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Written by Assurance webber

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Chapter 59 ( Everything has fallen into place)

“Mom?” he called and she took a step forward.

“Josh, is this really you?” She sniffed in as she held his hands. He looked bigger and more manly than 20 years back. He was so handsome and she reached out to touch his face.

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Josh also car-ssed her hand that was placed on his right cheek. How much he missed the warmth of his mother.

“I thought I lost you, I thought I would never see you again. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find you, sorry I couldn’t find you.” She cried.

“I thought I lost you for good too. I thought I’d never see you again, I missed you so much mom.” He also cried and Asha placed her hand on his shoulder comforting him, while he squ-eesed her hands lightly.

His mom took a step forward and hugged him and he hugged her too as he kept crying on her back.

“It’s ok, I am here now and everything will be fine.” She said as she patted him on his back.

After a while she dis£ngaged from the hug and they took their seats.

“I will be back soon, just spend some time with her ok?” Asha whispered to his hearing and he nodded his head, then she walked away.

Asha walked over to Lucy who had been calling her and they both walked into the kitchen.

“So what happened mom?How come you are still alive?” He asked, staring directly into her face.

His mom carried a handkerchief from her bag and cleaned her face.

“It was all Victoria’s doing.” She said and Josh clenched his teeth.

“That witch.”

“Josh show some respect, she is your step mom.” His mother scolded him and smiled.

“She’s no longer at the mansion mom.” He said.

She blinked rapidly and pursed her l-ips. “Why?Did something happen?”

“I don’t really know, I found out and when I asked Camdan where she went, he told me that she was arrested by dad.” he explained and let out a sigh.

“That’s bad but why would your father arrest her?”

“Maybe dad found out about her having hands in your death and arrested her for it.” Josh said with a shrug.

“Camdan must be really devastated.” She sighed sadly and Josh stretched his hands towards her and held it lightly.

“Yeah and that’s why he couldn’t tell me that his mom was the mastermind behind everything. She killed you and kept her ex husband in prison for twenty seven years…that woman is something else.” Josh shook his head sideways.

“What ex husband are you talking about?”

“I guess nobody knew about it. Camdan isn’t dad’s child, his father is a criminal…Mr Dovan told me everything.” Josh explained.

His mom reached out to his face and car-ssed his cheek slowly.

“So what matters now is that you are alive and you are sitting right in front of me.” Josh said and she nodded her head.

“Of course, so now tell me who is that girl that came with you?, The girl that found me.”

Josh smiled “That is Tara’s mom.” he said and she smiled too.

“I know, son, but you two seem very close.”

“Yeah, she is my girlfriend.” He said.

Her eyes widened and her l-ips curved into a wide smile.

“That’s good, she’s a very good girl but too bad she is a single mom. What happened to her husband, did he run away?” She asked nobody in particular.

“Mom,” Josh called but she ignored him and continued talking.

“I mean young guys these days have no fear of God, they think that they will just impregnate someone’s daughter and run away.” She shook her head sideways “She is really a strong lady, not everybody will keep that child. The father of that child needs something worse than death.” She banged on the table and Josh flinched slightly.

He gulped down nothing as the thought of him telling his mom that he’s that guy who deserves something more worse than death.

He has known his mother to be against Premarital $e.x, even though she gave birth to him through wedlock, she has always hated premarital $€x.

“Mom, I have something to say.” He said and she squinted her eyes at him.

“What is it?”

“I am the father of her child and yes, the child acknowledges me and I didn’t run away.” He dropped the bombshell and she smiled.

“The child looks like you.”

“Yeah, so you knew.” He said hmmm.

“I just wanted you to spill the bean, so tell me are you both married?” She asked.

“No we are not.” he answered and closed his ears, preparing for the worst.

“What did you just say?!, You know too well that I was against $£x before marriage and you still went ahead with it. You have committed a great sin Josh!” she yelled and a disappointed look was clearly shown on her face.

“I know and I will fix everything, I just need more time.”

“You should propose to her…you don’t need time, you both can get married today if you are ready.” his mom explained as she rubb£d her forehead slowly.

“Mom I will definitely marry her but I need to prepare myself for it, besides she’s still studying.” he said.

His mom opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off.

“I promise.” he said and she hummed

Mrs Morris smiled as she ran her hands through the pictures she was holding. She missed those days when they were a happy family.

She regretted her actions and was ready to mend her ways. She missed her daughter and the love the two sisters had so much that she cries almost every night before going to b£d.

Prudent was right, she was a bad mom and she doesn’t deserve forgiveness from a beautiful soul like Asha.

“I am sorry, I just wish you can forgive me, I will then turn a new leaf.” She sniffed as she stared at the sixteen years old smiling Asha in the picture.

Her husband walked in and she cleaned her face immediately she saw him.

“Honey, are you ok?” He asked as he sat next to her.

He held her face and when he saw that she was crying he cleaned her cheek with his thumbs.

“I am fine, don’t worry about me.” She said in a cracked voice.

“But you are crying, why?”

She looked up at her husband and all she could see in his eyes were worries and concern. She suddenly felt bad that he was worried because of her.

“I missed my daughter so much.” She spilled out the beans. “But I am not sure, she will ever forgive me,” she said.

“Why do you think so?” he asked.

“I am a bad mother, I abandoned her dad because he’s crippled and I told her to terminate the pregnancy she had but instead she refused and because of that I disowned her.” She cried and he hugged her.

“It’s okay, everything will be fine,”

“It’s not okay, she came to me for help but I turned her down…I hate myself so much…I just hate myself.” She sobb£d and he k-ssed her hair.

“We will just try ok?, And I know she will forgive you because she loves you.” He said as he patted her back.


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