulder.

I have to start training her. I gave her Caily.

I spent most time with her. Give her a suitable life.

I saw her passion for modeling and I choice to train her to became one.

my other trainee start conderming her saying she isn’t beautiful. but I keep them shut not by words but by the power of money.

I bring out the beauty in her not with face surgery but will different body nourishment and deodorant.

she grabbed everything I thought her easily and she became better than does who claim their are beautiful.

Back to present 30th September 2021

I am so happy that she got her first endorsement today.

“Do you wanna kill me” she yelled and spit water on my face.

I also spit water on her face. we were so entitled to the silly play of ours that we didn’t notice people where all staring at us.

to be continued…….

Guys Ainsley is now a new made. what next. This play play thing eeehhhh.

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