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High School Badass Episode 26 – 27

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Written by div!ne purpose

High school romance

Mj opened h¡s eyes and met h¡mself !n th£ hospital, h£ looked beside h¡m and saw Leo and Irene sitt!ng beside h¡m

“What am I do!ng h£re? ” h£ asked and sat up

“You almost got hit by a car but Leo saved you ” Irene said and h£ looked at Leo

“Thanks ” h£ said and sigh£d

Leo walked ©vt of th£ hospital and saw h¡s fath£r stand!ng

h£ scoffed and m©v£d closer to h¡m

“What are you do!ng h£re? You almost killed Mj ” h£ said and h¡s fath£r looked @r0vnd

“Lower your Voice ”

“j√$t what are you up to dad? Why are you do!ng th¡s? Is someone threaten!ng you? ” Leo half yelled

“Enough Leo ”

“I should be th£ one say!ng that. Take one m©r£ step to harm mj and I’m go!ng to [email protected] you over to th£ police ” h£ said and turned to leave

“Can you really do that?? ” h¡s fath£r asked and tears gath£red !n Leo’s eyes

“Can you really [email protected] me over to th£ police? ” h¡s fath£r asked and h£ bl!nked [email protected]¢k h¡s tears

“Are you do!ng th¡s because you th!nk i can’t do it? ” h£ asked and walked away


Mj laid on th£ b£d and Irene covered h¡m with th£ blanket

” I told you to leave ” h£ said and looked at h£r

“Why are you tell!ng me to leave? I want to stay with you ” Irene said

“is $h£ really your moth£r? ” h£ asked and $h£ nod

“Why didn’t you tell me? $h£’s gett!ng married to my dad !n two weeks ” h£ said

“I’m sorry, I wanted to keep it a secret ” $h£ said and h£ sat up

“you wanted to keep it a secret? If our parents get married we are go!ng to be step sibl!ngs ” h£ yelled at h£r

“I know ”

” am I joke to you? Are my feel!ngs a joke, I need you to stay with me but not as my step broth£r ” h£ said and Irene sigh£d


Mj’s dad and Irene’s moth£r sat !n a restaurant eat!ng

“Our wedd!ng will be !n two weeks and I’m not sure if my son will be th£re ” h£ said and Irene mom smiled.

“Sons are sometimes like that ” $h£ said and stopped eat!ng
“I have someth!ng to say ” $h£ said and Mj’s dad looked at h£r

“Th£ truth is that Mj’s manager is actually my daughter ” $h£ said

“What? ”

“I thought th¡s might be th£ right time to tell you ”

“Really? $h£’s really your daughter? ”

“Yes, are you still okay with marry!ng me ” $h£ said and th£ fath£r laugh£d

“Of course, I never had a daughter so th¡s is an opportunity for me ” h£ said and Irene mom smiled


Irene sat !n th£ school cafeteria with h£r food abs£ntm!nded

“Irene ” Zoey s¢r**med !nto h£r ear and sat on th£ chair !n front of h£r

“What were you th!nk!ng of? ” $h£ asked and Irene sigh£d

“Tell me, I’m your only friend ” Zoey bragged and $h£ scoffed

“Th¡s happened to my friend not me, two guys confessed to h£r, one wants h£r, th£ oth£r needs h£r, who will $h£ choose? ” $h£ asked

“But i thought I was your only friend ” Zoey said

“Hurry up and answer th£ question ”

“Why should I answer such a question? It is th£ girl who will decide ” Zoey said

“Really? ”

“Yeah, I know you are th£ one th£ guys confessed to, so tell me who would you choose? ”

“Who would i choose? ” Irene asked and leaned h£r [email protected]¢k on th£ chair

“Who would i choose? ” $h£ asked aga!n


“I love you so much, please stay with me till th£ end ” Mj said and ₱v||ed Riele to h¡mself

“I love you too, I don’t want to leave you ” Riele said and smiled and Mj klzzed h£r on th£ l¡ps

“Cut” Th£ director of th£ drama said as all th£ crews clapped

Mj released Riele and looked away

“Wow, mj, that was so great ” Th£ director said and h£ m©v£d closer to h¡m

“What is go!ng on? Why is Riele th£ Actress and wh£n did Riele became an actress? ” h£ asked and th£ director smiled

“Aren’t you guys !n love? Everyone knows $h£ is your girlfriend, you should be grateful i asked h£r to do it ” th£ director said and Mj glared at h¡m

“Why did you ask h£r? You should have called anoth£r actress not h£r, i came h£re because of th£ amount of money you said you would give to me, After th¡s drama I’m no m©r£ work!ng for you ” h£ said and walked away

“Mj, you can’t do that ” th£ director called after h¡m

Riele ran after h¡m and h£ld h¡s [email protected]

“Mj ” h£ called and h£ jerked h£r [email protected] away

“What do you th!nk you are do!ng right now? You, wh£n did you become an actress? ” h£ asked and smirked

” I want to become an actress too, that’s th£ only way, I can get closer to you, We are Still !n love ” $h£ said and smiled

“Riele ” Mj said and stared directly !nto h£r eyes

“You are my first love and everyone knows that but My h£art no m©r£ flutters wh£n I see you ” h£ said as tears gath£red !n Riele’s eyes

“I’m sorry ” h£ said and walked away

Riele wiped h£r tears and clench£d h£r fist

Irene sat !n th£ cla$$room after school read!ng

$h£ stopped and recalled both Leo and Mj

“Why are th£y both confus!ng me ” $h£ said and cont!nued what $h£ was do!ng

$h£ stopped aga!n

“Th£y are both [email protected] ” $h£ said and smiled

“Who? ” $h£ h£ard Mj’s voice beh!nd h£r and $h£ jerked up with fear

“You s¢ar£d me you jerk ” $h£ yelled and hit h¡m

“Why were you talk!ng to yourself ?and who is th£ [email protected] guy? Is it me ” Mj said and folded h¡s arms

“I never said anyone was [email protected] ” $h£ said and Mj looked at h£r books

“What is go!ng on? ” I’ve never seen you read!ng before” h£ said and irene cleared h£r throat

“I’m tired of be!ng th£ last student !n cla$$, I want to try to m©v£ upward a bit ” $h£ said and Mj scoffed

“Should I be your teach£r? ” h£ asked and made puppy eye

“You? You are not that good too, You are an average student, I will rath£r tell Leo to tutor me for some days ” $h£ said and Mj scoffed aga!n

“Why do you th!nk i can’t ” h£ said and m©v£d closer to h£r

Irene looked at h¡m and h£r h£art started to b**t

$h£ th£n recalled what Zoey said

“Th£ one who makes h£art b**t wh£n h£ is with you, is th£ one you love ”

“Wait h£re, I have someth!ng to give you ” $h£ said and walked ©vt of th£ cla$$

Mj smiled and sat on a chair, “$h£’s cute ” h£ said

Irene walked to a convenience store to get chocolates for Mj

$h£ smiled and put it !n a bag

“Wait a m!nute, why did I buy th¡s for h¡m? ” $h£ asked h£rself and sigh£d

$h£ was on h£r way [email protected]¢k wh£n a car stopped !n front of h£r and $h£ was bundled !n side th£ car

Ella who was on h£r way to th£ store saw h£r and dialled both Leo and Mj’s number

“$h£ was kidnapped, I will s£nd th£ number of th£ car to you ” $h£ said and hanged up

Leo took h¡s jacket and ran ©vt

“Who is ₱|@y!ng such a silly game ” Mj said and ran ©vt of th£ Cla$$room too


Irene [email protected] and leg were tied togeth£r as $h£ try free!ng h£rself

$h£ was forced to enter a dark room and tied to th£ chair th£re

“Who s£nt you guys ” $h£ said glar!ng at th£ men

“I did ” Riele said and entered th£n $h£ slapped one of th£ men

“Are you crazy? I told you to escort h£r h£re with©vt hurt!ng h£r ” $h£ said and th£ man bowed

“Why are you do!ng th¡s?” Irene asked star!ng directly !nto h£r eyes

“You, What is your relationship with Mj? ” $h£ asked and Irene scoffed

“Is that all you have to say ” Irene said and smirked

“I was told you are a bada$$, but i guess it’s true, you have th£ gut to talk [email protected]¢k to me with©vt know!ng what i can do to you ” Riele said

” I have little to say, Don’t ever m©v£ close Mj, If you do i won’t let it slide ” $h£ said and collected a !njection from a man

“What are you try!ng to do? ” Irene asked as Riele !njected h£r

“Th¡s will make you forget what happened today, you never met me ” $h£ said and asked h£r men to release irene


Mj was still runn!ng @r0vnd look!ng for Irene

Fortunately, h£ saw h£r stagger!ng d©wΠ th£ street

“Irene ” h£ called and ran to h£r

“Are you okay? ” h£ asked and Irene wanted to [email protected]|| but h£ caught h£r

“Mj ” Irene called softly and closed h£r eyes

“Wat th£ h£ll happened to you? ” Mj asked and carried h£r

h£ carried h£r and walked d©wΠ th£ street but h¡s ch£st started to ach£ suddenly

“No, not now ” h£ said and cont!nued to walk but th£ pa!n was gett!ng worse

h£ laid irene on th£ floor and dialled Leo’s number but h£ wasn’t pick!ng up

Th£ pa!n was gett!ng m©r£ worse and h£ h£ld h¡s ch£st [email protected]!ng for air

h£ looked at Irene and dialled Leo’s number aga!n as h£ laid on th£ floor beside Irene

“Irene, you must live ” h£ said and closed h¡s eyes


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