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Hidden motives Episode 8

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Episode 8

Jerome walked !n and saw h¡m sitt!ng by th£ w!ndow side and eat!ng th£ food h£ h£lped h¡m to order.

Wh£re Silaz was sitt!ng was not good at all because h£ will see wh£n Luc!nda leaves h¡s apartment and that is what h£ came to avoid.

h£ never thought Silaz will be sitt!ng at that very chair and look!ng ©vt to th£ w!ndow while fill!ng h¡s m©vth with fish.

“Hmmm, th¡s food is super nice. I love th£ shrimp and fish… well cooked and garni$h£d. My wife will love th¡s… $h£ likes sea food. I wonder wh£re $h£ is…by th¡s time $h£ is not yet [email protected]¢k…”

Jerome watch£d h¡m pause from eat!ng and started look!ng ©vtside.

“$h£ must be on h£r way by now. Calm d©wΠ Silaz, nob©dy will take your wife from you. I know why you’re always worried ab©vt h£r, $h£ is a beautiful well endowed woman. Luc!nda is a real spec, fresh and friendly, h£r smile is contagious… I’m always force to smile wh£never $h£ does. Sk!n like milk, a good cook and if I’m not mistak!ng $h£ must be your lifetime achievement. Hahahaha, If I’m be!ng honest many men will like to have h£r. If not that I respect boundaries and don’t get close to oth£r men’s wife…if not, I would have been one of th£ men drool!ng over h£r. if $h£ was very s!ngle I would have been shoot!ng my sh°t none stop. Well, what I’m try!ng to say is relax… you seem to worry too much over your wife..”

Jerome stare at th£ w!ndow for few m!nutes before cont!nu!ng with h¡s food.

“Shouldn’t I be worried? Luc!nda have never for a day ever s!nce we have been married raise h£r voice at me or even
acted !n a suspicious manner. S!nce we m©v£d d©wΠ h£re $h£ had done that and many oth£r oth£r annoy!ng th!ngs. now I’m not sure of anyth!ng aga!n. $h£ is my wife, $h£’s not an achievement or an item I acquire. Wh£n you idolize h£r like that it sounds disrespect!ng. I know you meant well but th£re’s a special and better ways to address women !n general… especially th£ one you eith£r admire or one who’s close to you…”

h£ began eat!ng aga!n after star!ng at th£ w!ndow for sometimes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound disrespectful. Maybe, if you’re done eat!ng we can ₱|@y ch£ss game or any oth£r game of your choice that will h£lp distract your m!nd from Luc!nda…”

“Yea, is a good idea but I won’t be able to concentrate untill I see my wife. If I know that $h£ is safe now I won’t be so worried. I’m look!ng ©vt h£re to know exactly wh£n $h£ will walk !n from th£ gate. At least I can see ©vtside clearly from h£re. Although your apartment is closer to th£ gate and you can see every corner of th¡s compound from your end, I’m still glad for my own view. I guess you’re th£ first tenant, because you picked a very perfect apartment like a landlord will do. Eh£e, do you by any chance know th£ owner of th¡s property directly… like !n person?

“Not really, I communicate with th£ ¢ar£ taker. I’m not sure th£ man is !n th£ country…” Jerome replied as h£ becomes m©r£ worried with Silaz w!ndow stare.

h£ thought of anoth£r means to distract Silaz from th£ w!ndow.
j√$t wh£n h£ was ab©vt to speak Silaz exclaimed.

“Th£re $h£ is… why is $h£ com!ng from your end. wait a second…I j√$t saw h£r come ©vt of your apartment…”

h£ turned and looked at Jerome confused before return!ng h¡s gaze to th£ w!ndow.
Jerome became unstable as h£ began to th!nk of th£ lies to tell.
Th¡s was th£ exact reason h£ came so that h£ will be able to distract Silaz from th£ w!ndow, h£ won’t be able to see Luc!nda com!ng ©vt.

“$h£ probably stopped to ch£ck if I was home. Wh£n th£ gate man opened th£ gate for h£r to come !n must be th£ time you were not look!ng ©vt. I can’t th!nk of anyth!ng, that’s th£ only explanation to all of th¡s…”

Silaz shakes h¡s h£ad confused.
“I didn’t see h£r walk !n from th£ gate, didn’t h£ar any gate sound, I didn’t see h£r go !nto your apartment but I saw h£r com!ng ©vt of it. I have been look!ng ©vt from th¡s w!ndow every pa$$!ng m!nute and I’m beg!n!ng to wonder seriously. I don’t understand… what is really go!ng on h£re..?

Silaz said look!ng lost. h£ waited untill Luc!nda stepped !nto th£ house.

Immediately Luc!nda stepped, Jerome jumped to say someth!ng, h£ did it as f*st as possible before Silaz will ask h£r questions that $h£ can’t answer.
” We saw you com!ng ©vt of my apartment, were you look!ng for me…? Silaz… your husband has be!ng sitt!ng at th£ w!ndow look!ng ©vt for you but h£ didn’t see you come !nto th£ compound…”

Luc!nda exclaimed as $h£ quickly grab what Jerome was try!ng to do
“Oh really, h£ was watch!ng from th£ w!ndow? Ooh, h£ must have missed th£ moment I walked !nto th£ compound. Th£ gate man left th£ small gate open because h£ stepped ©vt to get food from th£ food vendor close to th£ compound. I went straight to your apartment but realized that you are not home. It was wh£n I was walk!ng d©wΠ I noticed my husband’s car…”

Silaz watch£d th£m silently with©vt a word.
h£ later said ” so wh£re were you…I want to know wh£re you are com!ng from”

“I went !nto th£ estate to search for th£ tailor that someb©dy recommended for me. Is not far from h£re that’s why I couldn’t use my car. I never knew you’re already home… you returned [email protected]¢k earlier than expected. Hope all went well?…by th£ way I have missed you so much…”

“, Silaz managed to smile before reply!ng “I miss you m©r£ my Queen. I thought i was go!ng to surprise you but that turned ©vt bad. I’m glad to be home..”

Jerome felt a p!nch of jealous as Luc!nda went over to h£r husband.
$h£ hugged and klzzed h¡m pa$$ionately.

Jerome !nformed th£m that h£ was go!ng [email protected]¢k to h¡s apartment but none responded as th£y were caught up with each oth£r.

h£ left and decide that h£ was go!ng to get th£ house for Luc!nda, maybe that will conv!nce h£r of how much h£ truly wants h£r and can take ¢ar£ of h£r than Silaz.

Luc!nda stayed off work for a week. $h£ was supposed to resume th£ follow!ng week but $h£ stayed anoth£r three days off mak!ng it almost two weeks that $h£ was away from work.

Jerome was able to get lots of millions ©vt of th£ company’s account.
h£ lied h£ wanted to !nvest it !nto a different platform which will br!ng a great turn up
Maria was not yet aware. $h£ was writ!ng exam and said anyth!ng ab©vt th£ company should be [email protected] by h£r husband.
$h£ doesn’t want anyth!ng that will distract h£r dur!ng h£r exam period.

Two months later after Luc!nda asked for a house Jerome got th£ house !n th£ very location that Luc!nda wanted, all do¢vments and papers were all !n h£r name.
Jerome was very happy as h£ looked forward to surpris!ng Luc!nda with it.
What Silaz couldn’t do for h£r h£ has done it and m©r£ than expected.

After work one day, h£ drove Luc!nda to h£r new house and [email protected] th£ key over to h£r ” th¡s is all yours Lucy, i told you that I will do anyth!ng for you and I have proven that !n multiple ways. I’m sure your husband can’t come close to all th£ million gifts I have gotten for you so far. That’s why I deserve you m©r£ if you will loos£n up and be m!ne…”

Lucy hugged and th£y shared few klzzes before go!ng |ns!de to ch£ck ©vt th£ !nteriors.
It was exactly what $h£ wants and $h£ loves it.
Th£y klzzed some m©r£ before h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ house.

A week later, Jerome started th!nk!ng of a way to break Luc!nda and Silaz apart.

h£ saw that Luc!nda was still very much attach£d to h£r husband and that gets h¡m upset. Not after everyth!ng h£ has done for h£r.
Maria, h¡s wife have been call!ng h¡m for two days now, $h£ was done with h£r exams and must have seen that millions of money was taken ©vt of th£ company’s account by h¡m.
$h£ must be call!ng to know why and th£ big problem is that h£ haven’t gotten an answer for h£r.

h£ can’t take such h*g£ risk for Luc!nda and $h£ is still very much !n love with h£r husband.
Is not go!ng to happen.

h£ started s£nd!ng £r0ti¢ messages with unknown number to Silaz
Tipp!ng h¡m that h¡s wife was hav!ng affair.
Jerome was ready to break th£m apart and h£ will do anyth!ng to have Luc!nda.

Silaz had told h¡m before that h£ will leave and divorce Luc!nda if h£ catch£s h£r ch£at!ng and now is th£ perfect time to do that.

Jerome and Luc!nda were caught up as usual !n th£ir affair right !n h¡s office wh£n th£ office door suddenly swung open and Silaz walked !n on th£m.


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