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Her Last Wish episode 47

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Chapter 47.

Written by Azeemah.

As th£y sat !n cla$$, listen!ng to th£ teach£r teach. Dan stared at [email protected], try!ng to observe if $h£ still stares at Dylan.
Right now, $h£ was focused on th£ teach!ng but Dan kept star!ng, [email protected] do steal glances at Dylan even dur!ng a cla$$.
S!nce th£ cla$$ started, h£ has not notice h£r even as much glance Dylan’s direction, which is quite strange, as far as h£ knew… [email protected] loves star!ng at Dylan, $h£’d stare at h¡m !n cla$$ and not concentrate on th£ teach!ngs and h£ would reprimand h£r all th£ time.
Now that h£’s really th!nk!ng ab©vt it, [email protected] might have actually stopped star!ng at Dylan because h£ couldn’t remember reprimand!ng h£r to concentrate !n cla$$ for several days now.

But does that mean $h£ really doesn’t like Dylan anym©r£?
$h£ might still like h¡m but j√$t decided to concentrate !n cla$$ due to how much h£ always reprimand h£r, maybe h£ should j√$t observe after th£ cla$$.
h¡s h£art thumped like h£’s ab©vt to come to a big realisation, deep d©wΠ, h£’s really wish!ng [email protected] has stopped star!ng at Dylan, though that doesn’t literally means $h£ doesn’t like h¡m anym©r£ but that def!nitely means th£ feel!ngs is not as strong as it used to be and that might actually give h¡m th£ chance h£’s been wait!ng for.

“What’s th£ mean!ng of that word $h£ j√$t said?” [email protected] asked Dan.
“Huh?” h£ asked, a bit embarra$$ed [email protected] almost caught h¡m star!ng at h£r.
“What Miss Steels j√$t said, what’s th£ mean!ng?” $h£ asked.

h£ doesn’t know anyth!ng Miss Steels j√$t said, h£ doesn’t even know th£ topic of today’s cla$$.

“Dan” [email protected] said.
“I don’t know th£ word, j√$t tell me what it is, I might know th£ mean!ng” h£ said, fvlly embarra$$ed now.
“You were not listen!ng? What’s wrong?” $h£ asked, a bit surprised, it’s very unlike Dan not to concentrate !n cla$$.
“My m!nd was occupied” h£ admitted.
“What are you th!nk!ng ab©vt? Are you okay?” $h£ asked, start!ng to look worried.
“C’mon, I’m f!ne. j√$t some silly thoughts”
“Are you sure?”

“Daniel and [email protected], any m©r£ word from you both and you’ll be ©vt of my cla$$” Miss Steels warned.
“We’re sorry, Miss Steels” Th£y said and th£ cla$$ cont!nued.

“Are you sure it’s noth!ng serious?” [email protected] asked, after Miss Steels’s cla$$ is over.
“It’s not, for real” h£ smiled.
“Okay” $h£ said, fl¡pp!ng through th£ pages of h£r book. “Yeah, h£re’s th£ word”
Dan looked at it and told h£r th£ mean!ng.
“Oh thanks” $h£ smiled as $h£ normally do wh£never $h£ ga!ns a new knowledge.
Dan nodded, h£ picked h£r book and started go!ng through it to fill !n on what h£ missed dur!ng th£ cla$$.

[email protected] gazed at h¡m, what’s th£re not to love ab©vt Dan.
$h£ honestly doesn’t blame h£rself for develop!ng feel!ngs for h¡m.
Who won’t?
Who would be @r0vnd Daniel almost all th£ time and not like h¡m.
Well…Fel has been @r0vnd Dan for years and didn’t develop any feel!ngs for h¡m, and $h£ has only known Dan for months and $h£’s start!ng to feel like h£r h£art would thump ©vt of h£r ch£st wh£never $h£ sees h¡m.
Maybe it’s not a matter of ‘[email protected]£-time-and-not-like-h¡m’, maybe it’s not a matter of h¡m hav!ng a great personality that one can’t h£lp but [email protected]|| !n love with, maybe it’s not a matter of h¡s beautiful smile that can literally brighten one’s day.
It’s a matter of th£ h£art. h£r h£art chose to [email protected]|| !n love with h¡m and is it really h£r fault?

$h£ doesn’t th!nk it is. After all, $h£ didn’t chose to have feel!ngs for h¡m, $h£ didn’t chose for h£r h£art to b**t so crazily wh£n h£ told h£r h£ liked h£r by h¡s locker even though $h£ knows h£ only meant it as friends. h£r h£art and whatever part of h£r b©dy that str!ngs feel!ngs had made that decision and $h£ wi$h£d $h£ could sit h£r h£art d©wΠ and tell it how unfair it is to h£r.

Well..h£r h£art had made th£ decision but $h£ can try to change it.
$h£ switch£d h£r gaze to Dylan and gave a small sigh. Try!ng to like Dylan aga!n is a stupid idea right? But yeah, that’s th£ only th!ng $h£ can th!nk of, it’s better than hav!ng feel!ngs for h£r best friend, it’s better than ru!n!ng th£ relationship $h£ has with h£r best friend.
$h£ tried to th!nk what it is ab©vt Dylan that made h£r [email protected]|| for h¡m !n th£ first place. Is it h¡s looks? $h£ stared at h¡s face, draw!ng !n every !nch, br!ng!ng up every fantasy thought $h£ could ever th!nk of but felt noth!ng…

Isn’t it crazy to feel absolutely noth!ng for someone $h£ was once h£ad over h£els with…so $h£ thought.
Could develop!ng feel!ngs for Dan have completely erased whatever $h£’s ever felt for Dylan?
Or could it be that what $h£ had felt for Dylan wasn’t serious after all.
$h£ could feel it that whatever $h£’s feel!ng for Dan is much m©r£ !ntense than what $h£ had felt for Dylan.. $h£ could really feel it, it’s j√$t th£re.
Dylan never made h£r feel th¡s crazy way and to th!nk $h£ had developed feel!ngs for Dan gradually with©vt know!ng is one of th£ most crazy th!ngs to ever happen to h£r. Realis!ng it j√$t recently that $h£ has feel!ngs for h£r best friend and realis!ng how deep it is is even crazier.

$h£ sigh aga!n, a deep sigh th¡s time .
Start!ng at Dylan did noth!ng, $h£ doesn’t th!nk that lame idea is gonna h£lp h£r.
$h£ switch£d h£r gaze [email protected]¢k to Dan and caught h¡m star!ng at h£r, h£ gave h£r a quick small smile before turn!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ book.
And is that a look of disappo!ntment $h£ saw on h¡s face, well..clearly $h£’s mistaken. What could Dan possibly be disappo!nted ab©vt.

“You’re still com!ng over to th£ Cafe today right?” $h£ asked h¡m.
h£ nodded, h£ had planned to see who Mirabel was today.
“You need to come before it’s 4pm because once it’s that time, $h£ grabs h£r bag and leave with©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k”
“Oh Okay” h£ said drily.
“Are you okay?” $h£ asked.
“Yeah I am” h£ said, feel!ng like a d*ck. [email protected] still stares at Dylan and it’s j√$t h£artbreak!ng, $h£ had even done it with m©r£ !ntensity. What a fool h£ is to even th!nk [email protected] probably doesn’t like Dylan anym©r£.

“But you look like you’re both£red with someth!ng”
“Well..I am” h£ admitted.
“Do you want to share?” $h£ asked and h£ shook h¡s h£ad.
“Okay… wh£never you’re ready, I’m always h£re okay?” $h£ a$$ured and h£ nodded.
“Whatever it is, it’s okay, you’ll be f!ne” $h£ said sqv££s!ng h¡s [email protected]
“Thank you” h£ said with a smile.


“Ofcourse $h£ still stares at h¡m” Dan said to Anne.
“I bet you’re mistaken” Anne said.
“I’m not, I told you [email protected] still likes Dylan, h£’s j√$t th£ one $h£ likes and that’s f!ne” Dan said unhappily..
“Are you sure $h£ really still stares at h¡m !n cla$$?” Anne asked, wonder!ng if [email protected] likes two guys at th£ same time because $h£ obviously likes Dan.
“Of course, It was so dumb of me to th!nk $h£ stopped !n th£ first place”

“I’m sure th£re’s someth!ng that isn’t clear h£re. [email protected] likes you, I know that” Anne said.
“$h£ doesn’t! Stop say!ng that, it’s hurt!ng me and giv!ng me false hopes and that’s th£ last th!ng I need now” Dan said, turn!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ TV.
Anne sigh. Dan’s still refus!ng to believe and th£ fact that [email protected] still stares at Dylan is start!ng to make h£r doubt that $h£ actually likes h£r broth£r. $h£’s pretty sure th£re’s someth!ng unclear h£re.

“Shit, I need to go to th£ Cafe” Dan said, gett!ng up from th£ couch.
“Okay” Anne said.
“See ya” Dan said, literally dash!ng ©vt of th£ house. It’s almost 4pm and [email protected] told h¡m Mirabel leaves immediately it’s 4pm.
Shit! How could h£ have forgotten.

h£ got to th£ Cafe and was ab©vt walk!ng !n wh£n someone bumped !nto h¡s shoulder, glanced at h¡m and walked away with©vt apologis!ng.
h£ walked !n rubb!ng h¡s shoulder as h£ went to meet [email protected] by th£ counter.
“I guess $h£ left already” h£ said disappo!ntedly.
“Didn’t you see h£r, $h£ left j√$t now, it’s a surprise you both missed each oth£r” [email protected] said.
“Yeah, $h£ walked ©vt of that door as soon as you came !n” [email protected] said.

“Hold on, h£r nose and ch!n … Is pierced?” Dan asked.
“Well, yeah, I guess you met h£r” [email protected] said.
“I saw h£r, $h£ bumped !nto me and didn’t even apologize plus $h£ looks so rugged, I’m surprised Phil could employ someone like that. You should be ¢ar£ful with h£r” Dan advised.
“I don’t ¢ar£ how rugged $h£ might be, $h£’s capable of do!ng noth!ng to me. Come, your shoulder must be hurt!ng. I th!nk I have a balm !n my bag” [email protected] said, feel!ng so pissed at Mirabel for hurt!ng Dan. $h£ search£d for th£ balm !n h£r bag and saw it.
“h£r b©dy is j√$t like steel but it’s f!ne. I’m okay” Dan said.
“C’mon, come h£re” $h£ said and h£ walked !nto th£ counter so $h£ could ma$$age h¡s shoulder with th£ balm.

Th£ rest of th£ weekdays pa$$ed !n a blur. It was Saturday.

“Mirabel, you can’t j√$t sit and watch me do all th£ work wh£n we’re supposed to do it togeth£r!” [email protected] said angrily, $h£’s been up and ab©vt for hours now and Mirabel sat, do!ng noth!ng. Today be!ng Saturday, th£ Cafe is extra busy and th£ work is j√$t crazy.
Th¡s would be th£ first Saturday th£y’ll be work!ng togeth£r, Phil had given th£m th£ last Saturday off.

“What do you mean?” Mirabel asked softly, ma!nta!n!ng a very cool poise. One would almost th!nk $h£ was th£ boss or th£ h£ad of th£ workers.
“It’s eith£r you go take people’s order or you prepare th£ order, you can’t j√$t sit and make me do everyth!ng, that’s not fair” [email protected] said, annoyed.

“I work dur!ng th£ weekdays m©r£ than you do, you should do most of th£ work on weekends” Mirabel stated.
“What th£ h£ll is that supposed to mean?” [email protected] asked, gett!ng irritated with th£ wh0l£ th!ng.
“You only resume after 4pm on weekdays, which is almost near to th£ time th£ Cafe closes, I always do th£ most stressful part of th£ work from 8am to 4pm, you only resume to f!nish it up. !n summary, you’re do!ng th£ most work today dear” Mirabel said, air-quot!ng th£ dear with a gr!n on h£r face.
“Wow, that’s a joke right?” [email protected] asked, dropp!ng th£ tray $h£ was hold!ng on th£ counter.
“Sorry to burst your last bubble but It’s no joke!” Mirabel rolled h£r eyes.

“That shows you really do have a shallow th!nk!ng” [email protected] slammed.
“Excuse me?” Mirabel rose from th£ stool, h£r anger build!ng up.
“I said what I said and I’m not sorry for say!ng that. As a matter of fact, th£re are days wh£re you literally do less work than I do, most days, I do th£ most stressful work after I resume, that 4pm you mentioned is actually th£ time most people walk !nto th£ Cafe to have coffee after a stressful day. Of course you wouldn’t know that, wh£n you only pick your bag to leave once it’s 4pm.” [email protected] h¡ssed.
“Lies! I do th£ most work on weekdays!” Mira
“I can’t even believe th£re’s actually someone who th!nk like you do and I can’t believe I’m hav!ng th¡s lame conversation with you. You’re h£re to work! Nob©dy ¢ar£s if you do th£ most work on weekdays or not, you should work wh£n due, after all you’re gett!ng paid”

“Of course you have th£ right to talk to anyone !n any manner s!nce your aunt owns th£ Cafe but watch how you speak to me. I’m not so nice” Mirabel said angrily.
“I do not speak to anyone !n any manner, I speak to people th£ way th£y deserve to be spoken to. You can’t act all bitchy and expect me to rema!n k!nd to you. I’m not go!ng to watch how I speak to you unless you do same and “Punch L!ne” .. I’m not so nice also” [email protected] stated clearly, look!ng Mirabel right !n th£ eye.
Mirabel stood,h°t breath escap!ng h£r nose, !nfuriated at [email protected]’s gut. It doesn’t take h£r anyth!ng to hit [email protected] but of course $h£ doesn’t want to lose h£r job. $h£ has disliked th£ girl s!nce Phil told h£r $h£ was h£r niece, $h£ knows [email protected] would want to abuse th£ privilege of be!ng th£ boss’s niece and th£n try to ride on h£r, so $h£ had made up h£r m!nd not to leave that chance.

“You need to jo!n me now, m©r£ customers are com!ng !n” [email protected] said, ab©vt to go take th£ customers order.
“You’re jok!ng right! I’m not jo!n!ng you!” Mirabel half yelled.
“You’re go!ng to make me do all th£ work, while you’re h£re!?” [email protected] asked.
“Of course, don’t th!nk because you’re Boss’s niece, you’ll get me to work my a$$ off while you chill. That isn’t go!ng to happen!”
“!ncredible” [email protected] sigh !n disbelief of th£ type of person Mirabel is. $h£’s much worse than be!ng rude.

“Okay, I th!nk you need an explanation. If you’re someone who abuses th£ir privileges, that doesn’t mean oth£r people are like you. While at work, I’m not Phil’s niece, I’m h£r worker! $h£ doesn’t even treat me like h£r niece at work, $h£ treats me as $h£ does any worker… that’s anoth£r fact you would have known if you don’t pick your bag to leave once it’s 4pm. Why am I even wast!ng time expla!n!ng th¡s to you? We’re supposed to be work!ng! You need to stop be!ng so obst!nate and work alongside me” [email protected] said, uncomfortable with keep!ng customers wait!ng. It’s only a matter of time before th£y start gett!ng impatient.

“I’m not work!ng alongside you!” Mirabel said, sitt!ng [email protected]¢k on th£ stool.
“It’s so obvious you’re crazy” [email protected] said, start!ng to really boil with anger th¡s time. “how dare you not work and leave your co worker to do every damn th!ng j√$t because of a stupid claim you have. If anyth!ng, you should be th£ one do!ng most work! Because you’re th£ one gett!ng paid! Do you get paid to work on weekdays alone? If you thought I’m so dumb for you to try th¡s with,th£n as you can see, you were !n for a shocker. I’d advise you to get on your feet, let’s start work!ng or I go !nto Phil’s office to expla!n all th£se to h£r and I bet you know what happens next” [email protected] said, $h£’s not someone to threaten anyone j√$t because h£r position seem to be a bit high£r but it’s j√$t so crazy how people ₱ush you to do what you wouldn’t normally do.

Mirabel stepped d©wΠ from th£ stool try!ng to stop h£r [email protected] shak!ng from th£ anger $h£ felt, God knows if $h£ hadn’t been try!ng to keep h£r job, [email protected] would have received th£ b**t!ng of h£r life.
[email protected]’s j√$t so lucky $h£ could now ¢©Πtr0| h£r anger, $h£ was expelled from school after fight!ng and hurt!ng people multiple times, it doesn’t take h£r anyth!ng to deal with [email protected] right h£re and now. Well…it takes h£r h£r job and $h£ isn’t ready to lose it.

“Are you go!ng to take orders or prepare th£m?” [email protected] asked.
“Don’t fv¢k!ng question me!” Mirabel yelled so loud that people turned th£ir attention to h£r.
$h£ swallowed [email protected] after realiz!ng what $h£ j√$t did.
“Don’t fv¢k!ng talk to me, you bitch!” $h£ said angrily but !n a low tone to [email protected]
“Rubbish! And do not startle customers with your unnecessary yell!ng. Anyway, I’ll go start tak!ng orders, you should get beh!nd th£ coffee mach!ne”
“Did you j√$t call me rubbish?
“Yeah I did. I said you’re rubbish and that’s already be!ng courteous to you! After all, th£re are different grades of rubbish and you’re one of th£ lowest!” [email protected] thra$h£d.

And j√$t wh£n Mirabel thought $h£ couldn’t restra!n hitt!ng [email protected] anym©r£, Phil appeared.

“What’s go!ng on?” $h£ asked.
“It’s noth!ng Phil” [email protected] said.

“Mirabel, get beh!nd th£ coffee mach!ne. I’ll go take orders” [email protected] said, h£r voice and eyes dar!ng Mirabel to refuse now that Phil’s h£re.
Mirabel s1©wly got beh!nd th£ !ndustrious coffee maker mach!ne, seeth!ng.
Phil walked away while [email protected] also went to get customers order.

Mirabel gr!nded h£r teeth togeth£r, it’s be!ng a while $h£ felt th¡s angry. $h£ really hopes [email protected] doesn’t provoke h£r to scald h£r with h°t coffee.
And that’s likely to happen wh£n h£r anger f!nally get ©vt of [email protected]



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