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Hidden motives episode 6

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Episode 6.

“$h£’s ch£at!ng on me…”

That was th£ first th!ng h£ said, startl!ng h¡m.
h£ !nvited h¡m |ns!de and h£ sat d©wΠ, it was obvious that Silaz was emotionally dra!ned.
“…. $h£ is ch£at!ng, my wife is hav!ng extra marital affair….” Silaz said aga!n as h£ stare at noth!ng and h£ld h¡s two sweaty palms togeth£r.

Th¡s wasn’t what Jerome expected, h£ was speechless and did not know what to say or how to comfort a broken Silaz.

Silaz b¡t£ h¡s l¡ps [email protected] to keep steady but h£ couldn’t j√$t stay still.
“Oh God, $h£’s ch£at!ng on me… $h£’s ch£at!ng…”
h£ repeated aga!n and stood.
h£ walked to th£ d!nn!ng table and retuned [email protected]¢k to sit.
Silaz was act!ng all crazy and that was what s¢ar£s Jerome.
h£ couldn’t offer any consolat!ng word to a hurt!ng Silaz

“Are…you sure, are you very certa!n of that…” Jerome managed to say

“No, no I’m not. But I’m 40 percent close to f!nd!ng ©vt th£ truth…”

“What made you th!nk Luc!nda is ch£at!ng? I mean is obvious $h£ loves and adore you… why will you th!nk $h£ is ch£at!ng…?

“I also had doubts before but is gradually becom!ng obvious Jerome. I’m not stupid or bl!nd…”
Jerome didn’t say anyth!ng. Deep d©wΠ h£ was s¢ar£d but try as [email protected] as possible not to make it obvious.

“…I’m sorry for my earlier reaction. Th¡s wh0l£ th!ng is mak!ng me furious…is seriously gett!ng me worked up. I confronted h£r th¡s morn!ng and $h£ is deny!ng it. $h£ turned it !nto a fight… say!ng I don’t trust h£r…”

[email protected] ©vt gently and went mute.

“Is it because of th£ car that…” Jerome was ab©vt ask!ng and Silaz quickly !nterrupted.

“,No… not th£ car Jerome. $h£ told me that th£re was a competition at work and $h£ was among th£ people that sort ©vt th¡s particular client needs and th¡s rich client s£nt !n three cars and $h£ happens to get one while oth£r staffs got th£irs. I wanted to come and confirm from you because $h£ said that I can also ask you but I choose to believe h£r. That car is too expensive wh£n I properly ch£cked it ©vt…is expensive Jerome and that client must be on money to have gotten h£r such car, it robb£d me off th£ surprise I was cook!ng for h£r birthday. I know th£ k!nd of car I !ntend gett!ng for h£r wasn’t up to what $h£ got as gift but it would have been close. That is not my major worries or my reason for com!ng to you..”

Jerome swallowed [email protected], wait!ng for h¡m
to spill m©r£.
“…I want to know if th£re’s anyone !n your office hitt!ng on my wife? And … please don’t try to sugar coat it for me, ever s!nce we m©v£d !nto th¡s compound you have practically become part of us, a broth£r and friend. I welcomed you !n my home with©vt worries…I trust you Jerome and that was why I allowed my wife to come work for you so if th£re’s anyth!ng you notice that will be harmful to my marriage I know you won’t keep it away from us. You maybe s!ngle wait!ng to f!nd th£ right lady to spend th£ rest of your life with but you’re s£nsible, [email protected]!ng and upright. You’re not like my former neighbor that was practically ask!ng my wife ©vt shamelessly. That’s one of th£ reasons I had to m©v£ to somewh£re safer and better for us, th£ first time I saw you, I thought you will be a threat but along th£ l!ne you cleared my doubts. I entrusted my wife to your ¢ar£ so I believe you will be look!ng ©vt for h£r and mak!ng h£r a dangerous zone for any trespa$$ers. So, I ask aga!n…is th£re someth!ng you want me to know, anyone at all hitt!ng on my wife that’s mak!ng h£r misbehave, please tell me Jerome…”

“Uhmmm, Silaz I still haven’t understand what made you th!nk $h£ maybe ch£at!ng. Why not trust h£r like always…if Luc!nda said $h£ is not see!ng anoth£r man th£n $h£’s not. I trust h£r enough to give h£r one of th£ s£nsitive position !n my office and $h£ have always deliver it. $h£ adores you Silaz… $h£ never stops s!ng!ng your praises so I don’t see any reason why you should suddenly start develop!ng doubts over your wife…”

Silaz became quiet. Jerome thought h¡s words had gotten to h¡m.
“Watch ©vt for me man, ch£ck if th£re’s any man hitt!ng on h£r, it could even be a client… maybe th£ one that got th£ car for h£r….I don’t know but what I’m certa!n is that my wife changed from th£ woman I used to know few months after start!ng work !n your company. $h£ is deny!ng it but I know what I’m say!ng. Please, do th¡s for me Jerome, I want to know who h£ is…I really want to know before $h£ drives me !nsane…”

Jerome decided to throw a rh£torical question
“I’m not say!ng your a$$umption are right, th£y are def!nitely not but what if at th£ end of th£ day th£re’s a man…I mean Luc!nda, your wife has a man seriously hitt!ng on h£r what will you do?

“I will try to get [email protected]¢k my woman but if !n th£ process $h£ is not ready to act like a married woman th£n I will let h£r be. It will really hurt but for how long will I be fight!ng over a woman that’s not ready to respect me as h£r husband. I can’t tell until th£n, I really need you to do th¡s for me…”

“Alright Silaz, I will put eyes d©wΠ. If I f!nd ©vt anyth!ng, I will def!nitely let you know. Anyth!ng for you man…”

Silaz thanked h¡m and Left.

A week later, h£ came and asked h¡m if th£re’s any news Jerome said h£ haven’t seen anyth!ng yet. That h£ was still on th£ look©vt.

Jerome cont!nue h¡s hide and seek relationship with Luc!nda while deceiv!ng th£ husband.
h£ takes Luc!nda ©vt for shopp!ng, buys expensive jewelries for h£r.

Silaz !nformed Jerome that h£ will be travel!ng for three weeks, h£ asked h¡m to please look©vt for h¡m while h£’s gone.
h£ asked Jerome to call h¡m if h£ sees th£ wife with anyone.
h£ s£nse th£ wife is still see!ng th£ person but h£ wants evidence.
Maybe to catch th£m !n th£ act.
Jerome a$$ured h¡m that h£ will.

Unknown to th£m that Silaz, spent only a week. h£ didn’t call to !nform th£ wife that h£ was com!ng [email protected]¢k.

Gett!ng home, Silaz saw th£ wife’s car and knew $h£ was @r0vnd.
h£ got |ns!de th£ir house with a spare key after knock!ng for a while with no response.
But Luc!nda was not |ns!de.

Silaz walked straight to Jerome’s door and started knock!ng.

Luc!nda was relax!ng on Jerome’s ch£st, right !n h¡s room wh£n th£y h£ard a knock.

Th£y ordered food onl!ne and thought is th£ deliveryman that was knock!ng.

Jerome klzzed Luc!nda and told h£r h£ was go!ng to get th£ food from th£ person at th£ door, h£ will be right [email protected]¢k.

Luc!nda smiled, relaxed [email protected]¢k while wait!ng for Jerome to come [email protected]¢k to th£ room.

Unknown to h£r that h£r husband was at th£ door.


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