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Her last wish episode 85 – finale

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F!nal Chapter.

A month After.

Dan was th£ last to drop h¡s flowers on th£ graves.

M!nutes later, th£y were walk!ng ©vt of th£ cemetery. Phil dabb£d th£ tears that stood at th£ corner of h£r eyes before gett!ng !nto th£ car.

Fel and Anne got !n after h£r and Rylan got !n beside Dan.


Phil hummed as $h£ made lunch, $h£ has gotten surpris!ngly good over th£ past couple of weeks. $h£ won’t completely agree that $h£ now enjoys cook!ng, th£re are still times $h£ doesn’t enjoy eat!ng th£ meal $h£ prepares.

“Th£ spr!ng onions is go!ng !n next right?” Anne asked.

“Of course, you’re done chopp!ng th£m” Phil turned.

“Yup” Anne spr!nkled th£ chopped spr!ng onions !nto th£ pot on fire.

“I can’t wait for th¡s to get ready, I’m starv!ng” Phil grumbled.

“Exactly, I bet Dan and co must be starv!ng as well” Anne said, no one had anyth!ng to eat before leav!ng for th£ cemetery !n th£ morn!ng and now it’s almost past noon.

“Right, I don’t th!nk th£y are !n th£ liv!ng room any longer though, I can’t h£ar a sound”

“Th£y left for th£ grocery store, I guess” Anne said.

“Oh, th¡s should better get ready before th£y’re [email protected]¢k”

“Or some people are go!ng to collapse” Anne joked and th£y laugh£d.


Dan stood ©vtside th£ grocery store, wait!ng. Memories re₱|@yed !n h¡s h£ad; th¡s was wh£re h£ had first told [email protected] ab©vt h¡s feel!ngs and now, h£ was h£re aga!n, h£ couldn’t h£lp h¡s ach!ng h£art. h£ loved h£r; h£ still loves h£r.

“Memories?” h£ h£ard and smiled on see!ng h£r beh!nd h¡m.

“How come I didn’t know you were beh!nd me” h£ said, h£lp!ng h£r with th£ packs of juice $h£ went !n to purchase, h£ had offered to stay ©vtside.

“Because you were so lost !n thought” [email protected] said, a part of h£r felt Dan was th!nk!ng ab©vt th£ first time th£y were h£re togeth£r.

“How long have you been beh!nd me?”

“Long enough to know your b©dy is only stand!ng h£re, your m!nd is faraway” $h£ pressed h£r l¡ps togeth£r.

“Right” h£ sigh£d “Do you plan on gett!ng m©r£ th!ngs?” h£ asked, see!ng [email protected] didn’t seem ready to leave.

“Nah” $h£ smiled, sitt!ng on th£ pavement and patt!ng th£ space beside h£r for h¡m to sit as well.

“Uh” h£ raised h¡s brow.

“C’mon” $h£ chuckled.

h£ sat beside h£r, wear!ng a confused look. h£ wondered if $h£ already knew th£y were go!ng to surprise h£r with a car today and was !ntentionally [email protected]!ng it from happen!ng.

[email protected] wiped h£r sweaty palms on h£r dress, $h£ had th¡s all planned ©vt perfectly. Why is $h£ suddenly th¡s nervous;

$h£ had plan on tell!ng h¡m after gett!ng [email protected]¢k from visit!ng h£r mum and broth£r’s graves. But $h£ had arrived home before th£m to receive a mail.

By th£ time th£y f!nally got home, $h£ had lost h£r momentum. It wasn’t unusual, $h£ was used to feel!ng that way wh£never $h£ visits h£r family at th£ cemetery.

Well, $h£ has to say th¡s now, $h£ can’t wait any longer.

“Dan” $h£ started. “I didn’t j√$t come h£re with you to get packs of juice”

“Oh, you wanna get m©r£ th!ngs? Let’s go !n and get th£m”

“I made you come with me j√$t so I could tell you… someth!ng” By now, $h£ stopped wip!ng h£r palms on h£r dress but that didn’t mean $h£ felt less nervous.

“Really? Is anyth!ng wrong? Are you okay?”

“I’m f!ne” $h£ smiled, always so touch£d by h¡s unwaver!ng ¢ar£, h£r h£art welled up with so much love for h¡m.

“While I was !n th£ store, you were rem!nisc!ng th£ last time we were h£re?”

Dan nodded, fumbl!ng with th£ plastic bag.

“Do you really still have feel!ngs for me?” $h£ asked, $h£ knows h£ does but why does it seem as though h£r h£art was b**t!ng f*st as $h£ awaited h¡s answer. $h£ had wanted to s¢r**m ©vt h£r feel!ngs for h¡m soon after $h£ survived th£ surgery but had decided to wait until $h£ was fvlly recovered.

“I know you’re probably uncomfortable with hav!ng to deal with me and my feel!ngs for you but believe me, I’ve been try!ng so [email protected] to make it stop but… it’s j√$t so [email protected] I will try [email protected], I’m really sorry to have made th!ngs upsett!ng for you” Dan stared d©wΠ at h¡s feet, bl!nk!ng rapidly, th£ fact that h£ was feel!ng bad quite obvious.

[email protected] smiled, “You do not have to worry ab©vt try!ng to stop your feel!ngs any longer”

h¡s brows creased as h£ wondered what $h£ meant.

“I do not have feel!ngs for Dylan” $h£ announced and h£ looked at h£r, disbelief !n h¡s eyes.

“Okay, I once did but it stopped long ago, long before you confessed your feel!ngs for me”

“Th¡s is… quite [email protected] to believe” h£ raised a brow.

“I know right, but that’s th£ truth. It was so obvious I didn’t like Dylan anym©r£, it’s a wonder you didn’t notice”

Dan stared at h£r, h£ could tell $h£ wasn’t jok!ng, $h£ j√$t said th£ truth. h£ remembered Anne tell!ng h¡m same but h£ had put h£r off, Dylan did as well but h£ hadn’t believed. How come it was obvious to everyone else but h¡m.

“Wow” h£ sigh£d. “I could bet all my money you still have feel!ngs for Dylan if you didn’t say th¡s.” Dan said, start!ng to feel a fire of hope ignite !n h¡m but h£ quickly put it off. Not hav!ng feel!ngs for Dylan anym©r£ doesn’t change anyth!ng.

“I guess you didn’t notice because I made it seem as though I was still !nto h¡m”

“What?” h£ furrowed h¡s brows.

“Yeah. I had my reasons which I’m actually ab©vt to tell you…

“Wh£n th£ doctor said I was diagnosed with leukemia and I had a limited amount of time to live. Well, I had th£se silly wi$h£s” [email protected] paused, chuckl!ng to h£rself. “I told myself even if I was go!ng to die, I would love to at least accomplish th£se three th!ngs. As at th£n, I was deeply !nto Dylan that two of my wi$h£s were centered @r0vnd h¡m; my first wish was be!ng free of th£ hate charged towards me”

“And you accompli$h£d that” Dan smiled.

“Yeah, and I’m glad, my second wish was gett!ng to klzz Dylan, and my last wish? I guess I would come [email protected]¢k to that later”

Dan listened raptly.

“You guys have been ask!ng for th£ reason I came [email protected]¢k th£ day I collapsed. I told oth£rs already and I reserved tell!ng you for th¡s day. I came [email protected]¢k because of you Dan, to tell you how I…felt.”

Dan bl!nked. “I…I don’t get”

I’m !n love with you, fool—

“I don’t know how to say th¡s, it’s…” $h£ sigh£d.

“I like you” $h£ said and h£ nodded.

“You know right?” $h£ asked.

“Of course,” Dan said, gett!ng m©r£ confused as h£ was yet to pick th£ h!nts.

“You know who th£ most good-look!ng guy !n Ocean High is?” [email protected] asked and felt stupid immediately. $h£ was do!ng a really bad job at th¡s but $h£ couldn’t approach it any oth£r way.

“Well…” Dan paused, struggl!ng to deciph£r wh£re th¡s was go!ng. “[email protected], what’s up with th£ questions? It’s k!nd of … off”

“I know right and I’m sorry for putt!ng you !nto th¡s state because I’m not bold enough to be direct” $h£ didn’t meet h¡s gaze. “If you would please be patient enough with me?”

“Of course, and don’t be [email protected] on yourself, if it’s someth!ng you do not feel ready to say yet, th£n it can wait till wh£never you feel up to it. I def!nitely do not m!nd”

“I have to say it now or it’s gonna take some time to build up th£ courage aga!n…” $h£ said. “Okay, [email protected]¢k to my question”

“Well,” Dan shrugged “People do say Dylan was th£ best look!ng until I came”

“Yeah, pres£ntly you are th£ most good-look!ng guy !n th£ school” [email protected] acknowledged.

“Thank you” Dan said, h£ would have bowed dramatically if h£ wasn’t feel!ng a type of way.

“Do you know what my last wish was?”

“I would love to know”

“I know I do not have a death date any longer, at least none that I know of, but regardless, I would love to keep my last wish !n ch£ck. Like I said; As at th£n, two of my wi$h£s were centered @r0vnd Dylan and one of my wi$h£s was accompli$h£d with h¡m but I guess my last wish evolved with me”

“Oh” Dan nodded, prompt!ng h£r to cont!nue.

For a moment, th£ir gaze followed a kid, wh!n!ng as h£ walked alongside a woman.

[email protected] cont!nued wh£n th£y were ©vt of sight.

“Before I proceed, I need to make a disclaimer; my last wish sounds as silly as th£ second but it j√$t has th¡s significant hold on me, it grew with me” $h£ felt it’s time to stop be!ng !ndirect.

“My last wish was to date th£ most good-look!ng guy !n Ocean High, th£ h°ttest guy…” Th£re was a long pause and $h£ wi$h£d $h£ could see th£ expression on Dan’s face but $h£ wasn’t ready to meet h¡s gaze.
$h£ cont!nued. “Which was Dylan at th£ time and it’s funny how I’m go!ng to fulfil my last wish with anoth£r person with©vt hav!ng to change what that wish was because everyth!ng seemed to [email protected]|| !n place. I want to accomplish my last wish with th£ most good-look!ng guy…” $h£ paused, to look h¡m !n th£ eyes. “!n Ocean High, as of th£ moment”

Dan bl!nked like someone be!ng casted a spell upon.

[email protected] smiled, see!ng h£ got th£ message already but only needed a m©r£ solid confirmation before gett!ng h¡s hopes too high.

“I’m !n love with you than I’ve ever been with anyone else Dan, I realized my feel!ngs for you way before you confessed yours to me. I didn’t want to acknowledge it at first because I felt stupid to have developed such feel!ngs for my best friend who was noth!ng but k!nd to me. I tried to get myself distracted with Dylan severally because I didn’t want to feel anyth!ng for you but damn, I had to give !n wh£n it wasn’t work!ng.

“My feel!ngs for you seemed to grow stronger and I’ve never wanted to be with someone so bad. After you told me ab©vt your feel!ngs, I wasn’t sorry because I didn’t feel anyth!ng for you, I was sorry because it was someth!ng I wanted as well yet I made you feel as though it was one sided. I was sorry because my h£alth condition was deny!ng us both someth!ng we wanted. I didn’t want to venture !nto someth!ng I knew was go!ng to be cut short. I was almost tempted to but lead!ng you on and everyth!ng comes to an abrupt end is go!ng to hurt you even m©r£ and I didn’t want that” [email protected] paused to breath, $h£ has been talk!ng !n a rush and Dan has been mute, star!ng at h£r as h£ a$$imilated h£r words.

“Th£ day I collapsed, I wanted to tell you how I felt. I didn’t want to die with©vt mak!ng you know I was !n love with you as much as you were with me. Actually, a part of me is glad I didn’t get to say it until th¡s moment. And, wh£n I klzzed you !n Nigeria…” $h£ switch£d h£r gaze to h£r laps, ma$$ag!ng it nervously with flu$h£d ch£eks. “I…wasn’t drunk on palm w!ne, I only pretended to be.” $h£ couldn’t see th£ smile on h¡s face as $h£ cont!nued. “I love you so much Dan and I’m sorry to have kept you wait!ng for so long. I’m so !n love with you and it’s—”

h£ bent [email protected]¢k h£r h£ad across h¡s arm and klzzed h£r, softly at first and th£n with an !ntensity that made h£r cl!ng to h¡m as though h£ was th£ only solid th!ng !n an unstable world. Th£ s£nsations $h£ never thought $h£ was capable of feel!ng burst through h£r ve!ns and soon $h£ was klzz!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k with©vt restriction.


“We’re dat!ng!” [email protected] !nterrupted Aunt Esth£r who was ab©vt ask!ng if $h£ told Dan ab©vt h£r feel!ngs already.

“Oh my God. F!nally,” Aunt Esth£r gr!nned.

“Yes, f!nally” [email protected]’s gr!n was wider, $h£ sat on h£r b£d, hold!ng h£r phone close to h£r ear. h£r aunt’s call had come !n after th£y were done with th£ir meal.

“I was ab©vt call!ng to tell you, everyone knows already” Th£ excitement !n h£r voice was detectable.

“Awwn, I can’t even imag!ne how happy you both must be right now”

“I’m so happy, I’ve not felt th¡s fulfilled !n a long time. Dan had even called h¡s parents at work to tell th£m”

“Are you serious?” Aunt Esth£r laugh£d.

“Yes” [email protected] chuckled, “And it was so funny because h£ rarely calls th£ir work l!ne so th£y thought it was emergency until h£ told th£m th£ reason h£ had called”

“Ah” Aunt Esth£r laugh£d. “And I bet th£y were not annoyed”

“Nah, th£y were only relieved it wasn’t an emergency like th£y had thought”

“Wow” Aunt Esth£r was pretty sure h£ might not have gotten away with it easily if h£ had tried it with one Nigerian parents.

“I’m so happy for you guys.” Aunt Esth£r smiled.

“Thank you and how’s my girl, does $h£ still give you endless kicks?” [email protected] asked, chuckl!ng.

“Yes o, it’s now much than before sef. I would have thought it would be a boy if I hadn’t done pregnancy scan o. $h£’ll be very stubborn with th£ way I’m see!ng th!ngs. Hm”

[email protected] laugh£d. “I can’t wait to see h£r”

“Me too o” Aunt Esth£r smiled proudly.

“How’s Dave and h¡s dad?”

“Th£y are f!ne o. How’s everyone over th£re as well?”


“Your friends even came to visit yesterday and I wi$h£d th£y didn’t have to leave. You won’t believe Dammy is still yet to forgive me for that th!ng I did. That girl ehn” Aunt Esth£r shook h£r h£ad.

[email protected] laugh£d. Dammy had told h£r how Aunt Esth£r had almost made h£r h£art leave h£r b©dy with th£ way $h£ had reacted after pick!ng Dan’s call. $h£ had everyone on th£ verge of tears and dread.

“Me that wasn’t even !n ¢©Πtr0| of my emotions anym©r£ after h£ar!ng you survived. I didn’t even know wh£n I s¢r**med and started cry!ng” Aunt Esth£r chuckled.

“Aunty m©r£mi!” [email protected] h£ard David’s voice.

$h£ giggled “Get h¡m on th£ phone please”


“Okay, we need you to come have a look at someth!ng ©vtside” Fel gr!nned. Th£y had !nitially planned to pres£nt th£ car to h£r wh£n $h£ sees th£m off but decided to do it th¡s way !nstead.

“Guess th£ latest car owner !n town! Whoops! It’s [email protected]!” [email protected] sh©vted excitedly to th£ surprise of everyone. Th£y had planned to surprise h£r but it turned ©vt $h£ surprised th£m !nstead.

Th£y exchanged glances as $h£ did h£r happy dance, wonder!ng who let h£r !n on th£ surprise.

“No one told me a th!ng, I found ©vt wh£n you guys were teach!ng me to drive. You made it too obvious” $h£ chuckled.

“I told you guys $h£ probably found ©vt already” Phil shrugged, smil!ng.

“I’m very sure I didn’t make it that obvious. I tried as much as possible to disclose noth!ng. Rylan must be th£ one!” Fel h¡ssed.

“What th£ h£ll do you mean!” Rylan growled at h£r. Th£ fact that th£y were dat!ng now didn’t change how th£y get on each oth£r’s necks.

“You must have been th£ one that made it so obvious to [email protected] that we were go!ng to get h£r a car. I could remember you were all over th£ place! Dan !nclusive!” Fel said.

“h£ll no–” Dan half yelled.

“You must have been th£ one. Your m©vth runs unend!ngly. It must have sl¡pped ©vt of your big m©vth!” Rylan h¡ssed.

“It didn’t! you guys were th£ betrayers”

“No! You were”

“You guys were!” Fel s¢r**med.

Anne [email protected] and rubb£d h£r foreh£ad as th£y argued.

Th£ slam of th£ door brought an abrupt end to th£ir argument, th£y exchanged glances aga!n on realiz!ng [email protected] wasn’t !n th£ room with th£m any longer.

“Oh my God. [email protected], stop! We were meant to pres£nt it to you” Fel sh©vted as th£y ran ©vt th£ door after h£r.

Anne and Phil glanced at each oth£r before laugh!ng.


“Everyone get !n my carrrrr! We are tour!ng [email protected]!!” [email protected] s¢r**med excitedly after an hour of obsess!ng over h£r car.

As th£y toured th£ streets of Las [email protected] !n th£ cool even!ng with [email protected] beh!nd th£ wh£els, th£y sang along gleefvlly to th£ song blast!ng through th£ car.

[email protected] smiled, enjoy!ng th£ car karaoke, h£r b©dy rivet!ng with so much joy and energy.

$h£ wondered if it was real to be th¡s happy, $h£ had been wallow!ng !n sadness years ago and if $h£ had been told $h£’d ever be th¡s happy, $h£ would have thrown a punch !n such person’s face, but h£re $h£ is; wh£n $h£ thought $h£ had lost everyth!ng and th£ world didn’t matter to h£r anym©r£, little did $h£ know th£ universe’s plan for h£r.
$h£’s grateful to God every day of h£r life.

Of course, th£ pa!n of los!ng h£r family can never be erased, th£y were forever engraved !n h£r h£art.

$h£ glanced at Dan who was seated on th£ front pa$$enger’s seat, watch!ng h¡m s!ng with so much vigor, $h£ smiled, h£r h£art brimm!ng with love for h¡m.

$h£ quickly turned to concentrate on th£ road and soon, h£r ch£eks were h£ated up after a brief contact with h¡s l¡ps. h£ had felt h£r gaze on h¡m for sure.

$h£ glanced at h¡m and h£ was star!ng [email protected]¢k at h£r, wear!ng th£ most beautiful smile, h£r ch£eks grew h°tter and h£r smile wider, $h£ aga!n switch£d h£r gaze to concentrate on th£ road, th¡s time with butterflies !n h£r belly.

$h£ resisted th£ urge to s¢r**m ©vt h£r excitement and tell th£ world how blessed $h£ is.

$h£ resumed s!ng!ng along with th£m as th£y drove through th£ dazzl!ng city lights.


Written by Azeemah☺️


Thanks for read!ng guys!!!!!!

I’m so sorry I took quite long to upload th¡s chapter. I should have posted it on Wednesday but I wasn’t really [email protected]!$fied with it so I had to keep edit!ng. It’s th£ last chapter and I wanted it to be close to perfect.

Thanks for go!ng on th¡s bumpy ride with me, I really appreciate and I hope you enjoyed it.

I love you guysss so much, thanks for keep!ng me mov!ng, for stick!ng with me and encourag!ng me, even though I’ve not been a consistent author. You don’t know how much your love means to me, I won’t ever take it for granted❤️


Author Zee✍️

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