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High School Badass Episode 14 – 15

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Episode 14

Written by divine purpose

High school romance

Irene sat her bed playing games on her phone

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She doesn’t study anyway

Her phone started to ring but it was a Restricted number

“Hello? ”

“Irene, it’s me ” she heard her mom’s voice on the other side of the phone


“I’m outside Mj’s house, can you come out for a while ” she said and hang up

Irene took her jacket and walked outside the house, she saw mother sitting on a bench and she walked up to her

“Have you been well?” Her mother asked and she scoffed

“Do you expect to be well? My father was accused of murder and imprisoned and my mother abandoned me” she smirked

“I’m sorry, i miss you that’s why I came to see you ”

“Too bad. For a single day, I never missed you” she said and turned to leave

” I want to get married to Mj’s father ” her mother said and she stopped

“You should be ashamed of yourself, you abandoned me to marry a rich man, you are really something else!”Irene half yelled and her mother sighed

“I’m sorry Irene, I know I did wrong, please forgive me, I’m your mother ”

“My life has been tough, I have up to 7 part time jobs so that I can pay for my house rent and feed myself, my classmates make fun of me that I had to change my school” she said as tears gathered in her eyes

“I will become a good mother ”

“Good mother my foot. You are not my mother, so do whatever you want ” she said and walked back inside when she bumped into mj

“Where have you been, let’s eat, I just finished cooking ” he said proudly

“Eat yourself, I’m not in the mood ” she said but mj noticed her eyes were teary

“What happened ” he asked and she tried to control her tears but she couldn’t

She suddenly burst into tears

“What’s wrong? ” Mj asked

She wanted to say something but she couldn’t find her voice

“can I hug you? I’m not doing it because I like you but when I was young, my mother used to hug me whenever I cry ” he said but Irene didn’t say anything

He moved to her and hugged her

Leo opened the door and saw the both of them , he turned back and closed the door

He walked outside and sat on a bench

“What are you doing here? ” he heard his father’s voice behind him

“What of you? ” He asked and his father sat beside him

“I came to check on the both you and mj but it seems you are doing fine in his house” his father said and he shook his head

“I’m not doing fine ” he said and his father looked at him

“Why? ”

“Dad, Whenever I see her, I want to hold her, if she is not with me, I miss her, when I see her with another guy, it hurts my heart, I want to be with her everytime ” he paused and looked at his father
“What are these feelings? “he asked

“It’s Love ” his father said and looked at him suspiciously

“Is it that girl Irene? ” he asked but Leo didn’t say anything

“Just tell her the truth before she gives her heart to someone else ” his father said and stood up

“I’m going ” he said and walked away
Leo sighed and stared at the sky

“Why do I feel like a loser ” he thought to himself


Mj disengaged the hug and Irene wiped her tears

“Thanks ” she said

“Of course, you should be thankful, my clothes are w€t because of your tears ” he said and Irene glared at him

“Why did you cry? ” he asked

“Ugh? ”

” I said why did you cry?” he asked again and Leo entered

“Leo, where have you been? ” Irene asked smiling and mj scoffed

“She’s smiling in front of him again ” he murmured

Leo looked at mj and then he looked at Irene before going to his room

“That son of a b***h” Mj rolled his eyes

“Did he just ignore me?” Irene asked and mj nod
“Is he sick? ” she asked and followed him to his room


are you sick? ” she asked and touched his forehead

“No, I’m okay ” he said and sat on the bed

“Where were you all day, I was worried ” she said and he looked at her

“You were worried about me? ” he asked and she nod

“Of course, you are my friend ” she said

“I won’t ask you the reason why you and mj are always fighting anymore but can you try to make things up with him, whenever I see you guys fighting it breaks my heart a lot” she said and looked at Leo but he wasn’t looking at her and he wasn’t saying anything

She sighed and turned to leave but Leo held her hand

“I think I like you ” he said and Irene looked at him

“I like you, I want you to be mine ” he said and Irene wanted to talk but he stopped her

“Don’t give me an answer now, I’m not yet ready ” he said and walked outside

The next day at school, Irene sat in the library when Zoey ran to her

“Have you heard the latest ” She asked and Irene arched her brow

“What? ”

“The actress that will act as the heroine in Mj’s upcoming drama ”

“Yeah, what’s up with her ”

“She’s switching to our school ” Zoey said and Irene nod

“I’m not surprised” she said and continued what she was doing

“Why are girls flocking around Mj, I’m sure she is switching because of Mj ” Zoey said


Mj sat in the school garden when Leo walked up to him and sat beside him

“I heard an actress is switching to our school because of you ” he said and Mj scoffed

“And what does that have to do with you? ”

“Let’s be friends again at least for the sake of Irene ” Leo said and Mj stood up


don’t want to be friends with you so stop bothering me ” he said

“I don’t want to be friends with you either, I’m only this because of the people who cares about us ” Leo half yelled

“Have you forgotten what you did in the past, do you still want to be my friend after doing that? ” Mj asked and Leo sighed with frustration

“The past is gone, I want to be your friend again ” Leo said and Mj smirked

“I will never forgive you Leo, don’t even dream about it ”

” What happened in the past? ” they heard Irene’s voice behind them

“This has nothing to do with you “Mj said

“What happened in the past, tell me ” Irene asked again looking at the both of them.

Episode 15

5 years ago…………

Mj sat in the rooftop of the school reading a script for his drama when Leo ran to him

“Where is Riele? ” Leo asked and Mj looked at him

“I do not know ”

“I heard you were with her yesterday night but now she’s not in school” Leo said panting heavily

“if you are here to blame me for her disappearance then get lost, I’m busy ” he said and continued what he was doing and Leo dragged him up with the collar of his shirt

“Let go of me ” Mj said

“I told you to stay away from her ” Leo said

” I can’t stay away from her because i like her ” Mj said and Leo scoffed

“you like her? If anything happens to Riele, I won’t forgive you ” Leo said with an angry voice and Mj sighed

“Why are you like this Leo, you are my friend, the only friend i have that’s why you should support me in everything I do , if I like Riele, you should help me to convince her ” he said and Leo smirked

“There’s no need to do that because right now………………… You are no longer my friend” He said and pushed him away

“Are you really breaking our friendship because of Riele? ” Mj said as tears gathered in his eyes

“To me, Riele is more important than you are” Leo said and Riele ran to them

“What are you guys doing here? ” she asked
Mj wanted to move close to her but Leo punched him, it was then he fell from the rooftop


push Mj? ” Riele stammered,Leo grabbed her hand and they ran away


“So you are the one who pushed Mj? ” Irene asked Leo as they both sat on a bench

“It wasn’t intentional ” he said and Irene sighed

“I can’t believe this, so you are saying that the girl Riele is the beginning and end of this mess ” Irene said

“No, it was all my fault, if only I didn’t have Feelings for Riele then I wouldn’t have done what I did ” Leo said starring at the ground

“There were times i wanted to apologize but I can’t stand the way he talks to me” he sighed

They heard voices of students screaming and they ran to see what was going on

A car stopped in front of the school and Breanne came out

Breanne is an actress , She starred in 3 dramas with Mj

There are rumors that they are dating but that’s not true

She is the one crushing on Mj

She walked inside the school with the students following her

“I can’t believe she transferred to our school too” Zoey gushed

“Who is she? ” Irene asked and Zoey looked at her and sighed

“Are you from this country? That’s Breanne, she’s an actress, she’s very popular , she’s the heroine in Mj’s new drama ” Zoey said

” Is that so? ”

“There’s a rumor that they are dating ” Zoey whispered and Irene shook her head

Breanne walked to Mj with the students still following her

“What are you doing here? ” Mj asked and she smiled

“I felt like transferring” she replied and Mj scoffed

“I figured out a way to see your face everyday” she smiled and everyone gasped

“the rumor is true, they are really dating ” Sage said

“I don’t think it’s true, Mj has a girlfriend and he wouldn’t possibly date someone like her” Sophia said with disgust

“Let’s chat privately ” Breanne said and held Mj’s Hand but he jerked it away

“Go back, in two days we will finish shooting that drama and after that, I don’t want to see you again, go back” Mj said and walked away

Breanne scoffed and tears gathered in her eyes

“Don’t cry or your picture will be on social medias ” Her manager said


Mj stood in his room staring through his window when he heard a knock

“Don’t come in ” he said but the person entered

He turned and saw Leo with a cup of coffee in his hand

“I brought you a cup of coffee ” he said and dropped it on the table

“You are acting strange” He said and Leo smiled

“I’m sorry ” Leo said and he smirked

“for what exactly ”

“For pushing you that day, I didn’t mean to……….” he didn’t complete his statement before mj cut in

“You are really something else, You pushed me down the rooftop, I almost lost my life that day and you are apologizing 5 years later, What if I was dead ”

“That’s why I said I’m sorry, I want us to be friends again ” Leo said and Mj poured the coffee he brought at his face

“Get out, I will never forgive you for what you did ” he said and walked out

“He is so stubborn” Leo said and sighed

The next day……………..

Irene walked to the restroom, she was about to enter when she overheard Breanne conversation on the phone

“So you are saying that my surgery might not be successful? I will have to finish the shooting of the drama before coming for the surgery ”

“Surgery? ” Irene thought to herself

“Don’t call anyone from my family, I don’t want to know ” she said and hanged up and Irene hid behind the door

She watched as Breanne walked outside and she came after then

“Is she having a disease too? ” she thought to herself

“What are you doing here? ” she heard Zoey voice behind her

“Ugh? ”

“I saw Breanne on my way here, did you guys fight? ” Zoey asked and Irene shook her head

“do you really think she is Mj’s girlfriend? ” Zoey asked as she applied her lipstick

“I don’t think so ” Irene replied

“Me too, did you see how Mj talked to her yesterday, I bet she was so embarrassed ” Zoey snickered


24 hours later……..

Mj was still asleep when he heard his phone ringing, he picked it up

“What is it this morning, let me sleep will you? ” he yelled without knowing who the caller is

“Mj, I’m totally ruined because of you!! ” the director of his drama yelled on the other side of the phone

“What? ”

“Turn on the news and check out what’s going on about you ” the director yelled and hanged up

He turned on the television and was surprised by what he was seeing

Newscaster : Breanne Norman, an actress was found dead in her house this morning, after the police investigation, it turned out she committed suicide

Irene and Leo ran inside panting heavily and Leo turned off the news

“Don’t listen to the news ” Irene said and Mj looked at the both of them

“What’s going on? ” he asked and turned it on again

Newscaster : after the police investigated the cause of her suicide, it turned out that She committed suicide because of the popular actor, Max Javier whom she was crushing on

Breanne committed suicide because she was sick and tired of the way Mj treated her and how he embarrassed her in public

Mj stumbled back and Leo turned off the television again

“This doesn’t make any sense, how can she kill herself because of me” he said and took his Jacket

“Where are you going? ” Irene asked

“I’m going to the police station ” he said but Leo stopped him

“There are reporters outside, you can’t go” Leo said and Mj fell on the floor as tears gathered in his eyes

“I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill her” he said as tears dripped from his eyes


Next episode statements………

“What is he going to do now? ”

“that’s not the reason why Breanne committed suicide, I’m sure of it ”

“Have you seen Mj? ”

“He refused to come out of his room, he has been smoking and drinking ”

“I believe you cause you are my friend ”

“can I hug you? ”

” I was not the reason why she died, I didn’t kill her ”

“There’s nothing we can do, the citizens wants him to beg on his knees ”

“You know how huge his pride is, he will never beg on his knees”

“Will he be arrested? ”

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