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Hidden motive episode 11

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Episode 11

“…what k!nd of advice do you want me to give to you my guy? Because I don’t have any right now… you’re really go!ng crazy that’s if you’re not crazy already…”

“I did not ask you to come and !nsult me Kago. I said I needed to reason someth!ng with you and I expect you to give me a positive response after relat!ng my pres£nt story to you. I need a solution not !nsult.

“Guy, I don’t know how to advice you with©vt attach!ng small !nsult to it. I th!nk you need to see a psychiatrist to know if you’re really alright. How can you Jerome, buy a house for anoth£r man’s wife with your wife’s money…”

Jerome angrily said “is not j√$t Maria’s money, is equally m!ne. $h£ left th£ company under my ¢ar£ and I have been runn!ng it for over two years that $h£ had been away. I can choose to do whatever I want with some part of th£ money. Th£ money is also m!ne, $h£ is my wife and whatever $h£ owes is m!ne. h£r money, h£r hous!ng and land!ng properties, h£r company is all m!ne. Well, you won’t understand how th¡s th!ngs works because you’re still a bach£lor. Wait untill you’re married th£n I can listen to you talk to me ab©vt certa!n th!ngs. Now talk!ng ab©vt Lucy, Silaz is plann!ng a divorce and soon… $h£ will be m!ne. I only asked you to tell me what I’m go!ng to tell my wife if $h£ calls later today for answers. Maria will call tonight and I haven’t come up with anyth!ng’s yet, I don’t know th£ excuse or story to give to h£r. I also want to know if is okay to also get a lawyer so that Luc!nda and Silaz can easily and quickly separate. I have spent so much on Luc!nda yet $h£ refused to get d©wΠ with me Kago. We do everyth!ng romance but anytime I try to… you know… Luc!nda will rem!nd me that $h£ can’t because $h£ was still married to Silaz. So if th£y can divorce f!nally, at least I will get !nto real !ntimacy with h£r… you understand?

“I guess you’ve been bewitch£d. That’s th£ only explanation to all of th¡s. b£tweeΠ Luc!nda and your lov!ng and [email protected]!ng wife who is m©r£ pretty?

Jerome cleared h¡s throat noisely before say!ng
“If you’re not bl!nd th£n someth!ng is wrong with your sight or you j√$t want to throw !n sarcastic question. Let’s tell ourselves th£ truth…Luc!nda is th£ fairest of th£m all. I don’t want to be partial or take side Kago but Luc!nda is pretty, have you seen those cute eyes of h£rs, h£r po!nted cute nose, those succulent p!nk l¡ps, well round shape like $h£ was carved ©vt of a wood with a great Wood carver. Straight legs, soft palm, perfect walk!ng steps, sweet smell that’s always !nvit!ng plus h£r perfect h£ight for a man like me. Fair and sweet like a super runway model. Silaz doesn’t deserve such beauty, that’s why I’m happy that it all turn!ng ©vt for my good. If th£y can get a divorce th£n Luc!nda will be all m!ne…”

Kago raised an eyebrow with a frown and said “I’m still wait!ng for th£ part of Maria. I asked a question, b£tweeΠ your wife and Luc!nda who is m©r£ beautiful and you went on and on with Luc!nda… what ab©vt Maria? Your wife and moth£r to your daughter… Jasm!ne?

“Maria is j√$t th£re. $h£’s beautiful !n h£r own way. But $h£’s black and Luc!nda is very fair and j√$t too perfect. I wish I met h£r first before meet!ng my wife. Luc!nda teeth is so white, it sparkles like a star, h£r sk!n like gla$$, h£r voice is h£avenly and h£r…”

“Enough… enough already guy…” Kago !nterrupted.
“… I really don’t know how I became friends with a lunatic like you. like how can you s!ng praises of anoth£r man’s wife and neglect yours. Maria is a black beauty, smart and bra!ny. $h£’s Super !ntelligent and very 0rg*nized. A great cook, an amaz!ng Mom, a funny a car!ng friend and sister and an awesome lov!ng wife to a stupid, unappreciative, foolish, unworthy man like you…”

“You can say all your nons£nse but Maria don’t love me like expected. Did you know that after I told h£r that I had accident and was !n coma, I know that’s a lie but I j√$t wanted to see how car!ng $h£ was. Well, Maria disappo!nted me by tell!ng me that it was all a path£tic story, all $h£ ¢ar£d to know was th£ money I already spent on Luc!nda. $h£ wants details on how I spent th£ money. $h£ was not even both£red or worried ab©vt th£ hospital story I told h£r. If it was Luc!nda, I bet you $h£ will react differently. $h£ may even want to fly d©wΠ to come be with me. I’m not try!ng to compare but Maria is giv!ng me reasons to th!nk of anoth£r woman because $h£ doesn’t truly ¢ar£, $h£ is part of th£ reason I want to be with Luc!nda…”

Kago stood up to leave “cont!nue mak!ng stupid excuses for your nons£nse behavior. I don’t really have anyth!ng to say aga!n to you because no matter what I say I will only be wast!ng my time. You have succeeded !n mak!ng Silaz and h¡s wife to have misunderstand!ng and you’re even h£re pray!ng that th£y divorce. That’s wickedness guy, but your selfishness has bl!nded you. You th!nk Luc!nda will leave h£r husband to come and marry you… you are deceiv!ng yourself. Beside, how are you sure that th£y’re not some ill m!nded couple, work!ng togeth£r to dra!n you? That maybe possible but I’m not say!ng is true… even if th£re’s truth !n it you will be too bl!nd see it. Ever s!nce we’ve been friends, you haven’t bought any tangible gift for me, except those I have to take by force from you. But j√$t with!n one year you have bought a house, a car and oth£r expensive gifts for anoth£r man’s wife…”

Jerome began to laugh “now I understand your problem. Jealousy is disturb!ng you, go get a life and stop th¡s wh0l£ jealous talk. It won’t do you any good because at th£ end I will still spend on whoever I wish to spend my money on. Your long sermon can’t change that. You’re only bitter and jealous that you are not th£ one with Luc!nda, $h£ won’t even give you a second look. I got h£r first and I’m h£r k!nd of man .. not you or Silaz. I won and will keep w!nn!ng. I will f!nd a way to take ¢ar£ of my problem s!nce you don’t have anyth!ng to offer me….byeee…”

Jerome didn’t say anoth£r word as h£ opened th£ door, went straight to h¡s car and drove off.

Maria called severally that even!ng but Jerome refused pick!ng.

$h£ had to call th£ account officer to freeze th£ wh0l£ company’s account and h£r husband no longer had access to any of company’s bank account.

Luc!nda rem!nded Jerome that $h£ was com!ng for th£ money h£ promised h£r.

Wh£n Jerome saw that h£ no longer had access to th£ company’s account, h£ decided to take from h¡s personal account..
H was able to get 300k !nstead 500k for Luc!nda.
h£ begged h£r to manage it because th£re was no money like before.

h£ asked Luc!nda to spend th£ night with h¡m but $h£ said that $h£ can’t do that because $h£ was still married to h£r husband and will be go!ng ©vt for few days to see h£r dearest uncle who lives !n anoth£r state.

Luc!nda told h¡m that th£ house was bor!ng with©vt Silaz who left ever s!nce th£ day h£ caught th£m !n th£ office and have refused to come [email protected]¢k.

Maybe wh£n $h£ returns from visit!ng h£r uncle $h£ may come over and spend enough time with h¡m.

h£r last words were comfort!ng enough for Jerome, h£ began to look forward to wh£n $h£ will come [email protected]¢k from visit!ng h£r uncle.


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