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Her last wish episode 52

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Chapter 52.

Written by Azeemah.

“Buddy, come pick me up” [email protected] said to Dan on th£ phone after th£y were done for th£ day !n th£ Cafe.
“Oh, I guess you’re feel!ng up to it. Great.” Dan smiled.
” On my way” h£ said before disconnect!ng th£ call.
It’s 4:19 and $h£ was almost home. $h£ was walk!ng alone, Phil had not visited th£ Cafe today.

Yeah… It’s Saturday aga!n so soon, th£ weekdays had pa$$ed do!ng th£ usual.

“Hi Phil” [email protected] said, walk!ng !nto th£ liv!ng room.
“Hi, you still go!ng to th£ party?” Phil asked.
“Yeah, do you want me to do anyth!ng for you? I don’t necessarily have to be th£re by that exact time” [email protected] said.
“No, you can go on and get ready”

“Alright” [email protected] h£aded to h£r room and went to take a quick shower..

After fre$h£n!ng up, $h£ tended to h£r sk!n and th£n opened h£r wardrobe to pick an ©vtfit.
$h£ settled for a brown ripped crop top and a black leath£r knee-length skirt with a th¡gh high slit.
After adj√$t!ng th£ cloth to look good on h£r b©dy, $h£ walked to th£ liv!ng room.

“How do I look Phil?” $h£ asked.
“Good, get my makeup kit from my room, your face needs a little touch up” Phil said and [email protected] smiled, $h£ loves it wh£never Phil offers to make h£r face radiant.

Dan knocked j√$t after Phil was done with [email protected]’s make up, [email protected] loved it. It doesn’t even look like $h£ had make up on, so simple yet highlight!ng.
“Thanks Phil” $h£ smiled.

“Come !n Dan” Phil said.
Dan walked !n, look!ng so good !n h¡s cream colored sweatshirt and match!ng joggers.
[email protected] has f!nally come to th£ conclusion that Dan looks good !n anyth!ng.


“Hi Phil” h£ greeted.
“Dan, how have you been?” Phil smiled, it’s no secret how much Phil likes Dan.
$h£ asks ab©vt h¡m m©r£ than $h£ does th£ rest of h£r friends.
“I’ve been good, how have you been also?” Dan asked.
“Good, return th£ kit [email protected] so you both can leave, you’re runn!ng late already” Phil said.
[email protected] smiled at Dan !n greet!ng and quickly went to drop th£ kit [email protected]¢k !n Phil’s room.
$h£ walked !nto h£r room and picked a purse that looks well paired with h£r ©vtfit, $h£ dropped h£r phone !n it, picked th£ !nvite and th£ pres£nt $h£’s to give Chloe and th£n walked ©vt of h£r room.

“I’m ready” $h£ said, gett!ng to th£ liv!ng room.
Dan was still convers!ng with Phil and h£ got to h¡s feet as $h£ appeared.
“We’ll get go!ng now Phil” h£ said.
“Alright dear, make sure you both don’t stay ©vt late” Phil said.
“Alright Phil” Dan said.

Th£y walked ©vt of th£ house and [email protected] suddenly felt shy, Dan wouldn’t stop star!ng at h£r and it’s mak!ng h£at rush to h£r face.
h£ smiled, like h£’s enjoy!ng mak!ng h£r feel th¡s way. “You look beautiful”
“Thank you” $h£ said. “You look good also, you actually look good !n anyth!ng”
“Shit, is a guy meant to blush? ask!ng for someone” h£ said and $h£ chuckled.
“Wh£re’s Paul?” $h£ asked as th£y got to th£ car.
“I’m driv!ng” Dan said.
“Oh okay”
“I wouldn’t like to keep h¡m wait!ng by th£ car while we have fun”
“That’s very thoughtful of you” [email protected] said.
“Of course, I’m th£ most thoughtful of all” h£ boasted.
“Urgh…” [email protected] rolled h£r eyes and th£y laugh£d.
h£ opened th£ car door for h£r and $h£ hoped !n.
h£ got !n while $h£ fixed h£r seatbelt, h£ fixed h¡s also and th£n started th£ car.


“Happy birthday Chloe!” Dan and [email protected] wi$h£d Chloe over th£ blar!ng music. [email protected]!ng h£r th£ pres£nts th£y had for h£r.
“Thanks so much guys, thanks for com!ng” Chloe sh©vted so th£y could h£ar h£r.
$h£ was !n th¡s simple look!ng sleeveless silk p!nk dress and $h£ looked so good, h£r face all made up, glow!ng with happ!ness written all over it. !nclud!ng h£r friends.
“I hope you guys are hav!ng fun?” $h£ asked.
“Yeah, we are” Th£y said and th£y were !ndeed hav!ng fun, it seems as though Chloe !ntentionally rented th¡s h*g£ hall know!ng almost half of th£ school will be at h£r birthday party, th£y’ve participated !n games and th£ ones th£y didn’t participate, th£y watch£d and it was so fun.

Th£y’ve danced and eaten, and right now th£y were both hold!ng a gla$$ of dr!nk each.
From th£ hall decor to th£ sett!ngs, th£ meal, th£ gigantic cake and th£ grand entrance of th£ birthday girl..it j√$t clearly shows Chloe’s from an extremely wealthy home, it’s so glar!ng.

“You look so beautiful” [email protected] said to h£r.
“Thanks [email protected]” $h£ smiled.
Chloe walked over to oth£r people after tak!ng few pictures with th£m.
Everyone looked to be !n a fvll celebration mood, most people spill!ng across th£ dancefloor.
“Dan” [email protected] h£ard th£ familiar voice and $h£ saw Dylan walk up to th£m.
Th£y both exchanged greet!ngs and h£ k!nd of said hi to h£r also.
“You both come, th£re’s great fun go!ng on over th£re” h£ said.
“Really?” Dan’s face lit up.
“Yeah” Dylan said.
Dan glanced at h£r and $h£ nodded, th£y followed Dylan to a corner of th£ hall and realised, th£re’s truly great fun go!ng on th£re.

Most of th£ir cla$$mates were th£re, 0rg*nis!ng games, dr!nk!ng and a few danc!ng naughty.
Dan jo!ned th£ game th£ guys had 0rg*nised and [email protected] had to jo!n th£ girls game also. !n m!nutes, th£y were hav!ng great fun !n th£ir respective teams but that didn’t stop th£m from ch£ck!ng up on each oth£r.
Th£ only time th£ games were put on hold was wh£n th£ birthday girl wanted to cut h£r cake.

Th£ rest of th£ day pa$$ed !n an utmost fun atmosph£re and th£y were a bit sorry to leave wh£n it was f!nally time.

Dan drove [email protected] home after th£y’ve had enough fun, th£y were one of th£ few people that didn’t want to party !nto th£ night.
“I had so much fun” [email protected] smiled as Dan drove h£r home, th£ night felt so cool and peaceful, th£ breeze gently ma$$ag!ng h£r face..it’s j√$t bliss for h£r right now.
“I had so much fun also” Dan said.
“And th£ highlight of th£ day was wh£n h£r fath£r pres£nted h£r dream car to h£r, damn it, it was so sweet” [email protected] smiled.
“Yeah and th£ car actually cost a whoop!ng amount of money, it’s a bada$$ car, Chloe sure has a good taste” Dan said.
“Obviously” [email protected] said.

“Woah, time is actually far spent” Dan said after glanc!ng at h¡s wrist watch.
“Is Phil go!ng to scold you?” h£ asked.
“I don’t th!nk so, $h£ hasn’t started call!ng me yet which means I’m not so late.”

[email protected] wi$h£d Phil would have sorted ©vt d!nner, all $h£ wants to do wh£n $h£ get home is fre$h£n up and have a good night sleep.
$h£ still has to go to th£ church and th£n Dan’s tomorrow to study..


“I expected Chloe’s birthday to be th£ talk of th£ school” [email protected] smiled as $h£ and Dan walked through th£ school hallway h£ad!ng towards th£ir lockers. Th£re were students !n different groups hang!ng @r0vnd th£ hallway and most of th£ir discussion was ab©vt Chloe’s grand birthday party and th£ expensive gift h£r Dad gave h£r.
Dan nodded “it’s worth talk!ng ab©vt”

Th£y got to th£ir lockers and dropped th£ir bags.
“You’re attend!ng statistics cla$$ th¡s morn!ng right?” [email protected] asked Dan.
h£ nodded and $h£ sigh, press!ng h£r l¡ps togeth£r.
As much as $h£ loves h¡story cla$$, $h£ still feels Dan’s abs£nce.
“Okay, see ya” $h£ said.
“Will be [email protected]¢k soon” Dan said, pick!ng h¡s textbook.
“I’m not count!ng on that” $h£ raised h£r brow.
Dan be!ng so !ntelligent that at th£ end of th£ cla$$, students ask h¡m to re-expla!n some equations to th£m and by th£ time h£’s done attend!ng to each of th£m, time will be far spent. Although [email protected] doesn’t m!nd, $h£ only misses hav!ng h¡m beside h£r !n cla$$.
“C’mon, I’m serious” h£ said.
“Okay, go quickly” $h£ said.
“See ya” h£ smiled, $h£ smiled [email protected]¢k at h¡m and watch£d h¡m leave.

$h£ picked h£r h¡story textbook and h£aded to th£ cla$$.
Th£ students aren’t as many as th£y would on a normal day wh£re th£y do general cla$$es.

$h£ h£aded to h£r seat, dropped h£r textbook on th£ table before sitt!ng.
Wait!ng patiently for th£ teach£r who takes th£m h¡story, $h£’s actually always look!ng forward to h£r h¡story cla$$es, Mrs Lisa is j√$t th£ best h¡story teach£r that has ever taught h£r, $h£ wi$h£s Mrs Lisa was every student h¡story teach£r so th£ wide-range misconception ab©vt h¡story cla$$ be!ng th£ most bor!ng cla$$ would be cleared off.

“h£llo cla$$” Mrs Lisa walked !nto th£ cla$$ !n smiles as always.
$h£’s a beautiful moth£r of four and an excellent teach£r who takes time !n break!ng d©wΠ every piece of h¡story to th£m and always mak!ng it as !nterest!ng as $h£ can.
$h£’s j√$t one of h£r best teach£rs..
“Good morn!ng Mrs Lisa” Th£ students chorused, almost everyone looked happy to see h£r..

Th£ cla$$ started.


[email protected] sat, deliberat!ng if to go meet Dan !n h¡s cla$$ or not, th£y were done with th£ir cla$$ and $h£ enjoyed it as always, $h£’s pretty sure Dan is done with h¡s also, probably j√$t attend!ng to some students.
Well, $h£ should j√$t wait till h£ comes, go!ng th£re might distract h¡m.
$h£ picked h£r textbook and started go!ng over what Mrs Lisa had taught.

A soft knock on h£r desk made h£r raise h£r h£ad, $h£ saw Dylan stand!ng by h£r desk.
h£ didn’t say anyth!ng and h£ looked everywh£re but h£r face.
“Hi” $h£ said nervously, wonder!ng what h£ wants.
[email protected]¢k !n th£ days $h£ was still !nto Dylan, $h£ would have gotten overexcited as h£ stood !n front of h£r desk and h£r h£art would have almost burst open but…seriously $h£ felt close to noth!ng now.

Dylan is also !n th£ h¡story cla$$ with h£r. Th£n, $h£ would always look forward to th£ cla$$ know!ng th£re’s no Dan to reprimand h£r for star!ng at someone else while a teach£r is teach!ng, $h£ would look forward to th£ cla$$ and get so excited wh£n it f!nally comes j√$t so $h£ could stare at Dylan to h£r h£art content.

“Is th£re anyth!ng wrong?” $h£ asked wh£n Dylan still wouldn’t say anyth!ng, h£ was still not meet!ng h£r gaze.
“Yeah” h£ mumbled.
“Really? What is it?” $h£ asked sitt!ng upright. $h£ was so curious as to what Dylan has to say, th£ last time $h£ ch£cked th£y were not really !n good terms, after th£ last almost-h£ated exchange th£y had, th£y had not really spoken to each oth£r. And $h£’s actually not happy with h¡m after realis!ng how much h£ had manipulated h£r.
So Dylan be!ng !n front of h£r desk now, look!ng like a s¢ar£d cat is j√$t someth!ng $h£ cannot quite compreh£nd.

“And would you please look at me? Look!ng everywh£re else but me is k!nd of odd and uncomfortable for me” $h£ said.
“Well… It took a lot of courage to actually walk up to you [email protected], I’m h£re to apologize and know!ng how much I’ve wronged you is mak!ng it quite [email protected] to look at you. I’m ashamed” h£ said, swallow!ng [email protected] h£ was look!ng at h£r now.
[email protected] sigh. “h£re, sit”
“Thank you” h£ said, sitt!ng on Dan’s seat.
[email protected] remembered what had happened th£ last time Dylan was on Dan’s seat, $h£ knows that isn’t gonna happen today though, th£ guys are now friends.

“Well…if you want to apologise because you couldn’t reciprocate th£ feel!ngs I had for you, th£n you shouldn’t, it’s not your fault you couldn’t like me” [email protected] said.
“Well .. that’s not what I want to apologise for. I’ve wronged you so many times actually but you j√$t couldn’t see it because of how much you were !nto me.” Dylan said.
“Well…I saw it later on. I realised how you were always talk!ng d©wΠ at me, tak!ng advantage of my feel!ngs for you. You would basically walk up to me and propose anyth!ng like you were so certa!n I wouldn’t refuse you j√$t because of how aware you were of my feel!ngs for you. You even used me to unnerve Dan multiple times. ” [email protected] said and Dylan looked m©r£ ashamed than h£ had wh£n h£ first approach£d h£r table.
$h£ knew everyth!ng, h£ doesn’t know if that made it easier for h¡m or [email protected] for h¡m. Maybe both.

Easier !n th£ aspect that h£ doesn’t have to reveal everyth!ng h£ did, $h£ said it already, $h£ knew it all already, it saved h¡m th£ shame of reveal!ng th£ terrible th!ngs h£ had done to h£r.
But it’s [email protected] !n th£ aspect of h£r already know!ng how terrible h£ was all along, look!ng at h¡m with th£ eyes of a horrific person that h£ actually is, and hat!ng h¡m to have done such to h£r.

h£ was at loss for words, what could h£ say?
h£ had planned to reveal how much of a manipulative jerk h£ had been to h£r and th£n apologize afterwards. h£ didn’t expect th¡s.

God knows how much courage it took h¡m to approach [email protected] Is h£ j√$t go!ng to keep mute and th£n leave wh£n h£ gets tired of keep!ng mute?
If h£ should leave, know!ng [email protected] is aware of how much of a terrible person h£ is, h£ might never gath£r that courage to walk up to h£r aga!n.
h£’s wronged h£r so much and h£ should apologize, sitt!ng and mopp!ng like a rabbit isn’t go!ng to h£lp h¡m!!

“I’m glad you already know how terrible of a person I am. [email protected], I’m sorry, say!ng I’m sorry actually sounds dumb even to my own ears because sorry is not even enough. I’ve not been th£ nicest to you, I used you as a tool to always unnerve Dan j√$t like you said, th£re are also a lot of times I took advantage of your feel!ngs for me, please pardon me, start!ng th£ day I referred to your l¡ps as a dead log of wood. I admit I’m a terrible person to you, please forgive me, I’m changed now, I’m on th£ path to becom!ng a better person. You don’t have to forgive me right on th¡s spot, you can take your time, and I’ll wait patiently till wh£never you want to.” h£ said, f!nally breath!ng.
“God, I’m so glad I f!nally gath£red th£ courage to apologize to you, I feel better and at peace now.” h£ sigh.

[email protected] sigh. “Well… It will be unk!nd not to forgive you after admitt!ng your fault and ask!ng for forgiveness. I won’t lie that it really hurt me after realiz!ng you for who you are but it’s all f!ne now, we’re cool Dylan”
“Am I forgiven?” Dylan asked.
“Of course you are, I see no reason why I would refuse to forgive you”
“Are you for real? You’ve forgiven me? So soon?” Dylan asked !n complete surprise.

[email protected] chuckled “Is forgiveness supposed to take a lot of time?”
“Well…I..i..tho.. thought..” h£ stammered. “I j√$t didn’t expect that but really…. you’ve forgiven me?” h£ asked aga!n, !n disbelief.
“C’mon Dylan,I wouldn’t say I have forgiven you if I haven’t. You’re forgiven, for real”
“Wow” Dylan sigh. “Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you [email protected]” h£ looked really glad.

“And stop pa!nt!ng yourself as a terrible person, you are not anym©r£, you’re becom!ng a better person, and that’s th£ m!ndset you should have” [email protected] said.
“Alright [email protected], thank you. I’m so glad right now” h£ smiled.
“I’m glad also, see!ng people turn for better makes me happy. Keep it up Dylan, mak!ng such decision is not easy and I f!nd it admirable”.
“It’s all thanks to Dan” Dylan smiled.
“Right” [email protected] nodded and “you also ₱|@yed a major role !n it, no matter what Dan would have said to you, if you hadn’t been will!ng to change, you wouldn’t have”
“I guess so”

“Hii, is th¡s some reconciliation I’m see!ng?” Dan asked, smil!ng as h£ approach£d th£m.
“Dan” [email protected] smiled and Dylan noticed how h£r face lit up on see!ng Dan.
Is th¡s really th£ person Dan claimed does not have feel!ngs for h¡m?
Damn…th¡s is so clearrr!
“h£y, how are you?” h£ p!nch£d h£r ch£eks softly.
“I’m f!ne” $h£ said hold!ng h¡s [email protected]
“I wasn’t late, was I?”
“You were right on time. I hope you didn’t ditch th£ students for me?”
“Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that”
“Right” $h£ nodded.

“Dylan” Dan patted h¡s shoulder !n greet!ng.
“Thanks for show!ng us th£ ‘fun corner’ at th£ party” Dan w!nked and th£y laugh£d.

“Oops, I hope I’m not distract!ng you guys, you seem to be !n a conversation wh£n I walked !n” Dan said, try!ng to ignore th£ p!nch of jealousy h£ was feel!ng, h£ knows Dylan f!nally summoned courage to apologize to [email protected] and from th£ look of th!ngs, $h£ already forgave h¡m. h£ knew $h£ would, $h£ likes Dylan and h£’s sure $h£ would be so happy now that th£y’re cool. h£’s go!ng to tell Dylan later to actually go ah£ad with [email protected] if h£ wants to, although it’s really go!ng to hurt h¡m but h£ knows it’s go!ng to make [email protected] happy.
“No, we’re actually done. [email protected] forgave me” Dylan smiled.
“Oh Cool” Dan nodded.

“Thanks so much [email protected], it really means a lot to me. I’m glad we’re cool now” Dylan said, gett!ng to h¡s feet.
“I’m glad also.” [email protected] smiled.
“See ya” h£ smiled at th£ both of th£m before walk!ng to h¡s seat.

“How was cla$$?” [email protected] asked as Dan took h¡s seat.
“Great, I bet yours was awesome also”
“Yes” [email protected] smiled.
“And I’m glad all feuds has been resolved”
“Same h£re, it feels so good to be cool with everyone”
“Right” Dan said.


[email protected], I had to go on a vacation, I’m sorry for not !nform!ng you before now, I’ll be [email protected]¢k soon. I trust you to take ¢ar£ of th£ house and Cafe.

[email protected] read th£ note Phil had dropped for h£r for th£ third time and everyth!ng ab©vt it s¢r**ms that someth!ng is not right.

No, someth!ng is wrong. Very wrong.
A vacation? All of a sudden?
$h£ hadn’t even noticed Phil pack or prepare for a vacation.

Do you not prepare for a vacation?

$h£ quickly picked h£r phone from h£r bag and dialled Phil’s number.

Panic starts to set !n wh£n Phil didn’t pick up at th£ fourth r!ng.



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