Hidden Dream

Hidden Dream – Episode 4

Hidden Dream – Episode 4

©Tisa Phiri

I didn’t bother to look outside as my father drove me to his so-called boarding school. I had barely slept the previous night. I did all the packing in the night.

The following morning my mother asked me to go with her as she went to pick my groceries and other staff for my school. I barely said a word to her. I could only nod or murmer an answer whenever she would ask me a question. I let her pick the groceries as I pushed the trolleys. she picked all the basics. The bathing soaps, lotions, washing powder, tinned foods, rolls of tissue, some expensive perfumes and lots of other staff I wondered if she was that excited for me or was glad I was finally leaving their house.

Back at home, Aunty Nelly had grilled some chickens and strips of beef, she even packed some other things I didn’t pay attention to.

” well you people are determined to send me away”, I told aunty Nelly.

” I bet you all can’t wait to see me out” I added sadly as I sat on the kitchen table waiting for my father who was to take me to the boarding school. I had not bothered to ask where or what school it was.

” don’t say that Jay, you know we love you. Am sad that you had to go that far, but I ask you to please not despair. Do what your parents want and you will be okey.”

” whatever,” I snapped and walked out of the kitchen leaving aunty Nelly shaking her head sadly.

Now in the car I sat quietly in the back seat as my parents sat in front, dad driving us in his Fortune runner. I cared less how rich he was. To me everything around me was just vogue.

” So Jared, don’t you care to know which boarding school you are going to?” My mother asked turning to look at me as I kept my head leaning on the window.

” no” I answered blankly without looking up my hands twisting a bottle of coke I was drinking.

She sighed loudly. ” this is for your own good son, your father and I just want whats best for you. A boarding environment is what you need. There are little distractions there. Am sure you will make new friends and will start catching up. Even though you are going to start in grade 11 since you have missed a lot from last term . You can not write your exams.” She added.

“Okey,” I thought to myself.

“Now they are taking me back. Instead of letting me do away with secondary school, they had to take me back to grade 11 and I was already 19. Oh how great!” I shouted in,side.

” sure mom, whatever you guys say” I faked a smile. ” grade 11 it is” I added and drunk the coke heavily before putting down the bottle.

Mom stared at me for a minute. ” we have found you a place at Luangwa boys secondary school” she announced unexpectedly.

For the first time I raised my eyes to look at her.

“Okey, so now am going to a government school. Now that is proper rejection I thought” to myself. I had never been to a government school since baby class, and I heard stories of how poor their food was and lots of other unpleasant things. Now I was going to one. A boarding school in the bush.

My parents dropped me off after having me registered and see me to my hostel. One of the workers we came with helped me carry my bags to the room and afterwards I walked outside where my parents said their good byes.

“Be a good boy”, dad patted my back. And mom, hugged me tightly.” Will see you soon Jared, please make us proud this time around. We expect you to behave and you can ask the boarding master to give us a call in case of anything. Will miss you” she added and patted my hands.

I just nodded without saying a word. I felt my eyes get w-t and I quickly turned away to avoid breaking down in front of them.

I heard the car engine start as I walked in the passage to my room.

” hey, am John” a guy on the down bunker called out to me as i stood in the room. I had not paid attention to him since I got in. I had no intentions of making any new friends.

” hey”, I responded carelessly. I saw the guy sigh reluctantly.

” your name is?” He asked when he saw I didn’t bother to talk to him.

“Jay” I announced casually.

“Jay, just that?” John asked further.

“Yeah, just Jay man do you have a problem with that? ” I asked rudely.

I noticed the guy frown.

From the look of his beddings and his skin tone, I could tell the guy was from a poor back ground. I felt bad at the way I was taking out my anger on him. He wasn’t the reason I was all heated up so I stopped packing my luxury staff in the Locker and walked to him. Sitting down next to him as he eyed me quietly.

” look, am sorry man, its just that this wh0le boarding thing got to me and coming to this school was so unexpected. My parents just dragged me here and…”

“I get it man, don’t worry” John sighed.

” I mean, I can tell you are from a wealthy family and probably you have never been to such a school before. But not to worry you will be cool here man, I mean we have some guys from your class and sometimes life is great here” he added with a smile.

” thanks man, I held my hand to him. Let’s start afresh,” I told him.” Am Jared Zimba. Grade 11c”, I added calmly.

John took my hand and shook it gently.” John Kabuswe” , he giggled ” and am glad to hear that you are in 11 c. What a coincidence, am in the same class too” he smiled.

” Oh great then,” I sighed as we sat down. At least I wont be such a stranger here I smiled.

I discovered John was a cool guy. He talked more than I did but he was a good company. He told me lots about the school.telling me that we had girls too even when most of them where day schoolers. He told me some interesting clubs at school and some of the does and donts.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting as he took me around the surroundings. .I could see a lot of glances as we passed around.

” a new kid huh?” one of the guys in a funny swag shouted.

” ignore him man, that boy has issues and he’s known for his bad manners, watch out for him and his group. He thinks he owns this place” John told me.

I looked back at the group and sighed.

” well, he better not mess with me am in no mood for his outburst and I don’t think I will accept anyone getting me on my bad side” I added calmly

John looked at Me, he was a shoulder shorter than me and I could see a smile on the corner of his mouth. I looked built up and tough too and am sure he liked being around me. I could see how proud he looked and waved at other kids around, more like announcing ” am with a rich and tough guy for a friend”

Later that evening we walked to the dinning hall for our dinner. Some faces turned towards us. I wore blue p-nts and a V- neck tshirt and some sneakers, I bet I looked hot and expensive too. My head was well shaved and I had my side beards well trimmed.

I flashed a smile at one of the boys John introduced to me earlier as the head boy for the school.

Grabbing our food I walked to find a sit near John and the head boy called me out to go sit on their table.

I shrugged and called John to join us too.

” hey man! Am Oswald ” the head boy shouted as I sat opposite him.

” hey” I quickly answered and smiled.

Thanks for letting me join you guys I added.

” You welcome my man, you look like you belong here,” Oswald shrugged.

I felt good, having to get recognition at the first day in school was actually cool.i guess having some rich family had its benefits after all. My looks added to the good reception.

Well, the day went on well as the head boy and other guys chatted with me. We sat outside the hostels as they told me staff and i listened smiling and laughing through it all.

By the time I got to my hostel with John I felt a sense of belonging. And for the first time in months I had laughed and smiled.

” so what time is class tomorrow?” I asked John as we lay in our beds. The wh0le hostel was quiet now as the others where probably sleeping. Luckily the rooms where divided by some walls and there where two people in each room. The top part was open and we could hear others clearly.

” Class starts at 7: 15, but we are all expected to be up by 05:30 to clean up the rooms and have our breakfast.”

I see, I sighed. Well I have prepared my uniform already and am sure I will make it up at that time. But I don’t think I will go for breakfast. I mean, the food we ate this evening is still making my stomac jump . Is that how they cook.?” I asked

John laughed.” Welcome, to Lubo”, he giggled.

” don’t worry though, with time you will start running to go have that food man, I mean, this is just the beginning of term two am sure by the end of the 3rd week all the food you came with will have finished and you will be forced to eat in the dinning” he added.

” oh I forgot, am sure your parents will bring some more for you. Lucky you man, some of us its harsh. We don’t see any good food around here except the one we carry for the first week. My mother can’t afford it. By the way your parents look cool man. They seem to love you so much. I wish we had such a car too” John said calmly.

I smiled at John, “come on, let’s sleep now you talk too much. You have no clue about me.” I whispered and got back in my blanket.

A week passed and I begun to get used to being in school. My interest wasn’t so much with learning though. I found myself happy around the guys. I always looked forward to getting out of class and even during prep time, I just stared at my books as usual.

John realised I was not so good with school work and he started trying to help me. I should admit the guy had brains. I didn’t undersrand how he didn’t put in much effort but was always answering questions in class and performed so well in the class exercises.

On a Friday, we were told to go to our various clubs.

” what type of clubs do we have here?” I asked John as we walked out.

” well, am in the JETS club, but there are other clubs too. There’s drama, commerce club, mathematics, scripture union and others. The least attended of all though is a dance club that is lead by this hot teacher” John giggled.

” dance club? ” I asked with a Grin

” Yeah dance, can you imagine that nonsense? I hear guys who go there just want to take a look at that hot Madam’s perfect shape” he laughed.

I stopped walking, looking at John. He shook his head.

” don’t tell me you are interested in going to check out this music teacher?” John teased giving me a push.

I staggered back a bit and smiled. ” Yeah, I actually want to entertain my eyes” I lied smiling.

I couldn’t get to tell my new friend how I loved dancing. I knew from his expression dancing wasn’t for people like him. His opinion was clear evidence.

I walked him to his club and slowly escaped to the class where I could hear some music playing.

Without getting in,side I stood by the window and watched as the music teacher showed some moves to the group. Most of the pupils there were girls. There were only three guys present and I understood why. They kept on eyeing the teachers curves and barely paid attention to her teaching.

The teacher was indeed great looking, she looked young if not for the fact she was in her clothes and not uniform I could have thought she was one of the grade 12 girls.

I was gazing in,side when someone patted my back.

” wanna dance?” A soft voice asked making me turn to the direction of a sweet voice.

” hey” I sighed shyly.

” not really, actually am new here so was just checking out some clubs in this school” I faked a smile.

The girls l-ips curved into a beautiful smile. She wore her school skirt but had removed her shirt leaving her in a white silk vest making her small round br-asts fitting in it perfectly.

” well, so?” She asked almost in a whisper.

” I’m um am.” I stammeredu

” think I have seen enough” I told her shrugging.

She smiled again.” Am Tracy, and I love dancing, this is my club” she announced proudly.

” Jared” , I shook her hand, “you can call me Jay, most people call me that” I smiled widely.

She turned her head in,side. ” I better be going now” she chuckled.

“Am missing out on the new steps. Nice to meet you Jay”, she smiled and walked in.

I stood  there watching as she joined the group and started following the hot teacher’s moves.

I smiled and walked away lest the guys saw me drooling over a dance class.

To be continued

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