Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 29

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written By:
_____Authoress Kamara✍_____
😍Episode 29😍
“Harley, is everything okay?”.

“Tasha .. “. She breaks out into sobs. “He doesn’t want me anymore”.

I freeze confused at that. “What are you talking about? Who doesn’t want you?”.

She is crying and sounds immensely hurt which confuses me a lot.

“Lionel .. “. She sobs a little more. “I still like him so much”.

“Umm, Harley ..”. I started. “I really don’t get you”.

She sniffed. “It was my fault, i broke with him when he really liked me at that time”.

“So you are trying that you and Lionel were actually dating?”. I asked surprised.

She nodded. “He’s the only real boyfriend I have ever had”.

“But why did you break up with him in the first place?”. I asked softly. “I’m sure he was hurt because of that”.

“I was just so stupid back then, leaving him for someone who wasn’t even worth it at all”. She cleaned her tears.

“Harley, maybe you should give Lionel some time”.

She flopped on her bed. “I really don’t know what to do”.

“He’s just suffering from a heartbreak and doesn’t have the heart to love you again, he’s just afraid that you will leave him like before”. I explained.

She sat up. “But I won’t leave him”.

“Why did you leave him in the first place?”. I asked curious.

“Its something that I really don’t want to talk about”. She muttered.

I stood up. “Harley, don’y worry. Lionel will come around”.

“I hope so”.

“If it helps, i can talk to Reece maybe he will help you in getting back with Lionel”.

She shook her head. “I doubt if he will do that, Tasha”.

“At least I will try”.

“Thank you”. She whispered.

I nod in response and left her room going back to Reece’s room. I opened the door and walked in. He was on the bed holding his big book.


He looked up. “Are you guys done?”.

“Well yeah”. I sat on the bed next to him.

“So can we get back to what we were doing?”.

“What exactly were we doing?”. I teased him.

He smirked. “I can help you refresh your memory”.

“Reece ..”. I giggled lightly.

“But seriously, what was so important that she had to interrupt our session?”. He asked.

I sighed. “Apparently, she is heartbroken about the fact that Lionel doesn’t want to date her anymore”.


“I didn’t even know that she and Lionel are a couple”. I told him.

He shrugged. “They dated for a while”.

“But how come no one at school knows about this?”.

“Lets just say Lionel doesn’t like being the center of attention”.

“Oh”. I mouthed.

“Enough of Lionel and Harley, lets talk about something else more important”.

I hit him playfully. “Reece, come on, this is important”.

“In what way?”.

“I literally just told you that she’s heartbroken, Reece. She’s your cousin, I was thinking maybe you would help her in talking to Lionel”.

He shook his head. “No way, thats not happening”.

“Come on, Reece”. I pleaded.

“Nat, you don’t even know the backstory of their relationship so I don’t think you should interfere”.

I crossed my arms. “I do know the backstory”.

“Yeah right”. He replied sarcastically. “Tell me”.

“Well she said something about leaving Lionel for a guy that wasn’t worth it”.

“Did she tell you the name of that guy?”. He inquired.

“No, she didn’t but does that matter?”.

“Yes it does and I don’t think interfering in their relationship would help at all”.

“Can’t you help her at least talk some sense into Lionel”.

“I can’t do that, Nat. Lionel is an angry freak and talking to him doesn’t help matters”.

“I guess thats where you got your anger from”. I mumbled.

He wrapped his hands around me. “You know, i will do anything for you but I can’t interfere in Lionel’s relationship”.

“Its okay”. I muttered. “I get it”.



“Does Jeremy knows about__”.

I cut him off. “No, he doesn’t”.

“What about your friend, Bella?”.

I pulled away from him. “No one knows about it except you and of course, Harley”.

“So basically you trust me with the secret?”.

I nodded. “And please do not tell anyone about this”.

“Nat”. He held my hands. “You can’t just keep quiet about this”.

“I can’t tell anyone, Reece”.

“Nat, if you don’t speak up then who knows how many more girls that asshole is gonna hurt”.

“But I don’t have any proof”. I blurted out.

He cupped my cheeks. “I know how to do all this but will you speak up?”.

“Reece, i don’t know”. I muttered faintly.

He sighed and pulled me into a hug. “There is absolutely no reason to be scared, Nat”.

I hugged him close. “I have nightmares every time, i can’t help but relive those painful memories in my dreams”.

“And thats why you need to speak out”. He whispered softly.

“But who’s gonna__”.

“Nat, don’t worry about a thing”. He says interrupting me. “I know what to do”.

I pulled away. “Please don’t tell me you are going to beat up Alan again because we both know thats not going to help the situation at all”.

“Well .. “. He trailed off.


“I’m kidding Nat, when I said I will take care of it means by the right way, the law”.

I raised an eyebrow. “The law?”.

“Yeah the law, you know the legal way of getting Alan convicted and arrested”.

“How am I sure you are not going to beat up Alan?”.

He chuckled slightly. “I promise you, Nat. I will get you out of this mess”.

“Thank you”. I whispered lowly.

“Don’t you think I deserve something?”. He asked staring at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Like what?”.

“Maybe a kiss”. He smirked. “Or a one night stand”.

I blushed furiously. “Reece!!”.

“Don’t worry, i will take care of the baby if you get pregnant”.

I hit him playfully. “Stop it”.

“But face it, Nat”. He winked at me. “I will be a good father to our kids”.

“Don’t you do any thing other than teasing me?”.

“I like teasing you Nat because then your face goes all red and really cute”.

I blushed as color rushes up to my cheeks unintentionally.

“See”. He points at my cheeks. “Just like that”.

I flicked his finger away. “Really? Reece”.

“Well I tease people, I prank, I watch the T.V”.

“Don’t you play sports?”. I asked curious.

“I’m really not into all those kinds of things”.

“Not even soccer or basketball?”.

“Nope”. He said popping the ‘p’.


“You want me to be into sports?”.

“Nah, i’m just curious because mainly most of the good looking guys I’ve seen are into sports”. I told him truthfully.

“Just like Jeremy?”. He says all of a sudden.

“I didn’t mention anyone’s name”.

“I’m just curious if you like him”.

I shook my head. “Nah, Jeremy and I are just best friends, nothing more”.

“I guess he doesn’t know that”. Reece mumbles to himself.


“Nothing”. He hastily says.

“I’m bored”.

He smiled. “Do you want to do something fun with me?”.

“Like what?”.

He shrugged. “Maybe an arcade, the park or lets eat out in a restaurant”.

“I can’t go out looking like this”. I stood up as I showed him my outfit.

“Why?”. He pouted. “You look cute”.


“If it helps, i’ll also wear a hoodie with you”.

I nodded. “Deal”.

“And just to make things clear, if we are gonna have to eat out at that restaurant, its going to have to be a date”.

I paused. “A date?”.

“Yeah a date or if you don’t want that, we can just settle for the arcade”. He raps out in seconds.

I smiled at him. “Its okay, i guess its a date but no funny business”.

“Yes ma’am”. He gave me a mock-salute.

I walked out of his room to give him some time to dress up. After a while, he comes out wearing a blue hoodie, blue ripped jeans and blue blue sneakers.

“Whats this?”. I asked him. “All blue day?”.

He rolled his eyes and wore me a black face cap.

I raised an eyebrow. “And why?”.

“It goes with your outfit”.

He’s right, it does go with my outfit. I nod actually realizing it.

He holds out his hand. “So lets go?”.

“Don’t you think we should tell someone that we are going out? Maybe Harley?”.

He groaned. “Fine, go tell her”.

I smiled at him before going to Harley’s room, i pushed the door open and step in. I notice she’s asleep judging from the way she’s on her bed.

I stepped out and close the door quietly so as not to disturb her. I went over to Reece who was already waiting for me at the wide hallway.

He turn to me. “Did you tell her?”.

“She’s deep asleep, probably cried herself to sleep”. I tell him.

“I’m still not talking to Lionel”.

I shrugged. “Your decision”.

He holds my hand and intertwined our fingers, I have no objections to that as what he does sends a tingly feeling in me.

We walked down the marble tiled stairs holding hands and we finally got down.


Astrid comes running from a secluded direction over to him. He laughs and hugs her tightly, i watch as they have a moment.

I wish I also have a sister, how would it feel like although sometimes it seems to me that I have a close sister.

Reece finishes up with Astrid and walks over to me.

“Kingston”. A slightly middle aged woman comes in. “Where are you off to?”.

“Bye, we have to ho”.

Reece grabs my hand and quickly takes me out of the main house. I went with him to their wide extremely large garage.

He brings out a car key and goes to a very cool car taking me with him. He opens the car door for me and I get in.

He also gets in at the driver’s seat and puts the key in the ignition starting the engine.

He drives out through the gates which closed automatically behind us.

As he drives, i stare out the window gaping at the wonders of the place. Their mansion is really large as fuck.

I turn to look at Reece stealing a glance at him. He really looks cute with that hoodie.

“So where are we going?”. I asked him.

“Several places”.

“Don’t I deserve to know at least one of those places?”.

His eyes twinkled. “Nope”.

I rolled my eyes turning my attention back to the window. After a while, he stops the car and I look outside.

An Amusement Park.

He unlocked the car and I stepped out still staring at the park while Reece parks the car.

Reece comes to stand beside me. “Have you been to one before?”.

“Actually no”. I says truthfully.

He looks at me surprised. “For real?”.

“Yeah but it looks so wow”.

He hold my hand taking me in. “Then I better make this day the best of your life”.

After a while, trying most of the rides, he takes me to get things.

“Mmm … This is definitely heaven”. I moan as I finished eating the absolutely delicious cotton candy Reece bought for me and throw the stick in the trashcan.

“Nat, i don’t think you should make those kind of sounds around me”. He sends me a warning glare.

I raised an eyebrow. “Why?”.

He smirked. “Make the sound again and I’ll show you why”.

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