Her Prince Charming

Her prince charming episode 42 – 43

( Head Over Heels…)


By, Summer Gold R.



Adrian walked out of his room,he was already dressed. He started walking toward the King’s chamber

“Pumpkin!” Angel called his attention and he turned

Angel ran to him

“Aren’t you going to school?” Adrian asked

“I’m dressed already” Angel said and Adrian looked at her

“Oh right” He muttered

“You look nervous,is something wrong?” Angel asked

“No,I’m going to pick baby face from the airport,in an hour” Adrian replied

“You have no class this morning?” Angel asked and touch his hair

“I do”

“I’m running late,see you later” Angel smiled and pecked his cheek before running off

Adrian sighed out and continue walking,he got to the King’s chamber. The guards immediately let him in and he entered but it was empty,he had to go into the King’s study and he’s there

“Good morning father” Adrian bowed,they haven’t spoken after the last time he came for a request to be disengaged with Molly

“Good morning son” King Czar replied and looked up from the book on the table

“You have something to say?” King Czar asked and Adrian nodded

He was silent for a while,thinking of the best way to start the conversation.

“Have your seat Adrian” King Czar said

Adrian sat down

“Actually father….I want to be like you when I finally take over the throne” He started and King Czar smiled

Adrian sighed inwardly hoping everything he says pleases his father

“You’re really incredible and I’ve learnt alot from you,but then. I think being a great king like you,it would be nothing without an amazing queen like mom right?” Adrian asked

King Czar nodded

“You’re right son,your mother is the best woman in the whole world” He said and Adrian smiled

“Right I know” Adrian muttered

“I’m just,trying to say…..why did you choose Molly for me?” He asked and immediately turned his gaze to his finger not ready to look at the King’s face

“What do you mean?” King Czar asked

“Molly and I….can’t work that way father please try to understand……..”

“Adrian,you should go to school” King Czar said

“Father please”

“If it’s not going to be Molly,then who Adrian? Tell me who else do you want? I don’t know any other princess aside Molly” King Czar said

“Must I….get married to a princess?” Adrian asked

“Of course yes,This is all about Royalties,if you have some other princess you want then tell me before I can take a step and and think of canceling the engagement” King Czar said

Adrian bite his lips,not knowing what else to say.

“Say something,is there someone else aside Molly?” King Czar asked

Adrian shook his head sadly and King Czar turned back to the book in front of him

Adrian stood up

“So,if there’s another princess I am in love with,then……”

“I will cancel your engagement with Molly right away” King Czar said at once

“I will take my leave now father” He bowed and walked out of the chamber at once,thinking about Jewel already. If only she’s from a royal family.

“My prince” Jeff followed him

Adrian checked the time

“I don’t think I will be able to go to the airport again,Just tell the driver to do that” Adrian muttered

“You don’t want me to come with you?” Jeff asked

“I want to be alone Jeff” Adrian said and entered the car,he drove off speedily



“Sadly,professor Donald’s class” Iris muttered as she walked out of the class with Jewel

“I always enjoy his classes tho” Jewel muttered

“I enjoy his classes too,but the fact that he’s the only one today means trouble,don’t you think?” Iris pouted

Leilani walked pass them and they exchanged glances

“Don’t say anything” Jewel said and Iris smiled

Francis and Saint joined them

“Why are you two always together tho?” Francis asked

“Dummy,they are friends. What do you expect?” Saint scoffed and Jewel chuckled

“These past days,general classes are more than the private ones” Iris said

“I love it that way” Francis winked at Jewel and she smiled

They entered the hall and sat down,Francis was sitting next to Jewel and then Iris and Saint,Jewel looked around but Adrian is nowhere around.

“He’s always the last to come in” She mumbled

“Worried about something?”Francis asked

“No,it’s nothing” Jewel said

The hall was already filled and seems no student is coming in again

She brought out her phone and texted Adrian

*Hey Where are you?*

Professor Donald came into the hall quietly,he turned on the smart board and the topic came on

# Crystallography_and_X-ray

The hall became silent

Professor Donald cleared his throat and stood in front of the microphone

πŸŽ™X-ray crystallography is the experimental science determining the atomic and molecular structure of a crystal, in which the crystalline structure causes a beam of incident X-rays to diffract into many specific directions.

He turned toward the board

πŸŽ™You can check this out later in your PCs,right now……” He stopped when Adrian entered the hall,

“I’m sorry” Adrian said in a low tone before finding somewhere to seat.

“Your focus back on the board” Prof Donald said and the students staring at him turned back to the board.

πŸŽ™I will be talking about the short history on this topic,the applications,and theories. After that,I will group you guys and you will do some practicals and experiments. There will be presentations next week

The students started murmuring

πŸŽ™ I will start now,so listen

It was silent all through the hall,only the voice of the professor could be heard.

Adrian turned,eye searching for Jewel. He saw her,she was also staring at him. They both smiled at each other before Adrian turned back



πŸŽ™That will be all for today,I will start with the groups.

He faced the smart board and the lists came on

πŸŽ™ check out your group members names and click together immediately

The students started standing up,arranging themselves according to their groups.

Jewel in the same group as Francis,Miguel,Genesis,Autumn and Jane

Adrian paired with,Molly,Leilani,Amy,Iris and Saint

And other students,there are numbers of groups already

πŸŽ™Now you know your team members,make sure you do a great job. Study together so you can bring out the best experiments and presentation

“Yes Prof” The students chorused

πŸŽ™Till next week then

Professor Donald walked out of the hall and half of the students exhaled out loudly

“I’m f**king hungry” Francis muttered

“Me too,should we go to the cafeteria together?” Autumn immediately said,smiling

Francis ignored her completely and faced Jewel

“Let’s go” he said

Jewel nodded and they walked out of the hall together

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“Don’t they look so good together?” Genesis smirked

“Shut up” Autumn snapped

Miguel left quietly

Francis and Jewel are still walking and talking when Adrian got to them and grabbed Jewel’s hand

Francis stopped walking,staring at them as they left together

“Adrian” Jewel called and he turned

“We can’t make it obvious” She said

“Huh?” Adrian raised his brows,confused

“I mean,us” Jewel muttered

“You want us to keep our relationship a secret?” Adrian asked,finally getting it

Jewel nodded

“Why?” Adrian asked

“What if your parents find out?”

“I told you not to worry about them,I will take care of everything…..”

“I trust you okay? I know you will protect me like you said,I believe you. But still,it’s going to be trouble if the students find out” Jewel said,staring into his eyes

“Say something” She muttered

Adrian managed to nod his head and then kissed her head

Jewel smiled

“Jewel” Iris called and they both turned back

Francis and Saint are with her

“Did you just called me Jewel?” Jewel frowned and Iris laughed before wrapping her arms around Jewel

“wait,I’m actually taller than you” Jewel said measuring her height with Iris’s

Iris immediately move away

“You don’t have to say it” She scoffed

“She’s actually short,shorty” Saint smirked at her

“You shouldn’t be talking dude,Francis is taller than you,Jeff is also taller than you,you can’t even stand beside Adrian coz you look like his kid brother” Iris snapped and everyone laughed aside Saint

“Saint” Francis called between laughter

Iris smirked at Saint

Saint rub his hair

“But honestly,Jeff and I are the same in height,right Adrian?” Saint asked

“I have no idea” Adrian said and they laughed again

“Now who is the real shorty?” Iris chuckled

“That doesn’t change the fact that you’re the shortest here okay?” Saint scoffed

“Actually I love tall guys,just look at Adrian,He’s so tall,is he not the tallest?” Iris asked

“Miguel is somehow taller than Adrian,Just a little bit tho” Francis said

“What do you mean by you love tall guys? I’m also tall,,gosh why am I even friends with people taller than me? I should start walking with shorter guys at this rate” Saint muttered,walking away

“Iris,you have such a bad mouth” Francis chuckled

“What,he called me shorty first and I returned the favor,just that I added few points to it” Iris rolled her eyes

They got to the cafeteria,after getting their food,they sat down to eat.

“Who else is bothered about our presentations?” Francis asked

“It’s still next week anyway” Jewel said

“I’m not worried about anything,since I’m in Adrian’s group,my full mark” Iris smirked

“I’m jealous” Jewel muttered and smiled at Adrian

“Why? I’m also smart,we will do really good. Trust me okay?” Francis said

“I know” Jewel said and they did a fist bump

“Is that pasta salad?” Iris asked pointing at Francis food

“Yes,why?” Francis asked

“I don’t like it” Iris shook her head

“Hey,don’t condemn my favorite lunch” Francis scoffed

“Is it really that good?” Jewel asked

“Would you have a taste?” Francis asked raising his spoon close to her mouth

Jewel nodded and he fed her

“What do you think?” Francis asked

“Wow,it’s good” Jewel nodded

“You don’t have to feed her” Adrian muttered

“You’re just jealous” Francis snapped and Jewel chuckled

Saint came back

“You’re back” Iris mocked

“None of those guys are my taste” Saint said and sat down

“And,don’t talk to me okay?” He said and Iris roll her eyes

“I’m sure you two will talk when you get back home” Francis muttered and Iris choked

“See? I hit the right spot” Francis winked at Jewel

Iris hit his back and he coughed

“See? I hit the right spot too” Iris half yelled

Francis continue coughing

Jewel gave him water

“What the f**k is your hand made of?!” Francis yelled when he was fine

“Metal” Iris stuck her tongue out at him

“He can really die just like that” Saint said

“I thought we aren’t talking anymore” Iris snapped

Jewel laughed and took a glance at Adrian who couldn’t stop staring at her

“Are you okay?” She asked in a low voice

“No I’m not” Adrian muttered and continue eating



Jewel sipped from her milkshake and sighed out worriedly,wondering if she’s doing the right thing by telling Adrian to keep their relationship a secret.

‘Does it sound like I’m scared of Molly?’ She thought

‘I’m not scared of Molly but his parents,what if they find out and do something…..gosh I’m thinking too much already’

“I’m so f**ked up” She muttered,taking a long sip this time.

She brought out her phone and texted Adrian to meet her at the roof top.

Few seconds later,she heard footsteps behind her

“Adrian?” She called and turned,her smile disappeared immediately she saw Miguel

She stood up

Miguel moved closer to her

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“I saw you coming here” Miguel replied

“I was about to leave…..” Miguel grabbed her hand before she could think of moving

“Don’t touch me!” Jewel snapped

Miguel released her

“I’m sorry” He muttered

“But then….it’s hard thinking about you and Adrian” He said and Jewel looked at him

“I love you” he added

“I can’t just let you go,just tell me what to do to make you mine instead….”

“Just give up,You and I can never work,not again” Jewel said with an attempt to leave

Miguel stood in front of her again

“Are you just going to ignore my feelings for you? How sure are you that Adrian love you? He has a girlfriend for goodness sake,do you think his parents will ever support your relationship with him? As the crown prince,he can only be with a princess,but I’m different,I’m f**king independent and can date whoever I want….”

“Stop” Jewel muttered

“But I’m saying the truth,you should just forget about him so you won’t get hurt later,He’s not the right person for you….”

“I said stop!!” Jewel yelled

“Stop telling me those sh*ts okay? You can’t f**king make me stop loving him by doing that,so please just leave me alone” Jewel said

“I’m saying all these because I love you,how do you expect me to stop right now? I can’t,I just can’t.” He moved closer to her and held her hand

“I won’t stop staying that I love you…..”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Adrian’s voice said from the back and they both turned at a time

Adrian glared at Miguel’s hand still holding Jewel and walked toward them,he grabbed Jewel’s hand and pulled her to his side

“How many times do I have to warn you? Stay away from her,you’re getting on my nerves already” Adrian said and Miguel scoffed

“So what will you do if I keep getting on your nerves? What the h*ll are you going to do?” Miguel asked

“It’s even more annoying how you keep telling me to stay away from her,you should do something about your betrothed girlfriend first,stop acting like you don’t know your relationships with Jewel won’t end well,you will still f**king end up with Molly no matter what you do,if not Molly then some other princess,not Jewel,so why are you still holding on to her if you’re going to dump her later and get married to someone else?…..”

“Miguel” Jewel snapped,cutting him off

“What,just let your boyfriend talk. He’s not saying anything because everything I’m saying is the truth You should stop clinging unto him coz it’s never going to work(faced Adrian) You are being selfish,you should better watch out,I will do everything to win her back so you can get married to your princess in peace” Miguel said and smirked at him before walking away

Jewel looked up at Adrian

“Are you okay?” She asked

“Why do you keep asking me this question? I’m not f**king okay,I’m not. I am trying to act as if I am,but I’m really not fine Jewel,everything he said is true,even when I know the truth,I’m still acting as if everything is going to be fine,the truth is,I am confused and I don’t know what to do anymore,I’m just trying to drag you into my own problems…..” Jewel cut him off with a kiss

She broke the short kiss almost immediately

“Stop talking,that doesn’t change the fact that I’m in love with you” Jewel muttered

Adrian pulled her into a tight hug

“Honestly,I’m scared” He said


“I don’t want to loose you,I don’t want to give up on you,but…..”

“No buts,just stick to your words. A king doesn’t give up no matter what,you should be strong and don’t feel defeated by ordinary words,I will always stay with you” Jewel cut in and he smiled

“I love you” Adrian muttered

“I love you more” Jewel said


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