Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 17 – 18

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written By:
_____Authoress Kamara✍_____
😍Episode 17😍
“And if I see you near her, i’ll kill you, got that?”. I threatened them. The group of football jocks in Haven High.

“Alright Carter, we got it”. Their stupid captain said.

I watched as they left the party, good.

I turned back and went into the house, i looked around searching for Nat. Where the heck is she?

I saw Harley and Matt grinding against each other. I told Nat to stay around Harley.

Maybe she’s throwing up again in the kitchen, i walked there hurriedly but she was’t even there.

Gosh!! Where is she? I ran up the stairs avoiding contact with these demoralized teenagers.

I checked each of the room one by one sometimes bumping into partners who were having s××.

I stopped in the middle of the hallway, now i’m seriously worried. Where could she be?

I went to the restroom checking each cubicle but she wasn’t there. I walked out and headed downstairs bumping into the stupid host.

I was expecting to say something dumb or at least yell at me probably because we are at loggerheads but he just walked past me hurriedly. Weird.

I ignored him and walked downstairs going to meet Harley. I dragged her from Matt.

“What the f×¢k!!”. She cussed. “Reece!!”.

“Did Nat come over to meet you?”.

“What? No, last time I saw her was in the kitchen with you”.


“Reece?”. She looked at me. “Whats going on?”.


She frowned. “You were supposed to watch her”.

“I had to go make something clear to those crazed s×× guys like Brad”.

“So? You had one job, to just stay with her and you messed that up”.

“Just keep looking around, Harley”. I told her and walked away.

I took my phone from my back pocket and went to the contacts list looking for his name.
I walked out of the party and headed to the driveway. I looked around, where the heck is Lionel?

Soon enough a motorcycle came around the corner stopping next to me.

“Took you long enough”.

He stopped the engine. “Why am I here?”.

“I need your help”.

He removed the straps of his helmet taking it off. Then he got off his motorcycle.

“Who am I exactly helping you with?”.

“Well ..”. I trailed off.

“Oh shit, please don’t tell me its your little girlfriend”.

“Come on, Lionel”. I pleaded.

“There’s no way I’m helping Alan’s sister, you know that”.

“She’s different”.

“So?”. He scoffed. “Didn’t we also think of Alan that way? What did he do?”.

I sighed. “Nat is different, Lionel, you met her. She’s nice”.

“Okay fine, what do you want me to do?”.

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, its Natasha”.

“What about her?”.

“I found out there was a bet on her and maybe half of the guys in the party want to get her or something”. I told him.

“So I am here, why?”.

“I can’t find her”. I blurted out.

“Smooth moves Reece, you lost her? What are you saying?”.

“I don’t know, i instructed her to stay back with Harley while I go do something and then when I came back, she was wrong”.

“Let me get this straight, you need me to help you find your little girlfriend?”. He asked to be sure.

“Thats exactly what I’m saying”.

“How many guys have you seen around her? I’ll beat the truth out of them”.

“I don’t know, maybe like__”.


I turned to see Harley running towards us.

“Hey, have you seen Tasha yet?”. She asked nervously.

“This is a big one”. Lionel butted in. “She’s really missing?”.

Harley crossed her arms. “Lionel, what are you doing here?”.

“I’m not here for you this time around”. He tapped me. “Come on, lets go find your girlfriend”.

“Harley, just keep looking around”.

“I can’t even see Bella and Jeremy”. She said exasperatedly. “I don’t even know where the heck those two are”.

“Probably f×¢king their brains out”. Lionel whispered to me.

I pushed him forward. “Shut up and lets go”.
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My head was throbbing aching me either due to the fact I drank too much alcohol or because Andrew had hit me hærd on the head back at the restroom.

I felt pain at the back of my head and tried to sit up. I sat up on the cold floor, i looked around the place, seems like a basement.

I managed to get up steadily. f×¢k!! My head still aches but thats not what I’m worried about. Why am I here?


I turned back and saw Andrew coming down a wooden stairs.

“What am I doing here?”. I asked nervous.

He smirked. “I told you I was going to get you and look, i actually did”.

I didn’t say anything as I stared at him still gobsmacked.

“And the best part is no one knows you are here not even your bodyguard, Reece”.

What the hell?!!

He walked towards me. “You must have heard about the bet, am I right?”.

“There’s no way I’m letting you touch me”. I said as I stepped backwards.

He scoffed. “You have no choice, no way to run”.

My breathing hitched as I stepped back away from him, i really should have stayed back.

He tried to hold but I dodged his hold and ran but he dragged me back by my hair.

“Ouch”. I yelped at his hold on my hair.

He dragged me back and pushed me to the floor. I tried to get up but he slapped me all of a sudden.

It was as if my face turned numb, i became tensed as I realize he was really serious with the bet issue.

He got on me and tried to take off my dress, i swatted his hands away slapping me hærd on the face.

Another slap, more slaps. I couldn’t even feel myself anymore, it was as if Alan was the one beating me up because sincerely I see no difference. They are both heartless.

“Andrew please I’m begging you”. I pleaded as tears gushed out of my eyes.

I can’t help it, what he’s about to do …

I tried to struggle and get out of his hold but I couldn’t. He was too strong.

“Natasha, the only thing i need you to do is just to co-operate with me”.

“Andrew please”. I whimpered in fear.

“I get my money and from the other guys and i’ll no longer disturb you”. He added.

I tried to push him away but he pinned my hands to the ground as he dragged my dress down to my bra level.

I bursted into tears as I begged him in tears but he didn’t even pay me any attention.

He slapped me again not showing me any mercy.

I could feel myself feeling weak and tired, i still had pains on my face due to his slaps.

I closed my eyes blinking back tears, why am I always this unfortunate? I couldn’t hold it any longer, i felt myself drifting into darkness.
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I ran over to them. “Have you seen her?”.

“Okay, I’ve searched every possible place that I think she will be but i didn’t see her”.

“Reece calm down, we’ll find her”. I soothed him.

He rested on the wall as he cussed words I could not hear.

Lionel walked over. “Hey”.

“Did you see her?”.

“No but I need to ask, did anyone threaten her or something?”. Lionel asked.

Reece straightened up. “Coz, did Andrew go anywhere near Nat?”.

“Well I yeah maybe, he did want to talk to her once”. I told them.

Reece tightened his fists. “That bastard”.

“Who’s the host of this dumb party?”. Lionel asked.

I shrugged. “Andrew, why asking?”.

“He’s probably keeping her somewhere, i mean this is his house. He might be with her in some place we don’t know”. He explained.

“But I checked everywhere”. Reece said exasperatedly. “Kitchen, the backyard, his stupid guest rooms even the his personal room”.

“Did you check the attic?”. Lionel blurted out.

“He doesn’t have an attic, i guess”. I replied.

“How come you both don’t know anything about this Andrew of a guy?”. Lionel sounded frustrated.

“Is only Jeremy who knows things about Andrew not us”. Reece butted in.

“Then call Jeremy up”.

“That is the problem now”. I ran my hands through my hair frustrated. “We don’t even know where Jeremy and Bella went off to”.

Lionel stood still for a moment looking around then he ran off.

“Where the hell is he going to?”. I asked no one in particular.

“I should have never left her”. Reece muttered. “I caused it”.

I turned to him. “Reece, come on, blaming yourself won’t tell us where to find her”.

“Guys”. Lionel ran back to us. “I think I know where she is”.

“Where?”. I probed him.

“Well I kinda beat up a guy for the information but he said Andrew said he was gonna have her at the down low”.

“Down low?”. I asked confused. “Whats that?”.

“The basement”. Reece whispered.

“Exactly”. Lionel agreed.

“I’m gonna kill him”. Reece ran off leaving us.

“Reece, wait up”. I ran after him along with Lionel.

Soon we got to the stupid basement but the door wouldn’t budge.

“Damn”. Lionel cussed. “Its locked from the in,side”.

“Try pushing it or something”. I urged him.

Reece kept on hitting the door but it wasn’t opening.

“Lionel, we push this door together on three, you ready?”. Reece asked balling his fists.

“Got it”.

At the count of three, they both hit the door together and i heard a metal fall to the ground on the other side. It must have been the bolt.

Reece pushed the door open and we ran down the stairs. I stopped at the sight of Andrew hovering over what seemed to be an unconscious Natasha.

“This Andrew guy is gonna get it”. Lionel whispered.

Reece walked over to Andrew and pushed him away from Natasha immediately.

I ran over to Tasha on the floor, i touched her forehead. f×¢k!! She’s burning up.

I tried to raise her up covering her exposed body at the chest level.
“How dare you!!”.

I turned back to see Reece beating Andrew up with his fists while Lionel just stood there watching. He’s not going to separate them.

“You f×¢king asshole”. Reece hit him again causing blood to trickle out of his l-ips.

“Lionel”. I shrieked. “Do something, hold Reece back”.

“No way, do you want him to kill me?”.

I ignored Lionel’s response and turned back to Reece. He was beating the life out of Andrew.

He kept on punching Andrew punch after punch before kicking him hærd on the knees making Andrew to fall to the ground.

He must have given him the beating out of his life because Andrew gr0×ned on the floor in pains not moving.

Reece immediately stepped on Andrew’s crotch. f×¢k!! Thats disgusting.

He stepped on it even h-rder as Andrew yelled out.

“Look here, Pitts”. Reece ordered. “If you ever go near my girl again, i’ll make sure you end up ball less and then I’ll cut off this little thing you call a d×¢k”.

😍Episode 18😍

I carried her bridal style as I got out from the car walking towards the mansion.

“Are you holding her the right way?”.

“I got this, Harley”. I told her.

“I’m just concerned”. She said walking behind me.

I stepped into the main house as I walked hurriedly to the gigantic stairs.

“Be careful, Reece”. Harley spoke up again.

“Seriously? What part of I got this don’t you understand?”.

“Sorry, sorry”. She apologized.

Eventually we got up the stairs and landed in the wide hallway. I turned left immediately walking to my room.

“Where are you going?”. She questioned me.

“To my room”. I replied still walking.

“Come on, Reece. Her first time here and you are taking her to the room?”.

“My room is much more comfortable and beside I can watch over her”.

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever”.

“Just go open the door”.

She ran ahead of me and opened my room door, i stepped in and went towards the bed dropping Nat on it slowly.

“Be careful”.

“I know that”. I snapped at her.

I placed Nat on the bed making sure she rested on the pillows well.

I stepped back and stared at her, even her in her sleep, she still looks beautiful.

“Can you please stop ogling her with your eyes?”.

I ignored the question. “Is she going to be okay?”.

“Yeah she only passed out probably because of fear but she’s going to be okay”.

I sat on the bed close to Nat, i flicked part of her blonde hair away from her face.

“Will you stop that?”. Harley swathed my hands away. “She’s asleep so don’t wake her up”.

“I just want to feel if she’s alright”.

“We all know she’s perfectly alright”.

“Okay, whats up with you?”. I asked getting frustrated already.

“Reece you only had one job”.

I gr0×ned. “Harley, I told her to go stay with you, how was I supposed to know that she didn’t follow the instructions?”.

“I feel like I caused this”.

I looked at her. “What are you talking about?”.

“Well Bella and I were the ones who persuaded her to go for this stupid after games party”. She sniffed.

“Come on, how were we supposed to know that Andrew is a dog?”.

She cleaned her tears. “Thank goodness, he didn’t touch her before we got there”.

“But he hit her”. I clenched my fists. “And thats why I gave him that thorough beating”.

“Don’t you think he’s going to come after you?”. She suggested.

“I got Lionel and Jeremy on my side”.

“Speaking of Jeremy, have you tried calling him because its weird that all of a sudden, he just disappeared with Bella”.

I tapped my forehead. “Oh right, i forgot. I’ll call him up right now”.

“Well go”. She shooed me away.

“Take care of Nat?”. I asked to be sure.

“Of course, she means something to me too, you know”.

I smiled. “Thanks”.

“And oh when you reach him on the phone, tell I’m going to f×¢king kill him and Bella for ditching us”. She said angrily.

“Ay Ay Captain”. I teased her walking out of my room.

I went downstairs and met Lionel coming in.

“So how’s your little girlfriend?”. He asked.

“Still not awake but I guess she is going to be fine”.

He nodded and flopped on the long couch.

“Thanks man”. I spoke up.

“Come on, friends don’t say thank you. I told you, whenever you need my help, just say it”.

“No, not that”. I sat on the couch with him.

“I really don’t want to talk about the Alan issue right now”. He blurted out.

“Its fine, thank you for helping even though you know, she’s his sister”.

“Are you sure they are siblings?”. Lionel asked looking at me. “I’m just saying because they are different people”.

I chuckled quietly. “Just shut up”.

“Mind if I crash here for the night?”.

I raised an eyebrow. “You okay?”.

“My parents are at it again, i can’t stand to hear them yelling at each other”.

“Kinda sounds like my parents before they got divorced”. I said sadly.

“You’ll get over that, so am I staying or .. “.

“Sure why not? Not my room though, Nat is in there”.

“Maybe Harley’s room”. He winked at me.

“You aren’t over Harley yet?”. I teased him.

He frowned. “Take that back, i moved on ages ago”.

“Hmm, i don’t think so”.

He rolled his eyes. “I’ll sleep in Harley’s room without asking”.

“This isn’t Harley’s place, you dimwit”.

He looked around. “Yeah I forgot, where’s that little she devil?”.

“Astrid is asleep in her room”.

He heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness”.

“But be careful while going up there, who knows if she pulled pranks in there?”.

“She’s like a younger version of you”. He shuddered. “Only more humor and crafty”.

I pretended to be hurt. “Hey!! I am crafty”.

“Your pranks are getting old. There’s a new ranger in town and she’s Astrid Worth”.

“I pray you get caught in one of her pranks”.

“Like the other time Jeremy took the glass of water she had kept for you”. Lionel said laughing.

I smiled remembering the incident. Astrid had put hot sauce in my water bottle just to win me in some prank war but Jeremy took it instead and he went bonkers.

“Oh wow, that was the best scene ever”. He said amidst laughter.

“Just go get some sleep”. I told him.

He paused. “You are not coming?”.

“I need to call up Jeremy first, see how he’s been”.

“I told you, he’s probably f×¢king that chick with the dark hair”.

“Bella was drunk, Jeremy is not that kind of person to take advantage of girls”.

“If you say so”. He shrugged. “Goodnight, Carter”.

I gave him a little nod and he left going up the stairs to probably one of the ten guest rooms in this mansion.

I took my phone out of my pocket and unlocked it. I went to contacts and scrolled over to his name before tapping on it.

He better have a good explanation for ditching us at the party or Harley’s gonna f×¢king kill him.

He answered on the first ring. Thats a good sign.

📞Where the f×¢k were you?

📞Reece, man. I’m sorry

📞Dude, i totally needed you and suddenly I look around, you are nowhere to be found

📞Something came up

📞Which girl did you take home to f×¢k

📞Take home? What?!! No

📞Then why did you leave early?

📞A guy was trying to grope Bella back at the party so I just beat the guy up ..

📞Then what?

📞Look, Bella’s at her place either sleeping from too much drinks, i didn’t do anything with her, okay?

📞Why didn’t you come back to the party or at least inform me?

📞 Reece ..

📞Nat was almost f×¢ked taken by that dumb Andrew, luckily Lionel and I got there in time which gave me ample time to kill Andrew well I rendered him unconscious.

📞 I’m not quite getting what you are saying .. Tasha was what?

📞Just chat me up, woulda?

I disconnected the call immediately and turned back heading up the stairs. I stopped in the large hallway and went right going to Astrid’s room.

I opened it slowly looking around to be sure she didn’t put any thing prank able.

I opened the door fully and walked in going to her bed carefully so as not to step on any boogie traps.

The bedside table light was turned on immediately.

“What the heck are you doing, Reece?”.

I straightened up to see Astrid sitting up on the bed, i thought she was asleep.


“You back?”.

I sat on the bed. “You not asleep yet”.

“No one to read me bedtime stories”. She complained.

I stroked her hair. “Should I read it for you?”.

“Nah you don’t know how to sing Disney songs well”. She shook her head. “I want my sister to do it”.

“Harley is a little busy .. “. I trailed off.

“With that pretty girl I saw you with?”.

I chuckled. “So you were snooping around?”.

“Astrid gotta do what Astrid gotta do”.

I ruffled her hair. “Try to get some sleep while I go call Harley for you”.

“Okay”. She laid on the bed. “Reece? Is she your barbie?”.

I stopped. “Huh?”.

“Like you are the Ken and the pretty girl I saw you with is your barbie”.

“Oh”. I mouthed. “Yeah Nat is my barbie”.

She turned off her bedside table lights. “Goodnight and call Harley”.

I closed the door quietly and went back to my room. I opened the door immediately and I notice Harley quickly pulled the covers over Nat.

“Is everything okay?”. I asked concerned.

“Umm yeah sure”. She replied nervously.

I walked to her. “Whats wrong?”.

“Nothing”. She fiddled with her fingers.

“Astrid is still awake and wants you to read her bedtime stories”.

She stood up. “Okay I’ll just go”.

Harley is acting really weird, she looked at Nat before leaving the room. What is she hiding?

I walked to Nat and crouched by the bed covering her with the duvet properly. I dragged him up and her pajama shirt came up a little at her stomach.

Looks like Harley changed her already into some night clothes. Thats nice of her.

I made to place Nat well on the bed when she turned and her shirt rose up revealing her back.

I saw a slight red on her back seems like a burn maybe. I raised her shirt just a little bit looking at her back.

The red mark was really big as it was all over at her back that was exposed by the pajama and disappeared upwards into the shirt.

I wanted to lift her shirt up but isn’t that invasion of privacy but am just curious.

I lifted the shirt at her back a little and saw it clearly. It was a red mark like she had been beaten or flogged with a belt.

Was It Andrew who did this? I ran my hands on it but it didn’t seem like it was new.

It wasn’t recent, someone had beaten her up but who? I ran my fingers over it, it was a scar that wasn’t healed completely.

My jaw tightened at the thought of her getting beaten. Who the heck did this to my Nat?
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