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High School Badass Episode 34 – 35

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Written by div!ne purpose

High school romance

Irene and Mj walked to a restaurant hold!ng each oth£rs [email protected]

Th£y had gone to several places to have th£ir date and th£ last place th£y would be visit!ng was th£ restaurant

“I had so much fun today all thanks to you” Irene said smil!ng

“Do you want to go somewh£re else?” Mj asked and Irene looked at h¡m

“Wh£re? ”

“You will know wh£n we are th£re ”

“Alright but can that be tomorrow, I have to meet Zoey !n an hour ” Irene said and Mj nod

“okay ”

“Oh…what was th£ hospital result? ” $h£ asked and Mj looked away

“Oh……..th£ hospital result? I couldn’t go to th£ hospital ” h£ lied

“Really? Th£n wh£re were you all day?? ”

“That’s……… I was at th£ location, I had to shoot a drama ” h£ lied aga!n and Irene arch£d h£r brow

“Location? I thought you f!ni$h£d shoot!ng th£ drama a week ago” $h£ said and shrugged

“That’s right, I was th£ with th£ CEO of my enterta!nment !ndustry, h£ had someth!ng to say ” Mj said, scratch!ng th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s h£ad

“Are you ly!ng right now? ” Irene said

“N…. No ”

“It’s so obvious you are ly!ng, wh£re !n th£ world were you ” Irene asked aga!n but h£ wasn’t answer!ng

h£ wasn’t look!ng at h£r eith£r

“Are you keep!ng someth!ng from me?” $h£ asked with a serious look but h£ didn’t reply th£n $h£ stood up

“Forget it…… I’m go!ng to Zoey, see you later ” $h£ said and walked ©vt

One would know $h£ was upset

Mj sigh£d and ran h¡s f!ng£r through h¡s hair

“I’m sorry Irene ” h£ thought to h¡mself


Leo came ©vt of th£ bathroom !n h¡s room with a towel wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t

h£ sat of th£ mirror, dry!ng h¡s hair wh£n h¡s phone beeped

‘Come ©vt ‘ that was a text from Mj

h£ scoffed and threw th£ phone on th£ b£d

“Is h£ crazy?” h£ said and cont!nued what h£ was do!ng

h¡s phone beeped aga!n

‘Come ©vt, I have a favour to ask from you’

h£ sigh£d and put on h¡s cloth£s before walk!ng ©vt

Mj leaned on th£ car star!ng at th£ sky wh£n h£ saw Leo com!ng

“What do you want? ” Leo asked with h¡s arms folded

“I’m glad you came ©vt ”

“What do you have to say? Hurry up and make it quick and simple ” h£ said and Mj smiled

“Can you keep Irene save for me? ” h£ asked and Leo scoffed

“Are you crazy? Is Irene a property? ” h£ said and Mj sigh£d

“I’m not ask!ng you, I’m begg!ng you to do it for me, is it too much for a favour? ” h£ said and Leo smirked

“Not bad, but why are you suddenly ask!ng for such favour ?” Leo asked and Mj’s ch£st started to ask as h£ h£ld h¡s ch£st and w!nced !n pa!n

“h£y, are you okay? ” Leo asked th£n h£ paused for a m!nute and [email protected]

“Don’t tell me you…………are go!ng to die? ” h£ asked and Mj stood upright

“Now that you know, you can do that right? ”

“Of course, after your death i can have Irene ” Leo said and gr!nned

“$h£’s not a property ” Mj said and glared at Leo

“Are you done? I will come for Irene later, see ya ” Leo said and walked [email protected]¢k |ns!de

“That bas***d, has h£ been wait!ng for me to die?? ” Mj murmured to h¡mself

Irene walked [email protected]¢k home and saw Leo stand!ng ©vtside with h£r luggage

“h£y………. ” $h£ called and Leo smiled

“You are h£re ”

“Yeah……. But what are you do!ng with my th!ngs ” $h£ asked and Leo grabb£d h£r [email protected]

“Let’s go ” h£ said and Irene jerked h£r [email protected] away

“What do you mean?”

“Go ” Mj said as h£ opened th£ door

“What? ”

“Go with Leo, I’m okay, you will only be with h¡m for a few days, I will come [email protected]¢k for you later ” h£ said and Irene scoffed

“You’ve been act!ng really weird, what !n th£ world is wrong with you? ” Irene asked

“I have some th!ngs to do, I promise to come [email protected]¢k for you ” h£ said and Irene shook h£r h£ad

“Th£n let’s do it togeth£r, I don’t want to leave you ” Irene said as tears gath£red !n h£r eyes

Leo j√$t stared at h£r with a broken h£art

“$h£ is cry!ng because of anoth£r guy !n front of me ” h£ thought to h¡mself

” I will really come for you ” Mj said and Leo h£ld h£r [email protected]

“Let’s go ” h£ said and dragged h£r with h¡m

” I will wait ” Irene said and Mj smiled

h£ was ab©vt to go [email protected]¢k |ns!de wh£n h¡s phone rang, it was h¡s doctor

“Why are you call!ng at th¡s time ” h£ asked

“Mj, I have a good news, th£re is an operation that can stop your disease ” th£ doctor said on th£ oth£r side and Mj’s eyes widened

“Really???? ”


Leo and Irene walked to Mj’s house and h£ led h£r to th£ guest room

“Arrange your th!ngs and come ©vt for D!nner ” h£ said and Irene nod

h£ turned and wanted to leave

“Will Mj be okay ?” Irene asked and h£ stopped

“Stop ” h£ said and looked at h£r

“Stop th!nk!ng ab©vt anoth£r guy wh£n you are with me ” h£ said as Irene stared [email protected]¢k at h¡m

“Leo ”

“I know, I’m a fool that loves someone who has no !nterest !n me, but what can I do? It isn’t what I want too, no matter how [email protected] i try, I can’t get get you ©vt of my h£ad ” h£ said as tears gath£red !n h¡s eyes

“You only ¢ar£ ab©vt Mj who has an h£art disease, my h£art also ach£s a lot too, was it a crime to [email protected]|| !n love with you ” h£ said and da$h£d ©vt of th£ room

Irene sat on th£ b£d and sigh£d

“I’m sorry Leo, I’m really sorry ” $h£ thought to h£rself

$h£ walked ©vt of th£ room and walked to th£ d!n!ng room wh£re Leo’s mom and dad were already seated

Leo’s mom is a house wife but $h£ barely stays at home

“Wow, who is th¡s pretty young lady? ” $h£ asked as Irene sat on th£ chair beside Leo who was already eat!ng

“$h£’s my friend ” Leo said and h¡s mom smiled

“Really? Why is $h£ so pretty, you guys would make a great couple ” $h£ said and Irene choked on th£ water $h£ was dr!nk!ng

“Mom, will you stop talk!ng and eat ” Leo said

“Alright, I’m j√$t surprised. You never brought a girl home as your friend ” $h£ added and Leo looked at Irene

h£ noticed $h£ was feel!ng uncomfortable

“What do you th!nk ab©vt it Honey? ” h¡s mom asked h¡s fath£r and Leo stood up

“Darn it, you won’t let me eat with peace ” h£ said and walked ©vt of th£ house

“Wow, that spoilt brat ” h¡s mom grumbled

“You caused it, you kept on talk!ng ab©vt couple or whatever ” h¡s fath£r said and followed Leo ©vtside

Mj sat !n h¡s room and dialed Irene’s number but $h£ wasn’t pick!ng up

“Wat’s wrong with h£r, why isn’t $h£ pick!ng up ” h£ murmured and Ella entered with a cup of coffee

“Thank you ” h£ said and drank it

“What’s wrong? ” Ella asked

“I’ve been call!ng Irene but $h£ is not pick!ng up ” h£ expla!ned and ella nod

“Oh……. I th!nk $h£ is busy ” Ella said and Mj scoffed

“Why would $h£ be busy? $h£ j√$t left and I’m already miss!ng h£r ” h£ said and Ella shook h£r h£ad

“Good for you, you have someone who makes you worried ” $h£ said and Mj looked at h£r

“What of you? ”

“Me? ” $h£ asked and Mj nod

“you like Leo ” h£ said and Ella looked away

“I gave up on h¡m ” $h£ said

“What? ”

“i said i gave up on h¡m ” $h£ repeated and walked ©vt of th£ room

“I th!nk I have to see Irene ” Mj said and took h¡s jacket before walk!ng ©vt

h£ was on h¡s way wh£n h£ met Riele

“Long time no see Mj ” Riele gr!nned

“What is it th¡s time? ”

“I th!nk I have someth!ng to say to you ” $h£ said and Mj scoffed

“I th!nk I have noth!ng to say to you ” h£ said and was ab©vt to go

“It’s ab©vt your mom’s death ” $h£ said and Mj stopped


Leo sat ©vtside a store after buy!ng someth!ng to eat

h£ was ab©vt to leave wh£n h£ saw Mj com!ng

“What is h£ do!ng h£re? ” h£ asked and mj m©v£d closer to h¡m

“What are you do!ng……. ” h£ didn’t complete h¡s statement before Mj punch£d h¡m !n th£ face and h¡s nose started to bleed

“What are you do!ng right now? ” Leo yelled and Mj glared at h¡m

“You……….” Mj called and glared at h¡m angrily

“h£y Max, do you have someth!ng to say? ” Leo asked and Mj punch£d h¡m aga!n, th¡s time, h£ fell

“Th£ one who killed My moth£r was………. Your fath£r?? ” h£ said and Leo’s eyes widened with shock


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