Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 13 – 14

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written By:
_____Authoress Kamara✍_____
😍Episode 13😍
“Reece”. I sighed.

He drew his face close inches to mine, he looked at my lips as if waiting for an invitation before he placed his lips on mine.

I hesitated at first before relaxing to his lips on mine. I withdraw immediately thinking about the fact if Alan hears about it.

“You shouldn’t have done that”. I muttered and ran off.

“Wait, Nat”. He called.

I ignored him.

I went back to the sports stand and sat on the bleachers next to Harley and Bella.

“Uh, Tasha”. Bella called. What are you wearing?”.

“Clothes”. I replied.

“You are supposed to wear the jersey alone”. She continued. “Not on your shirt”.

“Umm, i just …”. I trailed off.

“She has the right to wear it the way she likes”. Harley defended me.

I smiled. “Thanks”.

“I get that you don’t want to show your skin but next time try wearing just the jersey”. She advised.

“I’ll keep that in mind”. I told her.

“Go Jeremy!!”. Bella stood up cheering for him. “Go Jeremy!!”.

“Let me guess she likes him?”. Harley asked me.

“Is it that obvious?”. I whispered.

“She tries to get his attention and whenever she doesn’t, her face droops in sadness”. Harley explained. “And now she is doing the work of a cheerleader for him, yes its way obvious”.

I chuckled lightly. “Thats Isabella Rodriguez for you”.

“So we are meeting up at my house after the games”. Harley reminded me.

“Uh, sure. You are going to take us right?”.

She nodded. “Yeah of course, i mean sure”.

We turned our attention back to the game, our team was losing by just one point.

I could see they were frustrated by that fact but Jeremy looked okay, i guess.

“How long have they been playing?”. I ask to be sure.

“The game will soon be over it so”. Harley replied. “Why asking? You eager for the party?”.

I shook my head negatively. “Nah, I just wanna get out of here, too noisy”.

“Or you want to see Reece?”. She wiggled her eyebrows.

I dismissed the thought. “Oh please”.

“Really?”. She raised an eyebrow. “You both really looked cozy with each other back there”.

“What are you talking about?”. I asked confused.

She gave me a light smile and turned her attention back to the game.

Did she ..? Nah, she couldn’t have possibly seen Reece k×ss me.

I ignored that thought and looked at the sports field, they really looked tired.

The ball was with Andrew for the time being, he was really good at it although he’s a jerk.

I still remember what he said to me, i hope nothing bad happens.

He passed the ball to another of their teammate who was trying to play it to the net of the other team so he would score but I’m really not sure if there’s a way he can do that.

“Pass the ball”. Someone shouted from the crowd.

It became a chant already.

“Pass the ball!! Pass the ball!! Pass the ball!! Pass the ball!!”. Our classmates began shouting in the sports stand.

The guy eventually passed the ball to Jeremy who was running ahead. Jeremy got control of the ball trying to out pass the other team.

Everyone in the sports stand stood up this time shouting, apparently encouraging Jeremy.

Bella stood up shouting.

“Come on, Tasha”. Harley said dragging me up on my feet.

Jetemy dribbled the other team and shot the ball aiming at the net. At first, everyone went silent before the whole crowd filled with shouts.

“He did it!!”. Bella shouted. “We won!!”.

I yelled also hooting, people were running down to the sports field, the game is over.

Bella and I ran down to the sports field among other students to go congratulate the team while Jeremy was being carried by his teammates.

“I better go congratulate my fake boyfriend”. Harley said suddenly.

She ran off and went towards the school quarterback, Matt. Wait, thats her fake boyfriend?!!

“Did you hear what she said?”.

I turned to Bella but she was busy gazing at Jeremy who walked towards us.

“Jeremy”. Bella squealed excitedly. “You were great back there”.

“Thanks”. Jeremy said not even sparing her a glance. “Cutie, did you see me?”.

“Well you were kinda great”. I told him.

“Kinda? I literally scored”.

I chuckled lightly. “Don’t be too full of yourself”.

“Kitten”. He held my hands. “Thank you for supporting me”.

I squeezed his palms. “Of course, you are my best friend”.

Is it me or did i see a glint of sadness on his face at what I said.

“But you are my special person”. He pulled me into a hug.

I smiled and hugged him back. “Jeremy?”.


“Do you mind if I keep this jersey? I know its really special to you but I kind of like it”.

“Well you are not incorrect, the jersey is really special to me but since you are my special person, its yours to keep”.

“Really?”. I asked still hugging him.

“Yes, kitten”. He whispered lightly.

“Are you both done?”.

We pulled away to see Reece, his face in an unreadable expression just watching us.

He glanced at me but I avoided his eyes not wanting to be reminded of the fact that we k×ssed earlier.

“Good game”. Reece patted Jeremy.

“I’ll leave you two to talk”. I told Jeremy and turned away hoping to see Bella.

She wasn’t there, i looked around and saw her going out of the sports stand in a rush.

I ran after her, where the hell is she going?

I stopped seeing Harley with her supposed fake boyfriend, Matt.

“Hey Tasha”. Harley smiled.

“Sorry but I need to borrow Harley”. I told the Matt guy.

“Uh sure”. He k×ssed Harley. “Call me”.

I dragged Harley and went out if the sports stand looking around.

“Did you miss something?”. She asked.

“I can’t find Bella”. I said nervously. “I don’t even know where she went to”.

“Did you search outside?”. She suggested.

I shook my head negatively. “No?”.

“You go left while I go right”. Harley said and walked off.

I went towards the left area searching around but I didn’t see Bella only those disgusting jocks.

I turned back and headed to the right, i saw Harley.

“Did you find her?”. I asked hopefully.

“Well one of the cheerleaders said she ran into the restroom or something”. She told me.

“Lets go check it out”. I said.

We headed to the girls restroom, we got there and walked in. I paused seeing Bella, she was sobbing in front of the large mirror.

“Bella?”. I asked surprised.

She turned seeing us, she hastily wiped her cheeks.

“Why are you crying?”. I asked curious.

She cleaned her cheeks. “Its nothing”.

“Come on, Bella. You talk to me”. I persuaded her.

She sniffed. “Its so hard, so hard”.


“Its hard to watch the person you love be in love with someone else”. She said tearfully.

“I think I need to shut the door”. Harley said closing the restroom door so no one will come in.

“Everyday, i watch him focus his attention on you and somehow it makes me feel unwanted, feel jealous”. Bella continued. “I know I’m not supposed to feel that way because you are my best friend but i can’t help it”.

“Bella ..”. I started.

“I can’t help but feel jealous of you, Tasha”. She added. “The attention you receive from Jeremy”.

“Jeremy and I are just best friends”.

“He sees you more than that”. Bella interjected.

“He sees me as a friend”. I corrected her.

“You obviously don’t get it”. She said exasperatedly. “What part of Jeremy likes you don’t you understand”.

“Bella drop it”. I warned. “You are just assuming things because you like him”.

She faced the mirror still sniffing.

“Bella”. Harley spoke up. “Since when have you liked Jeremy?”.

“It was in Middle school, he didn’t know me at that time then we met again in high school but I only got to be friends with him because of Tasha”. She explained. “Even at that he didn’t notice me, he never noticed me”.

“Bella, why are you so stressed out about this?”. Harley asked. “Just forget about Jeremy”.

“Thats easy for you to say”. Bella retorted. “You’ve never been in love so you wouldn’t know”.

“I have been in love and I regretted that so do not remind me”. Harley replied coldly.

“What am trying to say that is hard for me to forget about Jeremy”. Bella continued.

“Maybe I should talk to Jeremy about__”.

“No need for that”. Bella said interrupting me. “I’m fine, i’m fine”.

“You sure?”. I asked her.

“Yeah I’ll just meet you guys at Harley’s place”.

“She said she’ll drop us off”.

“No need, i’ll go by myself”. She replied and walked out of the restroom.

I turned to Harley and saw she bit her lips trying to blink back tears.


She jerked. “You ready? Lets go?”.

I nodded still staring at her. “Umm yeah thats if you are”.

She linked arms with mine as we walked out of the restroom leading us towards the parking lot where her car was waiting.

A red sports car.

“Isn’t this Reece’s car?”.

“Thats sweet, she knows her boyfriend’s car”. Harley teased me.

“Just stop”. I warned.

She giggled. “Sorry”.

“Harley, why did you text me to …”. He trailed off seeing me.

“I need your keys”. Harley told him. “Tasha and I need to go home to get ready for the party”.

He tucked his hand into his pocket and brought out his car keys giving it to Harley.

“Thanks Coz”.

Reece nodded and left going back. He must still be hurt by what I said.

“Did I just see an emotional friction between both of you?”.

I jerked back to reality. “Just get into the car”.

She rested on the car. “Spill now”.

“Nothing happened”.

“Come on, just tell me. I’ll know what to do, lets just say I’m like a master in love”.

“Because you’ve been hurt before?”. I guessed.

She nodded. “Yes I’ve been hurt by love so thats why I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to you”.

“Who hurt you”. I rested on the car too.

“I’ll tell about him some other day not now although you know the person”.


“Back to you and Reece”. She said trying to change the subject.

I sighed. “Reece k×ssed me pr we k×ssed, anyone”.

“Both of you k×ssed?”. She shrieked.

I nodded. “Yes”.

“Wow, thats awesome, i mean for Reece because he’s been wanting to do that since Freshman year”.

😍Episode 14😍
“Back to you and Reece”. She said trying to change the subject.

I sighed. “Reece k×ssed me pr we k×ssed, anyone”.

“Both of you k×ssed?”. She shrieked.

I nodded. “Yes”.

“Wow, thats awesome, i mean for Reece because he’s been wanting to do that since Freshman year”.

I paused. “Wait, what?”.

“Uh, did I say something?”. Harley laughed nervously. “We should better be going”.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Bella?”.

“I have her number, i’ll text her my house address”. She told me.

Harley unlocked the car doors and I stepped in closing the car door while she walked around the car and got in sitting at the drivers seat as she locked the doors.

“That reminds me”. Harley faced me. “I don’t have your number, Tasha”.

“Umm, i really don’t have much contacts so I rarely carry my phone around”.

“Doesn’t matter, you are still gonna give me”.

She placed the car key in the ignition and started the car engine and revved it before she drove off swiftly.

“Harley, are you the only child?”. I asked wanting to make conversation.

“Well not really, i have a sister”.

“You have a sister? Whats her name?”.

“Astrid”. She giggled. “The name seems a little weird but I like it and her too”.

Astrid? Wasn’t that the name Reece called out the other time while on the phone.

“Astrid? Isn’t she ..”. I trailed off.

“Yep, she played a prank on Reece the other time, water balloons popping all over him”. She explained.

“Is that how you all are?”. I asked.

She glanced at me while driving. “And by that you mean ..”.

“I’m referring to the prank thing like does it flow in your blood or something in your family”. I told her.

She chuckled lightly. “Lets just say Reece is like the troublesome one and Astrid is a smaller version of him”.

“Wow”. I mouthed.

“I know right but the difference between them is Astrid plays pranks just for laughs while Reece play pranks to humiliate people”. She continued.

I rested on my seat. “Well I can guess their similarities, they are both crazy”.

“Oh really and you are not?”. She teased me. “I still can’t believe the fact you and Reece did that to the teachers car”.

“Oh that, i can’t believe I’m saying this but it was fun for me like literally”.

“Did you guys get a warning?”.

I shook my head negatively. “No, thankfully we didn’t. Only detention”.

“You survived detention?”.

“It isn’t that bad”. I admitted.

“I think you are just saying that because you were with Reece”.

My cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment. “Maybe but for real it wasn’t that bad”.

“My first time in detention was like hell, it was hours of boredom”. She said with a gr0×n.

“Mine was better at least”.

“And we are here”.

I looked around and there were just large trees and flowers wound.

“Where exactly is here?”. I asked nervous.

“It will show in minutes, it takes its time”. She replied driving through the trees.

“Are you sure you don’t want to kill me or something?”.

She chuckled lightly. “Really, Nat?”.

“I’m just being security conscious”. I said with a shrug.

Then the trees parted and a really large mansion came in sight.

“What the f×¢k!!”. I mouthed.

“Most of my friends always have that first reaction”. Harley said.

“This place is amazing”. I squealed excitedly. “This is so dope”.

“Wait till you see Reece’s house”.

“Then who’s house is this?”. I asked confused.

“Mine well not really”.

The gold gates opened and she drove the car swiftly through them. She just stopped the car and unlocked the car doors.

I opened the car door and went out closing it back. Harley came out and threw the key at a guy wearing a white servant uniform, seems like a driver.

“Come on, Tasha”. She linked arms with mine and led me towards the main house.

I gaped at the wonder of the place, the walls were decorated in golden color and there was a large fountain spluttering water beautifully.

There were also servants at the glass door, when Harley and I got there, the doors was open was us to pass through.

I stepped in. “Wow”.

“Come on, lets get to my room”.

She held my hand and led me past the large S curved tiled stairs going upstairs.

We walked through the large hallway and she led me into a room. I walked in with her, the room was large like really large with like literally everywhere.

Pink dominated her room giving it a good effect, there was a giant crystal chandelier hanging from the center of her room.

The room was really large, there was a mini parlor in here and glass tables. A large T.V set was plastered on the wall and the floor was tiled with sparkling marble tiles.

“So ready to see your party clothes?”. She asked.

“Please tell me you got something reasonable for me to wear”. I pleaded.

She laughed. “Of course, you said you don’t want skin releasing and thats what I got you”.

“Thank you”. I breathed out.

“I’ll just go get it”.

I looked around. “So where is your sister?”.

“She’s not at this Worth Mansion, she’s over at Reece’s place, Carter Mansion”.

“Is it around here?”. I asked curious.

“Yep, they are actually close. Just two minutes from this mansion”.

“So its just you guys that have this place?”.

“Well we are one family, Carter and Worth, they have the whole of this area in their name thats why this place is secluded”. She explained.

“I get it now”.

She took my hand and dragged me to a door, she opened it and we entered. Wow!! She has a private wardrobe room.

Everything was decorated in white in the wardrobe room, divided into two section.

The clothes and the shoes. Her shoes were displayed perfectly in their sections, there were different types and colors.

I looked at her clothes in the wardrobe, the content was much. I’m sure she can never finish wearing this clothes.

The first wardrobe contained beautiful and expensive clothes, different designers, different looks and styles were just perfect.

The second wardrobe consisted of her home clothes, night gowns, pajamas and her house clothes but they still looked chic.

The third wardrobe had season clothes in it, Summer clothes were there ranging from halter tops and shorts to Winter clothes ranging from coats and scarves.

“So how is it?”.

I turned to see Harley holding up clothes.

I took it. “This is amazing”.

“Dress up while I’ll go dress up in Astrid’s room”. She gave me a small smile and left.

Thank goodness, she gave me privacy.

I took off my clothes and wore the outfit she gave me.

A sparkly black dress that fell a few inches above my knees with pink roses and light green leaves adorning the black fabric and tan belt under my chest to complete the outfit.

At least my scars aren’t showing that much.

I wore the four inch peep-toe stilettos that were a sparkly black too. I’m ready for the party.

The wardrobe door opened and Harley came in wearing a kind of ripped white tank top with pink tartan skirt, with dangly pink earrings, a few flower hair clips and lipgloss, she looked ready for the party with strap white sandals.

“Ready to go?”. She asked.

I nodded. “Sure”.

“Wait, let me style your hair”.

She had me sit and then she styled my hair amazingly making me look unrecognizable in the mirror. She had put a little make-up on my face too.

After a while, we were done and we went downstairs. I walked carefully on my stilettos so I won’t fall down on the marble tiled stairs.

“And Voilà”. She said dramatically as we got down.

“Tasha, you look awesome”. I looked up to see Bella.

I hugged her. “When did you get here?”.

“Well Harley called Reece and he brought me here”. She replied pulling away.

“Reece?”. I asked surprised. “Where is he?”.

She wiggled her eyebrows at me. “You wanna see your prince charming”.

“Really, Bella?”. I asked in between giggles.

“Are you girls done?”.

I turned to see Reece coming out from another entrance and he looked hot like sincerely, he looked hot.

He wore grey jeans and white shirt which displayed across his chest revealing taut muscles.

Is it me or does he look more cuter with his hair curled backwards?

Bella nudged me. “Drooling much?”.

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