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High school mom episode 24 – 25

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Chapter_ twenty four

Prudent kept staring at Jace during class the wh0le time. She was really feeling bad he’s been ignoring her lately.

Was it because if what she said? If that’s the case then she’s truly sorry. She doesn’t want him to ignore her and because of him she hasn’t been concentrating in class.

” Miss prudent.” The teacher who was teaching tapped her on the shoulder jolting her from her thoughts.

” Yes ma’am.” She simply answered and the female teacher narrowed her gaze at her.

Prudent bit her lips so hard because she knows this teacher to be the type who asks lots of questions.

The wh0le class were staring including Jace but after a while he diverted his gaze to somewhere else.

She was feeling embarrassed and she just wanted this teacher to leave her alone.

” Are you ok miss Prudent? You seem lost.” The teacher asked and she rolled her secretly rolled her eyes before turning to her.

” Am fine ma’am, just continue with your teaching.” She said and the teacher wanted to say something else when she cut her off.

” Am fine… Just f**king leave me alone!” She yelled and when she turned around, she saw Jace as he shook his head sideways.

She felt hurt and looked like a fool, she didn’t want Jace to add more hatred to her. She bit her lips so hard as she cussed the teacher silently before facing her.

” Am really sorry for yelling ma’am.” She said and the teacher’s eyes widened in surprise.

She knew something was definitely wrong with Prudent because this was the first time she has apolgised to her.

” Oh… It’s ok miss Prudent.” She said and Prudent smiled before she continued her teaching.

After the class Prudent packed her books and rushed out, she stood in front of Jace blocking his path.

” Hey, I know where all this is coming from and am sorry.”

” Sorry about what?” He asked nonchalantly with his hands inside his pockets.

” Am sorry about what happened at the mall…I was just trying to be nice, but it seems I don’t the word nice isn’t in my dictionary. So am sorry once again…this is the first time am apologising to someone more than once…so am sorry again.” She stated and he just smiled.

” You should try acting nice… it fits you alot.” He said and she beamed widely.

He ruffled her hair and walked out. She hates when someone ruffles her hair but she wasn’t angry or irritated. She felt happy as she beamed widely staring at him till he was out sight.


Asha stepped out from the restroom and was surprised as she saw Leo at the entrance with a smirk plastered on his lips.

” What are you doing here?” She asked with a crumpled expression on her face.

Leo chuckled lightly before he turned to her with his hands tucked in his pocket as usual.

” I was waiting for you.”

” How thoughtful of you, but please next time don’t stand in front of the females washroom, otherwise others might think you are a pervert.” She said and he frowned.

” I might be a pervert but how about you?”

” What do you mean?” She asked as she suddenly got scared.

Does he know about her being a single mom? If he knows then she’s doom. She won’t be able to graduate because she’s more than eighteen.

” What will happen when everyone knows you as a disowned child that got no family…what do you think will happen? You know this school isn’t just a school… it’s more than what you think…your name will be all over the media.” He said and she laughed lightly while his frowned deepened. She was making him look like a fool right now.

” I don’t know what you want Leo, because the last time I checked…we are not friends…what do you think will happen if your dad and the media finds out that am the first child of Alora morris? Think well kiddo.” She said and left him to his thoughts.

Asha sat on one of the chairs close to the window side as she would check regularly if Camdan was there yet.

He had called her to wait for him at the restaurant that he had something to tell her.

She was also happy because she will have to opportunity to tell him how she felt about him and also about her being a single mom.

After a while he came and sat opposite her. He was glum and she could feel it.

” Is everything ok?” She asked and he replied with a nod.

” Sorry am tardy.”

” It’s ok.” She said and he uttered a thank you.

” I have something to tell you.” The said in unison and Asha chuckled.

” You go first then.” She said with a smile and he nodded his head.

” Am sorry Asha but I can’t date you.”

” Oh, did something happen?” She asked and he just stared at her.

” I was in a dilemma and I had to choose wisely… Am sorry for everything, the k-ss was a mistake…I need to go now.” He said and immediately he left without giving her a space to say anything.

She was dumbstruck , she couldn’t believe he dumped her after everything.

✍️High school mom ✍️
💋( She’s mine)💋

Written by:- Assurance webber

‼️Do not copy or repost ‼️

Chapter_ twenty five

Camdan drove into the compound roughly but didn’t get out of the car. He remained in the car as he tightened his hand on the steering.

His eyes has gotten red and tears could be visible in it. His mouth was quavering as a word couldn’t come out.

He regretted saying all those to her but there was no turning back now. He loved her, he loved her a lot.

He hated himself right now…all because of wealth he had to let go of someone he loves. She was the only one who understood him and he was thinking he could create something beautiful with her but non of it worked.

” Why?! Why?! Why?!” He yelled as used his head to hit the steering continuously.

After a while he stopped as he cleaned his face but the tears kept rushing out. He bit his bottom lips to stop himself from crying but it didn’t work as he burst into more tears.

” Am sorry Asha, am really sorry.” He muttered as he cried bitterly with his head rested on the steering.

” Am sorry Miss but you can’t see Mrs morris.” The secretary said and Asha rubbed her forehead slightly.

” Please, I really need to see her… Just tell her Asha Davenport is here to see her.”

” Am sorry Miss but you can’t see Mrs morris.” the secretary said for the tenth time now.

Asha was getting pissed off already, but she was trying her best to calm herself down, after all it’s not her hotel.

She had come here early in the morning before eight o’clock. She wanted the cleaner job badly because she needed to pay her debts.

She has gotten a new apartment by taking a loan from the bank and she needed to pay back before the six months elasped.

She really needed to see her mom but the secretary over there wasn’t helping her at all.

” Are you on a repeat mode or something? You’ve been saying the same thing for the tenth time now!” Asha half yelled which made the secretary want to say something but Asha brushed it off.

” I get it, I will go.” Asha said and the secretary replied with a smile which Asha knew was fake.

She was about heading for the door when she felt a sharp pain in her right leg.

” Ouch, this hurts.” She hissed in pain as she settled in a chair close by. She m-ssaged her leg lightly as she sighed deeply.

” Isn’t my life getting any worse? I’ve missed school for three days and yesterday somebody I finally started liking dumped me… I didn’t even get to meet his parents or neither do I know what he does for a living… My life is so pathetic… Let’s just go home ok?” She Said and patted her legs.

She turned around to carry her bag when she saw a working figure.

” Camdan?” She called inaudibly as she kept staring at the walking figure as a young lady trailed behind him till they were both out of sight.

” No, it wasn’t camdan, maybe I was mistaken.” She shook her head side to side and walked out of the building.

” Wow! My baby looks like a princess.” Mrs Morris exclaimed as Tasha twirled showing her parents the gown she was wearing.

She was actually wearing the gown her dad had brought for her from england. She had always wanted to be in a ball wedding gown and he made her wish come through.

She indeed looked like a princess and that made her happy. She just couldn’t wait for her married life with Josh.

” It’s still seven months to the wedding, there are lots of time for you Tasha.” Her dad said and a slight frown was seen on her face.

” What do you mean dad.” She asked and he smiled. He knew she was getting angry but he just wanted her to be calm about the wh0le thing.

” I heard that you’ve started preparing the colours for the wedding.”

” Yes…so? Is there something wrong?” She asked and her dad shook his head sideways.

” Nothing is wrong Tasha, am just saying take it slow… it’s still a bit far… don’t get too excited.” He said and she nodded with a feign smile.


Asha don’t worry Josh has called me that he’s coming for you🤞

Tasha relax na… when e reach no cry o🌚

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