Her Prince Charming

Her prince charming episode 46 – 47

( Head Over Heels…)


By, Summer Gold R.


“Do you guys know each other?” Jewel asked curiously and Maria faced her

“Yes!” She said excitedly

“Wow,really?” Jewel smiled

“It’s really you” Granny Pina said

They all sat down

“Will you tell me where you two know each?? Was granny a court lady?” Jewel asked

“Yes” Granny Pina replied

“Ouch,you never told me anything” Jewel pouted

“And,I was a maid,working in the same palace” Maria smiled and Jewel’s eyes widened

“Maid?!” She exclaimed

“Yeah” Maria replied

“Wow,so you bot left the palace at a time?” Jewel asked

“No,I left first because of a problem. But granny,when did you stopped working at the palace?” Maria asked

“Nineteen years ago” Granny Pina replied

“Wow,does that mean you left immediately I was gone too?” Maria asked

“Yes,but look at you,you made it” Granny Pina said

“I guess so,I never imagined meeting you again. Who is Jewel to you by the way?” Maria asked

“Oh…she’s my grand child” Granny Pina said and Jewel smiled

“Her parents?” Maria asked

“Late” Granny Pina replied

“It must have been hard taking care of her alone” Maria muttered and Stroke Jewel’s hair

“I have a request,and I hope you can grant it to me” Maria said and Jewel looked at her

“Please,hand Jewel to me.” Maria said and Jewel gasped

“I know it’s going to be a hard decision,but I promise to give her the best in life……..”

“I can’t let her go” Granny Pina said and Jewel turned immediately

“She’s the only one keeping my company,how do you expect me to leave her to you?” Granny Pina asked

“I know you would say that,but we can all stay together right?”

“I can’t leave this house,it’s my husband’s” Granny Pina replied

“I really wish you can do this granny,think about this as a means of helping……”

“Stop” Granny Pina cut in


“No” Granny Pina stood up and walked in

Jewel touched Maria’s arm and she stopped talking before facing her

“It’s okay,I will talk to her” Jewel said

“You will? You want to come with me?” Maria asked

Jewel nodded

“I want to,because I know you want the best for me” Jewel said

Maria smiled and hugged her

“Please talk to her like you said” Maria muttered

“I will,I want to stay with you” Jewel said,hugging her more tightly. Strangely,she felt so comfortable in her arms.

After Maria left,Jewel went to get Granny

“Granny” Jewel called gently and sat down with her on the bed

“I understand how you’re feeling granny,but please reason with me. I’ve been staying home,working so hardly to go to school but I couldn’t even save up to the amount of a Standard college,but she came into my life granny. I’m sure she want the best for me….”

“You really don’t mind,going?” Granny Kina asked

“Of course I mind,she said we can all stay together” Jewel replied

“I can’t” Granny Pina muttered

“Granny Please,let me go. It’s for our own good,I promise to take care of you better than this” Jewel said


“Really??!” Jewel shouted

“Looks like you’ve made up your mind and I can’t force you”

“Thank you granny!” Jewel hugged her immediately



Mateo stopped the car outside the gate,he came down to open the door for Delilah.

“Thank you” Delilah smiled and got down from the car

“I wish I can spend everyday with you,just like this” Mateo said and she smiled

Mateo hugged her

“I’m missing you already” He muttered

“Me too” Delilah said

Mateo disengaged the hug and kissed her

Delilah pulled back gently

“Someone might see us” Delilah muttered

“I’m sorry” Mateo said

“You should go now,let’s talk later” Delilah waved at him


Delilah smiled and went in

Mateo turned and was shocked to see Adrian leaning on the car staring at him

“Oh…..Hi” Mateo smiled when he realized who he is

“I’m Mateo” Mateo said stretching his hand for a shake

Adrian stared at his hand and then his face,he ignored him and went in without saying a word.

Mateo run his hand through his hair and entered the car,speeding off immediately.

Adrian caught up with Delilah

“Sis” He called and Delilah turned back in shock

“What the…you scared me!” Delilah touched her chest

“Why are you scared?” Adrian asked and Delilah sighed

“I saw who you came with,isn’t that Mateo?? The crown prince of Cambo…….” Delilah covered his mouth before he could finish

“Shut up before someone hear you” She said

“Then why would you bring him here when you know it’s not right?” Adrian asked

“What are you talking about?” Delilah frowned

“You know what I’m talking about,Mateo….”

“Stop,it’s annoying already” Delilah muttered

“I’m not trying to annoy you,I’m just…….”

“Don’t tell me what to do okay?” Delilah snapped and walked away

“Gosh,why is she so mad about it?” Adrian scoffed



“Adrian!” Adrian stopped walking when he heard his name,he turned back and Iris ran to him

“Why are you so late? Remember we have to work on our group work” Iris said

“Yeah I’m late I know” Adrian muttered

“Others are in the radiation room already,let’s go. We’ve been waiting for you” Iris said

Adrian nodded and they both started walking

“Another group are carrying out their practicals already,so we decided to join them” Iris said

In the Radiation room,Jewel’s group are gathered together.

Jewel explaining few things while Francis took notes on the PC.

“We have to talk about the principles,very important” Genesis said checking her textbook

“I found somethings out yesterday,the principle is based on the principle of diffraction. And then,the crystal is made to strike against cray beam” Jewel said

“Hey Francis,are you noting every single thing down?” Miguel asked

“Will you take it from me then?” Francis frowned

“I don’t mind” Miguel scoffed

Francis roll his eyes

“Are you done with it?” Jewel asked Francis

Francis shifted the PC to her

“Check it out” He smiled

“Good job” Jewel nodded

“Shouldn’t we move to the checkout?” Miguel asked

As Jewel tried to walk,Autumn set her leg on the way and Jewel slipped,but Miguel caught her before she could fall

“Why the h*ll did you do that?!” Francis snapped at her

“not like it’s intentional” Autumn roll her eyes

“Thanks” Jewel said to Miguel and he nodded

Jewel turned to find Adrian looking at them from the other side with his group members too. She moved away from Miguel.

“Let’s continue” She said

“Are you going to do everything all alone? Stop showing off,it’s annoying” Autumn said and the members faced her

“Will you do it instead? It’s even stressful for me” Jewel said and stood beside Francis

“Yes I will,not like there’s something important about you” Autumn hissed

“You can just do it all alone,I’m not ready to fail okay?” Genesis said to Autumn and she frowned

“What are you talking about?” Autumn asked

“We are saying,we Prefer Jewel to you,Need more explanation?” Miguel asked

“It’s okay,anybody can….”

“This is not about anyone,we need to do a good job. I don’t want to fail” Jane muttered interrupting Jewel

“Just continue Jewel” Francis said

Jewel smiled and nodded

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“Do you think it’s going to work this way?” Leilani asked,checking out the diagram carefully

“Of course,just look at this” Saint moved closer to Leilani,trying to show her something and Iris Frowned

“But do we have to study the diagram?” Iris asked

“Exactly what I’m thinking” Adrian muttered

Leilani and Saint looked up

“Then,what are we going to do?” Leilani asked

“The angles” Adrian and Molly said at a time


“Yes,the angle and intensity of the diffraction rays is analog to spatial arrangement of atom in crystal,so I’m sure of it,studying these angles,the 3D structure of any crystal can be determined” Adrian concluded

“Wow..” They all chorused and clapped

“You’re the best” Leilani smiled and gave him a thumb up

“Do you have the principles with you?” Adrian asked Iris

“Yeah” Iris replied and started reading



Jewel and Iris ate in silence,Iris was pressing her phone at the same time.

“Wow,it’s Tiana” Iris suddenly spoke up,grinning

“Who is that?” Jewel asked

“Tiana,she’s a model. Heard her flight just landed in Greece,here’s her picture. I think she’s here for a shoot” Iris said showing Jewel the picture

“Wow,isn’t that Tiana? Heard she’s coming to Greece” Genesis smiled as she joined them

“She’s here already” Iris said

“She’s my favorite” Genesis said

“I don’t know her” Jewel shook her head

“Oh,she’s the top one model in Greece” Iris winked

“Wait,I thought it’s Molly” Jewel asked

“Molly is number two,and I’m sure it’s because she’s betrothed to the crown prince,not like she’s pretty” Genesis scoffed

“She’s pretty” Jewel smiled

“Anyway,Tiana has been taking the top one title for years and I don’t think anyone can replace her in the modeling world” Iris said

“Isn’t Leilani a model too?” Jewel asked

“She’s between ten and twelve” Genesis smirked

“Adrian is the rishest male model,like damn,his influence is on another level” Iris muttered

“I know right,He’s got different ambassador contracts,sometimes I’m jealous of Molly” Genesis said

“Guys wait,There’s a shoot this Saturday in DAZZLING ..tomorrow and this includes,Tiana Blue,Molly,Leilani…..wait Jewel Andrew? Isn’t that you?” Iris raised her head

“Me? Probably not,I’m not even a model” Jewel scoffed

“I’ve never heard of any model with that name aside you” Genesis said

“Not me” Jewel shook her head



Jewel waited in the living room,Maria is in the room discussing with granny pina,Minutes later Maria came out and Jewel stood up

“How is it?” She asked

Maria immediately hugged her

“You’re coming with me” She said

“I knew it,I already spoke to her last night” Jewel said and they disengaged

“I already packed my bags,are we leaving now?” Jewel asked impatiently,it’s so strange that she wanted to go with her,she just can’t wait.

Maria nodded

“I will talk to granny first” Jewel entered


In the car,The guards arranged Jewel’s stuffs in the boot and minutes later,Jewel showed up. She entered the car and the driver drove off.

“I have good news for you anyway” Maria said and Jewel faced her

“You’re officially a model” Maria said with a smile

“Huh?” Jewel gasped In confusion

“I was also shocked too,but The company contacted me. I guess since your first shoot,they’ve been trying to reach you. And tomorrow will be your second shoot,for Dazzling. Not just you,other older models too” Maria explained

‘So,it was me?” Jewel muttered

“Congratulations Baby girl”

Jewel smiled

“I can’t believe this” She muttered

“I am your manager for now” Maria said and Jewel chuckled


They both laughed

“Of course,you will need one later. I volunteer to do that until I get you one” Maria said

Jewel hugged her

“Thank you”

Maria smiled and stroke her hair

“I don’t know why,but I want to do a lot of things for you” Maria muttered



Adrian was about opening the fridge when he heard the door ringer,he checked the time and it’s almost past eight. He walked to the door wondering who it is,he opened the door

“Muffin!!” Jewel dropped the nylon in her hand and jumped on him

“Jewel?” Adrian called looking surprised

“Call me a sweet name instead,aside Jewel” she muttered,clinging more on him

“Bubble Butt” Adrian said

“What? Bubble what?” Jewel laughed

“Butt” Adrian smirked naughtily

“Does my butt look like a bubble to you?” Jewel asked

“Of course,it’s f**king round and hot” Adrian said

“Naughty!” Jewels laughed

“It’s a compliment,coz you drive me crazy anytime I stare at them” Adrian muttered before dropping her

Jewel smiled

“You didn’t tell me you were coming” Adrian said and pecked her lips

“I wanted to surprise you,I brought desserts” Jewel said and took the nylon she dropped

“Are you sleeping over?” Adrian asked,trying to understand

“Yes” Jewel whispers into his ear and a naughty smile escape his lips

“Hold this,I will get soft drinks” Jewel said and handed the bag to him

She went to the fridge and got the drinks,

They went to Adrian’s room

“Firstly,I have something to tell you” Jewel said and made Adrian sit down on one of the sofas

“What is it” Adrian asked impatiently

Jewel stood in front of him and told him about the modeling and about her staying with Maria

“You deserve it,being the most beautiful girl in the whole world” Adrian said

“Are you teasing me right now?” Jewel smiled

“No I’m not” Adrian muttered

Jewel moved closer to him and sat down on his laps,

“Let’s watch a movie” She said

“Now?” Adrian asked and she nodded

“But…..I’m going to take my bath first,where’s the bathroom?” She stood up

Adrian held her hand and took her to the bathroom

“Wanna join me?” Jewel bite her lips

“Should I?” Adrian attempted to go in

“Just kidding” Jewel pushed him out and closed the door

“What the f**k” Adrian chuckled

Minutes later,Jewel came into the bedroom. Adrian was eating a chocolate,he raised his head and stared at her,she was wearing the bathrobe but still looking hot

Her eyes scanned all over her body as she walked

“Can you even stop staring?” Jewel teased

“You know I can’t” Adrian said

Jewel chuckled and moved closer

Adrian dropped the chocolate in his hand and almost grabbed her butt but Jewel stopped him

“Let’s do something” She said

“What” Adrian asked and Jewel smirked

“I’m going to test how long you can control yourself…..I’m going to seduce you but you won’t touch me,you can only watch” Jewel said and Adrian nodded

“Interested?” Jewel asked

“For how many minutes” Adrian asked

“Just five minutes” Jewel replied

“Five minutes? I don’t think that should be a problem” Adrian said

“Really?” Jewel smirked

“Yes” Adrian said

“Let’s see then” She muttered and loosed the tie on the bathrobe,she took it off slowly revealing her night wear,it’s a see through. Her killer shape making it more hard,Adrian bite his lips,staring at her.

Jewel smiled at him and caress his face,touching him down to his chest. Adrian only stared at her,watching her every move,she lean close to his face and lick her lips as if to kiss him but simply moved away

She turned her back to him and shook her butt dangerously

“Wait,isn’t this cheating? It’s getting too much” Adrian said

“I’m not even done with you yet” Jewel chuckled as she started twerking,rocking on his d**k

“What the f**k” Adrian groaned

“Don’t touch,it’s not time yet” Jewel said and continue twerking, her butt was bouncing and moving on him so Crazily

By this time,Adrian was already hard on but she didn’t stop

“Baby I’m dying already” Adrian groaned


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