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Her last wish episode 34-35


Chapter 34.
Zeemah Writes…
“You’re not eating?” Dylan asked again.
“I’m eating!” She snapped at him and gasped, realising what she just did.
“OMG, I’m so sorry”
“Its fine, seems you were distracted” Dylan shrug and she flushed in embarrassment.
Had he caught her staring

towards Dan’s table?
“I’m so sorry for snapping at you. . I didn’t mean to do that” She apologized.
“It’s fine, I know you wouldn’t have snapped at me with a clear mind” He said, a smirk appearing at the corner of his mouth.
She gazed at him, he just spoke like he was so sure she wouldn’t want to offend him, like he was some god to her, she almost felt offended but she put it off thinking she might have interpreted wrongly.
While she tried to continue her meal, her mind trailed back to Dan and Chloe and she was almost forced to glance in their direction again but she didn’t, and she doesn’t know why she was feeling a stab in her chest.
She realised this would be the first time she will be so close to Dylan and not occupied with thoughts of him but someone else entirely, for once, her heightened feelings for him hadn’t distracted her thoughts.
She couldn’t believe she could be this close to him and think of another thing.
Dan and Chloe’s image flashed in her mind so brightly that it seemed the brightness had illuminated the spark of anger she was feeling.
But why would she get angry? Not knowing the reason she was angry seeing Dan and Chloe together intensified her anger, the anger was directed at herself this time.
She doesn’t understand the cloud of emotions that seems to cover her these days. Her heart would start racing out of nowhere, beating frantically against her chest. It’s not a new feeling to her though, it’s just that she doesn’t know why its happening.
Having void knowledge about why that’s happening exasperated her.
“Looks like Dan and Chloe are getting along well” Dylan said smiling.
“Oh” Layla murmured, Dylan had smiled, other people looked hopeful in Dan and Chloe’s direction, no one is looking pissed but her and she wondered why.
She settled her gaze on them and her heart started racing again, beating frantically in that familiar way, she suck in her breath when Chloe laughed again, Dan was smiling also, looking pleased.
Had she not been glad Chloe turned a new leaf? Why’s she so pissed at her now.
And surprisingly pissed at Dan also.
What the heck is going on with her.
Drowned in her thoughts, she

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hadn’t even know her fork had slipped from her grip.
“Hey, what are you so preoccupied with?” Dylan asked, snatching her from her thought.
She switched her gaze to him and for once saw him as a normal guy and not the one she was deeply in love with but it was only for a moment because her feelings took over again.
“Your fork” He pointed to the table, sensing her confusion.
“Ah” She sigh, picking her fork in embarrassment.
He gave her a measured look and she squinted under his gaze.
The rest of the lunch break passed in

strained silence and she was glad when the bell finally rang.
“Hey, why looking so uptight?” Dan asked Layla after they were settled in class.
“Dylan said something?” He asked.
“No” Layla said, half-snapping.
“Then what’s wrong?” He asked barely noticing she had almost snapped at him.
“I just want to be alone with my thoughts” She said in a dismissive tone and he knew better than to press further.
He glanced at her unsmiling face and wondered what went wrong during her lunch with Dylan.
She seemed less enthusiastic compared to yesterday.
He would like to fill her with the details of his lunch with Chloe but obviously now is not the time for it.
He enjoyed Chloe’s company, she’s actually interesting and fun to be with.
She made him forget his worries for a moment.
If he had been told he would sit with Chloe for lunch, chatting and laughing together, he would never have believed, it would have seemed impossible with how much he disliked her then.
The future is indeed unpredictable.
He’s still surprised though at how quick everything had happened, Chloe had changed in the space of hours, if he knew those words of his would help, he would have said it to her long before now.
Sometimes, all people need is someone to speak senses into them and he’s glad he had done that to Chloe.
The weight of words can’t be underrated honestly.
Another impressive fact is she was willing and ready to change or she would never have heed to his words, no matter the force they might have hold.
She told him about her plan to apologise to everyone tomorrow.
She’s feeling so bad to have been a monster to everyone and she’s willing to

set things straight.
Great remorse had been written over her face and demeanor.
Her abrasiveness seemed to have really deserted her, leaving her with subtleness.
He raised his gaze and it somehow landed on Chloe, she was watching him and smiled, looking embarrassed he had caught her.
He smiled back at her before she focused back on her friends.
Yeah, he’s aware she’s into him and there’s nothing he can do about it.
She would learn to let go of the feelings as time goes by.
He couldn’t even count the amount of girls that had approached him and he had of course turned them down nicely, so many girls but his heart chose someone who was enthralled with another.
That’s a different kind of pain on it’s own.
He stared at Layla, who seemed more uptight than she had earlier, her lips in a tight line.
She’s pissed.
He found himself glaring at Dylan, wondering what he had said to her.
“Dear, you seemed piqued. What’s wrong?” Aria asked after Layla returned to the counter after attending to a customer.
Layla sigh and blinked like she was considering opening up to Aria or not, she doesn’t even understand what’s happening to herself, so she’s not sure someone else would but this is Aria, not just someone else.
She sits on the high stool and sigh again before recounting everything to Aria.
Aria smiled after Layla was finally done, they had been distracted frequently though by customers who were shuffling in and out of the Cafe.
They were both on their feet now, knowing they might have to attend to another customer soon.
“You don’t understand the reason you’re feeling the way you’re feeling and it’s pissing you off right?”
Layla nodded. “It’s getting me frustrated”
“There’s always a reason we feel the way we do, and it’s normal not to understand the reason at that moment, it doesn’t mean we would never understand it, it might take some time but it’ll finally be clear to us, I would advise you not to work yourself up over that, give yourself time you’ll finally come to the realization, stop being hard on yourself okay? It’s not your fault” Aria said and Layla nodded, relief washing through her.
She felt better and not so pissed at herself anymore.
“Thanks Aria” She said, the beginning of smile curving her lips.
“Good” Aria said.
“And did you say you left with Dylan to his table, leaving Dan to eat by himself?” Aria asked and Layla nodded.
“To be sincere, that’s not fair. Ditching Dan for Dylan who has never even for once tried to eat with you while everyone avoided you. And just when you seem to be accepted by everyone, he appeared, wanting you to dine with him and you did without question, leaving behind someone who has always been there, leaving him to eat by himself . . I understand how smitten you are with Dylan and how excited you must have been when he invited you to dine with him but I’m disappointed you could place that over Dan’s feelings. He’s not just a friend to you, he’s more and you know it. He might seem fine with it but trust me, he must have hurt him” Aria said with a look of disapproval.
Layla curled as the realization dawn on her.
She had truly not cared about Dan, she had cared only about herself, she had made the decision to follow Dylan solely for her own interests.
She hadn’t even cared Dan would eat alone, she hadn’t cared about her best friend who always stick with her, he has never ditched her for anyone despite the amount of people urging him to join their table and yet she hadn’t thought twice before leaving their table for another.
Was that why he had looked so down and pissed after lunch break yesterday? He had indeed been hurt.
And she had even repeated that selfish act today.
She swallowed hard as remorse clutch hard at her stomach..
Recollecting how he has chewed his pinky finger filled her with self anger.
She’s not a good friend, she had not been a good friend to Dan. She had not cared about his feelings.
And yet she had gotten pissed at him for chatting and laughing with Chloe.
Her fingers trembled on the counter and Aria pulled her into a hug the next second.
“C’mon it’s fine, I know you must be feeling so bad right now. It’s fine, we all make mistakes . . ”
“It hadn’t been a mistake” Layla interrupted, Dan’s face after lunch break yesterday replayed in her head and it seemed to be tearing her apart.
“I was selfish, I’m such a terrible friend” She sobbed on Aria’s shoulder and Aria rubbed her back comfortingly not knowing what else to say. She really hope Layla’s obsession for Dylan won’t ruin her friendship with Dan.
She so much hope it won’t.
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Chapter 35.
Zeemah Writes…
“I was selfish, I’m such a terrible friend” She sobbed on Aria’s shoulder and Aria rubbed her back comfortingly not knowing what else to say. She really hope Layla’s obsession for Dylan won’t ruin her friendship with Dan.
She so much hope it won’t.
Dan heard the door to his room open and he glanced up from his homework.
Anne stood there, her arms folded, her lips in a half-pout as she cast Dan a questioning gaze.
She had seen what happened in the cafeteria, everyone had.
First, Chloe’s unbelievable behavior and then Dan’s closeness to her, it had her head swimming with thoughts because she clearly knows Dan doesn’t tolerate Chloe and to suddenly see them together means they’ve come to a compromise which Dan hadn’t bothered to inform her about. She’s so pissed.
Dan sigh, dropping his pen.
He knows she is pissed at him. He’s also feeling bad to have kept what happened with Chloe from her and funny enough, he hadn’t even done that intentionally, he had completely forgotten about it the moment it happened, his mind had been buzzing with other thoughts.
He would have definitely told his sister if he had remembered and he hadn’t even thought Chloe would change so soon or she would even sit with him at the cafeteria.
“Are you going to keep standing there?” He asked meekly.
She walked to the couch closest to his bed and sat, placing her arm on the armchair.
Dan smiled, even in her pissed state, that calmness that surrounds her remained.
“How can you smile?” She asked, her voice showing no hint of the anger she was feeling.
It’s not like she was trying to keep her voice at bay, that’s just how she is.
It’s rare to see Anne yell, and she doesn’t even get so angry that it’d be out of control, she has never. She forgives people almost immediately they apologise, always wants everyone around her to be happy, comfortable. Her meekness is just out of the world and there’s rarely anyone that’ll come across her and not love her.
“I’m sorry” He said, shifting to the edge of his bed so he could be closer to her.
“Tell me what happened, how it happened” She said, peering at him.
“Okay” He sat up.
“You know how much I do not like and tolerate Chloe right?” He asked and she nodded, more reason she had been bemused to see them together.
“So, she approached me yesterday after lunch break, mad that I’m nice to others except her . . .”
Anne blinked at him after he was done.
“You mean it happened just yesterday? And . . Chloe’s a changed person today?”
“Surprisingly yes” Dan nodded.
“That’s astonishing, so fast. Had she been willing to turn a new leaf before you spoke senses into her?” Anne asked, her brows furrowed in confusion.
Chloe’s too hardhearted to have changed that fast, she hadn’t only changed but seem to have turned another person entirely, how could someone that mean and malicious turn to the mildest person she has ever seen just in the space of hours!
“I’m not sure but I know no matter the force of my words, if she hadn’t been willing to change, she wouldn’t have, my words had only helped, her willingness did the most”
Anne nodded. “It’s still so hard to comprehend though, you also know how mean Chloe is, was — I think” She corrected herself.
“Or did you say anything else to her asides that?” Anne asked, still baffled.
“Not really…” Dan seems to be thinking. “I only added that only if she changes her ways would she get tolerated by me and everyone else”
“That fixed the puzzle” Anne grimaced.
“What puzzle?” Dan asked.
“Chloe did that for you, she wants to be closer to you, she wants to be tolerated by you” Anne said.
“I don’t think so ” Dan shook his head.
“Why don’t you think so?”
“She didn’t just center her whole new self on me, and she hadn’t even tried to make me see her in new light, all through our discussion,she was feeling terrible on how badly she had treated others, remorse was all over her eyes, she even planned to apologise to everyone tomorrow. Chloe’s change is a genuine one I think” Dan said.
“Well, you may be right but I still think it’s mainly because of you”
“Either ways, let’s be glad she’s changed for good”
“Yeah. You should still be careful around her though” Anne said.
“Why?” Dan laughed.
“Chloe can be cunning, she might be up to something, though I really hope she has really changed” Anne said.
“I know how hard it must be to believe she’s really changed because of how cruel and sly she was in the past but let’s give her the benefit of doubt, she might have really changed” Dan said and Anne shrugged in acceptance.
“Who would have thought you’d one day defend Chloe, I would have bet all my money against it” Anne said and Dan laughed.
“True, I would have too” He said.
“And why didn’t you tell me about it? I know it happened yesterday but you should still have told me when we returned from school” Anne pout.
“I’m sorry” Dan squeezed her hands gently.
“I forgot all about it, It didn’t even cross my mind. I would have told you if it did, you know”
“Yeah, I know you wouldn’t have intentionally kept it from me” She smiled, toying with the bracelet on her wrist.
Dan hadn’t noticed it, he just did and he peered at it. It’s a silver bracelet with multiple charms on it, the simplicity made it even more beautiful, he has never seen it on Anne and he wondered if she got it herself or their mum did.
He hadn’t meant to talk about it but the way Anne had snatched her wrist when she noticed his gaze on it made him grow suspicious and he knew it wasn’t from their mum nor from her.
He gazed at her and back at the bracelet again but her other palm is clasped tightly around it.
He gazed back at her, she was looking everywhere else but him, biting her lower lip.
“What a eautiful bracelet you’ve got” He started and paused, giving her the chance to say something.
“It’s from who?” He asked when it was clear she wasn’t going to say anything.
“Elvis” She answered, almost in a whisper, anxiously waiting for his reaction, she was still not looking at him.
“Then why are you hiding it from my view?” He asked, no hint of anger in his voice like she had feared, she turned to face him, there was no anger in his eyes also..that heightened her surprise.
She blinked.
“I .. I thought .. I thought..” She stammered, trailing off.
Dan rubbed her arm gently. “It was a birthday gift and you liked it enough to put it on, I would never have complained about it.”
“It’s from Elvis, your friend” Anne repeated, thinking perhaps Dan hadn’t heard her clearly.
“I heard you the first time Anne. Elvis gave you a birthday present just like everyone else, why should I be against you putting it on.” He said and sigh. “If it’s about what happened at the Thanksgiving party . . If it’s about how i’ve always treated every guy trying to get intimate with you . . I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was going to make you dread talking about..guys to me” He said, he had seen the fear in her eyes before she mentioned Elvis and he had felt so hurt to have turned her that way. She shouldn’t dread mentioning someone’s name to him. He was her brother for God’s sake, not a monster.
“I was only being protective of you, I don’t want you to get hurt, I don’t want your vulnerability to be taken advantage of. I can’t stand seeing you hurt Anne. Everyone knows how mild you are, people would want to take advantage of that! I had to . . I had to create that boundary, I needed to make them know you are not to be messed with, I had to make them keep their hands off you. I didn’t know know.. I.. had turn a monster in the process” He said, clenching his fist.
He didn’t even notice when Anne got beside him until she hugged him.
“Hey, c’mon stop feeling bad. I understand you were trying to protect me and I can’t be more grateful to have you as a brother. When it comes to me, you do not even care having to lose your friendship, you made sure none of your friends or even other guys try to mess with me, you protected me Dan and no,I do not think of you as a monster, you’re not. ”
“Really?” He asked, gazing softly at her.
“Of course, besides you did what any brother would, most guys are protective of their little sisters”
“I know but I think I went far with mine” Dan said.
“You didn’t, that’s the one way you thought was best to protect me and even if you did went far, it only shows how much you love me” Anne smiled at him.
He smiled back at her and patted the space beside him for her to sit.
She did.
“I’m not restricting you from liking anyone, it’s not like you can control your feelings anyway, neither can I. Whomever you like is fine by me as long as that’s what you want, if it’s really going to make you happy, I’m not going to stop you, you can go ahead” He said.
“So nice to finally get a pass from the Chief Judge” Anne joked. “But I insist, I’m not going to date anyone till I’m sixteen”
“Hm” Dan sigh. “It doesn’t seem so” He added with a slight grin.
“Why did you say so?” Anne asked.
“I saw how you look at Elvis” He said and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
He laughed. “You see?”
“Well… I’m going to wait till I’m sixteen” She said shyly.
“Really? Are you sure?” He teased.
“Stop teasing me!” She smacked him on the arm and he laughed.
“Okay, I’m sorry” His laughter subsiding to a grin.
“Well, Elvis kind of overheard me telling you I’m not going to date anyone till I’m sixteen and..” Anne paused, her cheeks heating up. “He promised to wait” She added.
“Wow, Really?” Dan eyes widen, impressed. Well he has always known Elvis to be a good guy, calm and all but that’s still not enough reason to trust him though.
“Yeah” Anne nodded.
“Do you like him?” Dan asked, even though he knew the answer already.
Anne didn’t answer, she was too flushed to but her cheeks helped her out, they turned red and hot.
“OMG” Dan laughed. “Anne your cheeks could bake pies right now”
“Shut up” She smacked his arm again and he laughed again lowering his back into the bed.
“Hi Chloe” Dan said when he and Layla got to her seat.
“Hi Dan” Chloe seemed enthusiastic, her eyes gleamed..
She was bubbling with excitement, who could have thought Dan would say hi to her first.
“Hi Layla” Chloe said.
“Hi” Layla mumbled.
Dan wondered what was wrong, Layla has been acting cold since yesterday, she hadn’t even talked in the car when they were going home and this morning also and she won’t say what’s wrong, though she seemed less cold today, just distant and he was really worried. It’s unlike her.
“Can I sit with you for lunch today?” Chloe asked Dan, ignoring Layla.
Dan looked like he was hesitating to answer.
“After Layla goes to sit with Dylan” Chloe quickly added.
“Oh okay” Dan said, knowing Dylan would probably come get Layla again and he won’t mind Chloe’s company.
“Okay” Chloe smiled.
Layla started walking to her seat, not able to stop what she was feeling presently. She doesnt know if it was rage or pain.
She felt like crying, she had created the chance for people to come between her and Dan, she had! And now she’s angry they are taking advantage of it?
She’s feeling more bad than she had yesterday after speaking to Aria and she planned to apologise to Dan today, she really have to, she’s never going to leave him eat by himself again, she has realised her misdoing and she’s going to correct it. She created the space for people to come between them and now she’s going to close it!
She slammed a door close in her mind.
Yeah, that’s it.
“Hey, I keep asking what’s wrong and you won’t tell me, do you want me to die of worry?” Dan asked Layla.
They were halfway their meal and she had been silent, thinking of the best way to apologise to him.
She cleared her throat, knowing this was the best time to talk but then she was interrupted by Chloe.
“Dan, come sit with me” She said cheerily.
“I’m sorry but I can’t leave Layla sitting alone, by herself” Dan said.
“Dylan would come get her soon, come with me” Chloe said, not sparing Layla a glance.
“Until then” Dan said. “I can’t leave her by herself but I promise to come over to your table once he comes get her” He added and Layla felt tears pool her eyes.
Here is someone she hadn’t even cared if he ate by himself, all she had cared about was herself and yet . . He wasn’t going to leave her sitting alone, eating by herself despite knowing Dylan might come get her soon, he still cared enough to be with her till he comes , he cared enough to put her before others.
Shame clouded her and she tried everything she could to sniff back her tears.
She hadn’t even noticed Chloe had walked away.
“Dan” She started, in a quavering voice.
He stared at her.
“I’m sorry” She said and couldn’t hold her tears any longer, they spilled down her face.
“Layla, what’s wrong?” He asked alarmed, he quickly held her hand across the table, blinking in confusion.
She wiped her tears and sniffed before she continued.
“I..I’m so sorry, to have left you to eat by yourself and . . ” She swallowed hard. “..went with Dylan, without caring if you’d be alone, all I cared about was myself. I’m so sorry Dan” She has started crying again and Dan felt his heart ache.
“It’s fine…”
“It’s not” She interrupted him. “I could remember how hurt you looked after, I was a selfish terrible friend, I placed someone else above you when you’ve always been there for me. That was so bad of me and I’ve realised my misdoing, I’m never going to repeat it again. I’m so sorry Dan, please forgive me” She said, not caring to wipe her tears.
Dan sigh, tightening his hold on her hands across the table.
He felt relieved of every worry that had been on his mind since Layla started eating with Dylan.
“Is that the reason you were so withdrawn?” He asked.
She nodded. “I was so ashamed of myself”
“You were right, I was hurt and a little bit pissed at you” He laughed and that made her smile a little.
“But everything is fine now, trust me. Now wipe those tears and smile if you really want me to forgive you ” He said passing her a hankie.
She took it and wiped her face dry.
“Good, now smile or .. ” He pause, grinning at her.
“Or what?” She asked, smiling already, knowing what would come after his naughty grin.
They were interrupted by Dylan..
“Care to join me?” He asked with his normal charming smile but Layla’s mind was determined, she didn’t fall for it this time.
“I’m sorry Dylan, I’m not going to be joining you for lunch again” She said, surprised she didn’t even feel bad a bit.
Dylan’s smile froze in his face, he hadn’t expected this.
“Why?” He asked as calmly as he could even though he was boiling with agitation.
“I can no longer leave Dan to eat on his own when we’ve always eaten together, I hadn’t realised it was wrong and now I have, I’m sorry Dylan” She said, turning back to her meal.
Dylan glanced at Dan who was smirking. It intensified his anger and it took everything in him not to punch Dan.
Dan grinned, chewing his meatball happily.
Dylan walked away, shaking with anger.
Dan had won …
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