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Her last wish episode 32-33


Chapter 32.
Zeemah Writes…
As if the surprise wasn’t enough, Phil’s next words almost threw her off balance.
“Let them in, I invited them over”
Layla blinked in shock and confusion, she turned back to look at Phil to confirm if she was truly the one

who just spoke.
Phil nodded at her “I invited them over”
“And where are your manners! Won’t you allow them in?” Phil scolded.
“Oh my ” Layla turned back to the door.
“I’m so sorry guys, I was just . . surprised. Come in please” She said, hugging them one after the other as they walked in.
” I guess Anne’s taking a rest at home” She smiled.
“Yes plus she has so many presents to unwrap” Dan smiled.
Layla led them to the couch and they said hi to Phil before sitting.
“Thanks for coming” Phil smiled.
“We’re glad to be here” Fel said, starting to bounce on the chair.
“And the surprised look on Layla’s face was so satisfying” Rylan laughed.
“Tch” Layla glared playfully at him.
“Okay, I’ll leave you guys to yourself, have fun” Phil said, rising to her feet, she slipped on her slippers.
“Thanks for inviting us over Phil” Dan said, smiling as he looked around.
He loved how cozy the apartment is, he felt relaxed.
Phil smiled before walking to her room.
“You guys actually took me by surprise” Layla said.
“We know right” Fel laughed.
“When did Phil invited you guys? How?” Layla asked.
“When we came over to the cafe last Saturday” Dan said.
“Oh” Layla sigh, blinking.
“And damn, you look bombed in that bum short” Fel winked.
“Ah” Heat rushed to Layla’s cheeks, realising her laps were exposed, she had threw on the pink short and vest after she returned from church thinking she would be home all through with Phil alone.
“I love your apartment” Dan said.
“Really? Thank you” Layla smiled.
“I’m actually waiting for you to offer us something to drink” Fel groaned.
“Oh, pardon my manners please.” Layla laughed, getting up.
“And you can change the channel to whichever that suits you” Layla said.
“The remote control please?” Rylan asked.
“Right beside you” Layla said, pointing to the stool beside Rylan.
“Oh” He said, picking it up.
“Do not try to switch it to any of those dumb channels! you’re obsessed with!” Fel yelled.
“I don’t watch dumb channels!! You only think they are dumb because you have a poor taste!” Rylan yelled back at her.
“I hate you” Fel snorted.
“I hate you more” Rylan rolled his eyes.
Dan shook his head and stood on his feet.
“I think I should

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go with you to the kitchen Layla” He said.
She laughed “Come”
They both walked to the kitchen.
Dan admired how neat and well arranged everything was.
Every surface shone with no single speck of dust. He knew Layla had done it all, and she hadn’t even knew they were coming, this is just how she lives.
He was so impressed that he smiled, he turned towards her. She was backing him, fetching drinks from the open refrigerator.
He’s convinced that Layla would look good on anything, how can anyone look so good on vest and shorts, her hair was

not even combed yet she’s making his heart thump hard.
God . . Not after he planned to get over whatever feeling he’s developing for her.
“Now I understand why Phil had stocked the refrigerator with packs of juice” She said, cutting through his thoughts.
“Oh” He smiled.
“Can I help with anything?” He asked, glancing at the packs of juice and cookies Layla had placed on the counter.
“The cups please” She smiled. “Open the shelf behind you”
“Okay” He said and quickly washed his hands in the sink. He dried it and then opened the shelf.
He picked four tall glasses and placed it on the tray Layla had gotten ready.
“I always have to stretch on my toes to reach the shelf, watching how easily you reached it made me realize how short I am” Layla grimaced and he laughed.
“Actually, you’re not short. I’m just the tallllll one” He said.
“You’re not just tall, you’re built also” Layla said. It’ll be so hard to believe Dan is actually seventeen, he could pass for an Athlete with his broad shoulders and narrow waist.
“Is that a compliment?” He asked with a grin.
“Oh someone is blushing hard already” She teased and they both laughed.
They heard Fel and Rylan yelling at each other again and Dan groaned.
Layla laughed as she picked up a tray.
Dan picked the other and they both headed to the living room..
They settled down to watch the movie Dan had selected when Fel and Rylan wouldn’t stop yelling at each other over the right channel to watch.
Layla watched them laugh whenever a funny part comes into display, she smiled, she had watched the movie severally and it wasn’t so funny to her any longer.
Plus she was

a bit disturbed. She had wanted to invite her friends over so many times, she had been to each of their houses and she wished they would come to hers too but she knew Phil would never allow it and now, Phil had invited them over herself. Yeah, she can be surprising but this feels different, strange even.
Thinking back, Phil has changed so much, she’s now so mild, lenient.
It can’t possibly be what she’s thinking right. . Because she had clearly warned Phil not to be nice to her if it’s for a reason.
She gently dropped her glass of juice and slipped away from her friends, they were so engrossed in the movie that they hadn’t even noticed her movement.
She approached Phil’s door in quick strides.
“Come in Layla” Phil said after she knocked.
She walked into the room and closed the door behind her.
Phil was seated by the edge of her large bed making account of the week’s sales.
“I invited them over because you’ve been to their houses severally and it’s only fair they come to yours too” Phil said.
Layla stared at her.
“Isn’t that what you’re here for?” Phil asked, looking back at what she was doing.
She grabbed her bag and shoved some of the money into it and then continued accounting for the rest.
“Why are you doing this?” Layla asked.
“What?” Phil feigned ignorance.
“You know what I’m talking about Phil”
“Unfortunately I don’t” Phil shrugged.
“If you’re being nice to me because…”
“I’m not being nice to you for any reason!” Phil cut her short.
“When will you stop nagging and just accept and appreciate what I’m doing for you, stop being so uptight Layla!”
Layla stared at her and let out a shudder breath.
“It’s not nice to leave the guests all on their own, go join them. I need to take a nap” Phil said, shoving the rest of the money in her bag.
She dropped the notebook and pen on her bedside table and laid on her back, staring at the ceiling.
“You’re still yet to leave? Do not push me to yell at you” Phil warned, not removing her gaze from the ceiling.
“I’m leaving” Layla said, walking to the door.
“And the frozen chicken in the freezer, you are free to use it to make a nice meal for your friends” Phil said, rolling to her side.
“Thanks Phil” Layla said, and stared at Phil’s back for a while before walking out of the door.
What if something is wrong with Phil?
So bad of her not to have thought of that all these while, she had been focused on herself alone, so selfish in her thinking, she had attributed all of Phil’s new behavior to her, she hadn’t even cared for once if her Aunt is fine.
All she had cared about was herself alone.
“Leave my door young lady and go join your friends” Phil’s voice broke into her thought.
Gosh, she had almost forgotten her friends.
She hurried to the living room the same time the movie came to an end.
She doubt if they had even noticed she left, they were looking like they really enjoyed the movie, she was glad.
“Did you go somewhere?” Rylan asked.
“Yeah, seems you guys loved the movie” She smiled, sitting beside Dan.
“Of course we do, I have a knack for selecting the best movies” Dan boasted, smiling sweetly.
“Yeah, it would have been terrible if Rylan had selected it” Fel said.
“Not surprised that’s coming from you” Rylan laughed, sipping his juice.
“Ugh” Fel groan.
“So what would you guys like to have?” Layla asked.
“Anything” Fel said, making to select another movie.
“Dog poop?” Layla teased and Fel screamed, fake-vomiting .
They laughed.
“Thanks for that Layla” Rylan laughed and Fel glared at him.
“What? You said you would have anything and she offered you something” Rylan said, still laughing.
“Exactly” Dan laughed.
“Whatever . . Y’all are .. ugh” Fel rolled her eyes, turning back to the TV.
“I’ll be right back guys”
“Off to the kitchen?” Dan asked.
“Yeah, wanna join?” Layla asked.
“Yes!” Dan smiled, getting to his feet.
“I can’t believe you both are leaving me with this bully again” Fel sniffed.
“Look who just called someone a bully” Rylan frowned.
“Whatever, come here. Which one do you think will be more interesting?” Fel asked Rylan, holding out two movies.
Rylan moved closer to her and Layla and Dan shared a knowing glance before walking to the kitchen.
“So what are we making?” Dan asked after they both washed their hands.
“Pasta, Salad and fried chicken? Is that okay?” Layla asked passing him just a hair cover.
She knows he doesn’t like putting on apron.
“Perfect” He said.
“Let me help you with that” He said.
“Oh thanks” She turned her back to him and he helped her with her tie her apron.
“You good at slicing veggies?” She asked.
“I’m perfect at it, bring it on” He winked and she smiled.
“Byeeee” Layla smiled, waving at her friends.
They waved back at her, smiling.
“Thanks for the cotton candy” Rylan shouted before the car drove off.
She smiled and waved till the car was out of sight.
She enjoyed their company greatly, they had all ended up preparing the meal together, it turned out great even though Dan and Ry almost burnt the chicken.
And she had gotten them cotton candy down the street while they were waiting for Paul to bring the car.
The evening cold made her shiver and she ran back into the house.
“I should better use the restroom before the teacher comes in” Dan said to Layla who nodded before turning back to her book.
He stood up and walked out of the classroom, if Layla wasn’t so occupied with the book she was reading,she would have noticed Dylan follow him.
“Hey” Dylan smiled at Dan as he stepped out of the restroom.
“What do you want?” Dan asked.
“You like her right?” Dylan grinned.
“Who?” Dan asked even though he clearly knew who it was.
“Layla, you like her” Dylan said it like it was a fact.
Dan looked stunned,not because Dylan had mentioned Layla but with the certain way he had said it. Was it that obvious? Does this mean so many people are aware . .
“Well, I don’t need you to answer, the look on your face said it all and yunno what? I know what to do” Dylan said, smiling wickedly before strolling away.
“It seems everyone is talking about Anne’s birthday” Dan said.
“Of course, with the amount of students that attended, I knew it’ll be talked about” Layla said, glancing round the cafeteria. Almost everyone had their gaze on Anne who was looking a bit uncomfortable.
“Plus her birthday pictures will surely be in their class group chat” Layla added.
“Oh wow” Dan said and continued eating.
“Anne’s looking a bit uncomfortable though” Layla noted.
“Of course. She doesn’t like attention” Dan glanced at his sister and smiled.
“She’s even yet to unwrap most of her presents, she slept all through yesterday” He said.
“She needed it” Layla said. “I’ve never seen so much presents in my life
Dan laughed.
Layla bit into her chicken.
“I bet the chicken Ry and I fried tasted better than this” Dan said, looking so proud of himself.
“You and Ry almost burnt the chicken!” Layla laughed.
“We almost did but we didn’t and it even made it taste better” Dan said.
“That’s not true” Layla said “And stop feeling like the world best chef after you failed at the simple task of frying chicken ” She chuckled.
“You and Fel actually distracted us”
“God, another excuse” Layla laughed.
“Hi Layla” They both heard and saw Dylan by their table, he was smiling down at her.
“Hi” She smiled back at him, trying to look normal with the butterflies she was feeling deep in her belly.
He’s so close to her and damn it, she had to hold her breath.
“Do you mind joining me at my table?” He asked with a charm he knew she couldn’t resist.
Layla blinked at him, stunned.
“Yo..you wa..nt me to e..at with you? . .” She stammered.
“Yes or do you mind?” Dylan asked.
Layla swallowed hard, her heart racing. She stared at Dan who was looking down at his meal.
Dylan wants her at his table, she couldn’t think properly.
And why won’t Dan look up.
“Its fine if you don’t want to…” Dylan was saying.
“I want to” Layla said, not wanting to offend him.
She glanced at Dan again as Dylan picked up her tray with a smirk.
“Dan” She called.
“It’s fine” He said, without raising his head.
Layla looked back at him as she walked away with Dylan.
Dan stabbed the peas on the plate with his fork, gritting his teeth hard.
He could feel the rage burning in him and it took a great restraint not to bang the table.
He now knew what Dylan had meant earlier.
Dylan will be using Layla as a tool to unnerve him, he almost banged the table this time but no he wasn’t going to give Dylan that satisfaction.
That’s exactly what Dylan wants and he’s not going to do that.
He continued his meal even though it now tasted sour in his mouth.
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Chapter 33.
Zeemah Writes…
They were back in class after lunch break and Dan looked like he was focused on his book, he doesn’t want to speak to Layla, yeah that’s petty but he’s a little bit pissed at her or rather he’s pissed at himself.
He couldn’t wait for a teacher to come in so Layla would stop giving him those sorry looks, he was watching her from the corner of his eyes and she wouldn’t remove her gaze off him.
She hadn’t tried to talk to him since lunch break was over and he guessed his mood must really be reflecting on his face or she would have excitedly filled him in on the details of the lunch with Dylan.
“Are you pissed at me?” She finally asked and when he glanced up to look fully at her face, every anger in him dissolved.
She looked like she was really sorry and it made him get real pissed at himself for overreacting. She did nothing wrong, who wouldn’t grab the chance to eat with their longtime crush and she never would have thought sitting with Dylan would offend him. He hates that his feelings is getting the best part of him.
“No, I’m not pissed at you” He said.
“Then what’s wrong? You look moody and you didn’t even talk to me” She said.
“Im sorry about that, how did it go with him?” He asked and felt a painful tug in his heart when her face lit up.
“Great, I’m so happy. It seems he’s starting to like me? Don’t you think so too?” She asked, grinning.
“Yeah” He mumbled, the anger he’s feeling towards himself intensifying.
He fvcking caused this!
Now Layla’s is thinking Dylan is really into her, when Dylan is doing that just to piss him off!
He gave Dylan the fvcking privilege to use Layla.
He had been a fool to make his feelings for her so obvious, he had been so dumb!
What the hell is he going to do to this.
How’s he gonna fix this mess.
He can’t allow Dylan continue to lead Layla on falsely.
He wish he could tell her about what Dylan is really doing but is there a way he would tell her without revealing his feelings. And that would even leave Layla more flummoxed.
Why does everything seem so complicated, he has never been in a situation as this, he’s at loss over what to do.
How can his feelings put him in this type of situation.
“You’re pissed at yourself?” Layla asked.
“Huh?” He ask.
“You’re chewing on your pinky finger” She said.
What. . He hadn’t even realised he was doing that.
He dropped his finger and faked a smile “I think it has become an habit”
“No, there’s something wrong with you Dan, there’s something bothering you. Do you mind sharing?” She asked, shifting closer to him with a worried look.
“I’m fine, honestly, there’s nothing bothering me” He said.
“There is, you started chewing your pinky finger out of nowhere, looking lost and bothered. What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Hi” They heard and glanced up to see who interrupted them, it was Chloe, wearing a firm look. Layla remembered the look as the one Chloe do wear whenever she bullied her. She wondered who Chloe is about to bully now, definitely not her and absolutely not Dan either.
Why’s everyone suddenly looking in their direction, it’s annoying actually and she wondered why Chloe’s puppies are not with her.
They were seated and this would be the first time Layla would see them look so uncertain.
“You want something?” Dan asked sounding harsher than intended, he looked a bit irritated with Chloe’s presence. He doesn’t like Chloe, he doesn’t tolerate her a bit and the mood he was in worsened it.
“I just want to know why you hate me so much! No doubt she turned you against me! She filled your heart with false stories about me!” Chloe said, glaring at Layla.
“You came over to say that?” Dan looked stunned but Layla wasn’t even moved a bit. She smiled, irking Chloe further.
“Yes! I need to know why you won’t even answer my greetings, why you won’t be nice to me, she planted my hate in your heart right? I’m not surprised, she’s African and sure has the blood flowing in her veins” Chloe said, breathing heavily. She looked pissed enough.
“That’s lame, did you really left your seat for this?” Dan raised a brow in surprise.
“I won’t deny that I do not like you a bit and it’s actually funny you want me to be nice to you when you’re not even nice to others. So bad of you to have assume Layla filled me with terrible things about you when I see them myself everyday, she didn’t even have to tell me anything to dislike you, that wack behavior of yours that’s always on display is enough to do that. Your attitude sucks!” Dan said calmly, though loudly.
Chloe’s face ashen and she stared at him like it was the first time she was seeing him.
Layla folded in her lips and started drumming her fingers on the desk. Way to go Daniel.
Their classmates whispered amongst themselves, bracing up for more drama. Chloe’s friends looked like they were arguing.
“I don’t have a terrible attitude!” Chloe said shakily, recovering from the shock of Dan’s words.
“You do!” Dan yelled, startling everyone. Layla turned to him in surprise. It’s unlike Dan to yell and even so loudly at that.
“You do” He repeated calmly this time.
“You’re a bully! And I hate bullies, I hate people who seek laughs from others at the expense of someone else’s embarrassment, I hate people who derive joy in hurting others! I hate people who put others down, i’ll never tolerate such people. They are soul killers! Do you even know the effect of your bad attitude on people, i bet you don’t even care, some of these people are probably thrown into depression at the expense of what you did or said to them. So inhumane ” Dan shouted, the weight of his words bringing absolute silence.
Layla stared at him, her mouth slightly opened, she knows he hates bullies but he has never been this expressive about it. She was impressed, though a little bit stunned.
Chloe who looked like her breathing was snatched, started walking slowly to her seat, her shoulders slumped.
The mighty Chloe.
“Some situations deserves second chance and it’s only if you change your ways will you get tolerated, not only by me but others as well” Dan said after her, loud enough.
She continued her walk to her seat, and finally got seated after what seems like ages. Her face looked robbed of its bright color, Chloe has never looked so flustered, she sat limply looking straight ahead.
“Did you see what you’ve caused?” Miranda whispered to
Sabrina and Christy.
“We warned her not to go confront him” Christy whispered back.
“I’m glad she did though” Sabrina said, knowing Chloe would come to her right senses after this.
Her obsession for Dan is sickening.
“You both are disappointing” Mira snapped.
“Same here” Rina and Christy snapped back at her.
“I’m sorry I’m late” The teacher said, walking into the classroom.
“Did Chloe just let that girl go without doing anything?” Sarah asked, .
She wasn’t the only surprised one, her friends were also, everyone in the cafeteria was.
Someone just mistakenly made body contact with Chloe and while everyone expected her to come into display, she had just told the girl to leave, calmly.
The girl was so surprised that she stood rooted to the spot even after Chloe told her it’s fine.
Confusion and surprise was written on everyone’s face. They watched Chloe walk to her table with her friends.
“She’s even looking so calm, didn’t you notice?” Jess asked her friends.
“Yeah, that air of pride isn’t even there anymore” Sarah agreed.
“I wonder what happened” Kate said.
“Could she be putting on an act?” Anne asked.
“I don’t think so, there’s this new calmness to her” Sarah said, still watching Chloe.
“And if it’s an act, we’ll know soon because Chloe can’t keep acting that way for long” Jess said.
“Exactly” Anne said.
“Wow! Dan did you see that?” Layla asked Dan.
“I did” He said.
“Your words changed Chloe” Layla said.
“Well…we can’t be sure yet” He said.
“I really wish she can keep being this way, it suits her” Layla said, glancing in Chloe’s direction and for once Chloe wasn’t glaring at anyone. Dan’s words must have hit her deeply..
“I hope so too” He said.
“OMG, it seems Dylan is coming to get me again” Layla said blushing hard as Dylan approached their table.
“Hi” Dylan smiled at her.
“Hi” She smiled back.
“Wanna join me?” He asked and she nodded almost immediately.
“Dan” She called and he glanced at her, restraining himself from yelling at her not to fvcking call his name when she already made the decision to go with him.
“It’s okay” He mumbled and she stood up while Dylan grabbed her tray.
He didn’t glance at Dylan because he knows the fool would be smirking and he might not be able to stop himself from punching him.
They both walked away and he continued his meal in anger like he had yesterday.
Is he going to keep allowing Dylan lead Layla on!
What the fvck is he going to do!!!
“Can I seat?” He heard and on glancing up, his eyes met with Chloe’s.
He had almost not recognised her voice and her eyes, there wasn’t that normal iciness in it. She looked so subdued and he was confused if his words had really had this effect on her.
“Of course” He said.
She smiled and placed her tray on the table before sitting on the seat Layla vacated.
Dan knew everyone was staring at them but he wasn’t bothered about that.
“Thanks for saying those things to me Dan, it..it made me see things in a new perspective, I..I don’t even know what to say to you, just thank you” She said and Dan smiled.
“You don’t have to search for words Chloe. I’m so glad I did what I did, who would have thought Chloe would look this calm, you can also see the surprise on everyone’s face right?”
“Yeah” Chloe nodded. “It made me realize how much my attitude suck” She said, looking ashamed.
“We all have our flaws, just let go of the past, you should stop feeling guilty about it now that you’ve stepped onto a new path”
“Thank you” Chloe smiled gratefully.
“Is this really you? This should better not be a dream” Dan joked and she laughed.
“You’re not eating?” Dylan asked Layla who was picking at her meal as she watched Dan and Chloe.
Yeah, she’s glad Chloe has turned a new leaf but why the hell is she with Dan!
Why the hell would she leave her table for Dan’s!
Why the hell are they laughing!
“You’re not eating?” Dylan asked again.
“I’m eating!” She snapped at him and gasped, on realising what she just did.
“OMG, I’m so sorry”
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