Her prince charming episode 38 – 39

( Head Over Heels…)


By, Summer Gold R.


“Miss? Miss?” Jewel could hardly hear the voice with the heavy rainfall

She finally looked up to find a cab parked in front of her

“You need to leave the rain” The cabdriver said and Jewel managed to get up,she was totally drenched under the rain. She entered the cab and they took off.

Minutes later,the cab stopped right in front of Jewel’s house,she immediately paid and walked slowly in.

“Jewel!” Granny Pina stood up quickly as Jewel came in

“What happened to you? Why are so soaked?”

Jewel broke into tears

“Tell me what happened to you,why are you crying?” Granny Pina asked

Jewel shook her head

“I’m going to take my bath and sleep,goodnight granny” She muttered and went in

“Goodnight?” Granny Pina said in confusion

Jewel entered her room,she took off her clothes and went into the bathroom. She couldn’t stop her tears as the scene appeared in her head again,the way his hand felt in her skin was so scary. She didn’t take long in the bathroom coz she knew she was going to catch the flu sooner or later.

She changed into her pajamas and lay down on the bed,She couldn’t sleep. And then she found herself thinking about Adrian,is he really going to keep ignoring her?

After some minutes of thinking,she finally dozed off



Mateo stepped down from the car first and stretched his hand to Delilah who was still inside

“My lady” He said like a gentleman

Delilah smiled and held his hand

“Acting like a gentleman huh?” She asked

“You got me” Mateo winked at her

They went into the large hall hand in hand,getting full attention from other guests.

👥 Isn’t that Prince Mateo?
👥 Oh mine,They are both royals!
👥 Are they dating?
👥 They must be dating
👥 Look at that dress
👥 They look amazing

“I think you deserve an award for being the most beautiful woman tonight” Mateo said and Delilah chuckled

“I don’t think so” She said

“Mateo!” A young lady called,walking toward them with another dude beside her,maybe her boyfriend or just a date

“Wow,Kim,you really came” Mateo said

“Of course” Kim smiled and hugged him shortly

“She’s my friend” Mateo said to Delilah

“Oh wow,who is she?? She’s so pretty” Kim said with a grin

“Hi,I’m Delilah” Delilah said

“Are you his girlfriend?” Kim asked


Delilah and Mateo said simultaneously and then looked at each other

“Seriously?” Kim laughed and Mateo smiled

“I wish you guys are dating tho,meet my boyfriend. Alan” Kim finally introduced the young man beside her

“Oh wow,you didn’t tell me you got a man” Mateo teased before shaking hands with Alan

“We are very good friends” Mateo said

“Nice meeting you Mateo” Alan replied

Alan and Kim walked away

“Why did you deny me in front of….”

“But we aren’t dating Mateo” Delilah cut in

“What if I want us to?” Mateo asked and Delilah let out a short smile

“Are you kidding me? We hardly know each other”

“I want to know you more,everything about you if you let me” Mateo said and Delilah stared at him speechlessly

They were still standing when some group of people came to them again,they kept on greeting some friends and all before the party eventually started

Everyone having fun with their partners,some people eating while some on the dance floor,everyone busy with one thing or the other,the hall looked really expensive and spacious,it’s obvious only billionaires are in the room.

“Wanna have a dance with me?” Mateo asked after the long silence between them

Delilah kept quiet,chewing her food slowly while Mateo waited for her response. She sipped from the wine a little before looking at him

“Don’t turn me down,we are couples tonight” Mateo said and she smiled

“You don’t have to threaten me with that” Delilah roll her eyes

Mateo stood up and opened his palm for her,Delilah placed her hand on his and got up.

They found their way to the dance floor

Mateo’s hand on her waist and Delilah wrapped her arms around his neck also,staring at each other’s eyes while following the slow moves of the background music

“It’s my first time coming here” Delilah muttered ,trying to start a conversation

Mateo smiled

“Why? Never got invited or,it’s just your choice?” Mateo asked

“First time being invited” Delilah replied

Mateo pulled her closer and Delilah frowned a little

“You’re over touching” She warned and Mateo chuckled

“No I’m not,you’re going to become mine anyway” he said

“Says who?”

“Mateo,the crown prince of Combonia Kingdom” Mateo said and she laughed

“That sounds interesting Mateo,what if I turn the crown prince down?” Delilah asked

“I don’t think you can”

“What makes you think I can’t?” Delilah raised her brows

“I can see it in your eyes,you will soon fall for this young handsome man you’re dancing with,and,you will become my queen” Mateo winked

“Such a sweet tongue” Delilah laughed

“It’s made with honey” Mateo said and Delilah slap his chest

“Stop the sweet talks” She muttered

“I guess you are falling for my charms already,then I will continue”

“Oh please” Delilah roll her eyes

Mateo lean closer to her ear

“Can I kiss you?” He asked and Delilah froze

Mateo moved back

“What’s your response?” He asked

“We should be dancing,not kissing” Delilah mumbled,avoiding his gaze

“How am I supposed to ignore when your lips are so tempting?”

“I told you to stop being naughty!” Delilah snapped and he laughed

“Yes my queen,I will listen to whatever you tell me” Mateo said

Delilah snitch her nose at him and they continue dancing.

“Interested in exchanging partners for some minutes?” Another couple dancing beside them asked

“Oh..sure” Mateo said and Delilah almost frowned at him

Mateo left her and moved to the other girl while the guy moved to Delilah,she lost interest almost immediately but didn’t show it.

“Hi beauty” The guy said smiling at her

“Hi” Delilah also managed to smile

“You look really beautiful,What’s your name?”


“I’m Felix” He introduced himself

Delilah nodded and turned her head toward Mateo and the other girl,they seem to be having fun too unlike her,the girl kept on smiling every second.

Delilah scoffed before facing Felix back

“Is he your boyfriend?” Felix asked,caressing her waist gently

“Yes he is,isn’t she your girlfriend?” Delilah asked

“Oh…no she’s not. We met here,she’s not even my type” Felix said and Delilah faked a smile

“Don’t you think it’s time to return to your partner? I want to talk to my boyfriend” She said

“So soon? They are enjoying each other’s company….”

“But I’m not,I don’t wanna dance anymore” Delilah said and snap his hand from her waist before walking away from the dance floor

Mateo’s eyes followed her immediately

“What are you looking at?” The girl he’s dancing with asked touching his face

“I need to go” Mateo said,and without waiting,he left her side and followed Delilah

“Hi,where’s the restroom?” Delilah asked one of the waiters

“This way” The waiter pointed

“Thanks” Delilah smiled and left,she entered the restroom and exhaled loudly

“How could he even dance so freely with a stranger? Huh? Is he a playboy or something? Gosh,this is annoying” Delilah complained as she washed her hands angrily

She sighed when she’s finally calmed.

She wipe her hands and went out,Mateo was waiting.

She ignored him and turned to lgo

“Hey princess” Mateo stepped in front of her and she frowned

“Are you done dancing with your new girlfriend?” Delilah asked and Mateo smiled

“You’re smiling,is this funny?” Delilah snapped

“Why would you call her my girlfriend? We exchanged partners and you also danced with the guy”

“I didn’t enjoy it at all,it was annoying. But you seem to enjoy every bit of it,she was even touching you,how could you allow her to touch you? Do you confess your feelings to every girl you meet just because you’re handsome and you’re so sure they will accept your…….”

Mateo cut her off with a peck on the lips

Delilah’s eyes went wide

“Why….why did you do that?” She asked

Mateo moved closed to her and held her waist,a moan escape her throat.

Mateo smiled naughtily as they both stared at each other’s eyes

“I didn’t enjoy the dance either,she touched me at first,but I told her you’re my girlfriend,even though I know you would deny me…” Mateo muttered and Delilah looked away

“I…I told Felix you’re my boyfriend” She said

“Who is Felix?” Mateo asked

“The guy I danced with”

“You even know his name?”

“He asked for mine and then told me…”

“I feel like punching him right now,I did not ask for that girl’s name” Mateo scoffed and Delilah smiled

“It’s just a name okay? Stop over reacting” She said

“I am really going kiss you” Mateo said

“You already did…”

“That’s just a peck okay? Let’s go back to the party” He held her hand and they left

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The rain was still pouring heavily,Iris lay down on the couch,doing nothing in particular.

She suddenly heard the door ringer,she got up and walked to the door,she opened and Saint entered

“Hey dude,what are you doing here?” Iris asked

“It’s boring and cold” Saint replied and hugged her without thinking twice

“Hey!! Are you crazy?!” Iris yelled and pushed him away

“Why will you hug me all of a sudden?”

“It’s because,I’m cold” Saint said

“How is that my business?” Iris snapped

Saint sat down on the couch

“Are you not going to leave?” Iris asked pointing at the door

Saint’s eyes went through her body,maybe she forgot she’s only putting on a butt short and a singlet.

“I told you to stop staring at me that way” Iris fold her arms and Saint smiled

“I’m not leaving,let’s watch a movie” Saint muttered and turned on the tv

“I thought this is my house not yours” Iris scoffed

“Aren’t you cold?” Saint asked

Iris ignored him and lay back on the couch,she covered her body with the thick duvet

“Where’s the kitchen? I’m going to make some hot tea” Saint got up and started walking out of the living room

“Stop right there!” Iris jumped down from the couch and followed him

“You can’t just move about anyhow” She said as they both entered the kitchen

“You really deserve to be punished” Iris muttered as she started making the tea

She turned on the water heater and brought out two cups,she poured the powder tea into the two cups while waiting for the water to get boiled

“Do you prefer dressing really hot when you’re all by yourself?” Saint asked and moved closer to her from the back

Iris turned her face to him immediately

“What are you doing?”

Saint caress her face gently and lean forward,his lips almost met with hers when the heater made a sound.

Iris ignored his lips and turned back to what she’s doing

“Here” She handed over a cup to him and Saint took it

“Don’t you think..physical contact will be a better warmer than this?” Saint asked

“What are you trying to say?” Iris asked,walking out of the kitchen

“Cuddling is going to be more amazing” Saint muttered

“Who are you going to cuddle with?” Iris asked

“You” Saint replied

“You must be dreaming Saint” Iris scoffed

Saint stared at her @ss and bite his lips

“You’re really mean to me doll” He said,sipping from his cup

“Yeah I know,you deserve it. Punishment for being a pervert” Iris lay down on the couch

Saint lay beside her

“Sit down somewhere else!”

Saint dropped his cup

“I’m really going to cuddle with you,don’t push me away” he said and covered their bodies with the duvet

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer

“Do you want to die?” Iris asked

“I don’t mind dying after this” Saint replied,staring at her lips

“Don’t….” before she could talk,Saint smashed his lips on her own

She tried to struggle out of the kiss at first,but then began kissing him back. Her hand stroking his soft hair as the kiss became intense. Saint got on top of her,kissing her more deeply,getting every taste of hers

They soon got rid of the duvet,throwing it on the floor

Soft moans escaping their lips,

They broke the kiss soundly,their lips looking so red and plump.

Saint winked at her before moving to her side again,his hand around her.

“I feel so warm right now” Saint muttered

“And I feel like hitting you” Iris said

“Did I stole your first kiss?” Saint asked with a smirk

“You think it’s funny?” Iris snapped

Saint peck her lips

“I should also be the last” he said

“In your dream” Iris scoffed

“I’m cold again” Saint said and pulled her more closer

“Saint!” Iris half yelled

Saint made her lie on top of him before covering them up

Iris rest her head on his chest

“You smell nice,somehow” She muttered

“You can sleep on my chest from today…I don’t mind” Saint said

“You know I’m crazy,I might not talk to you tomorrow” Iris said and Saint chuckled

“I know” He muttered



Jewel got down from the car and the driver drove off,she was putting on a hoodie and a jogger,a head warmer on her head too,but even at that,she’s still cold.

She sneezed

“F**k it” She muttered,her eyes all red and she was beginning to get fever due to the flu but she hate missing classes.

She walked slowly toward the lecture hall until Miguel appeared in front of her

“Jewel we need to talk” he said

“I have nothing to say to you Miguel” Jewel muttered and sniffed,regretting it immediately

“I’m sorry Jewel,I’m really sorry. I know I messed up…I couldn’t control myself but I am sorry”

“Apology accepted,but can you stay away from me for now? Just let me be,okay?? Please” Jewel said

Miguel nodded gently and walked away

Jewel sneezed into her handkerchief as she started walking and bumped into a body

“I’m sorry….” she looked up to see Adrian

‘Is she sick? Why is she looking like this? She caught the flu,was she in the rain last night? What if she develop fever?’ Adrian thought in his head as he stared at her,she also stared back at him

“Watch where you’re going” Adrian finally muttered before walking away

Jewel immediately turned back to him,staring at him until he was out of sight.

She sighed and went to the lecture hall

“Baby fairy!” Iris waved her hand

Jewel smiled and walked over to her

“Did you caught cold?” Iris asked

“Yeah right” Jewel replied

“Sorry,did you see Adrian? He asked me about you” Iris said and Jewel’s eyes widened

“He really asked you about me?” She asked

“Yes,but I don’t think he want me to tell you,he asked me if your hand still hurt and then…….” before iris could finish,Jewel ran out



“Gosh,what the h*ll am I doing?” Adrian muttered as he entered

He lean his back against the wall

He can’t even stop thinking about her and he kept on ignoring her,

Suddenly the door opened and Jewel entered

Adrian turned to her and there was silence


“Why are you here?” Adrian cut her off

Jewel moved closer to him

“I’m sorry” She muttered

“Why?” Adrian asked and Jewel bite her lips

“You’re mad at me,I know that” she said

Adrian only stared at her without saying a word

“I’m sorry for…..”

“Are you cold?” He cut her off and Jewel looked up

“No I’m not….” It was at that moment she sneezed

“You said you are not cold,but you caught a flu” He moved closer and touched her head

“Why are you still worried about me?” She asked

“I can’t help it” Adrian muttered

Jewel smiled and hugged him

“Did you get into the rain last night?” Adrian asked and Jewel nodded

“Why? The rain was quite heavy,now I know why I was restless last night” Adrian said stroking her hair

“Really? You were restless?”

Adrian broke the hug

“Why are you here? You told me to stay away from you” He said,staring straight into her eyes

“Please don’t stay away,I can’t take it anymore” Jewel muttered

“I missed you,so much” She said and Adrian smiled

“I really wanted to stay away,but it hurts anytime I see you with him. It’s like the worst feeling ever” Adrian said

The door suddenly opened and Molly entered

“What the h*ll is going on between you two?!” She shouted angrily

Adrian ignored her and wrapped his arms around Jewel’s waist,pulling her closer

“Adrian” Molly called

“Don’t push me away” Adrian muttered and without thinking twice,he crashed his lips on Jewel’s.

Jewel pulled him closer and kissed him back

Molly stared at them as they kissed,tears started rolling down her eyes and she ran out.