Her Flaws

Her flaws season 2 ep 2



Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh


Episode 2

Taylor POV

“Do you wanna kill me” she yelled and spit water on my face.

I also spit water on her face. we were so entitled to the silly play of ours that we didn’t notice people where all staring at us.
we sat at the edge of the pool.

“common girl you need to start preparing for you shoot Tomorrow” I said.

“Yes, I just pray it goes well” Caily said holding her chest.

“common you should believe in yourself. Atleast do like me, am the one who trained you. Am always confident in everything I am doing and that always give me morale to do best ” I said.

“You know am also smart. Am just a bit scared. is the first time I will be advertising a product and everyone gonna watched it. I mean worldwide” She said a little shy.

“Hmmm. I think I know the reason for your worries and I know how to make you feel relaxed “I said.

“Really! please help me please” she said nervously putting her hand together.

“Close you eyes” I said and she did as I told her. “Now hold you breathe, Breath in breath out keep doing this until your worries are gone” I said and she keeps breathing in and out continuously without making an attempt to stop.

“You can stop it now” I said.

“No please. I still want to do this my worries are greater than you can imagine and I feel cool doing this” she said without stopping.

This time she was making a loud noise with her breathing.

“OMG. you are such a drama” I said getting sick of her silly attitude.

“I think I am feeling little relaxed now” she said without stopping.

“When you are done relaxing yourself you can join me in the room” I said and stood to go.

I try to move a step just to see my left leg is hook. I look back and see she was the one holding my leg so tightly.

“Will you be leaving me just like that. I am only trying to do what you told me and you want to leave me here” She said with a smile.

“Ok! okay are you done now or you still want to do more” I asked.

“I still feel like doing more but I will stop it because of you” Caily said.

“Leave my leg now” I said to her.

“oh I forget I was holding your legs. help me up” she said still not leaving Mr leg.

She’s such a character. I helped her up and shake my head.

“Carry me” Caily said.

“I don’t have an intestine to carry someone that has weight more than me” I said teasingly.

“You most. because I won’t leave here if you refused to carry me” she said and stood still.

“Stay there” I said and ran away from there.

“Wait for me” she said running after me.

The next at America

Brandon company

Brandon POV

I have just received a call from the LX company to come and finalized the business I have been running with them.

I will have to travel to London this coming week.

“I picked up my table phone to inform Everett to me meet in my office.

“Hello meet me in my office right away” I said and hang the call.

She came in after some minute.

“You said you wanted to see me” Everett said .

“Sit down” I said and she sat.

I want you to call an urgent meeting I will like to speak with everyone” I said and rest on the chair.

“Why the urgent meeting” she asked.

“I will be going to London to finalize my deal with LX company.

They called me to come and finalized the business we had with them” I said.

“Wow sounds cool. But you do don’t need to call a meeting I can handle everything. atleast this not the first time you are going on a trip so chill or you don’t trust me?” She asked.

“I do trust you but I just think of calling the meeting” I replied.

“Okay no problem I will support anything you do or say” she said.

“Okay thanks love. I really appreciate your support” I said with a smile.

“Hmmmm don’t get to London and start going around with Ladies again” Everett teased.

“You know am a change person now so stop going back to my past” I said with a smile.

“Just feel like pulling your legs” she said with a smile.

“Job well done. have you called the twins and mum?” I asked.

“Nope. but I will call them soon” she said.

“Okay you should go back to your office now” I said.

And she stood to go.

My phone beeps. I checked the caller ID and it was Darrell.

I picked it up. “Hello nigga” he said from the other end. I can imagine how happy he his because the way his voice sounds.

“Gist me what’s up with you, did you win a lottery?” I asked smiling.

“More than that” he replied.

“so what’s that thing that’s giving you so much Joy?” I asked.

“Damima is carrying my baby” he replied with a smile I could imagine.

“Really wow!!! my nigga will soon be a father. Am blushing right now ” I said laughing out loud.

“Am so very happy I feel some butterfly in my tummy immediately I heard the news” Darrell said.

“I know you are glowing right now” I said.

“Yesooooo. so am planning to take everyone on a dinner” he said.

“Wow that’s such a great idea guy” I said feeling happy for him.

Everett was waiting for more information.

“We will see in the evening” he said and end the call.

“what are you still waiting for?” I asked.

“I am waiting for the gossip” she replied adjusting her shirt.

“Leave for you office now or else I will sack you” I frown.

“Sack me for today. I will resume work tomorrow. is it Darrell that’s becaming a father” she asked and pull her neck out like a gossiper she’s.

“I wish Ainsley is here. she will be very happy that her best friend is an expecting father” I said with a mixed emotions.

“I really missed her. I pray she come soon. I will be in my office and wait till evening for main main” she said with a smile and pull her tongue out.

she went out of my office and slabbed my door.

This silly sister of mine always look for Mr trouble.

my eyes goes to the picture on my office wall, is a frame photo of Ainsley I was the one who hung it there.

I move closer to where I hung it. I rubbed the picture and k!$sed it.

“please come back to me. I need you here” I said to the picture.

to be continued…….

London!!! Brandon going to London what do you think.

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