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High school mom episode 13 – 14

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Chapter_ thirteen

One week later….

Mrs morris assisted the maid in setting the dining table. She was so excited, they would have breakfast together as one big family.

She has always been busy with work and didn’t even have time for the school, she’s always focused mainly on their family hotel ” GOLDEN HOTEL”.

Being the wife of a huge business man, their business is going really well, as she has also supported her husband in whatever that’s best for their business.

She barely have time for her family and she needed to make it up to them, same goes with her husband, that’s why they both planned this breakfast stuff together.

Mrs morris and her husband was seated, waiting for prudent and Leo.

After a while, they saw Leo descending down the stairs, with his head phone on his neck as usual.

” Good morning y’all.” Leo said as he took a chair out and sat down.

” Hope you had a blissful night.” She asked with a light smile.

” I did, but I wish you never asked.” He said without sparing her a glance. He was concentrated on his phone the wh0le time.

” Leo.” His dad warned and he rolled his eyes.

Mrs morris smiled a little, she gestured with her hand, calling a maid.

” Go get Prudent for me, tell her she’s….” Mrs morris trailed on her words as she saw prudent coming down the stairs.

She didn’t bother to greet anyone, as she made for the door but, the voice of her mom stopped her right on her track.

” Prudent come over here, have you lost your manners?!” She half yelled.

Prudent turned around and scoffed loudly with her hands in akimbo.

” Am sorry mom, but am not interested in eating breakfast with y’all, not when that man is there.” She said and walked out of the house.

Mrs morris looked at her husband, she was feeling guilty already.

” Am sorry,I apologise on her behalf, I will talk to her. ” She said smiling nervously.

” I’ve lost my appetite, am off to school.” Leo suddenly blurted out and also took his leave.

Mr morris picked up his cutleries and started to dig in. He cared less about what they do or behave.

Though, he’s has always known Leo to be stubborn, because he inherited it from his mom. But prudent’s reaction surprised him, he wondered who she took after.

” I will be visiting the ceo of * LUCAS’S EMPIRE* later, am planning on signing a contract with them, what do you think?” He asked as he gulped down a glass of water.

” I think it’s cool, after all it’s about business.” She replied and he nodded in affirmation.

” Let go off me” Prudent yelled as Leo dragged her all the way to the males washroom.

He closed the door behind them, as he pinned her hands on the wall.

” What are you doing? Let go of me!” Prudent half yelled but Leo didn’t budge.

” Shhhhh” he shushed her and moved his face close to hers, their l-ips almost touching, just creating a tiny space between them.

” You are too close, back off”. She said in a trembling voice and Leo chuckled.

” Shut up! Don’t you dare utter another word or I might kill you here and nobody is going to find out.” He said causing shivers down her spine.

” What do you want from me?”

” I said shut up!” He yelled and she stopped talking before he continued.

” Good, so now listen to me, the next time you talk to my dad in such manner, I promise you, I will beat the living hell out of you!”

Prudent frowned more and pushed him away from her. So he was actually telling her this bullshit! She couldn’t believe her ears.

” How about you? You think I like the way you talk to my mom?” She said. ” I don’t and am just behaving myself because of my mom, otherwise I would have done much worse!”

” You still have the mind to bark like a dog, when it was my dad who took you and your mom in” he said and she blinked her eyes rapidly surpressing the tears that wanted to fall any minute.

” But…”

” Oh, please, just shut up! We all know this is a charade. You are not blood related to me, we are just doing this for our family’s reputation!” He said and walked out leaving her to her thoughts.


Asha quickly rushed out of the taxi and payed the driver off.

She was damn late already and nobody needed to tell her. Tara wasn’t feeling too well, she’s refused to eat anything and that made Asha so worried.

She took time in dressing up Tara for school and now she’s very late. She got to the hallway and couldn’t find a single soul there.

She took a deep breath before entering the class.

Immediately she entered, the wh0le class stared at her and she found it uncomfortable as she walked to her seat.

” You are late again Asha, you’ve been late throughout this week.” The teacher said. ” See me after this class.”

” Yes ma’am.” She replied and brought out her books.

After visiting the teacher’s office, Asha came out looking all glum. The teacher had told her that if she comes late again, she will get suspended till further notice.

Well, that wasn’t her problem, she was worried about Tara and needed to know how she’s doing.

She was staring at the floor while walking, when she bumped into a Otto again.

” Hey, are you ok?” He asked and she replied with a nod.

Otto was about to say something, when Asha phone rang, disrupting whatever he wanted to say.

She viewed the caller’s ID and quickly answered the call. It was Vivian calling from Tara’s school.

” Hey vivian.” She said and after few seconds she scre-med as tears could be seen visible in her eyes.

” What happened?” Otto asked and she totally ignored him, running as fast as her legs could carry her.

She ran to the teacher’s office and made a sign out. She didn’t bother bother to change her outfits as she ran outside the school, she hailed a taxi and he stopped.

“Sunshine city hospital please.” She said and the driver quickly sped off.

✍️High school mom ✍️
💋( She’s mine)💋

Written by:- Assurance webber

‼️Do not copy or repost ‼️

Chapter_ fourteen

Camdan was seen standing in front of his office window, staring outside.

The large window in his office was made in such a way that, only the person from within the office could see what was going on out there.

But no one from the outside could see a thing from the office. It was convenient for him alone.

He was still lost in thought, when a knock was heard on his door.

He walked over to his chair and sat down. He adjusted his suit and tie before he answered.

” Come on in” He replied as he carried a file going through it.

Nicole walked in majestically, she was holding pile of files on both hands.

” Good afternoon sir, Mr morris is here to see you.” Nicole said.

She walked over to his desk and placed the files on it.

” And here are the files you asked me to bring.”

Camdan stared at her with a smile, as he used his hand to support his chin.

” Do you want to take a day off?” He asked and her eyes w¡dened.

” No sir”

” Then why are you trying to sed-ce me?” He asked still smiling at her.

” Sir, it’s not like…”.

” I might fall for the temptation, you know?” He said with a light chuckle and continued.

” When did you start wearing mini skirts and when did you start showing your cle-vage?”

Immediately he said that, she drew down her skirt and buttoned up. She felt really embarrassed as she bowed her head in guilt.

Camdan maintained a straight face as usual, he stared at her in disappointment. He never knew she could be so cheap.

She has been working for him close to three years now, and he liked her as a worker because she was so hærdworking and nice.

” Don’t dress this way to my office again or else you will regret it. You don’t need to dress like a pr-stitute in order to impress me. You are beautiful just the way you are.” He said in an unusual voice. It was soft and entirely different.

” You may leave now, invite Mr morris in.”

” Thank you sir.” She said in a trembling voice and walked out.

After a while, Mr morris entered and they both exchanged pleasantries before heading to the main point.

Asha quickly payed the driver off and rushed into the hospital.

She got to the reception and approached the nurse in charge.

” I heard a child was rushed to this hospital, I need to see her pls.” Asha said rushing her words.

She was breathing heavily and beads of sweat has started forming on her forehead.

” Ok dear, you need to wait there, we are waiting for her mother.” The nurse said.

” Am her mother.” Asha replied and the nurse stared at her.

” Are you sure? You look like an high schooler and you are wearing a uniform, how are you her mother?” The nurse asked.

Asha banged on the table and the nurse flinched slightly.

” Are you interrogating me right now?” Asha asked. “Why don’t you just shut the f**k up and take me to the room, where my daughter is being attended to!”

” Am sorry ma’am, please follow me.” The nurse said, she led the way and Asha followed suite.

They got to the room where Tara was being attended to. She was laid on the bed looking lifeless, her face has gotten paled and an oxygen mask was on her face, she was finding it hærd to breath.

Asha rushed to her and started touching her all over, ignoring Vivian who was in the room. Seeing her daughter in that condition weakened her completely.

She touched her daughter’s face and a tear dropped, she quickly wiped it off remembering how Tara hates seeing her cry.

She sat on a chair beside Tara’s sick bed and held her tiny hand.

” Baby, mommy is here, please open your eyes.” She said but got no response.

” I promise to buy you everything you need…just…open… your…eyes…pl..ease.” she cried as she choked on her tears.

She covers her mouth with her palm, trying to suppress the sound of her sobbing. She cried bitterly and Vivian tapped her.

She turned to Vivian as she cleaned her face.

” Why are you on uniform Asha”. Vivian asked checking her out.

” Because am going to school, that isn’t the issue now, what did the doctor say about Tara’s health?” Asha replied as she packed her hair in a bun.

” We really need money Asha, Tara is going through right now and they need to start treatment on her, I haven’t even had my salary yet.”

” So, without the money, they won’t start treatment on her?” Asha asked and Vivian replied with a nod.

She was just four years older than Asha, that was the reason she said, Asha shouldn’t use honorifics when it comes to her.

Almost immediately a nurse entered in,side. It wasn’t the first nurse but was another one and Asha was happy about that.

” Miss Asha, your attention is needed by the doctor.” The nurse said.

” Oh…ok.”

” Please follow me”. The nurse said as Asha followed behind.

They got to the doctor’s office and Asha placed a soft knock on the door, her breathing was rapid and she was scared.

” Come on in.” The doctor uttered lowly.

Asha went in,side and the doctor gestured her to sit down.

He looked at her and sighed, he shook his head sideways and adjusted the spectacle that he wore.

He was a man with with brown complexion, that seems to be in his early forties.

” Miss Asha, are you sure you are the mother of that child?” He asked and Asha frowned at him.

” Yes sir, I am” she answered.

” How old are you?”

” Am 20 years old and am in highschool, just trying to get a stupid certificate, so my life can change for the better. I don’t have a dad and as for my mom, she abandoned me and took my sister away with her.” Asha said staring at the floor.

” That’s sad but I didn’t say you…”

” I would have love to tell you about my child’s father but I can’t, it’s just so embarrassing…my life is pathetic right?” She asked cutting him off and added.

” Now, that you know everything about my pathetic life, can you please, stop asking me questions and tell me what’s wrong with my daughter.

Immediately she said that, the doctor knew he had crossed his boundary. He cleared his throat and flipped through a page of a file.

” Your daughter is suffering from Bronchiolitis and you are needed to bring 10,000$ before we start the treatment.” He said and she gasped.

” Where would I get such money from?” She muttered as she bit her lower l-ips very hærd.

She had pleaded with her boss, to hand her salary to her and he did even though the month is yet to be over.

And she has quit her second job, now she regrets it a lot. She has no one to borrow money from…. except from one person.

” Please, just start the treatment on her, I promise you, I will bring the money.” She said as she held the doctor’s hand.

” I will try my best but, you need to bring the money as soon as possible, you know it’s not my hospital and am just a worker here. I also have a family.” He replied and she thanked him before leaving his office.


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