Hidden Motives

Hidden motives episode 7

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Episode 7

“My wife, $h£’s not at home and h£r car is parked. Do you happen to see h£r @r0vnd? Is weekend and I expect to see h£r at home…” Silaz said to a shocked Jerome.

Jerome was not expect!ng to see Silaz today, h£ was def!nitely not expect!ng h¡m to be [email protected]¢k so soon.
h¡s wh0l£ thoughts was that it must be th£ deliveryman who supposed to br!ng th£ food h¡m and Luc!nda ordered.

“…are you okay Jerome…is everyth!ng alright…?”

Jerome realized that h¡s m©vth was open as h£ try to f!nd th£ perfect answer to Silaz’s unexpected questions

“Yeah, I am..I’m good…”h£ stuttered.

“Why are you stutter!ng, you’re act!ng like you j√$t saw a ghost…”

Jerome scoffed, h£ waved h¡s [email protected] !n th£ air like h£ was try!ng to wave off Silaz’s words

“I’m surprised to see you, wasn’t expect!ng you to be [email protected]¢k so soon. Hope th£ bus!ness trip went well? Jerome managed to say.

“It was actually postponed. I happened to do one part of th£ deal, I will go [email protected]¢k for th£ second part once is confirmed ready. So [email protected]¢k to th£ question…”

“Th£ question? What is th£ question? Jerome asked confused.

“My wife.. did you happen to see h£r?

“Your wife? No…not at all. Is $h£ miss!ng? Jerome asked.

“$h£ is not miss!ng. h£r car is parked !n th£ compound but $h£ is not at home.

Jerome couldn’t th!nk of what to reply immediately, Silaz cont!nued.

“… or maybe $h£ left !n anoth£r car but what if $h£ is with anoth£r man right now? Probably th£y thought that I won’t be [email protected]¢k soon and decided to carry on with th£ir dirty act…”

Jerome thought Silaz was !ndirectly talk!ng ab©vt h¡m. h£ was guilt stricken and couldn’t utter a word as fear grabb£d h¡m.

“..is everyth!ng alright Jerome, you are not say!ng much. You behave like someth!ng is wrong somewh£re…”

“I’m absolutely f!ne Silaz. You know th£ general say!ng that a third party shouldn’t !nterfere b£tweeΠ husband and wife. So I’m try!ng to mark my boundary and not !nterfere.

“You of all people knows that you’re not !nterfer!ng with anyth!ng. I usually talk to you concern!ng everyth!ng and you respond f!ne unlike today. Anyway, can I come !n? Let me stay at your place and wait for h£r arrival…”

“Uhmm! That won’t be a very good idea right now beca…cause my moth£r is @r0vnd” Jerome couldn’t th!nk of a better lie.

“Your moth£r? I thought you said $h£ pa$$ed on 11 years ago? Anyway, I probably h£ard wrong. If your moth£r is |ns!de th£n that’s fantastic… I will love to say h£llo to h£r if that’s okay…” Said Silaz

“No….no…no! Now is not a good time.my moth£r brought a woman for me to marry, so we have been argu!ng ever s!nce. That’s why I appear a little bit up-t!ght..”

Th£re was a m!nute silence as Silaz sigh£d tiredly.

” I see. Well, I guess s!nce you are not ready to settle d©wΠ momma got to do it for you. It saves you lots of stress of search!ng for a fvll wife material ©vt th£re. Some women are weird, only few of th£m are ready to be supportive, respectful and submissive, so wh£n you happen to f!nd one of a k!nd like that do anyth!ng to keep h£r. My wife got all I need and that’s th£ reason I’m fight!ng tooth and nail to keep h£r !n l!ne, because $h£ maybe fragile at h£art but $h£ is !ntelligent and a very sweet person. Alright Jerome, I will go [email protected]¢k to th£ house and wait for h£r arrival. I wish to surprise h£r with my unplanned return but I guess I will have to call h£r to ascerta!n wh£re exactly $h£ was. Tell your moth£r that one of your neighbor friend is say!ng hi….”

j√$t as Silaz was turn!ng to leave, th£ deliveryman arrived with th£ package.

Silaz pause and said “whatever is !n that package smells delicious, it makes my stomach grunts hungrily…”

“Is food… for my Mom and th£ lady $h£ brought. I don’t have a ch£f, order!ng food is a norm at my end unlike you that has a wife…”

“That’s why you need a wife so that your “norm” will change. Please order m!ne too, whatever is |ns!de those plates that smells so delicious please br!ng m!ne. Let me have someth!ng to eat while I wait for my wife to return…”

Jerome said h£ will order and s£nd it over later.
Silaz thanked h¡m and left.

Jerome collected th£ order from th£ deliveryman.
h£ ordered for Silaz through h¡s phone before go!ng |ns!de.

Gett!ng |ns!de, Luc!nda was on h£r feet hid!ng !n th£ room

“Is h£ gone? $h£ asked

“Trust me, I know how to [email protected] people like your Silaz. h£’s gone but you will wait a little h£re, I will go over later to engage h¡m !n a conversation so that h£ won’t see you sneak!ng ©vt of th£ house…”

“Alright, what of th£ food? I’m hungry and need to eat…”

Jerome and Luc!nda later began to eat.

“Sometimes I wish we were couple, I wish I have met you before my husband. You got me !n a way that h£ doesn’t. I have lost my appetite.”Luc!nda said as $h£ ₱u$h£d th£ food aside.

“Me too Lucy, I wish you are all m!ne. Some night I can’t sleep know!ng clearly that you’re !n b£d with Silaz…!n th£ arm of your husband. Even wh£n I’m with you I want to do m©r£ than klzz!ng, romanc!ng and smooch!ng…I want m©r£ than that Lucy. I know you said soon not now, I totally understand and ready to wait but is [email protected] sometimes. I want to respect your wi$h£s but you don’t make it easy on me… I want m©r£ of you Lucy…”

” But we do almost everyth!ng. Maybe we should take break !n th¡s romantic th!ng, I feel very guilty sometimes. Silaz doesn’t deserve th¡s and I want to take few days off work to attend to my husband’s needs. I don’t want a divided home…I still love my husband.

“I will do anyth!ng Lucy j√$t to have you… anyth!ng please”Jerome pleaded

“You really mean what you are say!ng…”

Jerome began to swear.

“F!ne Je, I want a house of my own…I wish you can buy me a f!ne house located !n a calm expensive estate. If you can get lots of million car for me, if you can take all th£ risk j√$t to have me th£n I know for sure you can do th¡s… you’re a wealthy man. j√$t !n case Silaz decide that h£ does not want me aga!n th£n I will have a house of my own and you can freely visit too. But if it’s a big deal for you th£n no problem. You don’t have to do It…”

Jerome was quiet. h£ told h£r that $h£ should give h¡m time to th!nk ab©vt it.

Gett!ng a house will cost h¡m lost of millions and if h£ dare rem©v£ any oth£r money from th£ company’s account Maria h¡s wife will want to know why h£ did that and for what reason. That may affect th£ company because h£ had used almost all th£ profit on Luc!nda.

h£ can’t j√$t take such risk before th£ company enter bankcruptcy
But for Luc!nda h£ is ready to go extra mile. h£ had gradually [email protected]||en for h£r.

Luc!nda doesn’t even know that h£ is a married man and th£ company h£ uses to boast belongs to Maria h¡s no nons£nse wife.
Maria trust h¡m enough to put h¡m !n charge, h£ had been do!ng very well untill Luc!nda showed up.
h£ had spent so much already and still spend!ng.. s!nce Luc!nda said $h£ will probably leave th£ husband and need a place wh£re $h£ will stay if that happens th£n h£ will see what h£ can do ab©vt it.

But h£ needs to cook up e story for Maria first.

Jerome later went over to distract Silaz from see!ng wh£re Luc!nda will come ©vt from.
But Silaz who was sitt!ng close to h¡s w!ndow saw wh£n Luc!nda was com!ng ©vt from Jerome’s house.


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