Hidden Dream

Hidden Dream – Episode 10

Hidden Dream – Episode 10

©Tisa Phiri


I ran to the front and walked closer to the Windows looking at some clothes. I couldn’t stay any more close to him. ” is he crazy? ” I asked myself getting upset. I knew there was nothing going on between us but Jay was starting to get on my nerves.

He kept on eyeing our dance teacher and I started feeling irritated. I was sure I looked good. After we arrived at the lodge I had taken extra time bathing and dressing up.

I recall Ms Jere had called me to tell me that we would have our dinner at Arcades and later on walk around before returning to the lodge.

” you girls just freshen up and let’s have some time out. I don’t want you to be all groomy tommorow I want you relaxed” she added with her killer smile.

I just couldn’t help feel jealousy. I used to like her so much and her beauty was evident. I always thought she was the most beautiful and good looking teacher in the school but now I wasn’t liking it at all.

I was only 16 but I felt so much attracted to Jay. I tried my girlish gestures to have him notice me but ended up hurt when he only saw me as a friend.

I noticed how much I had been on him trying to raise some small fights so that I can just keep close but the guy completely ignored me.

My aunty at home even told it was just my teenage hormenes bulging up but I clearly denied her allegation.

” am not crazy aunty”, I would tell her.

” I have not felt anything like I feel for Jay and I know he’s my first love.” I argued.

” well be careful cause if your mother was to know you have started having such thoughts she will skin you alive” my aunty would threaten me.

” I didn’t say am going to give myself to him for s€× Aunty, I just like him that’s it” I stood my defence and she raised her hands in surrender.

” you are a little stubborn thing my friend and I hope you will be careful. Don’t fantasize about a guy that doesn’t even look at you. I have been there and it can drive people of your age crazy” she shrugged and kept on cleaning the house.

I wanted to ignore the urge to want Jay close to me but everytime I saw him I just couldn’t resist.

Whenever he danced with me I took it so personal and I felt he belonged to me. Call me foolish or whatever I wanted him for myself and him eyeing my teacher wasn’t so cool.

” Tracy!, can you call the others I think we should head back to the lodge now. The driver wants to go and rest and we all need to. We have a long day tommorow” Ms Jere told me

” sure Madam” I responded walking to the other side.

Back at the lodge she stood by the door and talked to us a bit before she turned to go I walked to the door.

” Ms Jere,” I started patting my thighs as i stood near her .

” what is it dear?” She asked clamly smiling at me.

” I have something to ask you” I started figiting.

” yep!” She acknowledged looking at her phone.

” are we going to wear a little make up tomorrow?”

she stopped looking at her phone and looked up at me.” I see you want to look good huh?” She let a laugh.

” Yeah I think so, you are ball room dancers and I want you all to look spectacular, no wonder I told you I will have to take you out to the saloon in the morning to do your hair, nails and make-up.”

“But, be warned you will have to undo everything before you go to class on monday” she quickly added.

“Great!” I shouted rushing back to the girls. We were 4 in total so were the guys.

“Girls we will look great tomorrow and we gonna beat them I shouted throwing myself on the bed as the girls all laughed excited.

” I can bet my Jay will look so handsome in his suit and I can’t wait for him to hold me in those perfect hands” I said closing my eyes and mimicking the dance extending my hands like I was dancing with him.

” he’s just your dancing partner and not your boyfriend Tracy” my friend reminded me and I stood up to her.

” well , never say never right?” I blushed proudly.

The following morning I woke up early and as the girls started dressing up I first decided to take a walk out the lodge.

It was still early and we had awaken early because of the excitement. We still had hours before Ms Jere would take us to the saloon. The competition was starting at 18 hours that evening so we still had time.

Walking outside, I saw Jay seated in the garden chair leaning back and facing the sky like he was in deep thoughts

” hey early Bird!” I called out as I walked towards him.

He turned sharply looking my direction.

” Tracy” he said with a sigh like he was disappointed seeing me.

” yeah you expecting to see someone else?” I mocked him.

” No, am just surprised you are up. It’s still early you should be with your friends in,side.”

Jay told me still in his same posture.

” well I couldn’t sleep any more and needed to have some fresh air out here. Am just wondering why you are out here all alone ” I paced around like a small girl seeking for attention.

” am mostly alone. That’s me ” he smiled and I kept my eyes at his face.

” no offence, but I need to be alone now” he murmered

” none taken Dear” I said feeling hurt by his not paying attention to me.

I went back in,side to join the others fighting the urge to defile his request and stay outside with him.


I couldnt sleep. I kept on figiting in my bed that night and before 06 am I was up.

I took a quick bath and went to sit outside. I couldnt stay in anymore. I felt so nervous and the images of Ms Jere were not fading from my mind.

” what is wrong with me?” I asked myself as I leaned back in the chair.

” am not supposed to be thinking about a woman who was older than me even when I knew it was only by 2 years, she still was older and to make matters more complicated, my teacher.”

I had never had any formal girlfriend as in some kind of relationsh¡p so I wouldnt say I was in love cause I surely didn’t know what love was.

I was lost in thoughts when Tracy called me out.

For a moment my mind played me and I heard Ms Jere’s voice, but when I turned to the direct ion of the voice I almost frowned seeing Tracy smiling as she got closer.

She somehow noticed my disappointment seeing her there but I didn’t bother to act any better. instead I asked her to leave excusing myself for wanting some lone time.

I had hoped Ms Jere would come out at some point probably in her pyjamas but my dream didn’t come true as I realised it was time for the barber shop after staying out for some time.

We were seated in the conference centre at 17: 30 after we were registered. The girls looked so good in their c*cktail dresses and their hair done. My attention went to my partner Tracy who looked exceptionally stunning. Her pink silk dress falling on her body to her feet and a long slit in the front. An appropriate dress for the first dance which was called Paso Doble..

She smiled at me and I flashed back a smile at her but I instantly turned away my attention when Ms Jere emerged walking in her red heels towards us.

She wore a short velvet black dress with a silver neck chain that outlined her open chest above the cle-vage. Her silver purse glittered on her right hand matching with the neck chain and the wrist watch on the other hand.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, like an idiot I walked to her and welcomed her.

” wow! You look exceptionally beautiful this evening Ms.” I recommended her bowing my head towards her and she flashed me her captivating smile.

” Thank you Mr Zimba” she bow her head a bit, teasing me back.

That evening we were called to the dance floor and we all did our best dancing gracefully pleasing the judges. We now had to wait until the following night when we were to do the last two dances which included salsa.

We were taken back to the lodge as the group was filled with excitment. Even when we knew we were to be awarded as couples we all remained optimistic one or two couples from our group was going to be picked.

Everyone left to their rooms but I walked out after removing my Jacket and remained with my shirt with loosened buttons.

I had to see her one more time and before I could talk myself out of it, I walked to her room knocking softly at her door without hesitation.

” hey, what are you doing here?” Ms Jere asked looking outside. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to see if I was with someone or she was afraid of someone seeing me knocking at her door late at night.

” I, I, I came to see you for something can I come In?” I asked

” Yeah sure” she sighed opening the door to allow me in.

She had removed her shoes but was still in her dress, now I could see her a shoulder shorter than me.

” I came to ask what you discussed with my father since you didn’t give me an answer yesterday, I started not knowing how to explain my going to see her.

“Mnmmm that’s strange cause I don’t recall saying I would tell you that” she answered standing in front of me as I held my hands nervously.

” yeah I know, but I thought you could tell me ”

She let a laugh. “No I won’t, forget it”

She was still laughing and I lost it, I went straight at h er holding her by her shoulders and pulled her closer to me.

Without warning, I bent down and landed my l-ips on her crimson red l-ips…..

To be continued

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