Her flaws season 2 ep 4



Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh


Episode 4

Everett POV

“Caily indeed” she said with an imaginary tears. “That girl must be a witch to have stolen him from me” she added.

“Let me check my picture” Livia said and brought out her phone.

She scroll through Taylor page and found Caily picture.

“Wow!!! she’s so beautiful” I exclaimed. Livia keeps looking at the pictures, she zoom it up.

“What’s up girl why are you looking at the picture like that?” I asked.

“This face look familiar, am sure I know this person for somewhere’ Livia said keep zooming the picture.

“Are you sure or it might just be a replica” I said and look properly at the picture.

“No, I have a feeling that this lady is someone I know” Livia said still not convinced about who the person is.

“That’s true this face is look familiar” I said trying to remember where i knew the person

. “This person looks so much like Ainsley” Livia said.

“Ainsley am not sure but the person looks like her” I said.

“That’s where am confused” Livia.

“Let check video he upload few hours ago” I said and we scroll down to watch the advertisement video.

“I told you this Ainsley can’t you hear her voice. she’s the one” Livia said.

“Ainsley. but this sounds somehow. How did she get to London when we are here searching for her” I said not still sure.

“Can’t you see she’s with a celebrity. Am very sure London is not the only country she’s went to. Taylor always go to different countries for modelling” Livia said.

“Ainsley, Caily that’s far from each other” I said still not convinced.

“That’s what I don’t get why did she changed her name?” Livia asked.

“We need to find out the truth before we can jump to conclusion so we won’t be taking someone else for Ainsley” I said.

“Call Brandon to inform him” she said.

Brandon call came right in time. I picked it up. “Hello Everett” he said eagerly.

“What’s that why do you sounds nervous?” I asked.

“I just watched a video of Ainsley advertising flowers for a company” she said with a down voice.

“So you also watched the video. I wanted to call you to inform you about this before you call came in” I said.

“But why did she changed her name” He asked from other end.

“Brandon Maybe we mistake them for each other” I said.

“No she’s the one even the twins and her mum and dad confirmed it” He said.

“Are you guys coming home or still at the beach?” I asked.

“Almost home. but why did she changed her identity?” Brandon asked. ..

“That’s the question that no one can answered. come home quick so we can solve this together. am happy she’s still alive” I said.

“Okay, I will be home soon” he said. “okay expecting you soon” I said and end the call.

Few minutes later

Authoress POV

Brandon drove into the compound. Mr and Mrs Addie and the twins get down from the car they look sad.

They walked inside slowly and sit on the sofa.

Brandon also came in. “Why’s everyone looking so sad?” Everett asked.

“I think everyone should be happy that she still alive. fine and healthy” Livia said.

“I will be going to London tomorrow to bring her home” Brandon said.

Livia burst into laughter.”Why are you laughing?” Brandon asked. “You are very funny. Is that how it’s easy to get her.

“you will just get theere and tell her to pack her things. You will be like Ainsley pack you luggage will are going back home” Livia demonstrated.

“Brandon she’s right that’s not possible” Everett said.

“What can I do am confused” Brandon said. “I think we need to think of a better idea together because they can be leaving London tommorow his a celebrity he goes to anywhere they called him for work” Livia said.

“That’s exactly what we being gonna do” Everett said. “Then what’s the plan” Brandon said.

“We have a suggestion” the twins who has been whispering to each other said.

“Okay. I know you both have an high IQ. so tell us your plan” Everett said.

The twins explained their plan to them.

“Wow both of you are very smart. that’s exactly what we gonna do is the easiest way” Livia said and give them a thumb up.


Taylor POV

“Girl you are such a sweetheart” I said and join her to watch movie.

“I did what you told me the breath in and breath out method” she said focusing on the cartoon she’s watching.

“Why do you like cartoon so much. they can’t contriy anything to you.

Atleast you should try to be watching reality or recreational shows. it will help you in your modelling” I said.

“I don’t like it there are really boring. I just have so much passion for cartoon, I always feel cool watching it” she replied.

“Okay. just get ready we are leaving tomorow” I said.

“Okay. so where are we going to,?” Caily asked.

“We have another endorsement in Australia” I said.

A call came into my phone. It’s an unknown number.

“Hello who’s on the line?” I asked.

“Goodevening am I speaking to Mr Taylor” the person said from the other end.

“Yes is me. how can I help you” I said.

“I will like you to advertise our product, or what do you think” the person said.

“Which type of product is that and which company is that” I asked.

“Is electricity appliances. from the Brad company” the person said.

“You mean the same Brad company in America?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, any problem with that” the person said.

“No I was just wondering why your company that’s already popular needs and advertisement” I said.

“Are you in or out” the person asked.

“In has always” I replied.

“so you should come tomorrow” the person said.

“No problem then. we will be waiting” the person said and end the call.

“Caily our movement have changed. I have two advert at hand I don’t want to disappoint the company in Australia and I can’t also reject the Brad company is a great opportunity for that company to recommend me” I said.

“Okay since you don’t want to disappoint the two. why don’t I go to represent you in Australia and you will go to America” Caily said.

to be continued……

What’s the plan. do you think it will work out.

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