Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 26 – 27

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written By:
_____Authoress Kamara✍_____
😍Episode 26😍
When I saw she was finally asleep, i got up from the bed quietly. I stared at her as she slept, she really looks beautiful.

I grabbed my phone on the bedside table and went out of the room closing the door behind me.

I landed in the wide hallway and walked towards the stairs climbing down. I went to the kitchen hoping to see Nanny.

I walked in and met the servants and maids jostling around. Nanny stopped what she was doing seeing me.

“Kingston” . She called.

I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl biting into it.

“Who was that girl?”. She asked.

I took another bite out of the apple as I sat on the kitchen counter.

“Everyone leave I need to talk to him”. She told them, her voice quite loud and clear.

They all stopped what they were doing at that moment going out leaving me and my Nanny.

“Hey wait”. I stopped one of the maids.

She turned. “Yes, Sir Reece?”.

“I need you to go check up on the girl in my room every 20 minutes interval”. I told her.

She nodded. “I’ll go do that”.

I dismissed her and she left hurriedly.


I groaned. “Come on, Nanny. What do you want to know?”.

“This is the first time I’m seeing you bring random strangers in this mansion”.

“There’s a difference actually. She’s not a stranger, she’s my girlfriend”.

She crossed her arms. “If she is truly your girlfriend then why was she half naked when you brought her in earlier?”.

“Nanny, its a long story”. I said as I threw the half eaten apple in the bin.

“I have the time and ears”.

“Why do you need to know?”. I asked her getting frustrated.

“This isn’t just only your mansion, Kingston. Your parents put me in charge of taking care of you including overseeing this place”.

“Well they left it for me and I bring whoever I like in here. I want you to respect that”.

She sighed. “If you say so”.

“Good, where’s Astrid?”. I looked around.

“She’s still in her bedroom”.

I got down and went to the refrigerator as I opened it. I took a saucer of chocolate muffins and closed it back.

“What are you doing with that? Its meant for Astrid”.

“I’m going to give it to her”. I stepped out of the kitchen.

I took one of the muffins taking a bite out of it and damn, it was delicious. I ran up the stairs and went to Astrid’s room.

I knocked on it softly waiting as I ate my muffin.

“Its open, Nanny”. She said from the inside.

I pushed open the door going in and she turned her attention away from the T.V screen.


I dropped the saucer of chocolate muffins on her bed and she rubbed her hands in glee seeing it.

“Aren’t you happy I’m here?”. I asked her.

“But I thought you were still in school, you don’t usually come home by this time”.

I ruffled her hair. “You are one smart kiddo”.

She giggled eating her muffin as I sat on the beanbag cushion in her room.


I looked at her. “Yeah?”.

“Why did your sports car behave that way yesterday? It never does that before”. She spoke up.

“Well lets just say someone toyed with it”.


Wow, this girl is really inquisitive.

“Some bad people did it”. I told her in a way that she would understand.

“Bad people? Does the person hate you that much?”.

“Yes”. I responded. “He does hate me that much”.

“You know, Reece. I think__”.

She was interrupted by my phone ringing in my hand, ringtone sounding loud.

I glanced at the caller’s I.D. Harley. I picked up the call immediately.

📞Hey Coz

📞Reece, where the heck are you?

📞At the mansion, why?

📞Did you find Natasha?

I gave Astrid a little smile before walking out of her room. I didn’t want to talk about Nat’a condition in front of her.

📞Yeah I did

📞I know that tone, Reece. Did something bad happen?

📞I found her in a bad state, Harley

📞How bad?

📞Real bad, Harley. She was crying like what he did broke her so much

📞Reece, come on. We have to talk

📞I leave Nat

📞Reece, you know its serious

📞Okay fine, meet me outside the school in 30 minutes

📞Got it

She hanged up the call and I slid my phone back into my back pocket of my trousers.

I went back in Astrid’s room. “Astrid?”.

“Yeah?”. She was still munching on her muffin.

“I have to go somewhere, i’ll come later”.

She nodded. “Okay and buy those cookies from Nana’s place”.

“Anything for you”. I told her and left her room.

I turned left and went to my room opening the door as I walked in seeing the maid watching Nat like I asked her to.

I went to Nat sitting on the bed stroking her cheek tenderly.

“She’s sound asleep, Sir”.

“I know that”. I replied curtly.

I gave her a little light kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.

I really need to go see whats so serious that Harley had to call me. And maybe on the way, kill that asshole.
Authoress Kamara Library
I adjusted on the soft pillow and stopped as I felt a slight pain on my cheek. I sat up slowly remembering everything.

What Alan had done. I felt my cheek, it still hurts from where I got slapped repeatedly. I wish I had the strength to strangle him.

Thank goodness Reece had come before Alan came back. I sat on his bed properly as i placed my feet on the cold marble tiled floor.

I hugged myself through the hoodie, Reece had seen me naked. But he helped me and thats all that matters right now.


I looked back to see the door opening and a young woman at the entrance.

She smiled. “You are awake”.

“Hi”. I said politely.

She closed the door quietly. “I’m Belle, one of the maids in the Worth mansion but I was assigned here because of young miss Astrid”.

“My name is Natasha”. I told her.

She nodded and walked further in. “Do you need to have a bath, miss?”.

“Umm sure”. I replied. “Are you going to have to bath me because I’m sure I can do that myself”.

“If you really don’t want that then maybe I will just prepare the bath for you”.

After a while, she took me to the shower room and I undressed myself.

She mixed a lot of soaps and things which smelt nice in the warm bath. I walked in and lay back enjoying the sensation on my skin.


“Just call me Natasha, Belle”.

“Umm, Miss Natasha?”.

I smiled at her. “Yes Belle?”.

“Are you Sir Reece’s girlfriend?”. She asks all of a sudden.

I shook my head. “Nope”.

“Are you sure?”. She looked at me. “Or maybe he likes you but haven’t said it yet”.

I smiled a little. “Why do you think that he’s my boyfriend?”.

“Well because I have never seen him bring a girl into the house”. She blurted out.

I paused. “What about his ex-girlfriends?”.

“Sir Reece haven’t brought any girl to this place at all so I don’t think he has any ex girlfriends”.

“Oh”. I mouthed.

“What about you Miss Natasha? Do you like him?”.

I didn’t say anything as I played with the foamy water. My thoughts trailed off to what she said.

I really do like Reece. A lot.
Authoress Kamara Library
I got to where Harley had told me Lionel would be. I kicked the door open and met him beating up Alan as expected.

“Lionel”. I called him.

He didn’t say anything as he continued beating the hell out of Alan.

I dragged him back immediately away from Alan and he frowned.

“What the heck!! Reece?”.

“What are you doing?”. I asked surprised.

“I’m giving to him what he deserves and what should have been done all this while”.

I sighed. “Lionel, all I need you to is calm down. You might just kill him”.

“And I prefer being sentenced to murder if its all about killing Alan”.

“Where did you find him?”.


“Where did you get him?”. I repeated myself.

“I was driving Harley home when I saw the motherfucker coming out from this house then I stopped the car over”. He narrated.

“And abducted him bringing him here”. I concluded it for him.

“I just want to kill him so as to consume all the hatred I have for him”. He said angrily.

“Lionel, look I know you hate him so much but I don’t__”.

I was interrupted by Alan trying to open the door.

“Motherfucker”. Lionel rushed over to him pushing him back on the floor.

I held Lionel back again and faced Alan.

I crouched in front of him. “What did you do to Nat?”.

“So you were the one who took her away right? I knew it”.

“I asked a question so answer it”.

He smirked. “Why don’t you ask her pussy? I’m sure it was bleeding”.

That was enough to make me kill him. I clenched my fists giving him blows on his face before standing up straight.

“You got a knife or dagger or a blade? Any thing of that sort?”. I asked Lionel.

Lionel handed me a pocketknife not asking me what I want to do with it.

“What the heck are you doing?”. Alan asked looking at me weirdly.

“There’s something you need to get straight, Alan. I hate the idea of anyone touching Nat”. I told him annoyed.

He looked at the pocketknife fearfully.

“You touched Nat with that stinking one inch thing down there and I will make sure that you never do that ever again”.

“Reece? What you talking about?”. Lionel asked.

“When I said I was gonna cut his balls off, I wasn’t joking”.
😍Episode 27😍
I stepped out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around my body. I stopped noticing clothes were placed on the bed.

I sat on the large kingsized bed looking at the classy clothes.

“Miss Natasha, if you need anything; i’m just across the hallway”. Belle said.

“Umm, who’s the owner of these clothes?”. I asked her.

“Ma’am Harley”.

“I really don’t wear this type of clothes”. I told her truthfully. “You can please take them back”.

She looked at me surprised. “Then what are you going to wear, miss?”.

“I can sort myself out”.

She nodded and took the neatly arranged clothes with her as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her quietly.

I stood up as I went around Reece’s large room. How can someone’s bedroom be this large and beautiful? His parents must really be soaked in riches.

I glanced around everything, things were thrown around clusters. I guess he’s too lazy to take care of his room.

I stopped seeing a oddly big book on one of the decorated tables. I walked towards it staring at the name.

Big Book Of Pranks. Reece have got to be kidding me, so he actually has one of these. This guy is really crazy.

I opened it and saw different lists written down in it. I skipped to the last page and saw the book was filled with his handwriting. He really has the time to do all this.

I noticed a white door which was part of his room, i walked there opening it and went in.

Damn!! He also has his own wardrobe room just like Harley. Just that his own is more classier and filled to the brim.

I opened one of the locker and saw all kind of sweatshirts. I grabbed a hoodie among them, i need to get dressed. I look around searching for shorts to wear too.

After a while, i went out of his wardrobe room making sure to close it properly. I took off the towel and put on the hoodie along with the shorts.

I fluffed my hair around tucking some behind my ear. I smoothened the bags under my eyes as I sat on the cushion next to his window.

Gosh!! Thinking of Alan has been doing to me just gives me the creeps. I hugged my knees close to my cheat thinking of my life.

Ever since I was young, i have never had a blissful ending.

First, my Dad dumped me in an orphanage and I don’t even remember if I have another family or not. I clearly remember the part where my Dad says he wants to buy me ice cream but other than that, nothing is in my memory.

Then, as if that isn’t enough, all the families that have adopted me always brought me back to the orphanage. I never stayed in their place more than a year.

But when the Williams came over, i initially thought that they were the perfect family. I was so happy when they welcomed me into their family as their own child.

I guess nothing last longs because that was when Alan came into the picture. I don’t even know why he despises me so much enough to do all that to me.

I heard a soft knock on the door distracting me from my thoughts. Who could that be?

The door opened slowly revealing Astrid. I thought she will be in school.

I smiled at her. “Hi”.

“Where’s Reece?”. She asked looking around the room.

Even I don’t know where Reece could be, the last time I saw was when I drifted to sleep in his arms.

I shrugged. “He’s kind of busy with things”.

“Probably beating up the bad people”.

“Bad people?”. I asked confused.

She walked further into the room. “Yes, the bad people”.

“And who exactly are this bad people?”.

“I don’t know but they were the ones who toyed with his car yesterday”.

Bad people?!! Toyed with his car? I don’t get what she’s saying.

“Astrid, what are you talking about?”.

She sat on Reece’s bed. “Yesterday, Reece picked me up from school with Harley’s boyfriend”.

Harley has a boyfriend?!! Shocking.

“Continue”. I urged her.

“There was a note on the car but he threw it away as we got in, Reece drove us but then I wanted cookies so I told him to stop by my favorite cookie shop”. She narrated.


“But his car didn’t stop at all, i thought he was joking and he wanted to prank me but he wasn’t. The car continued moving not even stopping at the cookie shop”.

“Did he stop the car?”.

She nodded. “He smashed it on a tree like in those power video games”.

I didn’t know what to say to her as I found the whole situation confusing.

“Do you want to see my dollhouse?”. She asked all of a sudden.

“Umm, sure”.

She giggled happily as she stood up from the bed with agility and ran towards me tugging at my arm.

I chuckled a little bit as I went along with her out of the room. She took me across the hallway but stopped seeing Harley was coming up the marble tiled stairs.

She squealed excitedly as she went to hug her, Harley laughed as she reciprocated the hug as she held Astrid close to her.


She looked at me. “Hi, Tasha”.

“I was just gonna go show her my dollhouse”. Astrid said as she giggled.

“Umm, maybe you can show her later, baby. I need to talk to Tasha”. Harley told her.

“Okay, i’ll go get it ready”. Astrid said as she ran off to her room happily, her glossy blonde hair bouncing around.

“Come on”. Harley held my hand taking me to a different room.

She unlocked the door with a key and we walked in, she turned on the lights and I was stunned by it immediately.

Oh Fuck!! All the rooms in this mansion are dripping in wealth.

“This is your room?”. I asked Harley as I looked around it.

She dropped her backpack. “Yes but Its my temporary room whenever I usually drop by the Carter Mansion”.

I nodded as I walked further into the room sitting on a fluffy cushion.

“Where’s Reece?”. I blurted out.

“He’s at umm, somewhere”. She glanced at me. “So Reece told me what happened”.

“Oh”. I mouthed.

“Do you want to talk about it?”. She asked softly. “I’m a good listener”.

“What exactly did he tell you?”.

She rested on her bed. “Well the fact about why you were not in school today”.


“How long has it been going on?”.

I fiddled with my fingers. “I really don’t want to talk about it, Harley”.

“If it make you feel any better, i understand what you are going through right now”. She whispered.

“I don’t think anyone would understand what I went through”.

“Tasha ..”. She began.

“I was abandoned by my Dad when I was four years old at the orphanage”. I told her tearfully. “And then I got adopted several times but no one wanted me”.

“Tasha, its okay”. She soothed. “You don’t have to tell all this”.

“And then all of a sudden, I got adopted by the perfect family, when I thought that its gonna end well”. I sniffed. “The worse actually came in the form of a demented stepbrother”.

She stood up from the bed and hugged me, close patting my back. I didn’t say anything further. I cried freely letting my tears flow since thats the only thing I’m good at.

I didn’t know how long I was crying or how long Harley comforted me but I’m sure it passed minutes.

Maybe that was actually the reason why we didn’t hear the door open and Reece come in.


I slowly pulled away from Harley’s hold to see Reece standing by the entrance as he stared at me.

I sniffed sadly as I cleaned my tears on my cheeks hastily although I’m sure he saw me crying already.

Harley straightened up. “Hey”.

“Lionel is waiting for you downstairs”. He told Harley.

Harley nodded and gave me a little glance before leaving the room.

Reece walked towards me. “Nat”.

I didn’t respond as I wiped my tears off my cheeks.

He sighed as he crouched in front of me staring at directly.

“Are you okay? Nat”. He asked softly.

I nodded. “I’m fine”.

“No, you are not”. He cupped my cheeks. “I hate it when you cry, Nat”.

“I can’t help it”. I whispered.

He stroked my cheeks tenderly with his fingers tenderly. “Come on, you really don’t want to look old with all those tears. You are too beautiful for that”.

I blushed unconsciously as a result of what he said. Reece just called me beautiful.

“Is that a red blush I see rushing up those cheeks of yours?”. He teased me.

I blushed the more. “Reece, stop it”.

He chuckled a little bit as he stood up straight giving me his hands. I placed my hands on his and he dragged me up.

“Lets go my room”. He whispered. “This place is all girly and it nauseates me”.

I bursted into laughter at what he said, I just really like the fact that he manages to make me happy.

He held my hand and took me out of the room taking me to his own room where I was before.

We entered and he sat me on the bed, he walked towards his table and then came back holding a round white cream jar stuff.

I stared at it. “Whats that?”.

“It can help you take away those marks on you and heal your scars”.

“Reece ..”.

“Nat, you can’t live with the marks forever reminding you of that fact that your stepbrother is an asshole. Just do this”. He persuaded.

I sighed looking at it. “Will it really take it away?”.

“It will heal them up”. He answered truthfully.

“Okay fine”. I agreed.

He smiled genuinely and opened the jar taking a small quantity.

He made to lift open the hoodie I was wearing but stopped looking at me, asking for permission with his eyes.

I nodded slowly and he rolled the down of the hoodie up a little bit. He applied the cream on his hand onto the lower part of my back and I flinched slightly when he applied pressure on that part.

“How did he give you these red marks on your back?”. He asked lowly.

“H-He used a-a belt”. I stuttered nervously as I remembered what Alan did to me.

I could feel Reece anger rising up as he applied the cream on my back.

“Do you have other marks just like that?”. His voice turning gruff.

I made to answer but was interrupted by a phone ringing. That sounds like my phone but I wasn’t with it.

Reece stood up and took it out of my pocket handing it to me. I glanced at the caller I.D feeling nervous all of a sudden.

My parents are calling. Alan’s parents.

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