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High school mom episode 32 – 33

✍️High school mom ✍️
😍(My love for her is unconditional)😍

Written by:- Assurance webber

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Chapter_ two

Mr Lucas was seated in his study as he tapped his fingers comtiously on the desk. He has been doing that for an hour and it was pissing him out.

His mind kept wandering about the relationsh¡p Josh had with Asha. He just couldn’t stop thinking about it, there must be a reason she slapped him in the restaurant and he vividly remembered when Josh warned him not to touch Asha.

” First it was Camdan, now Josh? What is really going on?” He muttered as he gently m-ssaged his forehead.

A sudden knock was heard on the door and he inhaled deeply.

” Come in,side.” Mr Lucas said.

The door pushed open and his private investigator walked in and bowed briefly.

Mr Tucker acknowledged him with a nod and sighed.

” Did you find out anything?” He asked as he placed his hands on the desk.

” Yes sir and it’s something shocking.”

” How shocking could it be that your voice is trembling?” Mr Lucas asked and without saying a word his private investigator walked to his desk and poured out pictures from an envelope.

Mr Lucas adjusted his spectacle, as a man who’s aging, he’s eyes sight are getting gloomy. He picked up the pictures and took a closer look at them.

” Who are they?” Mr Lucas asked as he squinted his eyes while pointing at a picture of a ladyand a girl child.

” That’s the waitress and the child alongside with her is her daughter.” The investigator explained and Mr Lucas dropped the pictures on the desk.

” So what has that have to do with what I asked you to look into? If she has a child, how is that my problem?!” Mr Lucas half yelled as he banged on the desk.

” It also concerns you sir, because that child is your grandchild.”

” What did you just say?” Mr Lucas asked unable to believe his ear. His private investigator must be joking right?

” What am trying to say is that, child the waitress is holding is Young master’s child.” The investigator said and Mr Lucas banged hærd on the table.

” What nonsense!”

” It’s not nonsense sir, I buried a recorder in Josh’s suit few days ago.” The investigator said as his mind flew back to what happened few days ago.



Josh hurried downstairs as he held his jacket on one of his hand. He carried the car key and wanted to head out of the house when Mr Lucas investigator walked up to him.

” Good morning Master Josh.”

” Mr Dovan… it’s been a while. How is everything?” Josh asked with a smile.

” Everything is fine but are you ok? You seem to be in a hurry.” The investigator said and Josh nodded his head.

” Yes, I need to go see someone.”

” Oh really? But your father called for you.” Mr Dovan said and his smile faded.

” Where is he please?” Josh asked as he wondered why his dad was looking for him.

” He’s in his study Master Josh.” Mr Dovan replied and Josh quickly left heading to his dad’s study.

Mr Dovan looked at the jacket Josh kept on a chair and smiled Triumphantly. He carried it and ins××ted a small pen in the inner pocket before dropping it back on the chair.

After a while Josh came back and Mr Dovan looked at the jacket briefly before averting his gaze to him.

” My dad wasn’t in his study when I got there…Can you tell him we will talk when I get back? Am already late for my outing.” Josh said with a light smile.

” Of course Master Josh.” Mr Dovan simply replied and he uttered a thank you before leaving.


” So he was going to meet Asha?” Mr Lucas asked.

” Yes and here’s the recording of their conversation.” He handed the record over to Mr Lucas and Mr Lucas played it.

” Oh, my God, this is unbelievable.” Mr Lucas said with a sad sigh as he finished listening to the recording.

” What should we do sir?”

” Just keep watching for now.” He said and Dovan replied with a nod.

The wh0le office has been scattered with files and Camdan wasn’t helping as he kept littering the place with more files.

He would throw files and scre-m afterwards like a psychopath. His eyes has gotten swollen as the result of him crying all night. He had refused to go home and refused to see anyone who came to the company.

Nicole came in,side and saw him crying on the bare floor and she shook her head in pity. She moved close to him and helped him on his chair. He was so weak to do anything and he barely eats anything.

” Sir why have you decided to do this to yourself?” Nicole asked and he scoffed.

” Just leave please.”

” Sir, I know you are hurting which I don’t know why or who made you this way…You need to stop all of this.” Nicole said and he banged on the table.

” Get out Nicole… just leave now!” He yelled but she didn’t flinch as she would have done as usual. She wasn’t scared of him anymore and that she was sure about.

” No, I won’t leave because you are losing your mind and that needs to stop!” She retorted and he w¡dened his eyes in surprise. He had never seen her talk to him this way before.

” What did you just say?”

” I said you should stop this madness and focus on your job as a Ceo…do you think that if the chairman kept the company running this way, it could have been this successful?” She asked and a tear dropped from his eye.

” How could you speak to me this way… ain’t you scared of losing your job?” He asked and she smiled.

” Am not scared right now, so you need to stop all this madness. You think if the chairman comes now and see this office this way, he will be happy? No, he won’t… So now get up your butt and ask like the boss you are. I will come check up on you later.” She said and quickly walked out leaving no room for arguments.

Camdan facepalmed himself as tears rushed out of his eyes.

” You are making me go nuts Asha.” He muttered.

✍️High school mom ✍️
😍(My love for her is unconditional)😍

Written by:- Assurance webber

‼️Do not copy or repost ‼️


Chapter_ thirty three

” You are so stupid and you are fatherless…you are so stupid and you are fatherless.” The children in Tara’s class sang out loud as they stick out their tongues at her.

Tara bowed her head in shame and was too scared to look them in their eyes. It was through she didn’t have a dad but how does it concern them? She wanted to talk back to them but she didn’t have the courage to.

After a while Alex came to the scene as he tried to stop them from making mockery of her.

” Go away, stop you are hurting her.” Alex yelled as he pushed them slightly from her.

When Tara heard his voice she raised up her head and released a feign smile. Alex looked at her and smiled back.

” Well, she shouldn’t have lied to us that she has a dad… she’s a liar!” One of their classmate Mandy yelled. She was just a year older than Tara.

” She’s not a liar…and what if she says she has a dad? Have you seen her dad that you call her a liar? Just go away mandy.” Alex retorted. Tara has been so happy since Alex came to the scene…she knew he would support her. After all he has always supported her.

The bickering between this two children was getting out of hand already and Tara was feeling guilty. She knew Mandy to be the rich and talkative type who wouldn’t cause trouble.

After so much hesitant, Tara stood up and faced Mandy which surprised everyone. Everyone has known her to be quiet and doing nothing like every other days.

“you are just jealous of me because am more prettier than you!” Tara yelled and Alex dragged her to his desk. He made her sit on the chair while he knelt down and tied her laces properly.

“You should be careful with your shoe laces otherwise you might trip…you don’t want that do you?” Alex Asked. He was a cute little boy with sapphire coloured eyes and he’s two years older than Tara.

“No I don’t” Tara answered with that innocent face of hers and Alex couldn’t help but chuckle.

Asha quickly hopped down from delivery bike and and walked towards one of the most populated gym centres in las Vegas. It wasn’t a very big gym but it was filled with people because their charging rate isn’t really high.

She held the boxes of assorted chicken they ordered and tried dailing the caller’s line when a guy tapped her on her shoulder.

“Please how can I help you?” Asha asked with knotted brows. The guy seeing her reaction chucked and she straightened her face.

“Am the one who ordered for the chicken ma’am” the guy jokingly said and Asha smiled, one could tell that smile held an apology.

“Am sorry sir, please where should I take this?”

“This way please” the guy gestured with his hands and she followed suite.

They got to a big table and she placed the boxes of assorted chicken there. She wrote a bill and shifted it towards the guy.

“Your bill is 200$.” Asha said and instead of him paying her, he held her hand and she gave him a questioning look.

“Are you married?” He asked with his eyes fixated on her. He was so loving that electric blue eyes of hers… whenever she blinks he wanted to go crazy.

“No am not married, your bill is 200$ sir.”

“How much for a night then? I will pay handsomely” He said and she laughed briefly before releasing her hands from his grip and he held it again.

“Let go off me right now!” she yelled but he didn’t budge as he kept staring at her face. He felt like a strength just got into him and he couldn’t let her go.

“Let me go before or I’ll call the police!”

“Oh, am sorry, here’s your bill.” he handed the bill to her and she glared daggers at him before leaving the gym.

She kept shaking her head sideways as she couldn’t believe what just happened in,side.

“Some people are something else” she muttered before she climbed on her delivery bike heading to the chicken store, so she can start her third job.


“Hurry up, make it snappy!” The voice of the worker in charge of the kitchen came in and everyone started doing their work more faster than ever.

The ones who were cooking, were cooking very fast, putting the ingredients all at once without wasting so much time.

The ones who were serving, quickly filled the tray with meals and carried it to their customers and guests.

On the other hand was Asha as she washed the plates in a haste. The kitchen was so big and couldn’t be compared to the one at her work place. The sink were filled with unwashed plates and the more Asha kept washing the plates the more workers will trope in and dumped more plates in the sink, joining it together with the ones she has washed.

“When is all this going to end?” Asked Asha as she wiped her face with the back of her palm. Tears were streaming down her face already.

But she was glad she got the job at the golden hotel because it has a good pay… just that the work was just too much.

A spoon fell and Asha bent to pick it when she heard a familiar voice. She stayed in that position and didn’t move an inch.

A guy who was dressed in suit entered in,side the kitchen and everyone stopped what they were doing as they faced him. His eyes were blazing red and everyone could tell he was very angry.

“There’s a situation of food posioning and one of our guest is vomiting badly.” The young man said calmly but it was deadly and Asha bit her bottom l-ips trying to fathom where she heard that voice from.

“We are sorry sir.” the workers said in unison and the young man rubbed his forehead trying to surpress his anger.

“You are sorry?! Couldn’t you do your job decently?! Are you all pigs?!” He yelled and was about saying something when he saw the leg of someone close to the sink…it was Asha.

“Whoever it is, come out now!”

Asha heard the voice and she knew he was referring to her, she breathed out and came out of her hiding s₱0t.

“Asha?” The young man said and her eyes w¡dened in shock.


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