High school mom epilogue

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Just found myself doing this!

Interview with the characters of high school mom.




INTERVIEWER: Hello my beautiful audiences, am here today with the movie stars that acted high school mom.

(Applauds from audiences)

INTERVIEWER: Ok, so am going to use your movie names today, no offence.

(Chuckles from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: Alright let’s go. So Asha would you please introduce yourself to the audiences?

ASHA: Hello everyone, I am Asha the female lead in the novel called *High school mom*. (Excitement in her voice)

(Applauds from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: So Asha, what was your favorite scene in the novel?

ASHA: My favorite scene in the novel, was the time that I slapped Tasha because she messed with my daughter. And besides, am very possessive of everything that belongs to me.

(Shouts and laughter from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: Wow, I also love that scene, One more question. What do you think about the Lucas’s brothers?

ASHA: I think they are great actors and most definitely will recommend them for any other novel. But one thing I later understood was that, camdan was actually the one with split personalities, not Josh. Josh is a simple, smart, emotional and possessive guy.

(Laughter and applauds from the audiences)

JOSH: I disagree with you, I am the male lead. I have the split personalities or Are you trying to say the writer *Assurance webber* doesn’t know what she actually wrote? (Laughing)

(Laughter from the audiences)

ASHA: Wait!, Maybe you are right. But whichever way, you guys are great actors.

INTERVIEWER: Awwwwn, this is so sweet. So Josh, over to you now. What was your favorite scene in the novel?

JOSH: My favorite scene was the time that I hugged Asha from the back and she confessed her feelings to me. It felt so mutual and I loved it. (Nudging Asha)

*You are sick* she whispered (Both of them laughing)

INTERVIEWER: You guys are really sweet, you look good together. I won’t be surprised if there would be a wedding invitation. (Laughing)

(Hailing and Laughter from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: So Josh, what is your own moral of the story?

JOSH: Well incase y’all are watching, listening or reading this, I want you to know this; Think of the little things in front of you, those things that matters to you, those things that makes you happy, make sure you protect and cherish them till the end. Always remember your happiness matters. Also, don’t get obsessed with someone or something, don’t force someone to love you. Use that precious time to do something more benefiting. Don’t waste your time hating someone, you never grow. Have skills, explore, read books, trust me it helps. I think I should stop here. (Laughing)

(Applauds from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: Alright, thank you so much Josh. I love this so much, you are an inspiration. Now over to you Camdan. What do like Asha?

CAMDAN: I liked her because she was the only person who understood me, and also because I just saw myself falling for her. (Laughing)

(Laughter and chuckles from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: Wow, what a romantic reply. Asha you are indeed special. So camdan, tell me did you hate the fact that you didn’t end up with Asha?

CAMDAN: Not really, I know that we were never meant to be…Asha was more like an angel coming into my life to open my eyes, so I could see the true love in front me.

(Hailing from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: So who was the real love in front of you?

CAMDAN: It was actually the girl I spent my entire life in the novel with and that’s Nicole.

(Applauds from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: I think it’s time, Nicole comes up too. So Nicole, most readers say that they love the relationship between you and Camdan more. What do you have to say to them?

NICOLE: Am literally short of words, (Covering her mouth to hide her excitement) Uhhhmmm, the role I played was really the best for me and am thankful that the writer placed me there because it was wonderful.

INTERVIEWER: Awwwn, it seems you loved Camdan a lot…so sweet but why?

NICOLE: Because he’s sweet and handsome too…I love handsome guys. Aside that, I just found myself falling for him. I don’t know if you understand, but loving someone wholeheartedly turns you into a fool because no matter what the person does, you will love them more. I know it’s just a novel and it’s not real but it’s worth it…Thank you so much Assurance for this amazing book! (scre-ming)

(Applauds from the crowd)

INTERVIEWER: Wow, this is amazing…I think I should wrap this up quickly. Ok, Let’s hear from prudent. What do you like about the book?

PRUDENT: I love everything about it. The book is awesome and it’s different because it doesn’t talk only about school but family business. The title alone will make one think it’s all about an high school novel but it’s different.

JACE: Yeah you are right, the boo is amazing. I don’t really have much to say. (Jace chimed in)

INTERVIEWER: I haven’t even called you and you’ve already chimed in. (Feigning a frown)

(Laughter from the audiences)

INTERVIEWER: So, since we have heard from Jace. Let’s also hear from Otto.

OTTO: (Chuckles) I don’t really have much to say to. I enjoyed the novel, every bit of it and I know the next one is going to be a banger, even though I won’t be part of it. (Pouting lips)

INTERVIEWER: Interesting, I think we will stop here today. Catch y’all later…byeeee (Waving her hand)

(Applauds from the audiences)


I just want to say thank you to you guys for not giving up on me. even after my restrictions Y’all waited.
Y’all are the best fans ever! I love you guys 🥺😘

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