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High school mom episode 55 – 56

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Written by Assurance webber

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Chapter 55 (A mother’s love)


Josh got out of the car and met Asha standing in front of the school.

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Immediately Asha laid her eyes on him, she rushed towards him and hugged him t¡ghtly. She was crying already on his chest.

He pulled from the hug and wiped her tears with his thumbs, then he k-ssed her lightly on the l-ips.

“Don’t worry, Tara will be fine ok?We will find her.” he uttered and she slowly nodded her head.

Before he could say another word, her eyes welled up in tears again and he sighed.

“I am just scared Josh. You know that Tara is my only child and there isn’t a guarantee that I will have another one. I might just kill myself if anything happens to her Josh,” she explained and he hugged her.

He k-ssed her hair and began to pat it slowly. He understood the pains she was feeling, losing your child was something that would trigger every mother. It was truly a sincere love, a love greater than any other thing and It was a mother’s love.

After a few minutes he pulled from the hug and held her hand firmly.

“Let’s go inside ok?” he said and she let out a weak smile.

They got inside and he met Miss Vivian.

“Take me to the media room, there should be CCTV in this school right?” Josh asked.

Asha’s eyes lit up in excitement immediately she heard about the CCTV camera. She totally forgot that there was something called a CCTV camera.

“Yeah, about that, there is no CCTV camera outside the school but only within the school.” Vivian said with a bow.

The principal of the school came out of his office as he kept hearing voices. He walked over to the scene and he was speechless when he saw Josh.

“What a pleasant Surprise Master Josh. Am honored to have you here in my school but what would make a young busy man like you to step foot into my school. Is everything alright?” he asked and Josh scoffed.

“A student has gone missing and we know nothing about it sir.” Vivian dropped the bombshell.

“What kind of school is this?!A school that lacks security shouldn’t be known as a school!” Josh yelled, causing Vivian and the other teachers to flinch.

“I am sorry sir,” the principal apologized and Josh walked off.

Vivian rushed to Asha “Why You didn’t tell me you were dating Josh Lucas?”

“I am sorry for causing you all this trouble Vivian. I just need to see my daughter again.” Asha sniffed.

“I am sorry Asha. We will definitely find Tara and besides Josh Lucas is involved, so just know just know you are on the bright side.” Vivian said and she walked off, going to meet Josh.

Leo stared into space as the words of Prudent replayed in his head.

Last night his dad had called him, telling him about the basketball academy and when he would leave.

He sighed and rubb£d his face briefly. She was right, it wasn’t what he wanted but he needed to do it anyway. If not for himself, then for his mom.

Being a basketball player has always been his dream when his mom was alive. But, all the dreams he had died when she died.

He suddenly felt like doing any of it was useless and that was because she wasn’t there to support him.

And now, he feels he should just do it because he wants to get back on that dream. He wanted his mom to be proud of him.

“I wish you were here mom, then everything would be fine.” he uttered inaudibly and his eyes moved to a direction outside the diner.

He looked closely and saw a female child crying inside a car. The man who was in charge of the car pointed a f-nger towards the little girl and Leo could tell it was a warning f-nger. Before the twinkle of an eye, he slapped the little girl on her cheek and she started to cry again.

Almost immediately the man left the car and locked the little girl inside. He was coming towards the diner.

Without giving in so much thought Leo stood up and walked out of the diner he bumped into the man.

“Oh my, am really sorry sir” Leo said and the man gave him a deadly look before walking away.

Leo stepped out of the diner and made his way to where the car was parked. He looked sideways if someone was watching him, and when nobody was watching he inserted the key to the handle of the car and opened the door.

“I guess few movie trick works.” he said, referring to the way he took the key from the man without him knowing.

“Hey are you ok?I saw you crying.” Leo said as he squatted to the car level but Tara got out of the car and hugged him.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue Sir. Are you one of the superheroes in my cartoons?” Little Tara asked innocently.

”Well am not sure dear, but do you know that man that locked you inside the car?” Leo asked.

“No, I don’t know him. He came to my school and told me that my mommy is too busy to come pick me up and that he was s£nt by my mommy to take me home. He always shouts at me, he’s a bad man.” Tara cried and Leo hugged her. He k-ssed her hair and patted her on the back continuously.

“It’s ok, I’m here now,” he whispered.

He brought out his phone and made a quick call and within a few minutes the police arrived.

Leo explained everything that happened and they barged into the diner and arrested the man.

“We would like you to come to the station with us for a few questions sir.” one of the police officers said.

“That’s not an issue, I will go with you.” Leo said. He flashed Tara a smile and they both entered the car.


Leo sat on a bench as he held Tara’s hand t¡ghtly. They just finished the interrogation and the police officer told him that the little girl’s parents will come soon.

“Mommy!” Tara scre-med happily and ran to her mom, giving her a hug.

Leo’s eyes almost bulged out of the socket when he saw Asha hugging the little girl back.

Asha squatted down to her daughter’s level and k-ssed her forehead. She wiped the tears that escaped her eyes and stared lovingly at her daughter.

“I thought I lost you, sorry I couldn’t come early baby.” she said.

Tara reached out to her mother’s face and wiped the tears that fell on her cheek.

“Mommy stop crying, I am fine now and it’s all thanks to that man.” Tara pointed towards Leo who was staring at them both.

Asha moved closer to where he stood and smiled.

“Uhmmm, I really don’t know how to show my appreciation. But thank you so much, if it weren’t for you then I don’t know what would have happened to my daughter.” Asha said and hugged him, which he reciprocated.

After a few minutes he dis£ngaged from the hug and averted his gaze to Tara who just laid on the bench. It seems she was feeling sleepy.

“It’s fine, I am surprised though. Nobody knew you had a daughter. Such a beautiful and smart little girl you have.” Leo uttered calmly and she uttered a thank you.

“Do you know who tried to abduct your daughter?” he asked and when Asha was about to say a word, Josh came in with the cops and of course Tasha who was responsible for the abduction.

Josh ran to where Tara was laid and carried her on his shoulder. She mumbled a few words and he patted her back till she gradually fell asleep.

Asha narrowed her eyes as she stood in front of Tasha. Only God knows how much she badly wants to beat her to stupor.

“Why did you do it?” Asha asked calmly.

“You should be happy, somebody came to the rescue of your daughter, otherwise what would have happened to her…”

Asha cut her off with a slap on her right cheek. She slapped her over and over and over and over again until Leo held her hands.

“It’s ok, that’s enough.” Leo said and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You can mess with me and I can stay idle but when it comes to my daughter, I will make sure you pay for it. You are lucky the police officers are here. Otherwise I would have taken you to he|| myself.” Asha said in gritted teeth.

“Take her away.” Josh said and they took Tasha away.

✍️High school mom ✍️
😍( My love for her is unconditional)😍

Written by Assurance webber

‼️Do not copy or repost ‼️

Chapter 56 ( Getting on her nerves)

Leo got back home and when he entered the house, he saw prudent eating his favorite cookies, while watching movies.

“How was your outing?” Prudent asked, immediately she laid her eyes on leo.

Leo said nothing and found his way to the couch, as he sat beside her. He took the bowl of cookies and started munching on them one by one.

“Hey, that’s mine?” Prudent hollered and Leo rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Why do you like trouble?Am finally here sitting with you and you’re whining. You should be grateful instead.” he said with a smile.

Prudent gasp when she saw how handsome he looked when he smiled. Though he smiles but tonight was different and she kinda liked it.

She didn’t know what came over him to the extent that he sat on the same couch with her and at the same time, eating her cookies too but she liked it and didn’t want it to end.

“Yeah you are right, I should be grateful,” she crossed her hands over his shoulder and he looked at her but suddenly focused back on the television.

“Mom and dad aren’t back yet?” Leo asked.

“No they are not, so how was yours outing?, I bet it was boring” she said with a smirk plastered on her l-ips.

“Nope, it was the coolest thing ever, I enjoyed every bit of it.” he said and she crossed her hands under her b.oobs.

“Tell me more, what made it fun?”

“I saved a little girl from abduction and handed the criminal over to the police.” he said and $h¡verys ran through prudent’s spine.

She sat upright and crossed her two legs on the couch like a buddhist.

“Oh my God!, Is it that bad?” she asked and he nodded his head.

“So after rescuing the child, we were taken to the station for questioning. I answered all the questions and the real criminal came in and the mother of the child slapped her more than thrice, gosh it was a satisfying sight.” he explained.

“Wow, that’s a mother’s love. She seems like a strong person.” Prudent applause.

Leo reached for the television remote and changed the channel since he wasn’t enjoying the current show.

“Yeah, she’s such a strong lady and it turned out that I know her.” He said and prudent eyes lit up in excitement.

“Who is she?”

“Asha davenport.” he said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m glad you saved the day.” Was all she could say. Deep down she wanted to ask more questions but kept it to herself.

“You miss her, don’t you?” he asked, after a few minutes of silence.

She moved close to him and laid her head on his shoulder, then closed her eyes briefly.

“Yeah but there is nothing I can do. I haven’t even laid my eyes on her child. It’s a female right?” she asked with her eyes still closed.

“Yeah and she looks very adorable and unique. But wait!What really happened that broke you guys?”

“Dad got into an accident and became crippled. Then things got h-rd for us and Asha, as a sixteen years old, worked in a bar in order to support my mom in putting food on our table. Few days later mom learned that Asha was pregnant and told her to terminate the pregnancy but Asha refused. She told me she was scared and she couldn’t see herself killing an innocent child and I understood. Mom disowned Asha and stopped providing food for her, and she also got tired of my dad and left the house as she took me along with her.” Prudent explained and a tear dropped on her cheek, which Leo wiped with his thumb.

“It’s ok, everything will be fine.” He muttered even though he wasn’t so sure.

“Where is the key?” Josh asked immediately if they stopped in front of Asha’s apartment.

Asha removed her handbag from her shoulder and passed it to him, while using the other one to support Tara from falling.

Josh checked inside and found the key. He brought it out and opened the door and Asha entered without another minute outside.

Immediately they got inside, Asha headed for Tara’s room and dropped her on the b£d. She removed her shoes and uniform then wore the pajamas on her.

“She seems like a deep sleeper.” Josh chuckled.

“That’s how you are too, she took it from you.” Asha replied and covered her with the duvet, then they walked out of the room.

“Thanks for today by the way.” Asha said as they entered her room.

“It’s ok, you shouldn’t thank me, she’s also my daughter.”

“I am glad you know that.” Asha said reluctantly.

She was so angry and sad at the same time. Thinking about what happened today gave her the creeps.

“Are you ok?” Josh asked, immediately he noticed how moody she was.

She turned to him and nodded her head.

“I am fine, I just need to study. I have been abs£nt from school for days.” She said with a deep sigh.

Josh knew she was still triggered at what had happened earlier and he needed to make her feel better.

He walked up to her and hugged her from behind then placed his neck on her shoulder, his h-ot breath teasing her skin and she gulped down nothing.

“Tara is fine now, there’s no need to be nervous” he whispered to her and she smiled.

“Thank you Josh,” she whispered back and he k-ssed her on the shoulder.

After staying for a few minutes in that position, she removed his grip from her wa-ist and he frowned.

“I need to study.” she chuckled, while he pouted his l-ips like a five year old.

Asha moved over to her reading table and brought out three textbooks. Afterwards, she started studying each topic one by one.

Josh got fed up with what she was doing already, since the room was quiet and boring. He wanted to hear her voice badly, he wanted them to do something fun.

“You have been reading those textbooks for over ten minutes now, I can’t believe you are reading while I am here.” he mumbled.

She turned her chair around and raised her brow at him.

“So what do you expect me to do when you are here?” she asked.

“We should do something fun, instead of reading.”

Asha closed her books and turned to him as a thought crossed her mind.

“Tell me about your mom.” she suddenly said.

“My mom?” he asked as if he didn’t hear her the first time and she nodded.

“Alright then. My mom was the sweetest woman I’ve known so far. Despite her being a mistress, she was still so loyal to my dad, she loved me a lot and because of that love she died. She died while saving me.” Josh sniffed.

“I am sorry about that.” Asha said.

He pulled out his phone from his pocket and showed her what’s on his screen.

“That’s my mom, i look a lot like her right?” he asked but Asha said nothing as she kept staring at his phone’s screen.

Suddenly she recalled the face of the cleaner in Tara’s school and everything that happened that day.

“It all makes absolute s£nse now…but can it be true?” She asked in a whisper to nobody in particular.

The expression on her face was a shock and Josh had to ask.

“Asha are you ok?”

“Yeah I am fine, she’s really beautiful and the resemblance is there.” she replied with nervousness in her voice and Josh could s£nse it.

“Are you sure you are ok?” he asked again but got no response from her.

She left her reading table, then walked over to the b£d and the next thing she did, shocked Josh to the bones.

She sat on his th-ighs and w-rapped her hands around his neck, then merged his forehead with hers.

“I am fine, you should go to b£d.” She said and when she was about to get up, Josh pulled her back on his th-igh and captured her l-ips.


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