Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 4

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written by Authoress Kamara✏
Episode 4👍👍👍👍
“The truth is that Alan is a jerk, a big time one”. Reece added. “No offense but I hate your brother”.

Finally!! Someone that knows the real Alan.

“Why do you say that?”. I asked curious.

“I’ve seen what he does to people, girls actually”. Reece muttered lowly.

I raised my eyebrows at what he said. Does Reece knows about Alan’s disgusting nature?


“He has no respect for womanhood at all, i mean what he did is just so ..”. He trailed off.

I looked at Reece who was frowning deep in thoughts.

“Are you okay”. I asked concerned.

He jerked back. “Yeah I’m okay, just remembered something”.

“You were saying something. Remember?”.

“I better go assist the librarian, she must be calling me”. He said hastily and left.

That was weird, it just makes me curious to know how Reece found out.

The bell rang signaling second period. I sighed in exasperation. Finally. I packed the books and dropped them among the shelves in the library.

I took my backpack and stole a last glance at Reece but he was too occupied in his thoughts to notice me watching him. I left the library anyways.

❤Lunch Period❤
“So how was the stupid game?”. I asked Bella as we walked to the cafeteria.

“It isn’t stupid”.

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever”.

We walked to the cafeteria and took our seats at our usual spot. I dropped my backpack and sat down.

“Well the Truth and Dare game was kinda interesting”. Bella started.

I cocked my eyebrows. “How interesting?”.

“A lot of bad stuffs were done”. She wiggled her eyebrows at me. “I saw a lot of make outs”.

I faked a gag. “I wanna puke right now”.

“It was going good until that happened”. Bella frowned. “Can you believe Jeremy was dared to k×ss Shannon of all people?”.

“You don’t say, tell me more”. I said sarcastically.

“I’m being serious, Tasha”.

I shrugged. “What’s so bad about Jeremy k×ssing Shannon? He’s done it with other girls couple of times”.

“I know but ..”. She sighed. “The way he k×ssed her seemed like he likes her or something”.

“Do you like Jeremy?”. I probed her.

She scrunched up her face. “I don’t. We are all best friends”.

“Say it till you believe it”. I muttered.

“Whats up cuties?”.

I smiled at him. “Hey Jeremy”.

He sat down at the table dropping his backpack and I noticed Bella giving him side glances.

“We were just talking about you”. I added.

He looked up. “Me? What did I do?”.


“Jeremy, we are hungry”. Bella interrupted me.

I almost bursted into laughter but I bit my lips to stop myself from doing so. Bella is so into him.

“Say what you want and I’ll go get it”.

“You know my favorite”. Bella replied.

Jeremy faced me. “Tasha?”.

“Surprise me”.

He smiled. “Okay then, you said it yourself”.

“And when I said surprise me, i meant give me something edible to eat just in case you don’t know”. I told him.

He chuckled softly. “I’ll get you something special after all you are my special person”.

“Awww”. I cooed. “Thats so sweet”.

He winked at me sweetly before leaving to go get us something to eat.

Jeremy McCoy is like the only boy I talk to freely in school, he is my other best friend apart from Bella. The co captain, Madison High football team, He’s tall, muscly and gorgeous in a good kind of way.

When we were still freshmen, i had crushed on him for like three months and we really bonded well. Just that, he was part of the popular kids and eventually he became friends with Reece.

In Sophomore year, Jeremy had become Reece Carter inseparable best friend. He was recruited in the football team, still popular with his dark hair and dark brown eyes.

I had many times in freshman year wanted to tell him I had a crush on him but I knew he thought of us as just friends. Eventually I grew out my feelings for him and now we are best friends.

I turned to Bella who was still staring at Jeremy retreating figure.

“Bella”. I called.

She faced me. “You are so lucky, Tasha”.

I raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”.

“I mean you can get Jeremy to notice you and all that but he doesn’t even see me sometimes”. She complained.

“So you like him?”. I asked curious.

She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by someone sitting with us. Harley.

“Can I sit here?”. She asked.

“You are sitting already”.

She smiled. “Thats me for you”.

“Hey Harlequin, i mean Harley, just Harley”. Bella said nervously.

“You call me Harlequin? That’s freaking hot, i love the name”. Harley squealed excitedly. “And you are?”.

Wait!! She doesn’t know my name and she sat here.

“I’m Bella and this is my best friend, Natasha”. Bella chirped happily.

She just like meeting new people.

“Oh I know Natasha. He talks about her all the time”.

I was taken aback. “Who?”.

“Well I can’t tell or else he’s gonna kill me”.

“Who is the he you are__”.

Bella cut me off. “Why are you sitting at our table?”.

“I just like making new girl friends”.

“Me too”. Bella replied happily.

“And besides hot piece of ass number one is at this table”. She added referring to Jeremy.

Harley and Jeremy are friends. I mean why not, she’s Reece cousin and Jeremy is Reece’s best friend. Its only natural that she’s friends with him.

“And Lunch is served”. Jeremy said.

He plopped down a large tray of swiss rolls, Hamburgers, French Fries, three sport drinks and many other things packed with it.

“I’m definitely gonna love this”. Bella rubbed her palms in glee.

Jeremy sat next to Harley. “Hey, i thought you were with those barbies over there”.

When Jeremy talks about Barbies, he means the cheerleaders who look like walking sticks in heels.

“They bore me to death, talking about boys and stuffs”. Harley replied gr0×ning.

“You don’t like boys? That means you are on the same page with Tasha”. Bella talked on and on.

Harley glanced at me. “I’m sure Natasha has her reason for not liking boys and I have my reasons too”.

“So what are your reasons?”. I asked curiously.

“Lets just say I don’t like being a relationship with them, it takes a toll on me”.

“So you are like a playgirl or something?”.

Bella nudged me. “That’s rude. Don’t call her that”.

“No, Natasha is right, I like screwing boys with no intention of having a commitment with them”. Harley replied truthfully.

“What happens when you screw them? Like how do you__”.

Jeremy interrupted Bella. “Enough of the screwing”.

“Oh please, like a girl hasn’t screwed you before”. Bella teased him.

“Can we just eat and forget about about this topic?”. Jeremy asked uncomfortable.

“J man”.

I know that voice, why do I know that voice?

“Reece”. Jeremy replied.

Thats why I know the voice.

Reece sat down next to me and I shifted a little bit but he didn’t seem to be affected by that.

“Are you done with your punishment?”. Harley asked.

“Come on, Coz. You know I’m only doing this for a day and after that, nothing else besides I have important things to focus on”.

“Let me guess, you did something bad again”. Jeremy said.

Reece smirked. “He reported me to that bald head principal so I lit his car on fire”.

“Holy shit!!”. Jeremy cussed.

“Please tell me you are joking”. Harley pleaded.

Reece shrugged. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not”.

“Dude, what the f×¢k!! If the principal find out then thats another warning”.

Reece ignored her and took a bite out of the french fries.


“You need to stop acting like you are my Mum”. He replied getting up and left.

“Guys please excuse me”. Harley stood up and went after Reece.

“Is that how he always is?”. I asked Jeremy.

“Lets just say Reece is scandalous and does things without thinking”.

“But its gonna get him into trouble”. I said.

“Someone seems to be concerned for Reece”. Bella butted in.

“Just drop it”. I said exhilarated. “I do not like him”.

“I’m just saying that you two would make a great couple. Bad boy and the nerd”.

“I am not a nerd”. I told her off.

“You read books always, you are not on any social media sites, you do not let friends visit your home and you inly have two friends. Thats the definition of a nerd”.

“Bella”. Jeremy warned.

“I only read books because i’m bored. How can you say you are my best friend and not know me?”.

“What about you? You claim to be my best friend and yet there are some secrets that you prefer hidden from me”. She replied.

“Maybe I don’t trust you with those secrets”.

I stood up taking my backpack and walking out on them. I ignored Bella calling me and walked even faster.

She doesn’t even know why I don’t let people visit me. I don’t blame her for saying that way about me. She’s right, there are some things I don’t tell her.

I’m not a nerd, i’m just a broken teenage girl who has a terrible life. That’s just it.

I stopped in the middle of the school hallways, i need somewhere to let this tears out.

I sighed and went to my locker, i opened it taking every wipes and tissues. I’ll need it.


I ignored the person standing next to me.

“I said Hi”. He said again.

I looked at him. “What? I haven’t told anyone that you screwed Jolie in the restroom so why are you bothering me?”.

“Sweet, she’s feisty”. His friend said behind him.

I didn’t realize that Andrew brought his stupid associate with him. They are a part of the jocks in this school.

I rolled my eyes at them and closed my locker dropping the tissues in my backpack then zipped it up.

“So Natasha, right?”.

“I don’t know why you guys are here but just to be clear, none of you is getting into my pants”. I said defiantly.

Thats what all this boys in school are about. Its like a competition or something about being the one who takes girls v-rginity the most.

“I like girls that are straightforward like you”. Andrew said. “So I’ll just cut to the reason to why I’m here”.

“I’m listening”.

“We are holding a party this friday after the games so would you come?”.

Friday party after games. Bella has been trying to get me go for months now.

“No thank you. I don’t do parties”. I told him and tried to walk away.

He held me back. “Its just one party”.

I tried to yank my arm away. “Let go”.

“Let her go”. I heard Reece’s voice. “She said she doesn’t want come, Pitts”.

Andrew let go of my arm immediately. He gave me a glare before walking away with his friends.

I huffed angrily. “Jerks”.

I turned to see Reece still standing in front of me. He crossed his arms staring at me.

I sighed. “What now?”.

“I’m waiting for my thank you”.
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