Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 28

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written By:
_____Authoress Kamara✍_____
😍Episode 28😍
I could feel Reece anger rising up as he applied the cream on my back.

“Do you have other marks just like that?”. His voice turning gruff.

I made to answer but was interrupted by a phone ringing. That sounds like my phone but I wasn’t with it.

Reece stood up and took it out of my pocket handing it to me. I glanced at the caller I.D feeling nervous all of a sudden.

My parents are calling. Alan’s parents.

“Who’s calling?”. Reece asked peering at my phone.

“My parents”.

He stopped what he was going and sat up on the bed.


I stared hazily at the screen of my phone wondering if I should pick up the call.

Reece came close to me. “Nat, whats wrong?”.

“I don’t know if I should pick up the call”. I whispered.

“Nat, answer it if you want to but if you don’t, i am totally cool with any decision you make”.

I swiped the caller screen answering the phone call. I just hope I don’t regret this.


My Mum’s voice came through

📞Tasha darling, where are you?

Gosh!! What do I tell her?

📞I’m at a friend’s place

📞Oh, thank goodness you were not home

📞Mum, what’s wrong?

📞There was a burglar in the house, the whole living room was scattered so were the rooms

My breathing hitched as she said that, she doesn’t know that there was no burglar.

Alan was actually the one who disrupted the place, I was trying to run away from him, to defend myself. He had forced himself on me, using all means against me.


I quickly jerked back to reality as she called my name.

📞Yes Mum? What do you mean a burglar? How are you sure its a burglar?

📞Well the house is in disorder and …

📞And what?

📞And I met your brother unconscious at the porch, he was obviously beaten.

Alan? Beaten? What the heck?!!

📞Mum? What do you mean?

📞We’ve rushed him to the hospital and he’s alive, thank goodness

📞Mum? Do you mind if I stay over at my friend’s place?

📞Sure, Tasha. Its fine by me, just take care of yourself

📞Bye Mum

📞Take care of yourself, darling

I couldn’t even bring myself to tell her the truth why the house was in disarray.

What she said lingered in my mind, Alan is being hospitalized. And he was beaten up?!

Who the fuck did that to him? I mean, i get the fact that he deserves that but he was left unconscious.

I dropped my phone on the bedside table close.

“Nat?”. Reece tapped me.

I looked at him. “Hey”.

“Did something happen? What did your parents say?”. He asked.

“Alan was beaten to the point of death and he’s being hospitalized”. I told him.

I noticed his face expression changed and he looked away quickly.


He stood up and walked away from me as he faced his window.

I stood up. “Reece?”.

He didn’t answer me at all.

“Please don’t tell me that you were the one who did that to Alan?”. I asked him.

“He deserved it”. He replied curtly.

I gasped. “Reece!!”.

“What do you expect me to do?”. He turned around facing me. “I can’t just sit back and watch him maltreat you like that”.

“That isn’t enough reason to kill him”.

“He isn’t dead, Lionel and I made sure he was breathing before we dumped him off”.

“Its still the same thing”. I fired at him.

“Why are you being like this Nat? He totally deserves whatever is coming to him”.

“Oh really? By beating him up that way and how does that make you any different from him?”.

“Don’t you even dare compare me to that asshole you call your stepbrother”. He yells at me.

“Then stop behaving that way”. I yell back at him. “I specifically told you not to harm him in any way”.

“Why? You having feelings for the own guy who is your rapist?”.

How dare him say that to me? I can never have feeling for Alan at any time.

“How can you say that?!!”. I asked getting teary already as I pushed him.


I hit him pushing him away from me. “Don’t you get it? The only reason why I don’t want you to hurt Alan is because you are hurting me also”.

“What the heck are you talking about?”.

I sniffed. “All these recent marks I get is because of you. Akan hates the fact that you are close to me and he takes out his frustration by raping me constantly”.

“What?!!”. He asked lowly.

I slumped on the bed as I hugged myself close not wanting to cry.

“Nat”. He sat close to me.

I moved away from him still angry. “Don’t come any closer”.

“I’m sorry”. He apologized. “I shouldn’t have said those hurtful words to you”.

“Its okay”. I sniffed back the tears. “I’m used to being yelled at”.

He wrapped his arms around me pulling me towards him as he hugged me close.

“I’m sorry”. He whispered.

I leaned in his arms. “Its not your fault, you were just trying to help me”.

“I couldn’t contain the anger developing inside of me, thats why I did that”. He said to me.

“But beating him like that? Isn’t that too extreme?”. I whispered.

“I will hurt anyone who tries to touch you, I won’t let him lay a finger on you anymore”.

I smiled to myself as Reece said that to me, it makes me feel loved and warm inside.

We stayed like that for some minutes in each other’s arms as he rested his head on my shoulders.

“I guess I shouldn’t be annoyed since at least thats the only thing you did”. I spoke up.

He cleared his throat kinda feeling uneasy.

“Reece?!! What did you do?”.

“That might have not been the only thing I did, Nat”.

I pulled away from him. “What?!!”.

“Nat, just chill”.

“What do you mean by chill?”. I took a deep breath. “What did you do exactly?”.

“I, umm”. He ran his hands through his hair nervously.

“Just say it”.

“I kind of dissected his dick”. He blurted out.

“What?”. I asked surprised. “What the heck did you say you did?”.

“I made painful lines on his dick”.

I scrunched my face up. “Ugh, Thats really disgusting”.

“I had to do it so whenever he tries to fuck a girl, he remembers the warning I gave him”.

I crossed my arms. “Really? Reece”.

“He should happy I didn’t cut off his balls like I wanted to”.

I gasped a little. “You are crazy”.

“I’m crazy for you”. He grins a little.

I rolled my eyes. “Reece .. “.

“Come on, Nat please don’t be angry at me”. He pouted. “I did that for you”.

I huffed angrily. “But what you did to him is totally not acceptable. I clearly told you not to do that”.

“I forgot .. ?”.

I frowned at him and he sighed.

“Is Nat angry at me?”. He says entirely in a baby voice.

“Reece … “. I warned.

He walks towards me while I step back a little falling onto the bed.

“I really like this position we are in”. He teased me.

I sat up still frowning at him. “I’m still angry with you”.

“This will change your mind”. He whispers.

I opened my mouth to say something when he does the unexpected by planting his lips on mine.

I paused contemplating the whole thing, this is the second time we are kissing.

His lips softness is all I could think of as he moves them on top of mine making me want more of him.

I just shut my eyes close as my happiness increases the more at the thought of Reece kissing me.

His hands are cupping my cheeks tenderly as he kissed me the more filling me with his silky lips.

Oh heavens!! My heart is seriously going at an accelerated rate, too fast. I felt a tingly feeling in my stomach as I move my lips in sync with his.

He pulled away slowly staring at me as we are both trying to catch our breath.

He smiled at me. “That was wow!!”.

I fiddled with my fingers shyly. I just kissed Reece Carter for the second time.

“Can I kiss you again?”. He asked staring at me expectantly.

I nodded slowly and he slams his lips on mine again kissing me in a more heated way than before.

I run my hands through his soft silky hair as we kissed. He held my waist and drew me closer to me biting softly on my lips.

I gasped as a result of that and he took that opportunity to slide his tongue into mine.

I didn’t even know how long we have been kissing each other until I hear someone clear their throat behind us.

Reece pulled away from me slowly as he stared at me, i held his gaze too staring in his sweet golden brown eyes. He’s just too cute and hot as hell.

“Am I gonna have to kick you guys to bring you back to reality?”.

I turned back to the direction of the voice and saw Harley at the entrance with her hands akimbo.

“As you can see, Nat and I are very busy”.

Harley rolled her eyes. “Tasha, can we talk please?”.

“Umm sure”. I stood up.

Reece held me back. “You both can talk later”.

“If you don’t let go of Tasha right now, you are gonna get a beating”.

Reece chuckled a little bit and I left his hold going to meet Harley. We both walked out and head to her room.

“So what do you want to talk about?”. I asked as I sat on her pink cushion.

“I really have no one to ask advice from except you”. She speaks out. “You are the only girl friend I have”.

“Harley, is everything okay?”.

“Tasha .. “. She breaks out into sobs. “He doesn’t want me anymore”.

I freeze confused at that. “What are you talking about? Who doesn’t want you?”.

She is crying and sounds immensely hurt which confuses me a lot.

“Lionel .. “. She sobs a little more. “I still like him so much”.


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